Top 5 countries for software development outsourcing part 2
In the last post, I have listed to you top 5 outsourcing for software development. 

Thank you for the supporting, today Digital Launch would like to give you the next top 5 other outsourcing countries for your references. 

Do you ready? 


Since Romania became a full member of the European Union in 2007,for many global businesses, Romania has been one of the top choices in  technology hubs of European Countries. According to AT Kearney's Global Services Location Index, the country is ranked in the top 20 worldwide for outsourcing and friendly using English, Romania holds the 16th place in Europe according to EF English Proficiency Index studies

For more than 17 years, Romania has focused on developing and invested in software outsourcing, which has enabled Romania to gain world-class expertise building and servicing IT and communications solutions. 25% of employees in the outsourcing sector provide IT services with an estimated 15,000 tech students graduating per year and its expected to a rapid grow in the years to come According to ABSL (Romanian Business Service Leaders’ Association)

Outsourcing in Romania comes with an effect cost, same product quality and european working culture compared with other Western Europe countries. Plus, you don't have to worry about the time zone as Romania is in the Eastern European Time Zone so your team can alway work directly with the local Romanian staff. 

Salaries: A person working in Developers and Programmers make in Romania can earn about 8,000 RON monthly (1,850 USD) or 99,500 RON yearly (23,100 USD) according to the SalaryExplorer

2. Brazil

Outsourcing IT projects to Latin America is getting popular for the global tech companies in the US nowaday. And with the advantage of nearby time zones to allow real-time communication and travelling, no wonder why Brazil, in particular with 2 hours ahead of the US time zone and the biggest economy in Latin America has become a rising giant in the outsourcing industry. 

With the government that is working hard to build better technology education and infrastructure, the Brazilian tech industry grew by 9.8% in 2018, ranking the country in ninth place worldwide in this world (according to IDC Brazil (International Data Corporation) 

However, the IT community in Brazil is still pretty young and the low percent of people can speak English (The publication UOL report shows that only 5 % of the population of Brazil speaks fluent English) . This makes Brazil a great place to find junior developers, but means you’ll want to look at other countries on this list for more advanced outsourcing projects.

Salaries: According to a new report of Salary Explorer, A person working as a PHP Developer in Brazil typically earns around 7,270 BRL per month (1,330 USD) or 87,200 BRL per year (15,900 USD) 

3. Taiwan

If you are looking for an outsourcing country in Asia, Taiwan absolute is a top choice for your IT desk.  Taiwan is located in the center of East Asia geographically, until now there is still conflict between Mainland China and Taiwan, people know more about Taiwan as an democratic version of Mainland China. Chinese people are well respected all over the world with the work ethic, hard working culture and in Taiwan you can always find the young and talented tech programs here. 

Data structures, functional programming and algorithms are the strength of Taiwanese tech engineers. Thanks the ambitious Taiwanese government by investing in education with improved STEM education and IT infrastructure aim to build Taiwan Tech Arena, the Silicon Valley in Asia.

However, there is still a challenge for outsourcing in Taiwan with the English barrier may be the biggest challenge. Not many people speak English in Taiwan overall,Taiwan ranks 40th out of 80 non-English speaking countries (On the English Proficiency Index). But as Language has been an important topic of debate in the run up to Taiwan’s 2020 presidential elections, the administration aims to make Taiwan fully bilingual (Mandarin - English) by 2030. It may be easier when dealing with Taiwanese in the next decade.

Salaries: A person working as a Software Engineer in Taiwan typically earns around 126,000 TWD monthly (4,200 USD) or 1,510,000 TWD yearly (51,200 USD) according to the SalaryExplorer

4. Egypt

According to a recent report by Gartner, an information technology research and advisory company, Egypt has been ranked top 9 among outsourcing countries in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. 

One of the key attractions for the outsourcing industry in Egypt is the affordable costs. Egypt is way much cheaper than many Eastern European countries that specialise in the IT sourcing industry.

The Government of Egypt for the last decade has focused on investing in the development of STEM-focused since high school education, it helps out for a lot of students who have an early knowledge of the tech industry . As wikipedia, 35% of total population ( in total of 84 million people) can speaking English properly will be an advantage when dealing with Egyptian work 

Salaries: A person working as a Software Engineer in Egypt typically earns around 8,500 EGP monthly (526 USD) or 102,000 EGP yearly (6,300 USD) according to the SalaryExplorer 

5. Vietnam

When we talk about South East Asia countries, Vietnam is the top choice nowaday for many of the big tech giant industry guys. Vietnam with the population of 96 million people and 75% of the population under the age of 35. According to the Bestarion report, every year, more than 280,000 graduates are released to join the workforce, with close to 40000 having gained knowledge in the Tech industry. 

Vietnam ranks 52st among 100 countries in the world and tenth among 25 Asian countries in English proficiency, according to the lasted report of EF 2020 ( English Proficiency Index
For years Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Samsung Display, Nokia..have chosen web development Vietnam to outsource their software projects and lately Apple and Samsung have decided to produce a large part of the products in Vietnam.. due to the tension between the trade war US-China. 

Affordable outsourcing cost, young tech staff with high skilled, good skill of using English at work and government supporting policy .. are the big plus when you are considering choosing vietnam as your outsourcing company. 

Salaries: Ideally a person working as a Software Engineer in Vietnam typically earns around 17,400,000 VND per month ( 750 USD ) or 210,000,000 VND per year (900USD) according to SalaryExplorer 

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But hang in there, one more important thing you must ensure is pricing and details element in the contract with information clearly stated and both sides' signatures. One you done with all of that, congratulations with your new outsourcing partner.