Advantage of job portal script to recruiting and selecting employees

Recruiting candidates is easier than ever with job portal script. Whether it is for the future hire to work for a client, a delegation ... or for the human resources department itself, our cloud-based recruiting and selection software is made to meet the changing needs of the recruiting world. And that is why we invite you to know some characteristics of our tool in this short article.
HRHub has been designed to simplify your recruiting and hiring processes, saving you valuable time when choosing the right candidates. To build an job portal script done by strengthening collaboration within the HR team. For this reason, our tool has the tasks of each recruiter incorporated so that everyone can know the progress of their efforts in real time.

Powerful flexibility

Every company is different, so we configure the platform specifically to address the key recruiting points by tailoring it to your business and industry, while providing a simple user interface that is easy to use.
Companies start counting on the candidate's experience the moment they sign up for one of their job offers. And we help them turn these profiles into active candidates, keeping them committed to the company through messages with real-time responses, automated scheduling of their journey through the process, and reminders of how the process is progressing in every moment
Automated engagement

Companies start counting on the candidate's experience the moment they sign up. And now you can activate more passive candidates, by keeping them committed to your company by monitoring their application with real-time notifications, automated scheduling and reminders, and all from our job portal script recruitment and selection process management platform.
This also increases the attraction of candidates, since you can expand the scope of your current vacancies through the Multiposting option that our tool also incorporates. Through this functionality, you can publish on all the channels that you have linked to your account with the same click.

Explore all the possibilities of job portal script

Improve the candidate experience
Fine-tune your hiring processes with personalization and automated communication
Large-scale data analysis
Take advantage of that real-time data to make strategic decisions and thus turn candidates into workers.
Do it also in a way that enhances your employer brand, using technology to deal with those employees who are not part of your company yet.
All of these measures will help you transform the way you recruit!
Explore our recruiting software

HRHub was designed to simplify your hiring process and save you valuable time on the chores of choosing the right candidates, managing your  job portal pool, and strengthening your team collaboration. Turn your recruitment and HR management into your competitive advantages with the best recruitment and selection process management system (ATS) on the market.

Easy to use solution
We provide a complete ATS solution to facilitate the work of your HRHub software. This is something we do through the powerful functionalities that integrate the management of all your processes and dissemination spaces in a single tool. Job portal script is also governed by artificial intelligence, the integration of the employment portal of your corporate page and other means of dissemination that your company uses.

System based on artificial intelligence

No one could memorize everything about your candidates. But with HRHub' settings and features, you will always know who could be the perfect candidate for the positions you are hiring for. We provide you with tools that allow you to keep track of all the data related to candidates and vacant positions, taking advantage of this information to facilitate your hiring process.

Customize and link your job page

Employer branding has never been as important as it is today. Since with a few clicks, you can create or link your employment page, showing the vacancies you have at all times.

Management of employee onboarding

We help companies in their management of the incorporation of employees (Onboarding) with our module designed for this purpose. This has saved our clients time, since we have been able to automate manual procedures, making them one more phase of the hiring process, with the facilities that this entails for the team involved.

Solution that integrates cutting-edge technology

We provide you with a Candidate Tracking System (ATS) to facilitate your work, by automating many of the steps that involve the participation of a recruitment technician. Well, through these automations driven by artificial intelligence and with the integration of the employment portals of the companies, we manage to improve the response to the candidates, even guiding them in their registration or search process or filling in their professional profiles . We do this through the Chatbot functionality, or automatic responses to candidates.
Recruiting candidates is easier than ever with job portal script. Whether you work for a recruiting agency or in a human resources department, our cloud-based software is designed for you.