Online Carbide Manufactures the Best Carbide Thread Mill NPT
In a machining operation, being able to create threads accurately and cleanly can be a real challenge. Use of a Carbide Thread Mill Npt (NPT = National Pipe Taper) is the standard way to finish a pre-drilled hole to accept a bolt or other threaded part. Because of the nature of the tool and the job being done, it is critical to have a durable, clean-cutting and finishing tool that won’t deteriorate quickly and will deliver a smooth, no-burr thread every time.

Online Carbide Thread Mills Get the Job Done

A lot of manufacturers of cutting tools make Thread Mills, however Online Carbide’s Thread Mill comes with features the other manufacturers don’t include or charge much more for. Online Carbide thread mills are made from premium 10% Cobalt Micrograin Carbide and are coated with TiALN. This gives the Thread Mill better durability and a sharper cutting edge and makes for a superior tool.

Don’t Be Fooled By Offshore Imitators

Online Carbide is proud to make their tools in the USA. No materials of lower quality will ever find its way into Online Carbide’s production. Some tool makers may claim the same materials in their tools, but the premium carbide makes a big difference when it comes time to put the tool to work. Online Carbide makes their thread mills on the latest state of the art grinding equipment and has the highest quality control.

Two Styles of Thread Mills

The NPT style of Thread Mill can be used for low pressure fittings for fluids or air being used at low pressure. The NPTF style of Thread Mill is used for higher pressure fluids or air transfer. A machine can use an NPTF Thread Mill for NPT-type applications but an NPT Thread Mill can not be used in place of an NPTF. When it comes to a Carbide Thread Mill NPT, Online Carbide manufactures the best cutting tool on the market.

All the Right Sizes

Online Carbide offers their Carbide Thread Mill NPT in the following sizes:

  • 1/16th inch - 27 NPT - .245 Cutting Diameter - ¼ inch shank - 2.5 inch OAL
  • 1/8th inch - 27 NPT - .300 Cutting Diameter - 5/16 inch shank - 3 inch OAL
  • ¼ inch - 18 NPT - .360 Cutting Diameter - ? inch shank - 3.5 inch OAL
  • ? inch - 18 NPT - .427 Cutting Diameter - ? inch shank - 3.5 inch OAL
  • ½ inch - 14 NPT - .490 Cutting Diameter - ½ inch shank - 3.5 inch OAL
  • 1-11.5 NPT - .620 Cutting Diameter - ? inch shank - 4.0 inch OAL
  • 2.5 - 8 NPT - .740 Cutting Diameter - ¾ inch shank - 5.0 inch OAL
All Carbide Thread Mill NPT come with TiALN coating for long life and smooth cuts.

The Deal Gets Even Better

Online Carbide offers their carbide cutting tools with some additional benefits. First is Free Shipping on orders $250 or more. They also ship the same day the order is received. And the best part of every purchase is the factory-direct prices. Name brands charge extra by selling their tools through distributors. Sometimes, the markup on those tools can be 40% to 50% or more. And the name brands pay for expensive advertising campaigns which adds to the cost of their products. Online Carbide delivers high-quality tools at the best prices.

Check It Out For Yourself

Take a look at all the tools Online Carbide offers and you’ll be impressed with the value and quality of their tools. Just go to and you’ll never go anywhere else for high-quality, high-durability machine tools again.

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