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Airbnb Clone App | Airbnb Clone Script | Vacation Rental Script Provider | MacAndro
Airbnb clone is nothing but a travel app through which people can discover and book comfortable accommodations according to their needs across the globe by using their smart phones or tablet. Moreover, it is an online peer-to-peer marketplace which enables the people to rent/list or get accomodation/lodging  from a single room to an apartment, , a yacht, a castle, a suite or even a houseboat. 
As a matter of fact, Airbnb is in active more than 190 countries and 65,000 cities all over the wolrd. Being a successful idea, Airbnb app upholds more than 100 million users and 640,000 hosts. Below pie-chart will explore how Airbnb is simply amazing & cheaper than a normal hotel room booking.
Working Process:
1. Initially, property owner will list out their property details via Airbnb app along with basic details & description of facilities and location along with the photographs.
2. Visitors who seeks for accommodation in the city can acquire lodging facilities where they wish to stay and browse available options according to price, count of days they stay and much more.
3. Once after the visitor confirms the booking, visitors will be charged by the amount mentioned by host plus commission.
4. Finally after the stay, Airbnb will pay the amount to the host after deducting their commission for hosting
Once after reading all this fascinating facts about Airbnb, probably the next question rise within you will, How to establish an app like ?. If so, here is your solution
How to build an App like Airbnb?
Well, developing a travel app like Airbnb and attaining success is possible only if you follow the below business models
In this model, your app acts as a mediator between the property owners who are ready to sell or rent their properties and the travelers who seeks for accommodation.
Some additional features should be provided to the host like clickable buttons which will be easy for the visitors for booking. By providing this clickable buttons to users, you can generate more leads to your host and so you can charge extra charge for every clicks which is redirected to the hotel website.
There should be a option for the visitors to check regarding the hotel contact information by paying for their subscription . Moreover, apart from booking rooms or apartments, some other services like air ticket booking, renting a car and also booking a holidays package from a travel company should be offered to the visitors.
To know more about features & Cost refer this article: FEATURES & COST OF AIRBNB CLONE
MacAndro - One Stop Solution
Being an expert in mobile app development, We furnish custom transportation & hotel booking app like Airbnb in Android and iOS platform according to the user’s requirements. We will asset you to stand unique among your competitors and to lead your transport business by providing automated solutions to your client’s via high performing world Airbnb Clone App.
Car Rental App Development | Car Rental Software | MacAndro
Everyone, right from Start-ups to adult businesses are combined with both pervasive problems and solutions for those dilemmas. Well, Car rental won’t be an exception in this case. Being an immense source of convenience for the users, car rental app has transformed as a billion dollar business. Once after the appearance of car rental service in mobile platforms, it was elevated terrifically.

It is a known fact that every industrial market virtues are looking to make their presence in mobile platforms to flourish their business. This is because, these mobile apps are covering a huge industrial landscape. Moreover, start-ups and medium sized businesses are eagerly looking forward to have mobile app and one such name that shines with mobile app is the car rental business.

Influencing Business Mock-up in Car Rental Business:

In order to stay away from the competition, entrepreneurs discovered several business models in the car rental business. Here is the list of top and successful business model that you may choose for your car rental business.

1. Self-Drive Car Rental
2. Outstation Car Rental
3. P2P Car Rental Service
4. Corporate Car Rental
5. Local Car Rental

MacAndro – One stop Solution for your Car Rental Business

If you are looking for a reliable one to implement these kind of business models out there, then there is no one perfect than MacAndro. Well building a new business model and earning money majorly depends on your vision and the developer who you hire. In that case, MacAndro delivers a whitelabel car rental app & software solution to lead your car rental busineses in a successful way by utilizing the power of technology.

Udemy Clone App for iOS and Android | MacAndro
Moreover, a statista states that entrepreneurs who has developed e-learning apps have earned considerable amount of revenue from it. Furthermore, this industry has a worth of more than 25 billion US dollars in 2014. With in a short period of time it has raised to 50 billion US dollars. Once after it, this industry has experienced an enormous growth and burgeoning incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Incredibles ways to generate revenue from Udemy Clone App:


Subscription fee is the most easy and substantial way to earn in e-learning apps. It possible to earn money through consumer subscriptions for various videos and articles.


By showing advertisements in your udemy clone, you can earn per click. By collaborating with different companies and by promoting those companies in your ad banner, you can earn in millions.

To know more ways, refer this Article: Top Ideas to Earn from Udemy Clone


If you are an entrepreneur and looking to build your own udemy clone app, then MacAndro, top e-learning app developer is here to aid you to develop your own Udemy clone app. Our udemy clone app is a mind-blowing tutorial site, that upholds enormous benefits customized to the user’s requirements. With our learning management system, you can stay assured about the success of your online learning venture.

Uber Taxi Booking App Development | UberTaxi Clone | MacAndro
Unique & Innovative Ideas in Uber like App Development:

Uber Taxi model is just a basic level of taxi service. Apart from picking the customer and dropping them in the destination, there are several business models in Uber. Some of the disparate ideas in Uber conept are mentioned below


Uber for transportation is similar to basic service uber service. Instead of customer, materials, products or any goods can be moved from one place to another. This model was especially brought into market for businesses and companies to book a truck for their transportation process. The ultimate idea is to combine all the transporters at a single platform and to determine a specific rates from A to B transportation integrated with several features like GPS technology, driver review, previous history, payment method and much more


It is possible to build an Uber like app especially for patients who are in need to visit the hospitals and clinics on daily basis. By using this app, patients can book a ride for their hospital visit. The procedure in this app is similar to the basic service app.


Well, taxi for women is one the unique idea, which appears very favourable for women who are working in night shift and who used to travel at night time. By using this app, women can book cab at late night and acquire safe journey from one place to another. Moreover, in this app it possible to hire women driver as per their convenience.


Cab for kids & children shines as the most welcomed idea among the parents. This is because, this app highly favours the parents who are looking to send their children to school, tuition classes and other activity classes. Without any tension and leaving their office and within just few clicks, they can book a ride for their children.

Let’s Build Your Uber like App:

Well, You have just gone through Uber like app ideas, features and how it benefits you in your transport business. In case if you have any concerns or queries regarding the app development or cost estimation, cross verify with us. Being an expert in taxi booking app development, MacAndro offers feature rich and high performing taxi booking app development services for all transport industries across the globe. Moreover, our experts are highly reputed and recognized in building Uber like app according to the user’s requirements

To build your own Uber-like taxi app in your budget, just get connect with. We are here to offer you best resources and exceptional services at an affordable cost. We uphold dedicated pricing models for all budgets and requirements which you prefer.

To know more in detail: Refer this article

Biance Clone Script Provider | MacAndro
Even though the crypto world is highly secured & trustworthy, still some of the resources are with question mark. As a matter of fact, it is not under any governing and so the whole process requires perfect verification. In that case, serving this cryptocurrency exchange with mobile application will be apt and unique.

As there are plenty of binance clone websites, building a clone app for binance will aid you stay away from your competitors and makes your business to reach wider. Furthermore, people prefers mobile apps rather than websites in these days. So, creating a binance clone app will helps you to earn in millions without doubt.

MacAndro – Expertise in Binance Clone App Development

If you have concluded to build your own binance clone app and seeking for a professional one to develop your project, then here is MacAndro, a leading cryptocurrency app development company who have heap of domain knowledge in building Binance clone app along with website. Our Binance clone app has a clean interface that is easy for your users who are beginners to use

Features of Binance Clone App:

It is better to seek a premium company for mobile app development like MacAnrdo to acquire all the functionalities in a best way. Here is the list of features MacAndro offers
  1. Sign in/Sign up:
  2. User Verification
  3. Analytics
  4. Transactions creation
  5. Withdrawal/Deposit
  6. Admin Panel


Well the growth of cryptocurrency exchange indicates why people are progressively involving in this crypto exchange system. So this digital asset opens a great opportunity for both the people who are getting familiar and who upholds greater experience. And so building a high-secured app for your cryptocurrency exchange company will results in great profit in a short period.

                                                                       Get Free Demo

Top Mobile App Development Company | Android & iOS Apps | MacAndro
MacAndro is the leading mobile app development company offers exceptional mobile app development services for all business verticals. Out there lies a pool of mobile application development company worldwide. But we, MacAndro, always stay unique from other mobile app development company, as our Mobile App Development Solutions include the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning & Deep Learning, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Thing (IoT), etc. Fortune companies, Businesses and Start-ups loves to partner with us as we create innovative mobile application for their business with advanced user interface and features compatible on all major mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows mobile. 
Our Services:

1. Android App Development
2. iOS App Development
3. iPad App Development
4. Wearable App Development
5. React Native App Development
6. Flutter App Development
7. AR/VR App Development
8. Machine Learning App Development
9. Mobile Game App Development
10. Mobile Web App Development

Reach us to know more about our services and industries we work.
Get Here to know: Top Mobile App Development Services

Android App Development Company | MacAndro
It is a known fact, that mobile app development is the rapid growing technology in this digital world. Hope, this development will never meet an end because there is an invention of new technologies every day and it gets boom into the market. So it is impossible to think a day in this world without mobile and it will never appear in human life.

This is because the usage of smart phones and internet by the people are increasing to the extent. As a result of this, more than 50 percent of population in the world is using smart phones today. When it comes to smart phone users, the majority will be lead by the android and iPhone. To specify, android holds large number of users and it is considered as the king of mobile operating system.  

Initially, android is nothing but a mobile operating system designed for touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablet which is developed by tech expert Google. As a matter of fact, these android stands top among the operating system and the users of android are increasing in tons day by day. 

So, competition for app development also rises along with the users. This competition has become a feast for the users which leads them to variety of choices. So, when it comes to build an app, choose the one who can build your app with optimal user experience and makes your app to stand popular in the market. In my intent,MacAndro is that one to build such kind of android app and gratify their clients requirements loyally and honestly

Stock Trading App Development | Stock Exchange Software | MacAndro
Stock trading apps appears apt for people who are in search of attractive companies for investment and also for short period deal. Even though there are various options, choosing the mobile trading platform is because these stock trading apps shines best even for beginners who are interested stock investment and trading.

The Key Features of Stock Market Application

Authenticated Login

The process of check-in to the application must be easy and understanding one to get into the apps by the users. In a different ways, you can register to the application involves various options like Mail ID, phone number, social mediums and also touch ID system with biometrics etc.

Accessible User Page

The users need to have the option for editing and updating the profile. This helps to acquire all the option that holds the user’s personal data and preferences they are interested to trade upon. This should be focused more while building a trading software or application.

Transactions Management

It also need to record and monitor all the transactions history so that users can handle their own payments and view order executions in a very secured way without any hassles. All the transactions of depositing and withdrawing of the currencies are to be notified with desired requirements.

Maintenance of Trade on Stocks

The main thing in accessing the stock trading app is to contain the feature that the user can get to know all their stock exchange functionalities of dispatching orders and their funds dealing with the exchanges.

Commerce of Stocks

The app should define the way in encouraging the users to get participate actively in buying and selling of the stocks like bonds, commodities and other assets in a highly secured and efficient manner.

Bottom Line:

Well building stock trading app will come up with a series of challenges in both technical and marketing phase. This is because, stock investment apps are very modernized in these days. In order to overcome this and to shine best globally in stock market trading, join your hands with top stock trading app development company.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script | LocalBitcoins clone | MacAndro
LocalBitcoins clone script is on its peak that demands in market which is raising every single day. As a matter of fact, several peoples have earned via LocalBitcoins. Likewise, its clone script assist you to start your own Bitcoin exchange platform and to earn in millions. Moreover, it enable the buyers and sellers to make international transactions. 

Today, users expects to buy and sell bitcoins in OTC which leads to faster transactions. As the centralized exchange delays their transaction process, speedy exchange like LocalBitcoins clone highly entice the bitcoin traders. This compose a better UI for the users. 

Working Process:

1.Initially, the seller will create an online sell advertisement providing the details about the Bitcoin for sale, payment options, price and the terms of the trade.

2.Seller will fund the store the Bitcoin in the wallet, since it is mandatory to have bitcoins in the wallet. Only then customer can open the trade request from the ad.

3.Once after the buyer opens the trade, Bitcoins will be automatically taken into escrow. Seller will instruct the buyer to pay for the trade. 

4.Buyer will press the Paid Button once after finishing the payment process. Then, the seller will acknowledged about the payment on website and by mail & SMS

5.Once after confirming the payment, seller will release the Bitcoins. Then the Bitcoins will be sent to the buyers wallet form escrow.

Final Words:

In this digital era, online presence has become an essential part for every business. In that case, users have no other options rather than to seek for this kind of exchange platforms like LocalBitcoins in order to safer transaction.


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  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses