Let your Uber for tow truck app aid the stranded people and their vehicles
All of us would have experienced a situation where either the petrol ran dry, or our vehicle got punctured, and we were stranded on the road. This situation would have caused a surge of panic and anxiety. Uber for roadside assistance app development comes as a messiah at this time for the users. Using this, the users can get help for their stranded vehicles.

How does uber for tow trucks work?

1. The users can create an account on the Uber for tow truck app; once they need assistance, they can view the type of trucks providing towing services on the front page.
2. They can choose the truck based on the stranded vehicle and its size and moved forward to provide information like the location and click on the ''Next'' button to avail the services
3. This request is notified to the truck driver, and they can contact the user using the in-app call options and reach the user's  stranded location using the GPS feature.
4. The user can also track the truck using the GPS enabled feature of the app.
5. After availing of the services, the user will receive the invoice for the delivery with details like distance traveled, time-taken, base fare, distance fare, tax, and total cost.
6. The users can pay off the service provider quickly and also rate their services.

Indulge in on-demand truck app development to cater to the tow trucking service at a great time of need. On-demand service apps have enabled us to get many services in need quickly, and who would've imagined that we would get assistance when we're stranded.

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