Create Your Own Decentralized Exchange FalconSwap
The fast-moving is upgrading rapidly so the con-artist activity mainly in the exchange of currency so people start to have the safest exchange platform and there come Decentralization concept. People start to transact the digital currency through Decentralized Exchange Platform and here we are going to see about Falconswap.
In simple terms, FalconSwap can be defined as the 2nd layer of Uniswap. Well, when there is already well developed DeFi based Uniswap concept why the need for FalconSwap raised?
 The reason is simple to overcome the drawbacks of Uniswap which are,
 •    Transaction speed – low
 •    Privacy – less
 •    Transaction fees – Quite high
 •    User-friendliness – The worst
And there are also other advantages of FalconSwap like it has joined its hand with DEXTools to improvise the working process of the platform and many more things can be discussed briefly below.
So FalconSwap had just developed to size out these drawbacks? – Of course no, FalconSwap has its own advantages and specialty that is why it's known as the next layer of FalconSwap instead of the next version.
Process of FalconSwap
FalconSwap working process is explained in simple terms here, have a lookout...
 FalconSwap works as the second layer of Uniswap and also aids other DeFi platforms too plus its main process is that - It aid to aggregate all the trading orders before it passes to the liquid pool sector where trading takes place. It doesn’t send all order aggregation directly to the liquid pool, it first checks with its integrated matching sector,
 • If the order match - it works done by itself and
 • If the order, not matches - then it is passed to the liquid pool.
 DEX Aggregation is the most important part of FalconSwap - it holds out aggregation orders across various multiple liquid pools like Uniswap, Mooniswap, Balancer, Kyber, etc.
Benefits & Features of FalconSwap  
As said before Flacon is not alone drawn to overcome the drawbacks of Uniswap it also has its own specialty. Among that, some of them are listed below,
 • Transaction speed – fastest
 • Privacy – High-end trading privacy on ethereum blockchain
 • Transaction fees – lower it up to 80%
 •  Liquidity mining – Provides FSW token while trade occurs on FalconSwap
 •  Low Slippage
The FalconSwap provides highly preserved privacy that is because it upholds non-custodial token protocol to maintain its own private keys and handle the complete control over the respective asset and trade.
It benefits just don't stop here. Curious?
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