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How Live Streaming Apps Are Useful For Brands?

Live video streaming is fast becoming a viable marketing strategy for brands. As multimedia content is essential for modern branding lets take a look at how the live streaming apps are useful for brands.

Host Q&A Session

Companies can have a fixed time per week on a social live streaming platform to hold a live interactive session with their audience. The users can post their question in advance or can ask questions on a comment in between live video.

Customer support & FAQs

If a customer has trouble or feeling he has an issue over a product purchased. Then the company could help him through the live video demonstration. And for other frequently asked questions that brand can post videos for it in advance to help the users.

Announcements and product introduction

You might have been familiar with Apple doing this. Have you seen
the way how they do it?. Apple reveals its products online through a video. It
only assures good reach and also helps in building their value. They will
announce a date in advance and will build a curiosity among their audience and
then on that particular day CEO of Apple speaks about the story of this
development on live video. Then reveals the product and speaks about its specs
and all. This way Apple markets their products. Not only Apple but many leading
tech firms are following this way.
When periscope was bought by Twitter, many came to know about this
acquisition through video content rather than reading a blog. Other  So
brands can make the best use of video apps and can officially give their
announcements to their audience.

Host live interviews and influencer outreach

Heard about the term social CEO? CEO of the brand directly engages
with the audience on the social media through live stream. And brands can ask
best influencers to talk about them and can post those videos to increase their

Live events

If it is for live stream then how can live streaming the events,
concerts, programs, and conference of your company couldn’t help! So brands are
also using the live streaming very well not always professional but for fun

Behind the scene

Always any brand is not going to hit the bullseye on their ideas.
Would have made a funny mistake and could have developed it from there. Make
those as a video as to how you came to this idea. This will bring the audience
very close to your brand.

Ready to grab an offer?

So live streaming apps have got many benefits like these for
brands. So are you planning to build an app for your business today?. Then            Appkodes Livza could be your best choice. Because it is a readymade script with all essential attributes on it to help your ideas. And also it can be customized endlessly as per your requirements. 
As we are in the middle of holiday season, Appkodes have launched
a Christmas sale and on it, you can grab Liva ultimate package at 30% off price
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7 Ingenious Ways To Generate Revenue With Classifieds Ad Script
Online classifieds are considered to be the future best e-commerce
marketplace for online shopping. So any for it will have a huge traffic on it.
Bringing in the traffic was the arduous task but with the demand for it, will
get good user count. Then the very next thing is the ways to generate revenue.
With proven traffic, you can fancy the chance of making a good profit.
So let us see, 7 ingenious ways to generate revenue with classified ad script.

   Membership plans

You can charge some amount to the users for posting an ad. This
amount can be charged for some limited period like for monthly, 6 months or for
a year.
This is the ideal way to generate the recurring revenue. And you
can make it flexible as mentioned above and also can mention the limits per

2.Freemium option

Users can just sign in and post an ad for free of cost. In case if
a user needs to sell his product urgently then you can charge a fee for it and
can promote his ad.
The benefit here is you don't need to push the users. If they want
their ad to standout then they will opt for this payment method else they can
continue on the usual way.

3.Premium Ads

Numerous products are posted by multiple users each day. But many
visitors hardly look after the first few pages. So for users to bring their ad
on the first search result page you charge some amount.
So through this, a user can bring his ad to the first page to
garner more views.

4. Ad banners

You can integrate the Google Adsense. And the users can make use
of it to post their ads on the Ad banners under relevant category pages. You
charge a fee for it depending upon the duration of the ad.

5. Pay per lead

Some service based companies may post the ad for generating
quality leads using this platform. So if any user fills the contact form and
contacts the seller you can charge a fee as commission.

6. Affiliate model

If you have got a good traffic on your website then you can
provide a platform for other business like you to use your platform. And if
sold from your site then you can charge a fee for it.

7. Commission based

For free users, if they make a sale using your platform then you
charge a fee as commission. So for every sale made using your platform you will
get some amount as commission from the sellers.

Wrapping it up

So these are some effective monetization models you can have for
revenue generation on online classifieds business. The reason I listed all
these is you can combine and have multiple models at the same time to see
effective returns.
But before all that you will need to have an attractive and
advanced feature rich classifieds platform for your business to bring you a
good revenue. So for it 
Appkodes’s Joysale a readymade
classified clone script
 will be your best choice. And now this script
ultimate package is available at 50% offer until 30th December 2018. So avail
this best selling script on now or never offer price to start your business.

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Invest Less Now On Classified Clone Script To Own An Online Classifieds Platform


So let's see, What are the benefits associated with opting for a readily available online ads script?

No need to worry about the features

Your marketing strategy might bring a good number of users but what they look
initially is the kind of features your app or website has got. If it has got
some new features for the same functionality or even regular features but still
you need features to cover the users. So the readily available script will save
you failing from getting appropriate features. 

On choosing the readily available script for online classifieds business look
out for features like,

Filter options - Because every user need not require what you show on top of
the page. So let them filter to search their exact needs.

Instant chat window- Classifieds is an e-commerce interactive marketplace so an
app for it without chat window is a fail in itself.

Exchange to buy - Is an advanced and intriguing feature which will let users
swap products.

Make an offer - Will let buyers request an offer on price to the sellers.

All other features like product description, social activities, user
verifications can also be checked.


Whatever may have inside your website or app to offer for users, but the design
is the thing which comes first in front of their eyes. So you don't have to
think a lot bringing a perfect design to pull in users. A  readymade
classifieds script- Joysale has got an attractive design with easy navigations
to guarantee the best UX.

Revenue modules

Then with perfect features and design, your focus may turn towards ways to
bringing back all your investment and more. And for that, a readily available
let go clone app has got features like, urgent/Ad promotions, Ad banners, and
seller basis commission.


Finally, you may get settle with what you got with the readymade app or you can
even change it according to your wish on themes, modules, payment gateway, and
integrations. So customization option comes in handy to give you a unique
identity in a similar crowded market.

Offer on classifieds script

An ultimate package of classifieds clone script from Appkodes Joysale  with all the above-mentioned attributes and
even more is available at 50% off in price that starts from 1st December and
ends on 31st of December. So be ready to grab our Crispy Christmas Offer and
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Live Video Streaming App With Tempting Looks And Features

Platform for best reach and user popularity
Content in the form of videos are considered to be the best way to explain any matter. That may be either a news, technology hacks, tips, educative contents or any funny videos.
So users are almost addicted to these kind of apps and relying heavily on it to
get any expert tip for any of their need. So many individual users are
promoting themselves on any domain or topic by posting frequent videos
regarding their topic and claiming more followers for them. 
This app having a huge user base providing an equal good opportunity for any product promotions. Whenever there is a huge people crowd if a product/brand is promoted over there then that could easily reach among many instantly. So products and brands are also
relying on this platform to get instant reach.
Appkodes video streaming app script can effectively boost the user popularity and also can garner instant reach for the products.
Appkodes live streaming platform
For users to persistently live video stream, endlessly broadcast and be updated about
trending videos, search for their favorite broadcasters and channels, this app
app has got features like,

  • Social  media API for easy login with existing google/facebook account.
  • Live     streaming feature for users to persistently live stream using mobile cam
         on HD clarity.
  • Live     broadcast for users to endlessly broadcast to their followers added with
         comment system.
  • Live     feed to know the recent trending videos.
  • User     activity/notification to know the recent activities of the followers and
         notifications for any like or comments for uploaded videos.
  • My     profile for users to setup the profile the way they like and stake claim
         for own popularity
  • Search     and follow for users to search and follow their favorite broadcasters and

Revenue generationmodules
In this business you can efficiently generate revenue through,

  • Pay  Per View
  • Subscription     based live streaming
  • Ad     banners.

Final thought
So Appkodes Live video streaming app- Livza implicitly have everything for setting up a successful video streaming business. And if you have any different ideas to implement on your business this app can be easily customized for it to inlay all your ideas. So
avail Livza and view your business in matter of time even with all your
customized requirements.


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    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses