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N2 Group is leading the Revolution of Finance with Cryptocurrency Development Services
N2 Group is an esteemed Cryptocurrency Development Services Company. The ever-growing demand for cryptocurrencies and their wide-scale adoption have led several tech giants and businesses to seek the services to develop their cryptos. That is where we step in.

Multiple organizations have realized the impact a digital coin/asset can have on their clients and customers. Thus industries have begun adopting multiple approaches towards cryptocurrencies. Some of them are;

  1. Launching a crypto exchange platform.
  2. Offering digital tokens as a means to enable loyal customers added benefits.
  3. Provide fast-paced loans with secure ownership of assets.
  4. Launching private tokens on different platforms that later convert redeem in value to purchase other cryptos.

The origin of a new era of a technological leap with Blockchain yields several opportunities. And here at N2 Group, we strive to lead the masses to a better, brighter future than ever with our cryptocurrency development services. We are determined to gift the utility and benefits of decentralization with the effective development of a cryptocurrency for every individual client, taking one step at a time in the path to real financial revolution.

Cryptocurrency Development Services offered by the N2 Group:

  • Custom Coin Development:
Build a unique cryptocurrency that leads to real-time decentralization within your business and its operations. We offer personalized development services to help you own a custom-coin with a utility & use-case that fits your design and requirement.

  • Token Development:
We develop tokens that can exist only within your platform, enabling your customers to avail of services offered on your designated platforms. Drive loyalty programs, value-added benefits & other exciting schemes into motion with your tokens.

  • Stablecoin Development:
Do you wish to own a Stablecoins that endure price fluctuations in the market to ensure your customers don’t face the losing end in deals? We got you covered with our stablecoin development services. Own a compelling asset that is backed by fiat and commodity value.

Cryptocurrencies are only as viable as the Blockchain they are governed by. Several other elements are linked to the cryptocurrency that validates and improves its worth as a possible digital asset. They include blockchains, smart contracts, nodes, distributed ledgers, consensus mechanisms, ICOs, wallets, and exchange platforms.

Thus we also extend other superior development services related to cryptocurrencies such as,

  1. Crypto Exchange Development, packed with intuitive facilities to enable smooth and secure crypto exchange transactions.
  2. Crypto Wallet Development, a one-stop solution for all your crypto storage needs with various wallet types to choose from.
  3. ICO Development, to kick-start your blockchain venture by streamlining global investments your way.
  4. Cryptocurrency ATM Software, pioneering the next generation of finances by enabling crypto transactions at ATMs.

Our services are customer-centric and are designed to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort from the client's perspective.


Your venture into the crypto realm begins with us. With over four years of experience, our teams at N2 Group excel in everything blockchain.

Skyrocket Your Blockchain Venture with The N2 Group ICO Development
ICOs have caught the attention of investors across the globe. Stakeholders and investors can now make investments instantly to support a business solution that solves a real-world challenge. N2 Group supports these blockchain ventures by raising funds via ICO development. Without further ado, let us understand how N2 Group offers ICO development services.

ICO Development Stages:

ICO Planning:

The enterprise performs thorough market analysis and plans a strategic approach to launch an ICO. Determinants such as feasibility, funding, maintenance, teams, marketing, and branding must be monitored and investigated. Then the ICO planning is revised and remodelled to fit the prevailing market best and assure success.

Whitepaper Creation:

Post ICO ideation, the company helps draft a high-quality whitepaper. The Whitepaper of an ICO is the document that includes and defines the purpose, vision, and mission of the ICO project in theory. A quality whitepaper holds clear objectives, legible text, infographics, and any/all information relevant to the investor who inspects them. A whitepaper is a manuscript that builds trust in an investor and influences them to fund the ICO. 

ICO Website Designing:

The web development team designs a unique ICO website, thus acquiring face value on the internet. The ICO website's elements include a brand-new user interface, user-friendly layout, catchy titles, intuitive call to action, and is easy-to-navigate. Web development teams skilled in UX/UI build an appealing ICO launch website that makes it straightforward to fund the ICO.

Pre-ICO Marketing:

Pre-ICO Marketing activities include the promotion and advertising of the ICO for better visibility in the market. These activities primarily focus on invoking interest, establishing the feasibility, convincing the benefits, and directing the users toward the ICO website to register and then invest. Pre-ICO Marketing services possess the best reach in mediums such as blog forums, telegram channels, and ICO listing domains. 

Developing ICO Token and Smart Contracts:

An ICO launch results in success when the benefits offered are realized in terms of utility. The ICO's utilities must be tokenized for the user's access. The development of a token is also linked to smart contract development. The Smart Contracts are protocols that guide and govern the maintenance of the tokens. The intelligent contracts' efficiency highlights the ICO's success from the investor's perspective. 

Post ICO Marketing:

Once the ICO has been launched and the development is completed, the token sale is initiated. Post ICO Marketing involves activities that promote the token's and the ICO's benefits to the public. The public is now allowed to exchange their fiat for ICO tokens/coins.


After a few token sales, the ICO generates the required funds to initiate further development and production. Investors hold nominal power via holding on to their tokens, improving in value as demand increases. As mentioned earlier, the stages require constant supervision and engagement from multiple teams and stakeholders to ensure success. The N2 Group extends a skilled team with a committed mindset to skyrocket your venture with their ICO Development Services.

A Simple Guide to Cryptocurrency Development
We live in the information age, where almost everything has already been or is currently offered on the internet. Developers began the revolution of finances with the invention of Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that was soon considered to be a viable alternative to fiat currencies such as dollars or euros. 

Now, more than two thousand cryptocurrencies exist, each possessing its objective and advantage in the market. Multiple businesses and entrepreneurs have begun investing in creating their cryptocurrency due to the hype that surrounds it.

So to offer a more in-depth understanding, here’s a simple guide to the 
cryptocurrency development company.

The Basics of Cryptocurrency:

1. Objective:
Every cryptocurrency ever invented possesses a clear objective, i.e., the purpose for its existence. While most cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ripple exist as a viable alternative to funds that help the owner purchase services or goods, coins like Ethereum serve a different purpose, such as availing development prowess. 

2. Blockchain:
Blockchain is the technology that facilitates the functioning of a cryptocurrency. One can even say cryptocurrencies are the birth child of blockchain technology. Its designated blockchain governs every cryptocurrency to exist. Blockchain tracks information such as the transactions made, quantity remaining, allocation, and cryptos loss. 

3. Wallet:
Almost all cryptocurrencies come with their respective wallets. Although third-party wallets with multi-currency support features have emerged in recent times, most new cryptos can only be stored in their designated wallets. Thus in terms of cryptocurrency development, wallet development is also considered a crucial part.

4. User-base:
The targeted user-base of the cryptocurrency in development is crucial to its launch and success. The market has witnessed several cryptocurrencies ahead of their ahead in terms of technology and utility, failing primarily due to the sheer lack of a strong user-base that could not adopt them. Finance, Supply Chain, and Healthcare are the significant domains with a vast user-base looking to adopt cryptocurrencies to incentivize their blockchain adoption.

5. Features:
In general, Cryptocurrencies possess a whole set of features that help them stand out from all the other cryptos available in the market. They include low transaction costs, P2P transaction facilities, smart contract automated, cross-border acceptance, etc. A clearly defined set of features is essential to the reliable cryptocurrency development company.

The elements mentioned above are the fundamental concepts of a cryptocurrency under development. The clarity in the basics that accompanies a cryptocurrency enables developers to create a digital coin faster and better.


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    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses