Use Cases of RPA Facilitating IT Process Transformation
In the current scenario, we find robotic automation companies, automation and artificial intelligence extending its presence to almost all industries ranging from education, public sectors, hospitals and what not! But it seems quite peculiar to realize that IT processes make minimal use of these automation tools! Sounds interesting right? But yes, it is true. IT teams are still stuck in the traditional phase where they still use manpower to do mundane, tedious and time-consuming tasks. 

RPA has a huge untapped potential in the IT sector, other than helping to tackle operational challenges they would definitely improve the efficiency of processes. Firstly, the activity’s accuracy can be enhanced. Employment of RPA would reduce service gaps by improving the quality and helps in minimizing human errors and deviations. RPA tools improve the overall productivity of the system, speed is also increased thanks to automatic reporting. These RPA tools interpret and automate workflows,improves scalability and preserves flexibility. Increased auditability helps in attaining a control over tasks that are highly labor intensive by auditing them. Let us explore a few robotic process automation cases. 

Aids the password reset process

We know how recurring these password reset process requests are, in nature. The password reset requests are either urgent or non-urgent. More than ninety percent of these reset processes are automated in nature. If the request for a password reset, is found to be urgent, it is taken care off by the Global desk, otherwise, in the case of non-urgent case, the tasks are basically stacked into a queue. From this queue, the automated robot does the reset process by accessing the directory. Every month a robot handles around six hundred tickets, that replaces nearly hundred and twenty hours of labor.

RPA enables quick creation of multiple new application program interfaces. 
There are several different units of the information system which includes a collection of all those ERP, databases, Cloud-based storage applications, virtual tools, office tools, and web applications. The data needed from all these applications are screened and projected at a single user interface.   

Efficient user management

Robotic Process Automation tools
 help to facilitate employee onboarding process. These robots use the onboarding templates and gather all the relevant information. Based on the nature of the service request, like if this request is a non- urgent one, then it generates an end of day report. After the account is created, these robots then change the status to solved. Finally, the service team will close the case after checking the working status of the account. Here too, the urgent requests will be routed directly to the service desk. 

Robotic process automation in telecom

RPA tools are becoming very popular in the telecom landscape. The back end tasks which are very much recurring, protocol based and bulk in nature are automated by these tools. A few reliable and efficient robotic process automation companies in India like Synlogics provide innovative services at affordable rates.
In order for a telecom firm to grow, it is very much essential to catch up with rapidly modernizing services and business processes.