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Start your Cryptocurrency Investment Website using Crypto Hyip Investment Software

People who would like to make profits by investing their Cryptocurrency investments would choose the Crypto HYIP platform. The administrator of the Bitcoin HYIP software usually decides and sets the tenure and the return frequency of the investment. There will be provisions such as daily, weekly, monthly or yearly returns based on which the investors will get their returns.

Why Pulsehyip's Crypto HYIP Script is Unique?

The problems faced by most of the Crypto investment platforms include Trust, Clarity and User interface. Keeping these attributes in mind our experienced technicians have developed the script that would overcome the drawbacks. To build trust among investors the owner of the platform can easily display the relevant info such as the charges and benefits involved in investing on the platform so that the investors would have a clear cut idea.

The Crypto HYIP software increases the work efficiency of the admin by enabling the administrator to focus on investments and business strategies and worry less about managing the platform. The information such as all the payout amounts, plan management, profit calculator, etc will be provided on the admin dashboard to make the management of the platform easier.

Pulsehyip is a Top-notch Crypto HYIP provider around the globe that gives you a Business ready script thus, enabling you to run your Crypto Business successfully. Regular updates will be provided for the script based on customer requirements.

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The Best Way to Develop an Investment Platform on KOMODO Blockchain

Komodo is a composable, open source multi-chain blockchain development platform that comprises of powerful and multiple privacy security features. Komodo platform involves with its cryptocurrency shortly known as KMD.

With the help of Komodo blockchain, Komodo is fully robust and has full of unique blockchain features.   

Herewith, some of the key properties of Komodo blockchain that supports smart contracts, Zero  knowledge privacy, anonymity and atomic swap.

  1. Privacy and Highly Security

  2. Interoperable

  3. Scalable

  4. Business user friendly

  5. Adaptable

  6. Exchangeable

  7. Customizable

Apart from this basic features, Komodo platform has diverse features that can be opt to build one’s own investment platform.

You can easily begin your own cryptocurrency Investment software on Komodo with the help of Pulsehyip, the leading Blockchain based Investment platform development company. 

Ready Launch your Crypto Investment Platform on Lisk Blockchain

Lisk is a decentralized blockchain application and sidechain development platform that is easy to use for the investors and easy handling for the developers to build DApps. Its aim is to develop an application that is completely decentralized. With the help of Lisk, developers can easily build and publish your applications utilizing Sidechain development kit (SDK)

Crypto platform developers cover the complete package of developing a platform on Lisk network along with the Lisk tokens describing as Lisk services. The LSK token is utilized in staking, delegating, governance voting, gas payment via smart contract executions and token transactions.

Beneficial Roles of Lisk in Crypto Ecosystem

In current times, blockchain is evolving and revamping the whole world with tech upgrade. At this time, many blockchain developers seek to learn new language in order to develop blockchain applications.

Lisk found on May 2016 following a Crypto hard fork from SQLite to PostgreSQL and then rebranded  at the same year. By using JavaScript, Lisk founders analyzed that the developers can build an easy to use investment platform. It helps all those developers looking eager to learn new language in platform development.

With the usage of various tools in developing an investment platform without the need to acquire a new language, Lisk existence enhance the speed of delivery and evolution of new concepts embrace the blockchain to be integrated in all the technologies all over the world. To launch your investment platform on Lisk, this kind of Lisk crypto investment software brings a great solution for your launch.

The great advantage and beneficial facts of choosing a Lisk platform are:

  • Individual sidechain applications
  • Decentralized blockchain applications
  • Scalable and high security
  • Exchanging via Lisk’s mainchain
  • No impact on Lisk’s performance

Why Choose Ethereum for your Crypto Investment Software Development?

Why Ethereum Blockchain for your Startup?

Ethereum is one of the Global Computing Platform, that serves as a launch pad for Decentralized Applications or DApps which are mainly open sourced and are not controlled by any single entity.

Ethereum is advantageous than any other Blockchain as it facilitates individuals and companies to do much more than just transfer/ trade funds between entities. Its named as the hottest platform in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain as many companies invest in it. Also the blockchain is build with the turing-complete scripting language enabling progression of smart contracts across all nodes and achieve verifiable consensus without the involvement of third party such as a court.

It is to be noted that the Ethereum Virtual Machine is very much capable of running smart contracts that can provide option contract, swaps or coupon paying bonds to represent financial agreements. It can also be used to full fill the employment contracts or to execute bets and wagers and act as a trusted escrow for the purchase of high-value items. These features of Ethereum network help to create a new market.

Stay tuned to know more about investment software script on Ethereum!


Why Blockchain based Investment Business is a Better Choice?
To lead you with an alternative for the conventional investment platform, then blockchain investment acts as the good choice. As a known fact, blockchain based business models provide a unique feature rich solutions across all the industries.

In that prospects, blockchain investment is utilized mainly due to some of the beneficial features that stand behind the blockchain networks. Many entrepreneurials choose blockchain investment script to initiate their own Hyip platform in a very secured way.

Hence, building a crypto investment platform on blockchain is the  most preferred one for all the startups.

Features of Our Blockchain Investment Script

Our Blockchain investment script helps in launching your investment platform with the consideration of the following features that capture most of the business minded entrepreneurs.

  • Fully automated system
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Smart contract integrated
  • Trusted and reliable
  • Auto investment management
  • Scam free
  • No central authority
  • Highly secured data
  • Safe investment transactions

, a leading blockchain investment software development company avails you a white label crypto investment software that hold all your desired business requirements.



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An Overview about Localcryptos Exchange – Pulsehyip
Localcryptos platform is said to be the best alternative for the Localbitcoins. This platform was initially launched as LocalEthereum and was then rebranded as Localcrypto in November.

The main aim of the platform was to support the buying and selling of Ethereum all over the world . But it has also added Bitcoin and is now on the way to add many more cryptocurrencies based on the voting preferences. The Localcryptos platform mainly differs from other major exchanges as it facilitates transactions through escrow services and is non custodial.

How to launch a Platform like Localcryptos?

If you are an entrepreneur wanting to begin with your own centralized Peer to Peer exchange platform like LocalCryptos, then we Pulsehyip one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange development company can help you with it. The Localcryptos clone script that we provide will hold all the features imbibed in the existing Localcryptos platform, thus enables you to readily launch a crypto exchange without any hassle with Localcrytpos Clone script.

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How Bitcoin Investment Script Enables to Setup Crypto Investment Business?

Pulsehyip - Advanced Blockchain | Escrow Application | White label Script Software service provider for Bitcoin Startup business and entrepreneurs. 

Pulsehyip cryptocurrency based business solutions team together for every startup & entrepreneurs. Will support at your A-Z programming needs and We are one of the best cryptocurrency investment business solutions with the latest version.
Thinking about launching a bitcoin investment business? Here bitcoin investment Script is there for you!

In this online business industry, Number of bitcoin-based businesses flop due to security and reliability. In this hardest scenario, a secure way to launch your investment business website by knocking into the right bitcoin investment software.

The cryptocurrency investment platform is the complete business solutions that recommend investing in various cryptocurrencies with some regulatory conditions. Most of the global investors seek trusted investment platform to start their own investment. In that way, as an entrepreneur, you can start a cryptocurrency investment platform with a unique admin as well as user features.

To state with the significance of cryptocurrency investment platform, it helps to capture the trusted investors. Hence, an every entrepreneur should prefer smart contract integrated investment platform. Due to the smart contract integration, many of the investors get allured with its highly secured and trusted investment platform.

Investment business model has good reach all over the globe. As the investment platform comprises huge number of investors utilizing the platform, it helps to double or triple the investment and yield high ROI in a very minimal time. At times, Bitcoin is at peak and all the bitcoin users are really curious to invest in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin that ensures the cryptocurrency investment platform with high reliability. With the help of adroit experts from Pulsehyip, you can acquire bitcoin investment script either to launch a ready-made or custom-made bitcoin investment platform.

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Build Investment Platform on Binance Smart Chain from Pulsehyip

Binance Smart Chain is an independent blockchain that works on Binance Chain. Binance smart chain runs similar and parallel to Binance chain that works based on smart contract functionality with the support of EVM called Ethereum virtual machine. This EVM integration provides a robust smart contract that is highly adaptable on blockchain network.

As it is an independent platform, it runs even when Binance chain is offline. Both the Binance and Binance smart chain pretend to be similar but Binance smart chain not bring off-chain scalability solutions. By considering it from a designer point, both the Binance chain and Binance Smart chain bears a well-built resemblance.

Features of Smart Contract on Binance Smart Chain

Herewith, some of the features of smart contract on Binance smart chain listed below:

  • High Performance

  • Low Transaction Fees

  • Asset Transfer via Cross-Chain

  • Staking BNB

  • EVM Compatibility 

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Develop your Blockchain based Investment Platform on Tron Network - Pulsehyip

As we all know Tron is a Blockchain-based Decentralized platform that supports 100% transparency of Investing processes. The users and the holders can get full satisfaction, also the referral can get benefits too.

Proposed Features of the TRON Investment platform

The platform has to have basic features of TRON investment platform, such as attractive UL/UX, Investment calculator, detailed investment portfolio, dividend distribution details, easy way to use via both mobile and desktop, referral bonuses etc. Other features include-

Reliable and safe- Since it runs directly on the blockchain and its smart contract is updated in the Tron blockchain, none can easily edit or delete the smart contract, nor influence its autonomous operation. This helps to pay the dividends automatically through the smart contract.

Dividend distribution- The dividend distribution plans can be set up while developing the platform. So, if an investor invests, based on the plan he/she selected they may get their returns. Usually, the dividend is generated every second and the investors will also be given the options of reinvesting their dividends. 

Ways you can make money using Crypto Investment Software

There are multiple prospects of making money as an investment platform owner using the Crypto investment script/software. The ROI for the platform owner will be based on these opportunities.

Investment profits- The admin generates investment profit for the investors by making a definitive profitable investment on various promisable products or businesses which are open to investments in the mainstream markets. The profits from these investments are then calculated and a portion of it is distributed to the investors who have invested in the platform.

Referral profits- Once you pay back the profits to the investors who have invested in your platform; the contented investors will refer the platform to their family and friends which will increase the crypto capital for the platform.

Transaction Fee- Transaction fees can be charged for withdrawing the cryptocurrency from the platform’s inbuilt cryptocurrency wallet.

Principal withdrawal fee- The investors can be charged a fee for withdrawing the principal amount before the term ends.

Why Pulsehyip stands best for Crypto Investment Platform Development?

With an adroit team of our blockchain experts, developers, market analysts, strategists and many more, Pulsehyip stands best in ensuring the most promising and profitable crypto investment business solutions with experienced professionals for all your business standards.

  • We strive hard and work closely with all our clients by understanding each and every of our customer’s individual preferences towards their business requirements.

  • We always make sure that we adhere to their business demands and necessities in order to fulfill them.

  • Our TRON investment platform development is highly scalable and customizable that allows all our customers desire in launching their own investment platform.

  • We prioritize the quality as well as the security of the investment platform comprising both the admin and the user features.

  • Our broad team of experts furnishes your investment platform in a very quick duration of time with complete perfection and devoid of any hassles.

  • Our Smart Contract based investment platform is cost effective that satisfy many happy clients. We will make your business thrive among your business competitors with 24*7 supports throughout the project.





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LocalCoinSwap Clone Script – A unique Way to Start your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Business

Need any alternative exchanges than usual? If you are one among those who seek for other exchanges, then LocalCoinSwap is an absolute one for other exchanges!

For those entrepreneurs wanting to startup your own cryptocurrency exchange, then this  clone script acts as great solution for your business requirement.

LocalCoinSwap is a P2P multi-custodial exchange platform that offers both custodial and non-custodial trading for various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, USDC and many more.

In order to launch your own cryptocurrency exchange like LocalCoinSwap, then you may utilize this clone script inbuilt with unique features.

LocalCoinSwap - The Future of P2P Trading

LocalCoinSwap P2P trading platform is the most accessible one across worldwide. This P2P crypto exchange platform is user friendly involving all the features need to get integrated from an OTC exchange.   

In what way one can begin their exchange in a platform is mainly matters. LocalCoinSwap is likely a better one to opt that covers all the primary features to get engaged in cryptocurrency space. In this crypto world, Localcoinswap is doing great that adapts the cryptocurrency market of the future.

At times, this clone script is the best initiative to start a P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform like LocalCoinSwap. This LocalCoinSwap clone guide you in developing your own crypto exchange website where users can buy and sell all kind of cryptocurrencies in a highly secured way.

Where to Acquire the Unique Feature rich Clone Script for Localcoinswap?

If you are having an idea to launch your own cryptocurrency exchange platform in a decentralized manner, then the best choice is to acquire the unique feature rich clone script like Localcoinswap from Pulsehyip.

From the expert’s consultation and suggestion, you can build your own trading platform like LocalCoinSwap.


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Collective Updates


The year 2020 has proved to trigger the use of cryptocurrency across the world. The Bitcoin is also facing a bull market starting from the Bitcoin halving event.

The current value of Bitcoin being 23,030.80 USD (at the time of writing) tells about the increase in the investor confidence on Bitcoin. Also, there is a report saying Bitcoin rise will surely increase the value of other cryptocurrencies.

Now the celebration season has come and starting a new business in this christmas and new year can be a priority for many people. All they would need is a good guidance to start a crypto based business.

We, Pulsehyip an experienced cryptocurrency based Business solution provider can give you solutions for your crypto buisness requirement.

50% Offer on Our Business Services

In order to support all the crypto enthusiasts with their venture into the crypto world, We Pulsehyip now provide end to end services with 50% offer sale. This is a limited time offer and it ends on Jan 6th 2021.

Here is the list of all the services that we you can acquire 50% offer-

(1) Blockchain HYIP Software

Ethereum HYIP software

Tron HYIP Software

EOS HYIP Software

Smart contract HYIP Software

DApp HYIP development

(2) Cryptocurrency Exchange development

P2P crypto exchange development

Hybrid crypto exchange development

Decentralized exchange development

Cryptocurrency exchange clone

(3) Cryptocurrency MLM Software

Ethereum MLM Software

Tron MLM Software

(4) DApp development

(5) Smart contract Development

(6) Cryptocurrency Wallet development

Ethereum based crypto wallet

Tron based Crypto Wallet

(7) Blockchain Development

With the Christmas and New Year approaching fast, any crypto entrepreneur who would like to develop begin with their crypto based startup can make use of the 50% Offer that we provide. This is functional only for the limited amount of time (i.e) upto 6th Jan 2021. Make use of this opportunity and begin your business successfully this New Year.

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Start your Crypto Investment Business Today from Pulsehyip with 50% New Year Offer

Bitcoin Value Rise Over 20k USD

The number one cryptocurrency, “BITCOIN” rises in the market and it has jumped over the $20,000 mark for the first time. With the consideration of US trading hours, Bitcoin surpasses the record breakthrough in the market!

Bitcoin market value has doubled up with its price in recent three months and it has reached a huge peak that grab wide user attention.

For those entrepreneurs as well as investors, this rise in bitcoin value acts as a boon in order to initiate their own investment in the crypto world.

Futuristic Predictions

According to CEO of top crypto exchanges, Bitcoin is replicating with its price moves to peak than its previous halvings.

A famous statistical report shows that bitcoin reveals the hectic rise in the market. It is being expected to rise more in upcoming days. The futuristic predictions of bitcoin rise in value support many entrepreneurs to make their investment in launching their own trading or investment platform.

Based on the requirement of any entrepreneurs, one can startup their own investment platform to yield high ROI. The price of the bitcoin boosts up the business minded persons to initiate their own crypto based business.

How it benefits Entrepreneurs to begin their own Crypto Investment Startup?

Due to the value rise of bitcoin at times as well as in future, every entrepreneurs involve to begin their cryptocurrency based investment business!

This bitcoin rise in value grab huge attention among many business persons as well as investors to start their own bitcoin investment.

It leads you to achieve huge revenue in upcoming days if the investment starts at this point of surge.

Make use of this opportunity to startup your own investment business right now! Just few steps simple right away! Consult the blockchain experts to get free tips in order to begin your investment on bitcoin.


Though the market place as well as the business investors remain same all the times, the crypto market value getting rise in each and every day.

To all those entrepreneurs and startup idea carrying business persons, this is the right time to make utilize and achieve a huge success!

Pulsehyip, a leading blockchain based investment software development company guides you to startup a great revenue generating crypto based investment business.

Get free consultation and begin your crypto based investment business within a short span of time.

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MEGA 50% OFFER for Top Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Development from Pulsehyip

Start this New Year 2021 with a bright idea for a new startup!

There is a  great need for your initiative to start right now!

Grab the once in a year opportunity and shine in your business with minimum amount of investment by utilizing our ready-made cryptocurrency exchange clone script.

You can grab all the top cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts with 50% discount on its price for this Christmas & New Year eve!

Herewith, you can acquire the following lists of top cryptocurrency exchanges that support for new business launch.
50% Offer Available Ready-Launch Crypto Exchange Clone scripts:

Stay tuned for many more exciting offers and new year discount updates from PULSEHYIP!

You can get free demo and free consultation from our blockchain experts!

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Know How to develop Decentralized HYIP Platform Easily!

If you just want to start a cryptocurrency based investment business, then you may consider “Tron binary” website clone that involves entirely of Tron blockchain in binary model.

Anyone having an idea for a great startup?

Then, you are ready to take a next step!

You can acquire an idea about crypto based business before initiating it. Not much deeply with the technical stuffs in developing, testing and launching, but with the experts guidance in building your own investment platform that attains huge success today.

How to Start a Cryptocurrency based Investment Business?
It is a great opportunity to all those crypto oriented entrepreneurs. This is mainly because of the cryptocurrency that have gained huge attention and it get legalized among many developed countries. The digital currency stands at peak that grabbed many investors attention to start investing in it.

At once, you have got an idea to start up your own investment business, it is much advised to consider the below mentioned simple steps before developing your investment platform.

  1. Set up your own business plan and ensure licensing requirements with proper legal counsel.

  2. Make sure to obtain enough funding for business startup.

  3. Choose the best and leading Cryptocurrency investment software solutions provider.

  4. Explode your investment platform with others especially investors for added liquidity.

  5. Decide your best partner for payment processor.

  6. Ensure the best security practices to attain trusted investors.

  7. Launch your platform and implement beta testing.

  8. Perform initial marketing and start PR campaign.

  9. Provide complete solutions via customer support.

  10. Manage an adroit legitimate team for continuing compliance.

To get you with a simple tip of launching an investment platform that comprises of Tron blockchain, then you can go for “Tron Binary” website clone.

With the help of Tron binary investment clone you can develop your own crypto investment platform similar to Tron Binary.

Where to develop Crypto Hyip Platform like Tron Binary?
In order to develop your own cryptocurrency based investment platform, you can opt with the Tron Binary Hyip Platform clone software. As it has received huge response over many investors, it acts as a great successful platform at its launch.

If you are having an idea to launch your own crypto based hyip platform, then Pulsehyip, a leading blockchain based Hyip software development company guides you to launch your own crypto investment business like Tron binary.

You can avail free consultation before your launch! You can acquire any business requirements relevant to cryptocurrency and smart contract technology.  This is the right time to start your advance booking for free consultation with experienced and skilled experts!

 Get Free Consultation here:

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Beneficial Facts about Cryptocurrency oriented Hyip Business
Build Hyip Software On Tron Network

Being an enthusiastic entrepreneur, one can prefer choosing the best blockchain oriented hyip software development company in order to begin their high yielding investment business. To make it simple, hyip software on tron network brings you an advantageous feature rich blockchain based hyip platform to achieve a huge revenue.

To lead you with the best crypto hyip software development company, Pulsehyip gives you a white label hyip software that can be customized based on your desired add on features.

Key Features of Tron Hyip Platform

Herewith, the key features of Tron Hyip platform are listed below:

Ø High Performance Storage

TRON blockchain based Hyip software comprises mainly with two storage layer consisting of a block and state storage into two types involving KhaosDB and LevelD in which former is a full node memory and latter is preferred for the initial stage.

Ø Quick Scalability

It supports huge number of users utilizing Tron based hyip software that is highly effective in wide range of ways deployed in Tron network. Due to its smart contract, it ensures high scalability with enormous growth that is maintained throughout the system.

Ø Speedy Transactions

As a proof of stake, Tron adds a value in performing more than 2000 transactions per second made using TRX. This is quite increasing than Bitcoin and Ethereum based network transactions. With the advantage of higher transaction speed, many prefer to build Tron based investment platform.

Ø Transaction Fee Relaxation

While considering the blockchain based Hyip development, Tron network is more preferred by many than any other blockchain. Due to the lower transaction fee and its relaxation in using the Hyip platform, Tron blockchain has reached its popularity in the market.

Ø Multi language Support

With the adherence to Google’s protocol, Tron platform supports many general coded languages like Python, C, C++, and Java. This feature helps to reach out many users attention to launch any platform built on Tron.

Ø No Central Admin

Due to the decentralization in blockchain network, Tron based Hyip software eliminates the middleman and thus reduce the cost of utilizing the platform. Tron is considered to be the public blockchain with full decentralized storage facility to run an efficient Hyip platform.

Ø Data Liberation

This helps to easily handle the data in the platform by allowing the users to manage their own digital assets. With the efficiency of Tron, users can review and export the information that shows the easy utility of the Hyip platform.

Why Pulsehyip for Hyip Business Development?

In order to adopt the best feature rich Hyip software development on Tron network, then Pulsehyip is the great choice to launch your own Crypto Hyip software.    

Pulsehyip, a leading blockchain based Hyip software development company furnishes the best quality rich, bug free source code for a white label smart contract based Hyip software based on your business requirements.

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Do You Need the Cryptocurrency Exchange Business Solutions like Localbitcoins? – Pulsehyip

Why Localbitcoins?
LocalBitcoins is a peer to peer bitcoin marketplace based in Helsinki, Finland. Its service facilitates over-the-counter trading of local currency for bitcoins. Users post advertisements on the website, where they state exchange rates and payment methods for buying or selling bitcoins.

Localbitcoins is a P2P cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in Finland in 2012. The platform allows for safe and anonymous transactions with Bitcoin directly between only the retailer and the customer without any involvement by the exchange. 

It is considered that its model makes all operations faster and more convenient. The service works in 224 countries, so a wide range of fiat currencies are available. Besides that, all the operations are possible online and offline by providing a user with the required information about locations of the participating retailers in his region. 

Localbitcoins fees are quite low compared with other exchanges and are only 1% of any operation made by the seller. To stay secure, it is necessary to investigate all the information about the other party of the transaction. This can be found out from its reputation and number of years its been using the Localbitcoins app.

Localbitcoins Clone Script
If you are searching for the best cryptocurrency exchange business solutions like LocalBitcoins, then Pulsehyip avails you an exact cryptocurrency exchange business solutions by providing a localbitcoins clone script. 

Many entrepreneurs prefer Localbitcoins clone script in order to establish their own cryptocurrency exchange platform like Localbitcoins. When compared with other top crypto exchanges, Localbitcoins is preferred due to its simple, easy and instant way to perform buying and selling of bitcoins.

So, the persons who desire to start a cryptocurrency business with the similar business model can utilize LocalBitcoins clone script and can begin their crypto exchange business in an exact way.

Why Pulsehyip for LocalBitcoins Clone Script?

With 150+ experts, we at Pulsehyip, a leading cryptocurrency exchange clone script provider build and deliver the exact LocalBitcoins clone script built with unique trading features and wide payment method, multi-language and multi-currency support that make you stand best in the crypto world. You can implement your cryptocurrency exchange business idea at Pulsehyip using LocalBitcoins clone software to launch your own cryptocurrency exchange platform similar like LocalBitcoins.

You can get support from our 24*7 blockchain experts to get unique Localbitcoins clone script and its implementation based on your customized business requirements. You can launch your cryptocurrency exchange platform like LocalBitcoins within 48 Hours! 

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How to Launch your Own TRON Smart Contract MLM like EZYTRX?

If you are the one gonna launch your own smart contract based MLM, then you can prefer Tron based smart contract MLM like Ezytrx.

An entrepreneur with an idea to set up own MLM business, Tron smart contract MLM like Ezytrx gives a great platform to build your own Smart contract based MLM similar to it.

100% Decentralized and Risk freeInstant Peer to Peer SystemNo Central AuthorityLow transaction fees (20 times cheaper than Ethereum and Bitcoin)Enhances TrustworthinessFully Automated SystemComplete TransparencySpeedy Transactions (80 times quicker than Ethereum & 667 times quicker than Bitcoin)Huge ROI on Minimum InvestmentHigh end Security

What is Ezytrx?

Ezytrx is a worldwide new-generation smart contract based crowd funding platform programmed on the blockchain of Tron cryptocurrency with complete decentralized and risk free technology.

It is the first ever Unilevel with Matrix Smart Contract MLM on Tron works with an artificial intelligence platform combining the traditional matrix as well as the smart contract.

How Ezytrx Tron Smart Contract MLM Works?

Ezytrx Tron smart contract MLM works simply with two programs like EZY1 and EZY10 involving to it.

It works with the disruptive smart contract technology with decentralization by engaging users in handling the personal and business transactions. The Ezytrx decentralized System is available for public visibility on the Tron blockchain.

It works totally of 10 steps with each level slot is more profitable when compared to previous slot and one can earn huge profit with subsequent levels. With the total of 1000 TRX (35 USD), one can join the system by entering into the two programs simultaneously.

With the activation of EZY1 slot, EZY10 slot is automatically activated and one can activate as many levels they want in a single time but it is must to get activated any of the level to proceed further in the program.

EZYTRX Slot Programs  

Ezytrx programs comprises mainly of two slots involving:

Ø EZY1 Programs

Ø EZY10 Programs

Whenever a new entry joined the system, the participants is split  equally with these two programs automatically. EZY1 involves with the a direct referral program and EZY10 is a forced 3x10 matrix from top to bottom and left to right.

How to Set up your Own Tron Smart Contract MLM like Ezytrx?

In order to start up your own Tron smart contract MLM like Ezytrx, then Pulsehyip avails you a detailed and free consultation relevant to your business demands and requirements.

Without hesitation, you can immediately contact experts at Pulsehyip, having more than 5+ years of experienced professionals in blockchain technology.

All the professionals at Pulsehyip are adroit and more enough to get clarified all your doubts and clarifications regarding your smart contract based MLM businesses.

You can inbuilt all your customized and innovative features along with the existing features in the Ezytrx smart contract MLM on Tron.

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Launch your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform like Localbitcoins – Pulsehyip

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform like Localbitcoins

In order to build your own cryptocurrency exchange platform like Localbitcoins, then you can prefer a white label or readymade localbitcoins clone script that suits your business demands.

Localbitcoins is a famous peer to peer bitcoin trading platform to perform selling and buying of bitcoins without any demanded KYC. As a special fact in Localbitcoins, it facilitates the trading process with escrow services in performing the transactions of buying and selling that assures high security.

Why to Prefer Localbitcoins Clone Script?

Many entrepreneurs prefer Localbitcoins clone script in order to establish their own cryptocurrency exchange platform like Localbitcoins. When compared with other top crypto exchanges, Localbitcoins is preferred due to its simple, easy and instant way to perform buying and selling of bitcoins.

With the simple working process of Localbitcoins, one can easily start their trading process in it. Hence, it grabs many users attention that turn the entrepreneurs to start their own crypto exchange platform like Localbitcoins. It also has an advantageous feature that one can instantly sell or buy their bitcoins using this platform. This adds more value for any exchange that creates trustworthiness among the users to handle the platform.

How Localbitcoins Clone Support your Exchange Business?

In order to capture huge attention among users, Localbitcoins clone app development support your exchange business. With the support of this Localbitcoins clone app, you can deliver fast, secure and reliable cryptocurrency exchange mobile app like Localbitcoins in both the Android and iOS. Due to this grabbing attention of mobile users, it boosts up to get enrolled by many new traders to your exchange platform.

Features inbuilt in Localbitcoins Clone App

  • Ease of Trading

  • Instant Buy/Sell

  • GPS Tracking

  • Regular App Notifications

  • Multilingual Support

  • Secured Login Authentication

  • Referral Options

Where to Acquire the Best Localbitcoins Clone Script?

To lead you with the best Localbitcoins clone script provider, Pulsehyip delivers you the unique featured rich Localbitcoins clone software packages involving the Localbitcoins clone script along with the Localbitcoins clone app.

To establish your own cryptocurrency exchange platform like Localbitcoins, then you are in need of experts suggestion and advice to decide your business oriented features and requirements.

To make your crypto exchange platform enriched with high security features, Pulsehyip has 150+ experts in delivering cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts for all top crypto exchanges. You can add up your own innovative things along with the features inbuilt in it based on your business demands.

Build your Tron Smart Contract MLM Platform like Tronracer

The Tronracer is a new generation crowdfunding international platform 
involving Tron smart contract that runs on decentralized “Matrix” 
project in the blockchain of Tron cryptocurrency. 

You can start up your MLM platform on 
Tron based on your business requirements.  In general, smart 
contract MLM
 is most preferred due to some of the 
highlighting features mentioned below:

  • Highly Guaranteed platform run on Tron blockchain network

  • Automated computerized system with no intermediates

  • High level of security builds Trust towards MLM platform

  • Huge Customer base in using the MLM due to trustworthiness

  • Enables high ROI on minimum investment at Tron network

  • Speedy Transactions happen with Tron that guarantees the referrals

Features in Tronracer MLM

Herewith, some of the top features 
involved in Tronracer smart contract MLM that can be considered in your 
own Crypto based MLM launch.

  • 100% Decentralized MLM platform

  • Peer to Peer Management system

  • Highly Secured and Trustworthy

  • Involved with Hybrid Matrix

  • Easily Affordable

  • Initiation of platform with only 200TRX

  • Complete follow up of superior partner
Are you the one looking to start up your MLM business like Tronracer in an easy way?

Then you are one step further to begin your own MLM by acquiring either a readymade smart contract MLM clone script
 of any of the your chosen and desired MLM platform (or) a white label 
MLM business solutions that can be customized based on your MLM business

To launch your own Tron smart contract 
integrated MLM business like Tronracer, you need an expert’s 
consultation and advice before initiating your MLM website launch.

Have a look about the top smart contract MLM business solutions! 

Start your Own Cryptocurrency MLM Platform like Forsage – Pulsehyip

Forsage is an online multilevel 
marketing involved with matrix program that is launched by the people 
for the people’s revenue utilization.

To be stated with pride, this Forsage is
 the world’s first launched self-executing smart contract that is being 
available on either Ethereum or Tron Blockchain network. It is found to 
be the global level distributed network that securely manages the 
transactional data with high security.

Before getting to build your own MLM platform, herewith you need to know
 the top reasons behind the Forsage MLM so that it may help you to 
launch your own MLM with all its exciting features using Forsage Clone 

  1. Low Risk - Not losing maximum of 15$ of your investment that ensures your money under risk free helps to participate with more eagerness.

  2. Secured & Trustworthy - Available either of Ethereum or Tron smart contract with tight security and build trustworthiness.

  3. No intermediates - You
     only can access your funds in your wallet as there will be no central 
    authority to intercept your funds. No middleman is found.

  4. Indeterminate Duration - You can actively participate in Forsage without any timing duration limitations.

  5. Income Forever - Once you have started investing in Forsage, you can yield income throughout without any discontinuities.
Key Features:

  • Complete Decentralization

  • Instant P2P Payments

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration

  • Multiple Payment Systems

  • Transparent and Secured Platform

  • White-label MLM business solutions

  • Transaction guarantee

  • Rewards and Referrals opportunities
With 200+ efficient and 10+ years of 
experienced blockchain professionals at Pulsehyip furnish you the 
readymade Forsage clone script including all the customizable features 
based on your business demands.

Not just stopped with this amazing featured rich Forsage Clone, Pulsehyip extends it’s offering by availing many of the other smart contract based MLM clone scripts that are hitting the crypto market currently.

The Best Feature rich Binance Clone and Forsage Clone Software – Pulsehyip

In this pandemic times, many business entrepreneurs get an easy and simplenway to build and launch their business ideas. In that way, many ready-made scripts are available based on their cryptocurrency based business launch.

Are you one among them?

Then, no more waitings!

Here at Pulsehyip, a leading blockchain solutions provider guide you to 
launch your own platform based on your chosen top competitive websites. 
With the help of Pulsehyip offering ready made clone scripts, you can 
start up your own business regarding it.

In this article, Two popular Ready-made Clone Software is discussed that is getting striked all over the business persons mind!

A Binance is the most popular crypto exchange platform that permits 
their buyer and seller to trade from crypto to crypto. In Binance 
exchange platform, they have millions of active users and so many 
virtual coins to perform trading like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and 
lot more.

To state with a latest upgrade, you can build your cryptocurrency 
exchange app like Binance that deliver advance app settings to trade in 
an exchange.

Binance Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is an advanced crypto exchange 
platform that performs the same trading operation using the digital 
currencies among one another.

Forsage is a Decentralized Ethereum smart contract based MLM platform
 that deploys self-executing smart contract in Ethereum Blockchain. It 
was launched on Feb 6, 2020 and this cryptocurrency MLM matrix project 
runs in Ethereum blockchain platform. 

Any Crypto entrepreneur who would like to start a platform like Forsage 
would require Forsage Clone script with customizable smart contract.

Pulsehyip help the Crypto business entrepreneurs to 
build DApps and Smart contracts in Various Blockchain platforms like 
Ethereum, Credits, EOS, Tron etc.

 Contact Details:

Call/Whatsapp - 916384088485

Mail - talktous@pulsehyip

A Complete Guide about the PoloniDEX – TRON DEX Development Company


In this crypto time, Tron has become one of the largest blockchain 
operating systems all over the world. Due to this, Tron DEX development 
arises in the cryptocurrency exchange market with huge attention! Though
 there are various blockchain networks available in the field, TRON has 
placed its own position in the crypto trading environment. 

DEX mean as Decentralized Exchange. This Decentralized exchange runs on 
the blockchain network without the support of any middleman.

This decentralized exchange made 
possible mainly because of the usage of smart contracts that is 
developed first in Ethereum blockchain. Then, it is made possible on 
other blockchain platforms too involving TRON, Waves etc.

The following are the tremendous benefits of DEX that can be utilized in exchange platforms.

  • It doesn’t involve any central body. Throughout the process, it is 
    not necessary to hand over all the cryptocurrencies to any 

  • Depending on the DEX utilized in the platform, the trading fees may be zero or low.

  • There is no need to go through KYC and no registration that is entirely anonymous and obscured.

  • DEX offers pervasive pairing lists in an ecosystem.

What is PoloniDEX?

PoloniDEX is a Tron based decentralized 
exchange which is evolved from a name alteration of TRXMarket, Tron DEX 
after it has been acquired by the popular cryptocurrency exchange, 

TRXMarket is found to be one of the most super representatives of TRON 
based decentralized exchange that is revolutionized to Poloni DEX. 

How to Register at PoloniDEX?

The following are the simple and easy steps to get registered in the Tron decentralized exchange (DEX), PoloniDEX.

1) After getting into the web page of PoloniDEX , click “SIGN IN” at the top right corner of the page.

2) At once, you have pressed the “SIGN IN” you
 may leave with one pop up showing a message to login using “TRONLINK”. 
If you are already having an account on TronLink, you can easily get 
access the exchange or else create your account and then you can able to

If you need to know more in detail about the TRONLINK wallet development, you can have a look over here! TRONLINK Wallet Development

TRONLINK is a TRON based crypto wallet 
that can be operated using Google Chrome extension whenever you are 
needed to participate in an exchange.

4) Then, after logging in the wallet 
using your secured password, you need to create one new wallet in order 
to store your new beginning of TRXs in this exchange!

5) Now, it is ready to use after the 
installation and configuration process gets done. You can access the 
PoloniDEX exchange now by pressing the “Exchange” icon on the wallet.

If you are the one seeking for a decentralized exchange development, then you can consider some of the following popular ones listed below:

  • DDEX

  • Counterparty DEX

  • Bibox

  • EtherDelta

  • AirSwap.io

  • Fcoin Exchange

  • Switcheo Network

  • EtherMium

  • CoinLim

  • Binance DEX

The Best TRON DEX Development Company

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs and 
business persons are searching to build their own cryptocurrency 
exchange platform with the unique features in it.

Among many of the cryptocurrency exchange software development companies,
 Pulsehyip is one of the best Cryptocurrency exchange software providers
 yield white label and ready-made cryptocurrency exchange software based 
on the customer’s business requirements.

If you are the one among them searching 
for TRON DEX Development Company, then you can get consult the experts 
of Pulsehyip to avail free demo! Also, you can customize and add-on in 
your own TRON DEX development according to your business demands and 

Best Smart Contract based MLM Clone Script - Pulsehyip

To startup your Multi-level marketing 
MLM business, smart contract based MLM software gives you hand to build 
on Ethereum blockchain. Get much more information before acquiring smart
 contract based MLM clone scripts and MLM clone app!

Best Smart Contract based MLM Clone Script

MLM website script is nothing but the effective full featured script. The smart contract based MLM
 script built with advanced integrated tools that guide buyers to 
generate high revenue in the multilevel marketing solution comprising 
both the authoritative front and back-end control panel.

The Ethereum integrated Crypto MLM software is most preferred due to the following reasons:

  • Highly secured data storage

  • Reliable and trustworthy

  • Decentralized with clear transparency

  • Risk free, unhackable, immutable smart contract          

  • Peer to Peer automated transactions etc

Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Clone Scripts

Herewith, the top Ethereum smart 
contract MLM Clone Scripts and also you can develop your own MLM clone 
app based on your business requirements.

TRON Smart Contract MLM Clone Scripts

Herewith, the top Tron smart contract MLM Clone Scripts and also you can develop your own MLM clone app based on your business requirements

Build DApp based HYIP Platform like TRXchain
If you are an entrepreneur seeking to build Dapp based Hyip platform,
 then TRXchain directs you with the best investment platform built on 
Tron smart contract. You can develop your own blockchain based Hyip 
platform utilizing Tron Dapp.

Once you have thought to build your own investment platform, then 
getting an expert’s advice as well as knowing in detail about the 
concept would be much helpful to deal further about the website 

To get you in detail about the DApp based Hyip like TRXchain and its 
features; you can stick here to gather all the necessary information 
before deciding to build your own Hyip platform. This may guide you to 
get a solution to all your questions and raised doubts about the 
TRXchain platform!

Trxchain.io (Tron Chain) is an investment financial system that is 
open to all and clear transparent based on Tron blockchain and smart 
contract. At this platform, you can yield 1% per day in your deposit 
until you earn 310% revenue. The platform requires minimum of 100Trx 
deposit in beginning that makes you eligible to capture 310% profit.  

The TRONCHAIN smart contract furnishes an independent and financial 
support to everyone, completely based on blockchain and smart contract 

The main feature of this TRXchain platform is that there is no 
intermediates and control over any third party access. It works entirely
 independent as well as in an automatic manner. In this TRXchain 
platform, anyone can register and participate in it. It is highly secure
 and can perform quick transaction even the administration don’t have 
access towards the funds in the smart contract.

It is designed by supporting multiple services along with DeFi, 
online gaming, Crypto debit card, Marketing and tech services that 
entirely support decentralized finance system.

Contact Details

Launch your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform like Binance, Localbitcoins, Paxful, Remitano

Any crypto entrepreneurs would like start your their own cryptocurrency 
exchange platform that too similar to one of the top exchanges. 

 Why is it so?

The main reason to choose their own exchange like some of the popular exchange is significantly due to it own advanced features and user friendliness to attract the users.

Due to this reason, the top cryptocurrency exchange clone business get arise in the crypto market industry. Many Software development companies started their own business developing a cryptocurrency exchange clone script that provides ready-made cryptocurrency exchange clone software, exactly working based on the famous crypto exchanges like Binance, LocalBitcoins, Paxful, Remitano!

In that way, Pulsehyip a leading cryptocurrency exchange software development company offers you all top crypto exchange clone scripts based on your business demands!

Some of the top cryptocurrency exchange clone script that you can have a look into the following before buying your own script!

You can get your free demo and free consultation from Pulsehyip experts!

CALL/WHATSAPP/SMS -----> +916384088485

MAIL ID -----> talktous@pulsehyip.com 

Smart Contracts Development
Pulsehyip is a top notch Smart contract development company that helps you in integrating smart contract for all the businesses types. This make all your business transactions easier and trustable. You can easily approach our developers regarding your queries to enable your business transactions with smart contracts.
How Localbitcoins Clone Script Works?
Once the server is successfully set up with the script, then it is all well-set to run the business.

The Steps to Sell Bitcoins

Step 1: First, register on the platform by filling the details on the profile.

Step 2: Once the account have been created, a wallet will be generated on the platform that works like an escrow on the platform. It maintains cryptocurrency balance considers selling amount of items and the fee in the wallet.      

Step 3: To perform selling, first need to post a Ad describing the sales details. Before posting an Ad, the platform cross-checks whether the person applying to sell have an enough balance to proceed the request.

Step 4: Once the sell request Ad is posted, a notification will be received to the buyers nearby to the seller or those who have shown interest to buy cryptocurrency from anywhere.

Step 5: Then the interested buyers after viewing the request can get in touch with the seller to buy the bitcoins either in direct or by way of online transaction.

Step 6: The seller has the option either to accept or reject the buyer request.

Step 7: After the payment is received by the seller from the buyer, there will be note mentioning that the transaction is complete and then the crypto coin is transferred to the buyer.

The Steps to Buy Bitcoins

Step 1: In order to buy a bitcoins, the buyer need to create a profile and then search for a suitable seller nearer to one’s own location, then rating, pricing, and expected payment options are also need to get mentioned.

Step 2: Once they found the seller based on one’s buying demands, then you can contact them by placing a buying request.

Step 3: Then, the seller will look the buyer's profile and make decision whether to accept or reject the buyer request.

Step 4: Based on the seller acceptance, next the payment made through the option both the buyer and the seller is comfort with by notifying that the payment was done along with the proof of payment.

Step 5: Once the seller received the payment from the buyer, the bitcoin is transferred from the seller's wallet to the buyer’s wallet.

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  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses