Develop a perfect vacation rental app with the help of Wimdu clone app
We all need a break from our day to day busy lives. 

Everybody craves a perfect vacation that, too, at the comfort of our privacy not being breached. A vacation rental app quenches such a need. 

Vacation rental app development is a wise idea to develop your vocational rental business. With the help of a vacation rental app like Wimdu, you can cater to millions of vacation seekers.  

How does a vacation rental app work?

1)The user and host logins in using their credentials.

2)The host lists the vacation place and gives details like pictures, price, address, and much more.

3)The user can search for the ideal vacation spot from the various places updated in the app. 

4)The users can book for a place if they like it. The host gets a booking request and approves the request for renting the place

5)The users can make their payment through digital transactions. An appropriate amount is deducted and transferred to the admin of the app and the rest to the host.

6)The users can also provide ratings and feedback about their vacation experience.

The Wimdu clone script works efficiently. Few app development companies offer Wimdu like app development services; it is essential to ensure that the app has the following features. 

1) Advanced search

 Users can search for their ideal location using the advanced filtering options.

 The users will be shown the best results based on their search and keywords.  

2) Social media login

The users and the host can log in directly using their social media accounts like    Facebook.

3) Ad integration

By placing ads on the website and app, the service providers can increase their income. The ads are promoted in such a way that it has maximum viewership.

4) Multi-language 

Infuse multiples languages to get a reach among the global audience. 

5) Pictures and videos 

Enables the host to add various photographs and videos of the vacation property.

6) Multi payment methods

The users can pay by multiple means like a credit card, debit card, or digital wallet.

7) Notifications

The Users will receive information and updates of their booking status, payment status, 

Offers and discounts through app notifications, email, and text messages. 

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