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Developing the on-demand multi vendor e-commerce software
Everybody is involved in shopping because that is how one can own things that are necessary for their survival, societal status or just for materialistic pleasure. And to do that everyone wishes for a one stop shop where they could find literally everything they needed. So for that purpose, multiple vendors have to gather at a marketplace and display their products for sale. The trend of shopping has changed and people now are preferring online based shopping over offline/store based shopping. When the customer preference changes, it is necessary for the business to take a turn or have a different perspective that aligns with the customer's preference. That caused the multi-vendor e-commerce platform to hit the market.
Multi-vendor e-commerce platform is where all the vendors approach to sell their products in this online medium. In this way the vendors’ products reach more people than anticipated. Some of the famous multi-vendors ecommerce platforms are amazon, eBay etc. it is reported at that amazon has a revenue of about 125 billion US dollars in 2020 surpassing the 2019 revenue of 87 billion US dollars. This clearly states that multi-vendor e-commerce software is the most successfully running business.
Let us look at some of the benefits and features of this on demand ecommerce script.

So many choices
This app can handle the customers' demand efficiently as there are so many vendors on the platform and one product will be available at different price ranges, quality etc.
Right from the inventory management to the customers' demand to handle, everything is handled by the corresponding vendors and the app owners have very minimal jobs to maintain the system.
This also minimizes the expenses of maintaining a warehouse and recruiting staff for monitoring. The inventory management does not fall on the businessman court. All the vendors have to manage their own inventories.
Turnkeytown offers an ecommerce clone script to develop a new business stream. Let us see the features offered in the app.
·         Easy user/ vendor registration.
·         Advanced search bar and filters.
·         Detailed menu.
·         Easy payment system.
·         Order history, wish list options.
·         Offers, discounts and coupon codes.
·         24/7 customer support.
·         Easy tracking and constant updating of product status through mail or SMS.
The various benefits and features of the app are discussed and if one wants to develop an e-commerce clone script then turnkeytown offers the best service in customizing the app according to the client's preference and delivering the best product.

Trending Grofers clone script that helps ecommerce business
Shoppers would have wondered about e-commerce platforms that offer seamless grocery ordering and delivery services. It is a viable alternative when compared to crowded supermarkets and provision stores. Millions of products are available in a top-notch Grofers like app at economical prices. 

The feature-packed Grofers clone script contains smoothly-working Android and iOS apps for customers, delivery executives, retail store managers, and an efficient admin dashboard.

Discover the captivating characteristics of the Grofers like app

  • A plethora of products - Shoppers can order a variety of fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, spices, personal care products, household essentials, beverages, dairy products, furniture, poultry products, home appliances, toys, baby care, and pet care products at low prices.
  • Access to the Smart Bachat Club membership - The Smart Bachat Club membership is available for customers for 1 month, 6 months, and 12 months. They get benefits like lower product prices and free door delivery of groceries.
  • Flexible returning policy - If the consumers are not satisfied with the quality of a product, they can return it and get a refund quickly.
  • Other features - The extra features include real-time order tracking, a rating and review system, 24x7 customer support, a reordering option, availability of attractive discounts and offers, and the acceptance of multiple payment methods. 

Final Thoughts

From a value of $2.9 billion in 2020, the Indian online grocery delivery market is set to grow by a massive 37.1% from 2021 to 2028 reaching a humongous $38.9 billion by 2028. The future of the online retail industry is here for everyone to see. Ambitious entrepreneurs need to quickly respond to this promising trend by initiating Grofers like app development now.

How WhatsApp clone app helps instant messaging
WhatsApp is a well-known instant messaging platform owned and controlled by Facebook. Users can share multimedia content, do voice calls and video calls for free. More than 2 billion users utilize WhatsApp every month.

Some of the latest news related to the Whatsapp global phenomenon is

  • The platform will soon allow users to easily modify the colours of the interface. 
  • WhatsApp is planning to increase the playback speed of audios by 1.5X or 2X.
  • WhatsApp can be utilized to send or receive funds through peer-to-peer payments in Brazil. Money can also be transferred through seamless integration with the payment systems of Mastercard and Visa.
  • The other plans for 2021 include integration with Instagram Reels for the users to watch short videos from WhatsApp itself, a Read later feature, the easy joining of missed group calls, and having a last seen option for a selected group of friends.

Entrepreneurs looking to shake up the Instant Messaging market by involving in WhatsApp like app development will have to possess good knowledge of tech trends, strategies of competitors, and have adequate funds in place.

An economically and technically viable option is to acquire a customized WhatsApp clone. It is a ready-made instant messaging solution built with cutting-edge technology. It can accommodate millions of users at a time. 

  • A group chat option -  As many as 256 members can be added to a WhatsApp group to ensure seamless communication. 
  • Audio calls - Voice calls can be done by users with others freely by connecting to the Internet (WiFi or mobile data).
  • Video calls - The quality of communication is enhanced through cost-free and unlimited video calls.
  • Cloud backup - Users can periodically back up all their chats through integration with the leading cloud platforms like Google Drive and OneDrive.
  • A blocking mechanism - Users can block abusive, violent, homophobic, and racist content generated by other users. This helps to ensure a safe online chatting experience. Once the “Block” option has been enabled, the users cannot message or do voice/video calls with the blocked user.
  • WhatsApp Status - Users can share their photos and videos by posting them on the “Status” bar which is visible to all their contacts throughout the world.
  • A Dark mode option - The user interface turns from white to black if the user utilizes the Dark mode option. This enables the comfortable reading of messages at night and also reduces the battery consumption of their devices.
  • End-to-end encryption - Top-notch security standards are followed as end-to-end encryption is implemented for all the messages and media files that users share on the WhatsApp clone script.
  • Live sharing of location - Users can share their real-time location with their friends and family members.
  • Forward messaging - To prevent the spread of fake news and rumors on the WhatsApp clone, messages that are frequently shared will be displayed as “Forwarded many times”. This helps the users to exercise adequate caution before sending it to other users.
  • WhatsApp for Business - It helps enterprises to boost their business prospects. Firms can utilize “WhatsApp for Business” for sharing instant notifications to their customers, send quick replies via an AI-powered chatbot, and also integrate it with the CRM tools of Salesforce.
  • WhatsApp Pay - It is an in-app payment option on the WhatsApp like app. Users can sync their bank account and transfer funds to other people quickly for free.

Final Thoughts

Despite heavy competition in the instant messaging industry from the likes of Telegram, Signal, LINE, Viber, and WeChat, WhatsApp continues to have a stronghold in the market with its ever-increasing user base. It is constantly reinventing itself by adding new features and functionalities. Become a big force in the digital world soon by kickstarting WhatsApp clone development now. 
Build any Business with Urban Company Clone App Development
Wouldn't we all love it if there is a one-stop solution for all our queries? And if that solution comes in handy in the form of an app, it will give a feeling of our life put together. This idea brought us the advent of super App like Urban Company. Urban Company Clone App is developed by turnkeytown where multiple service apps are brought together under one umbrella. It is under one app where you can get a plumber, AC mechanic, carpenter, electrician, beauty expert etc. it is the most convenient way to meet all our needs without any complexity of downloading several apps.
More features are directly proportional to the growth of our product. More features attract more customers and thereby more profit. Super app is the way to attract more users into our market. Providing all-in-one solutions is the key to attracting more customers. Urban company like apps offer convenience and hustle free operation to the customers, so most of the population looks out for such services. The customers' requirements and demands must be analysed, and the launching of apps should be done accordingly for better reach and growth.

Let us look at the list of services provided by urban company

Beauty service

 Firstly it can reduce the long waiting hours in the salon by allowing the users to book their appointment in advance. Also, another main feature of the app is being able to avail of the service at home by booking an appointment for a home-based service. Experienced beauty experts will be assigned to you to provide you with all the beauty-related services. This comes in handy especially in situations like the pandemic. The urban company clone app offers all sorts of beauty services as available in the salon.

Massage service

Provide the at-home massage service to customers even when they cannot step out during the pandemic. Turnkeytown works on uber for massage app development which can let users let their users book their massage appointments and avail themselves of the service at the comfort of their home.

Appliance repair

Be the problem fixer with the mechanic app development solution. Become a best-in-town service provider in fixing broken fridge or washing machines to the customers who come to you through the on-demand urban company app development.


Fixing pipes made easy with the urban company clone app development. The plumber service is said to be on-demand because getting a good plumber is almost impossible. This app has the ‘known as best’ plumbers to fix the customers water pipes and provide many plumbing service to customers and gain their trust and reliability through the app.



App like urban company provides the best certified electricians who can perform all electrical related services like fixing fans and lights, providing appropriate connection to all the appliances and motors in the room from the main, fixing the switches etc. all the electricians will perform the service with good safety precautions.


Pest control

Too much pest in the house? Worry not. Just a few clicks in the urban company clone app and the pest control executives will be at the doorstep within an hour. The pest control person comes in and clears the area ruined by the pest and gives a protective barrier in the walls and holes such that no more pest enters.

·         Easy sign up through mail or social media

·         Data encryption

·         User friendly application

·         Optimised search and filter operations

·         Easy and multiple payment methods

·         Ratings and review

·         In app chat and call facility

 ·         Live tracking and map facility

·         Push notifications


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    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses