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Where to get the Best Uber Taxi Clone App?
Due to the lockdown, the most predominant taxi services market is noticing a decline, for the very first time in its history. But governments begin to lift lockdowns as a measure to restore the economy. Hey entrepreneurs, this is your ideal time to venture into the market, with precise precautionary measures. Well, let me now explain how a business owner can develop a taxi app with safety measures. 

What is Uber Taxi Clone App?

Uber Taxi Clone App is a taxi booking app that is developed similar to the popular cab booking application Uber. It has all the features in Uber and many new features can be customized according to the business needs. It is available in iOS, android platforms and also as a website. 

Where to get the Best Uber Taxi Clone App?

There are many companies in the market providing the Uber Taxi Clone Script, but we startupmart are the leading on-demand app development company providing the best Uber Clone Script. It is evident that starting a taxi booking business will reach better with high revenue. On the other hand, this is the reason behind many budding entrepreneurs to launch a taxi booking business. For those entrepreneurs, startupmart offers the best Uber Clone Script which is 100% customizable and stuffed with astounding features that make you a pioneer in the on-demand taxi booking market. 

What Are The Key Features Of Dream11 Clone App? - Fantasy Sports App Development
One cannot say for sure that an App alone will make a business a grand success, as its features also play an equally important role in taking the business in the path of victory. Before buying a product it is necessary to completely go through all the features. These features play a major role in making your app easy to use and generate more revenue.

The following are some of the identical and essential key user-friendly features that the fantasy sports app must-have.

Key Features

Features can be classified into three categories like,

* User Convenient Features

* Admin Convenient Features


* Supplementary Features

User Convenient Features

Here are some of the user-friendly features of fantasy sports app like Dream11


Ultimate Display

Contest Page

My Profile

My Contest

Payment Methods

My Contest Details

Admin Convenient Features


User Accounts Control


User Accounts Control

Match Control

Games Category Management

Revenue Managemen

Payment Control

Supplementary Features

Geo Tracking

Mail Reminder

API Integration

Live Match Score

Push Notification

CRM integration


If you are an entrepreneur looking for a dream11 clone app/web for your online fantasy sports business? Here is Startupmart an 
ondemand app development company offering you the best Dream11 Clone App as well as Uber Taxi Clone ScriptUberEats Clone ScriptUdemy Clone ScriptGojek Clone App, and etc. To be successful choose the best. Our Dream11 Clone Script helps startups to explore as a brand one in the fantasy sports industry.

Startupmart: Get your Formidable On-Demand Solutions
Though the COVID-19 pandemic is new to the business world, both business owners and end customers are swiftly adapting to the ‘new normal’ of online delivery and other on-demand services. From food delivery to medical consultation, all possible services have shifted to online space.

Applications are ruling today’s world, from which people never get rid. In this internet era startups are residing in businesses like restaurants, hotels and similar food business ideas. To be unique from the competitors one must think out of the box. Building a native food delivery app like UberEats is one such idiosyncratic way to excel in this canton. We Startupmart, can help you build one in a very short span and for a fraction of cost.
Invest in buying UberEats Clone App from Startupmart and grab your own UberEats Clone Script and launch your food delivery app like UberEats. Deliver Foods Faster by using our ByDoo Eats - An UberEats Clone App that provides Real-time delivery tracking and Intelligent Routing.

Startupmart is the prominent On Demand app development company, offering the best quality driven mobile apps and websites with premium features which makes your online business a grand success.

Some of our products and their names,

ByDoo Eats - UberEats Clone App
ByDoo Taxi - Uber Taxi Clone App
Team11 - Dream11 Clone App
Kojek - Gojek Clone App
Rentisto - Airbnb Clone App
V2Ride - BlaBlaCar Clone App
Netflix Clone App
OTT App Development
Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Script
Hotel Booking Script
Tinder Clone App

Get the best clone apps/webs in the market from the top rated 
on-demand app development company. We are the one-stop shop to buy the next-gen clone scripts of popular businesses.

Launching an Efficient Gojek Clone App for your On-Demand Multi-Services Business
After the massive success of GoJek in the market, many business persons had plans to launch a multi-service app like GoJek. Let's see the benefits of gojek clone app.

Benefits of launching a Gojek Clone app:

- Multiple services can be provided with the help of a single app. 
- Each service will have a separate landing page. 
- Managing and monitoring the services will be easy. 
- Analytics will be available in the app.
- Customers will prefer this app over installing multiple apps.

These are the benefits of gojek clone app. Now let us know about the reasons that help this application to generate high revenue.

Some of the Reasons which help the Companies to Earn Millions

Multiple revenue streams

One-Stop Solution

People are not interested in installing multiple apps due to the storage and data limitation problem. They prefer to install a single app that offers a wide range of their desired services. This requirement makes your Gojek clone app exclusive.

If you have an idea of starting an on-demand multi-services business like gojek and you are about to build a Gojek clone App then these are the features that you should consider while building it. 

Top 10 features of a Gojek Clone app:

The clone app should have the following ten attributes in the app to provide the customer with an informative and user-friendly app. 

1. Social media login/sign up
2. Address list
3. Scheduled service requests
4. Supports multiple  languages
5. Keep a track
6. Various categories
7. Bill summary and confirmation
8. Modes of payment
9. Prices
10. Ratings and feedback


If you have a robust desire to start your own business and want to make high revenue, then you can go with Gojek clone app development. This astonishing app solution holds a positive impression in the service industry and offers reliable and effective services to its users. Startupmart is an on-demand app development company.
Start your Food Ordering Business with Startupmart’s UberEats Clone Script
UberEats Clone is an online food delivery solution for entrepreneurs to start their business like Ubereats instantly. It's available on the web, Android and iOS platforms. It also has fabricated with the flawless working flow and ample of features. 

An extremely user-friendly food delivery app like UberEats Clone for your customers. Kick Start your food ordering business with Startupmart’s UberEats Clone Script

Work-Flow of UberEats Clone App

Find all food stores available at customer location
Browse various menus and find a meal customer likes
Pay money for your meal. Quick, Secure and Simple
Food prepared and delivered to predefined address

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Map Tracking
Instant Pop-Up
Payment Gateway
Multiple Language
Navigation Option
And many more

Startupmart’s ByDoo Eats  is an online food ordering and delivery service platform which any entrepreneur can use to kickstart their own Food delivery business. It is way more than just another Ubereats Clone Script. It has all the essential features of popular online food ordering and delivery platforms. 
Why to Build a Food Delivery App For Restaurants and Hotels

During this COVID-19 people are feeling unsafe to go to a restaurant. They prepare a completely safe food delivery system. So with the mobile application, one can offer their customer a contactless food delivery system by disabling the cash on delivery and enabling online payment systems. This makes customers place their orders and get their food safely.

2. Digital Menu & Single Tap Contact

Building a mobile application for the restaurant business doesn’t just give you better access to your customers, but the thing is it gives your customers better access to you. 

Within a single tap, your customers can place orders for their favorite dishes. All the available dishes in a restaurant can be displayed in the application so that it is useful for the customers to select for the dishes. Displaying your digital menu will also help in attracting many new customers. Even if you don’t offer these services. The patrons can use the application to call you and make reservations or for inquiries.

3. Loyalty and Referral Programs

In 2015 Black Friday, a pizza joint named Pizza Ranch did promotions that gave their customers double points for purchasing on that day. This generated 67.6% more business than they normally do. It was a successful strategy to do and had a 780% ROI on the money and time they invested. This worked well because of the mobile-based loyalty program. You can continue doing loyalty programs and make them purchase more to contribute towards the final goals points by sending them a push notification to remind the loyal customers about how close they are and suggesting them to come in for a meal or drink which eventually puts them over the edge points-wise for their prize. 

4. Increase ROI on Special Offers

By giving special offers like Happy hours on Saturday evening can double your profit on that night alone. This can be explained with an example, a restaurant in Mexico, decided to give special hour offers and started sending “Margarita Monday Happy Hour” through push notifications. According to that restaurant, Monday was the best day to give their customers special offers, where the people don’t usually go out for a drink. So he makes use of it to get revenue. These can be done effectively only if a restaurant has a mobile application.

5. Secure and Multiple Payment System

The mobile payment system is one of the most important tools that attract customers. In this pandemic season, many prefer contactless food delivery that enables online payment. Asure your customer about the security and offer multiple payment gateways. Also, make the payment process very simple and fast as customers are eager for a quick in-and-out shopping experience.

Know about the remaining Top 10Reasons to Build a Food Delivery App for your Restaurant here >>

If you are in the idea of building an application of a single restaurant or app that connects all the restaurants in the locality, then you can build a food ordering and delivery mobile application like UberEats with our UberEats Clone Script.

Start A Profitable Hotel Booking App Business Like OYO Rooms

Revenue stream

When it comes to earning income, you can approach it in three ways:

  1. Earn commission for each booking made through the app.
  2. Charge a fixed amount for accommodations to get listed on top of the users’ search results.
  3. Charge for displaying advertisements on your app, promoting hotel businesses or companies of similar interest.

Prime Features to Include in the Hotel Booking App 

  • Homepage
  • Registration
  • Hotel listing
  • Booking process
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Help and Support section

We, at Startupmart, offer a Hotel Booking script, along with personalization services. Our solutions are provided at affordable prices in a short turnaround time. You can connect with our support team anytime to get the app developed.

Best Gojek Clone App Provider
Startupmart is the Best company to provide Gojek Clone App. Many companies are there in the market providing the app development service but finding the best one is the task. They are a top app development company that is known for its excellent clone app services. Their technology has helped launched a number of successful platforms, and they are known for their turnkey solutions.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring them:

The services are white-labeled.
Their platforms are highly customizable.
Their solutions come loaded with the latest features.
They customize the application according to your business requirements.
Their services have been optimized for both Android and iOS platforms.

Using a clone app solutions is very beneficial for entrepreneurs. This is because of the following reasons:

They help save valuable time and money.
No need to learn programming languages or possess any coding skills.
The solutions can be modified with ease.
The solutions are built by expert developers who use the best software during the development process.

This on-demand services world is filled to its peak with many on-demand apps and as a result, the all-in-one super apps have gained attention as it comprises of all the services in a single application. Get the powerful Gojek clone App from and take your venture to rake in success. Contact the team of experts and build a well-rounded and future-gen app and give your competitors a run for their money.

So, if you have an idea about starting a business-like GoJek with Gojek Clone App, Startupmart is here for providing you the right solution. We are an on-demand mobile app development company and can build an infallible all-in-one app for your on-demand multi-services business. Purchase canny and customizable solutions from us to attract and retain customers to your app.


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  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses