How to create a standout WhatsApp clone
The number in using the online chat apps keeps on growing at a rapid rate. It was 1.82 billion in 2014 and at present, it is 2.01 billion. Anticipating it to be 2.48 billion by 2021. This boosts the chance for entrepreneurs to incline towards online chat app business.

Facebook and WhatsApp dominate this landscape. You can also have your Chat app also carve out a niche. So why hassle about what will work? And what not? Use a WhatsApp clone to build your instant online chat app.

So to create a standout WhatsApp clone shouldn’t miss out any prevailing attributes on a chat app.

Here are 12 features you shouldn’t miss out

VOIP - Let users make an endless audio call using the mobile data. Which is becoming the most popular feature. 

Multimedia sharing 
- Enable attach buttons to share instant endless videos and images. You can limit the size of media but don't limit the quantity.

Group calling - This feature could come in handy for personal and also business chats. Exactly while discussing projects and to hold a virtual meeting.

Video calls - If users feel ineffective anywhere on text chat. Then they can carry over the conversation through the video calls. 

- Ensure the privacy for users with an end to end encryption on chats. This will increase reliability.

Frequent backup 
-  Synchronize with cloud and create frequent backups. This will help users to restore it whenever required.

Delete chat - If users like to share some confidential info over chat they can send and delete it. On delete the message on either server and client end shouldn't be available on display.

Online payment
 - Let users pay all their debts online through your chat. Integrate a payment API and let users pay bills and top up the account on few taps using your app.

In-app purchase - Consider opening a virtual mall on your chat app. Let multiple individual vendors make use of your marketplace. And buyers will explore and buy from the huge list of products by not leaving your app.

Channels - Make use of video player on the app to stream the content. Users can start a channel that can be viewable by all the user if public. And only by the members with access link if private. 

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