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A pierce through into blockchain mobile app development- Reasons to adopt this tech & its next-gen benefits for the tech world!
Blockchain is piercing through every industrial sector with various ideologies and implementation. Fintech, insurance, automobile, healthcare, AI, real estate, gaming, and the list goes on when it comes to developing the next-gen blockchain solutions. Mobile app development is in no way different from this huge list of blockchain adoption. The mobile app development sector is trying to leverage the blockchain infrastructure at the backend to enjoy the benefits of decentralization, enhanced cryptographic security, consensus governance, prevention of single-point failures, and much more.

In this blog post, let’s explore why 
blockchain mobile app development is a hype among technologists and the benefits of adopting blockchain for mobile applications!

Why is blockchain mobile app development at hype?- An investigation!

If you open the Google play store and search for a mobile app, you will find a list of similar applications on the same domain. This is evidence of the fact that mobile app development is much more competitive than any other sector. Millions or at least thousands of mobile apps pop every day. They are facing the utmost challenge of security breaches, round-the-clock maintenance, and other challenges to manage their business through the application efficiently. Hence, the mobile app development industry is at the urge to efficiently streamline the processes with the next-gen, appropriate technology solutions, and here comes the role of blockchain!

Now, let’s scrutinize why blockchain technology suits the best for mobile app development!

  • Decentralized Architecture:
Blockchain is a distributed ledger platform that records data transactions in a series with timestamps. The data transactions in the blockchain network are P2P, and hence there are no intermediaries between the entities involved in transactions. Every transaction in the blockchain network is validated and approved as per the consensus guidelines by resolving the mathematical puzzle. The data is distributed across the network peers, and hence the chances of single-point failures such as data breaches, physical damages, misuse of network members’ personal information are minimal or negligible.

Another advantage of decentralized infrastructure is the reliability of the application. The decentralized architecture helps mobile applications to operate round-the-clock without any downtime efficiently with a concurrent user base.
  • Cryptographic Shield:
Blockchain ledger encrypts every data transaction in the ledger by leveraging the cryptographic hashing algorithms. Every input data is converted into an alphanumeric string using SHA-256 bit hashing that can never be decoded. The data blocks are added with hash and pre-hash values by cryptographic hashing algorithms; hence all the data blocks are interlinked. This makes it impossible for hackers to pierce through the blockchain network, which would be a great advantage to mobile app developers.
  • Immutable Records:
The data transactions in the DLT are interlinked with pre-hash and hash values. Moreover, the blockchain ledger is designed with the “write-once and append next”(i.e., Immutable) feature. Hence, every data change or modification must be added as a new transaction in the blockchain ledger. This helps in the traceability of transactions or data modifications to a greater extent. In the case of mobile app development, the developers or network members can retrieve the desired version from the blockchain ledger whenever required.

Bang with benefits of blockchain mobile app development!

Blockchain is the best innovation since the inception of the internet, and it’s getting the hype in all the industries despite the processes or domain. The benefits showered upon the mobile app development sector on incorporating blockchain framework is enormous and it can set the maintenance team in leisure with advanced features. The mobile app developers are highly recommending the compatible cross-platform blockchain mobile app development to withstand the competitive market space.

If you are in the urge to heading up your competitive market space, do knock our doors to build your enterprise blockchain mobile application development!

How can Blockchain revive traditional app development?
Blockchain technology has gained enormous popularity in mobile app development. Many industries like banking, e-commerce, food, medical, transport, education, finance are implementing blockchain-based mobile apps to avail benefits such as data storage, data security, smart identity verification, transparency, product tracking, fast transactions. Innovative blockchain features can revolutionize mobile app development by changing the way we develop mobile apps. To understand the blockchain impacts in the mobile app development company, let’s take a look at the features of blockchain which helps in building reliable mobile apps.

Blockchain Overview:

Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger technology that collects and stores every information and shares it with trusted blockchain participants. Everyone in the loop can have a shared copy of the ledger and any changes made in part of the blockchain will be visible to all connected participants. Enhanced transparency facilitates error-free and efficient output. End to End encryption is used to secure data transactions, thus preventing data hacking, digital identity thefts, and other financial losses.

Blockchain impacts in Mobile app development:

  • A decentralized database enhances user experience:

In the traditional mobile app, the data transaction relies on the centralized server, which acts as the primary point to transmit or distribute the data to different places. In contrast with this, Blockchain is a decentralized database that stores data across various locations to ensure high security and transparency. No single entity control and every user has their own control over the data, thus could improve user experience. Data changes can be updated across all the nodes, which could avoid data hacking, data losses. Anyone in the blockchain network can have the right to view the transactions, this visibility could prevent fraudulent activities.
  • Enhanced Security Mechanisms:

Information is encrypted, verified, validated, stored by blockchain. Blockchain uses a smart consensus mechanism that is a maths puzzle to proceed with the data mining process. It makes the mobile app secured, prevents data breaches, and ensures the user’s data privacy immensely.

Also, there is a timestamp attached to every transaction, making data manipulation and data redefining impossible.

  • Blockchain brings more transparency:

As a distributed ledger, blockchain allows anyone on the network to view the data changes anytime from anywhere. This enhances transparency, made data changes impossible, reduces fraudulent activities, and is helpful to trace the mobile app navigation.

  • Blockchain ensures reliability:

Blockchain decentralized and distributed features allow data to spread across different locations. A shared copy of the ledger is present in every node that could make less chance for the system crashing and collapsing. All the data spread across different places and make it more reliable.

  • Easily accessible platforms:

There are four powerful blockchain platforms available to build a robust mobile app.

  1. Ethereum- Open-source platform readily available to build best apps.
  2. Hyperledger - It is an excellent platform for information shared within a small or large group.
  3. R3 Corda - For trading, e-commerce, it is best to use.
  4. Ripple- It can be useful to high transactions related to mobile apps development.


This is all about how blockchain will redefine mobile app development. Avail a lot of benefits, stay ahead of your competitors by implementing blockchain technology. Choose Blockchain Firm, the best blockchain mobile app development company to build your robust mobile apps hassle freely.

Is blockchain-based mobile application are fruitful?
In recent times blockchain is the most widely used technology. Initially, this technology was confined only to bitcoin but in the progression of time, it has proved its benefits and potential. 

This technology has potentially revamped many industries from healthcare, finance, legal industry, real estate, education, and so on. So now it is no wonder that it has stepped into the world of mobile applications.

The integration of blockchain technology with the 
mobile app development company has opened the doors of opportunity and many advantages for businesses and entrepreneurs. 

The progression of mobile applications:

According to the statistics, the mobile application economy is increasing to a great extent crossing 6.4 $ trillion by the end of 2021.

Blockchain technology is slowly revolutionizing the mobile application development domain. Due to its predicted technique and efficiency, it fulfills various requirements of mobile applications. This technology also aids issues like data theft and manipulation. 

Here are some factors that revolutionize mobile app development. 

  • Providing A Secure Environment

Integrating blockchain in mobile applications allows the users to track the transaction activities and other functions to make them highly secure and convenient. 

Using blockchain users can timely get access to all the updates such as logs, application code, and entity as every transaction is recorded in the ledger.

Additionally, blockchain-based mobile application development easily considers the categorization and storage under a verified medium.

  • Multiple user Access

Blockchain technology has the ability to excel in security and provide multipoint access for the users. This technology provides encryption that cannot be tampered with.  The data can be access only with permission that is passed by the client administrator. 

With this level of security, the mobile application is difficult to hack and sensitive information is not leaked. This becomes the prime reason for which blockchain is widely deployed for app development

  • Return On Investment

Blockchain technology is undoubtedly profitable and it also brings a maximum return on investment. For the deployment of blockchain, it does not require large investments when compared to the traditional methods for cloud platforms. Blockchain is capable of limiting the integration for the successful mobile application development process in hand.

  • Smart Contracts

The word smart contract is often misunderstood with invoking the idea of digitized contract acting on one's behalf.  However, the nature of the smart contracts is to appear on the legal segments under blockchain technology.

It is a predefined set of codes that acts as a delegate of the third-party app developers. It can automate the solutions along with undertaking responsibilities by executing the codes.

Final verdict 

In the future, blockchain technology will transform the mobile application that will become as a secure application in all the sector. If you are interested in integrating blockchain into your mobile application then approach the besṭ blockchain mobile app development company that builds a secure and reliable platform.

All you need to know about ICO Dashboard Scripts.
In recent years, Cryptocurrencies have opened a new pavement for investors. People are showing interest to invest in cryptocurrencies. Some professional investors also show interest in investing in initial coin offerings of a cryptocurrency.

Initial coin offering is a form of fundraising from the general audience by offering them a virtual coin in exchange for money. 

This is similar to the initial public offering of a company in the stock market. The main difference is that in ICO you sell digital coins whereas in IPO you sell shares of the company in exchange for money. 

So if you want to start an ICO the first and foremost thing you need to do is to develop a robust ICO platform. This platform offers a secured token sales for users. 

To overcome challenges you need to get hands-on with the superior 
ICO dashboard scripts which are also customizable and should allow users to perform secure transactions. 

ICO dashboard scripts 

ICO dashboard script is a customized script that comes with all existing features of the ICO dashboard. Simply put, a ready-made script that allows you to launch a stunning and intuitive ICO dashboard in no time. 

This dashboard script supports all kinds of ICO tokens where users can perform secure token sales. By using this ready-made ICO dashboard script, you can customize the dashboard as per your need. 

ICO Dashboard

The ICO dashboard is a platform that simply helps you to launch your own ICO website. You can integrate all the features of your taste and customize your own platform which will take up your business to the next level.

It is a complete package designed to fulfill all your business requirements. Some intriguing features such as notification facility, creation of the wallet, and more. 

For any ICO there are two different dashboards that need to be in place. 

ICO Admin Dashboard

The ICO admin dashboard should offer a complete overview of all the activity and also have total control over all the information about the investor.
  1. The administrator login panel should be governed by two-factor authentication. There should be no possibility for hacking or any other manipulation to steal administrator credentials.
  2. The administrator should have the power to control the contents that are displayed on the dashboard.
  3. The administrator should have the ability to perform marketing activities like airdrops and bounty programs.
  4. The administrator should be able to provide customer support 24/7.

ICO Investor Dashboard 

Investors are the one who keeps the ICO alive. The investor dashboard needs to have few features that make sure the experience is easy and flawless. 

  1. The dashboard should support multiple currencies because the wider the range of currencies accepted the greater the participation will be. If multiple currencies are accepted then there is a good chance that the ICO can raise funds globally. 
  2. The dashboard should support multiple languages. Since the ICO bring multiple users from the different geographical location so it is necessary that the dashboard should support multiple languages. 
  3. When it comes to security the dashboard should provide an extra layer of security. By using OTP or any other two-layer authentication will help in securing access to the dashboard. 

Key Takeaway 

If you want to launch an ICO Dashboard then approach the best ICO dashboard development company. I would recommend Blockchain Firm as they excel in offering various types of STO & ICO dashboard scripts that meet your expectations.
5 Easy steps to launch your great Blockchain Mobile apps
In the digital era, smartphones have become an indispensable part of daily life. With the growing number of smartphone users, highly increases mobile app demands. In this, Blockchain mobile apps are becoming popular due to their high security, efficiency, transparency features. It implies that every enterprise needs to access blockchain mobile app development services to Improve business. 

In this blog, we reveal how to launch your blockchain mobile apps on the hassle-freeway!

Blockchain Mobile applications:

Mobile applications are simpler and smarter versions of web applications that are used to avail great services at ease of convenience. Blockchain Mobile apps can be developed into two different platforms.

  • Blockchain Android app development:
We build the best blockchain android app based on requirements to improve your business reach and help your customers easily avail all your services conveniently with more security.

  • Blockchain iOS app development:
We considered all the apple play store norms and developed the blockchain iOS app to target your business into apple users. We included elegant features and blockchain security features to make your app reliable, robust, efficient.

Simple steps involved in launching a Blockchain mobile application

  • Strategy and planning:
Develop a better strategy to drive your blockchain mobile app launching mission. It needs a better understanding of the business ideas, marketing trends, competitors analysis, business potential, target audiences, and audiences’ expectations.

  • Requirement analysis:
Based on the business ideas, gather all the requirements needed to implement the project. It can vary from project to project. In the part of the requirement section, find out the peoples required to work on the project. For blockchain iOS and android app, it is necessary to hire a blockchain expert developer. After analyzing the requirements, Build a roadmap to view the trajectory, prioritize the needs, and categorize them into delivery milestones. 

  • Choosing blockchain platform:
To implement secured blockchain mobile apps, choose any one blockchain platform public, a private, consortium based on your business requirements. It will decide your users who are going to access the mobile app. 

  • UI/UX design:
User Interface designing is essential to deliver a seamless and effortless user experience in the mobile app. A perfect UX/UI design will make your app more intuitive, user-friendly, interactive. Based on your business requirement, create the information architecture and wireframe to outline your mobile app navigating pages. Fix your style guides with your design, color, font to make your plan colorful and attractive. Finally, to simulate user experience with the mobile app, use prototyping tools Invision or Figma. 

  • App Development:
The actual mobile app development process starts here. Developers will develop the blockchain mobile apps from scratch, or they can update the existing mobile apps by utilizing the blockchain platform to deliver a perfect secured mobile app.

  • Testing:
To ensure your mobile app is stable, safe, usable, and secure, Q/A testing is needed. Prepare the test cases and figure out any lags, errors in mobile app development.

Inform the bugs to the developer and fix them quickly.

  • Deployment & Support:
Once you have got the blockchain mobile app with effective features such as more security, streamlining, transparent, decentralized, distributed, global connectivity, easy traceability, launch it into the iOS or Android platform you want.


This is all about the mobile app development process. Now, you have got an idea about launching a blockchain mobile app. Choose the Blockchain Firm, the best blockchain mobile app development company that will make this process easy, simple, hassle-free, build your reliable mobile app, stay ahead in the market.
Tips To Develop A Blockchain-Powered Mobile Application!
  • Distributed Data:
A database distributed among a network of computers is more readily available. In the case of network failure, this DB functions better than an application that stores data in a centralized server.

  • Secure and Safe:
A mobile application having Blockchain technology in the backend is safer than other apps since it uses cryptographic principles to encrypt data.

  • Reduced Data Loss:
Blockchain is a Distributed Ledger Technology. So, any authentic updates or changes in the database get distributed to all other databases in the network; thus, data loss is minimized.

Developing a blockchain mobile Application

  • Understand the Business Idea:
Before developing an app, the blockchain developer should understand the business idea thoroughly for which the app is being created. So, the development team should plan a perfect strategy. This strategy should comprise the goals, reasons, and purpose of creating the app. The team should also choose different front-end, back-end, and deployment platforms accordingly.

  • Simple Interface:
Do not ignore the user’s experience during the development process. Because that may lead to a lot of the changes in the app later when you want to enhance the app's look and feel. The developer has to make sure that the programming language used in the front-end is compatible with the integrated blockchain platform. This is done to create an aesthetic design for user interaction.

  • Type of Blockchain:
The developer needs to choose from private, public, or consortium blockchains based on the requirements of the app. Mining is not required in a private blockchain. A public blockchain permits anyone to become a member of the network and access the transaction history.

  • The Right Blockchain Protocol:
When issues arise in a blockchain mobile app, the development team's ability to resolve these problems is limited by the chosen protocol. A developer may choose from Ethereum, Hyperledger, Quorum, Corda, or develop a new protocol from scratch.

  • Proof-of-Concept:
Developing a blockchain application takes a lot of effort, time, and investments as well. Therefore, it is essential to create a proof-of-concept. It helps to test the business outcome quickly and cost-effectively in a hassle-free manner.

  • Design Architecture:
Blockchain developers must take a deeper dive into the design architecture to avoid blunt mistakes. Every single aspect, including the processors, size, memory, and operational systems, must be considered while developing the app.

  • Consensus Mechanism:
blockchain mobile app development requires a consensus mechanism. Only then can we expect it to function correctly post its launch. Without a proper consensus mechanism, a lot of problems can arise in the app, which might be difficult to solve after its launch.
Blockchain revolution on mobile app development
In the current market scenario, many startups and even established companies are facing difficulties in integrating new technology.

So to be ahead of the competition, mobile app experts are being hired by industries that are interested to explore the massive growth of the blockchain realm.

Blockchain is the decentralized technology that underpins digital currency, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and so on. This gives the authorization to distribute digital information. This means the individual information can have one owner only.

Blockchain helps you to keep the record in an immutable and transparent manner which ensures there is no data tampering.

To understand how blockchain is disrupting mobile app development, let’s take a look at how it is benefitting 
blockchain mobile app development.

High Data Security:

The main concern for mobile app developers and users is security. Blockchain tops the list when it comes to offering security-wise implementations.

If mobile apps are empowered with Blockchain, it increases data privacy which makes the app to be more secure. The encryption technique of blockchain is considered impassable. This is mainly because all the data is encoded and saved with a cryptographic hash function.

Brings Transparency:

Blockchain technology records all the transactions in the ledger which allows anyone to track them. It brings transparency that reduces the risk of any fraudulent transaction.

The entire system is thus tamper-proof. Also, as the solution is scalable, if you are developing mobile apps using blockchain, you can quickly scale in numbers of end-users


 It is clear now blockchain technology is constantly evolving and will address mobile application-related issues that help the developers to improve their customers.  As mobile transactions gain more momentum in the coming years, blockchain-based apps will continue to grow in popularity.

A Quick Guide to Promote your ICO Effectively
What is an ICO?

Initial Coin Offering refers to the process of raising funds for a crypto-based project. The process primarily involves selling a part of digital assets to early investors in exchange for any legal tender or Bitcoin.

Why do we Need to Market an ICO?

ICOs were successful until 2018. Despite this success, a report states that there have been many unsuccessful ICOs. To be precise, only 48% of the ICOs managed to reach their soft cap. For a crypto project to be successful, an effective ICO marketing strategy is all that’s needed. Only then, you can promote the ICO and enable it to reach the target market.

Be the Best to Beat the Competition

Whatever marketing strategy you select to promote your ICO, you will find yourself in stiff competition. Therefore, you should be the best to win the game. You can also connect with a marketing agency to employ its 
ICO development services.

Your Target Audience:

Although cryptocurrencies are in rising popularity, it doesn’t state that your ICO should be marketed to the masses. “In doing so, you will be spending a lot of resources and time without achieving successful conversions.” To stay on the right path, make sure you understand your target group and put in your efforts to keep that specific group engaged. Splitting your audience group helps you in deciding the perfect campaign for each group.

Hire an ICO advisor:

An experienced ICO advisor is the right person to help you promote your ICO. Therefore, you should hire an ICO expert to assist you with the project. ICO advisors possess in-depth knowledge of the marketing structure. They understand the Dos and Don’ts in the crypto market. So, it is easy for them to analyze which marketing strategy will work for your project and which will not.

Transparent Nature:

The most crucial factor to make your ICO successful is transparency. Transparent nature builds trust and creates confidence in the buyers. This increases the capital collected during the first offering. To create confidence among investors, give information about all the team players who worked on your project. Also, you should provide the financial reports of the project. Make sure you have a responsive team on all online platforms to respond to the questions & concerns of potential investors.

Convey your Story:

People always like to hear stories. Investors will likely associate with ICOs whose vision and mission are clear and attractive. If you have an engaging story to tell about your project, then the chances of turning your potential customers into supporters are incredibly high. This also paves the way for the success of your ICO.

Stick to the Guidelines:

ICO is evolving, yet it is a budding venture, and so abiding by the laws is a very critical issue. There is a need for all ICOs to be compliant for potential buyers to think of investing in them. To be a champion in this field, make sure your ICO follows all the SEC guidelines and other regional regulations. This will surely make your ICO strategy successful


To make your ICO successful, you need to blend perfect marketing strategies. Building a working strategy requires time and in-depth analysis. A bit of little advice here, “take your time to study what works best, and on top of it, ensure your ICO is trustworthy and compliant”
ICO development company and their must-know services
ICO Development:

ICO launch is in fact lucrative. What most people are not aware of is that the purpose of the ICO token plays a major part in its success. Besides these, your tokens should be flawless and listed on the top exchanges. These relatively increase the chances of the ICO being a chartbuster.

Know these before you approach an ICO development company

  1. What is the main aim of your token launch? 

  2. What solutions is your token going to deliver?

  3. How big is your customer base? 

  4. Which exchanges are you going to launch your token on?

These are the core matters to consider before you approach an ICO development company. No matter what expertise they have, the project will be a success only when both of you are on the same page. 

What should pre-ICO launch services include?

  • PR and ICO marketing:
PR includes crucial information primarily aimed at top-tier people. This may not necessarily be a conversion tool or strategy but definitely, a way to establish the brand. 

  • White Paper:
An elaborate way to convey how, when, what, why, and almost everything about your token creation in a formal way. This will act as a tool to influence potential investors. 

  • Prospectus:
While the white paper is elaborate, technical, and formal, a prospectus is on the other side of the spectrum. It acts as a selling tool. 

  • Minimum Viable Product:
Without an MVP it is not easy to convince any investor to buy the product. Any investor would want to see how their money is being used and it is a fair point.

The verdict:

The services are not limited to just the ones that are mentioned here. The number or the types of services completely depend on the ICO development company.  If you are looking for the right ICO development company, keep watching this space for more information. 

Impacts of Blockchain on Mobile App Development
Blockchain-based mobile application development is moving at a faster pace that allows for the sort of exploration that few technologies can touch.
  • Clear-Cut Development:
Simplicity is one of the top traits of blockchain technology. With this ledger technology, the development process becomes straightforward and easy to handle for everyone involved. Blockchain developers are the happiest people when all of the information that is being used is completely secure. The development process also becomes speedy. This is an extra benefit to the developers and the clients since they can turn around projects more quickly without any delays.

  • Hefty Possibilities:
Blockchain offers endless possibilities for mobile app development companies. The world of blockchain-based apps is in a steady state of evolution, and there are no signs of letting up. This paves the way for rewarding opportunities for those who remain up to date with current trends. To find the best possible version of any mobile app, mobile app developers must identify the best forms of blockchain.

  • Higher Security:
Blockchain is used in a wide range of business contexts because of its ability to protect information. An average app user is always concerned about the theft of private information. Blockchain technology offers a dynamic alternative that is not always considered by usual developers. This technology is complicated for hackers to compromise. If any bugs or errors pop up during the testing process, it is easier to address the concerns with Blockchain.

  • Encryption:
Encryption is a more specific form of security that ensures a higher level of protection. Blockchain technology safeguards all the information from potential threats. Many companies fail to protect certain information of the users, and this is due to third-party interference. Blockchain waives off the so-called middlemen from involving in any process. A specific data group is generated that makes it very challenging for hackers to access the app and steal information.
  • Availability of Data:
Blockchain-based applications depend on a considerable network of computers that creates more data availability and provides much more natural ways to manage the data. Blockchain also allows for a higher level of control over the information and more straightforward data processing techniques.

How Pre- Sale ICO launching differs from ICO?
In recent days, crowdfunding is becoming more popular. The most prominent crowdfunding strategy is the Initial coin offering (ICO), which offers crypto tokens in exchange for capital to raise funds. To launch a successful ICO, you need to partner with an ICO development company to execute ICO launching processes. There have been many confusions on Pre ICO, ICO’s.

In this blog, get to know about ICO, Pre ICO’s, and how pre-ICO and ICO differ in fundraising

Overview of ICO

ICO and IPO are similar in raising capital funds but quite different from while it gives the investor crypto tokens/coins in return for investments. In the future, cryptocurrencies, blockchain might be the next boundary in the finance industry.

ICO process:

When the company decided to launch ICO for fundraising, thorough research and evaluations are needed. Next, it should be White paper creation that outlines the venture details. Once the whitepaper is developed, the ICO Website designing, token evaluation & development, smart contracts development, PR & marketing occur. 

Fundraising will be conducted in 3 stages,

Pre ICO:

     ICO pre-sale is also known as Pre ICO, a token sale event that occurs before crowdfunding. The tokens/coins are offered in returns for investments to limited private investors.

Ongoing ICO:   

 Once the pre-sale is completed, the crowd sale will take place. The tokens /coins are distributed to the public for their returns in investment.

Post ICO:

The post-ICO is the final part of conducting an ICO Campaign. The main objective is to deliver value and the final product to the customers.

How does Pre ICO sale work?

In pre-sale,  the tokens/coins are distributed to a small number of investors at smaller prices with a substantial bonus. It allows investors to receive tokens/coins at discount prices. In the initial stage, the token value is lower and rises after its demand increases. The primary motive in performing Pre ICO is gaining investors’ attention and consideration. Separate smart contracts are used for Pre ICO and ICO to avoid distinguishing funds obtained from ICO and Pre ICO offering. 

Difference between pre-ICO and ICO

The significant difference between ICO and pre ICO are given below.

Limited Investors:

    In Pre ICO, tokens are limited to a small number of private investors as compared to Crowdfunding.  

Token supply:

     Tokens are offered at discount prices to limited private investors. A limited amount of tokens can be purchased with the returns of investments.

Pre ICO fundraising:

    The funds collected during Pre ICO period will be helpful to launch the crowdfunding sale.

Tokens at discount prices:

The tokens are distributed to investors at discount prices. The discounts and bonuses depend upon how early into the round they invest and the investment amount. 

Pre ICO Advantages

  1. Pre ICO sale offers possible concession on tokens to investors.
  2. A token sale is assured, as some ICO might cancel the crowdsale.
  3. Possibility of acquiring more tokens as compared with ICO since presale is limited to greater financial specialists.
  4. Possibility of quick returns on investments if ICO coins are purchased at the concession and sold immediately when exchanging starts.


This is all about Pre ICO and its advantages. If you have any idea in ICO creation, consult a Blockchain Firm to implement successful ICO’s smartly to raise your business funds.

How is an IEO different from an ICO?
  • Trust:
    ICOs have earned a bad reputation in the last decade owing to a sheer lack of trust and reliability post-investment. Fraudulent entities abscond after clients invest in ICOs lead to the development of the project.

    IEOs ensure reliability in an investor, as the project goes live after validated by exchange platforms. It drives investors to trust the tokens launched by the IEO. As tokens are available in the exchange, investors invest in the project via token purchases.

  • Fundraising Strategy:

    Every ICO must possess a clearly defined strategy for raising its funds/investments. Investments can be made in any form, as the investors possess complete freedom in investing so.

    In an IEO, investments are generated in a hassle-free manner, eliminating the need for admin and investors dashboards to perform the fundraising processes. Crypto exchange runs fundraising campaigns for the companies that seek to raise funds.

  • Smart Contracts Regulation:

    ICOs are predominantly controlled and regulated by the company owners and officials. Thus, even in the initial stages, investments are only driven based on the project’s human resources’ effort.

    IEO projects are hosted on exchange platforms. Meaning, the exchange takes ownership to build and deploy smart contracts with integrated regulations and management protocols. Companies are relieved of the responsibilities, and smart contracts for token sales automate them.

  • KYC/AML Checks:

    ICOs did not enable your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) in the ICO initiatives. Thus, the lack of security measures to prevent fraudulent behavior led investors to not invest in ICOs.

    In IEOs, however, both KYC and AML are mandatory as the exchange platform by itself reinforces them. It is liable for exchange platforms to conduct strict KYC/AML verification and collect every detail about the participants. Because the exchange performs AML/KYC procedures, companies can focus on other crucial activities, and investors don't have to worry about security.

Now that we know how IEOs have upgraded from ICOs take a gander at how Blockchain Firm has to offer to their client as an IEO Development Company.

  1. Token Creation/Development: Our token development team can build tokens on various blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, EOS, or Stellar, to cater to our client's needs.

  2. Exchange Listing:  Partnering with only the best crypto exchanges globally, we assist clients with their IEO project listings to promote cross-border investments.

  3. White Paper Creation:  A whitepaper is an indispensable document that gives a comprehensive overview of investors’ projects. Our team brings extensive whitepaper development skills & services to the table to illustrate every project aspect.

  4. Investor's Peek:  We build clear & concise presentations that hold complete and straightforward details of your IEO project. Investors gain a quick yet clear insight into the project idea and feasibility.


An IEO Development Company ensures all the features mentioned above are instilled within the fundraising project before the IEO token is enlisted in an exchange. Visit Blockchain Firm here to propel your IEO project to its success in no time.

Essential factors to consider before choosing the ICO development company
Nowadays, Crypto fundraising is booming. Initial coin offering (ICO), a crowdfunding strategy used to raise funds for the business. Even small companies also launch their own ICO to kick start their business.

In ICO implementation, companies raise capital funds by creating coins/tokens and distribute a number of coins/tokens to investors for capital investment. It differs from IPO by way of providing coins/tokens instead of stocks. ICO’s can be the ideal way of funding tokens or cryptocurrency in the crypto ecosystem. But, there are failed ICO projects that stay in the market due to a lack of regulations. To launch a successful ICO project, you should choose the best 
ICO development company.

In this blog, get to know the factors needed to consider while accessing ICO services from the company.

Factors to consider when choosing the ICO development company

We have listed the essential factors to consider for choosing the best company for accessing ICO services.

Check Background history of the company:

As you know, initial coin offering deals with vast amounts of money, probably more dollars, so selecting experienced professional companies with a reputed system with a relevant history of successful token launches is a fantastic idea. Check out the client's details and portfolios of their previous projects for launching flawless ICO projects.

Marketing strategy:

Marketing or advertising ICO projects is necessary to reach investors and gets funding. If your marketing strategy is right, you can earn a pool of crypto enthusiast investors. Check out the company's marketing strategies that help tackle competition in the crypto space and make your token sale advertisement reach a massive audience.

Country Legalities: 

The company should be aware of legal laws related to ICO projects followed in the country. US is the forefront country strictly followed regulations in accessing ICO development services. Some countries have no regular legalities to followed for the ICO development services. So, check out the laws regulated by the country's government for ICOs.

Adoption of technology:

To implement ICO projects, the company should adopt advanced blockchain technology. Check out the professional developers who worked in the company who have excellent experience in blockchain. Also, check the technologies and frameworks to build ICO websites & ICO Dashboard.

Check the proficiency of developers:

It is worth checking whether the developer in the company has expertise in blockchain and ICO development, How the teams have experience in ICO whitepaper creation. They should have complete knowledge of technology solutions, market trends, and other essential features. so, choose the right team of developers to make the right ICO.

Check the customer service:

Check out whether the company provides highly efficient services to improve your success in the business. It should be available 24/7 to provide adequate technical and customer service to help customers anytime, anywhere.


This is all about ICO development companies’ qualities needed. Now, you have learned how to choose an ICO development company for your successful ICO.
Introducing Intuitive ICO Dashboard Scripts from Blockchain Firm
ICOs have grown to become the new-age process of fundraising. Although ICOs offer global opportunities, easy accessibility, and fast-paced investments, they become quite tedious to keep track of. Thus organizations launching ICOs are in dire need of ICO Dashboard Scripts, each designed for a different purpose. This article lets us understand the variety of dashboard scripts available at the Blockchain Firm you can purchase and integrate into your ICO.

Types of Dashboard Scripts available at Blockchain Firm:

Blockchain Firm offers two types of dashboards,

  1. Investor Dashboard:
An Investor Dashboard is tailor-made for investors to gain a comprehensive overview of the ICO’s status. Investor dashboards allow instant token purchases, a clear asset portfolio, access to tokenomics charts, and easy integration of cards/bank accounts.  

These features are built-in to offer the most informative experience for the ICO investor. Reports on exchange rates, airdrop programs, and community building aid in the ICO’s investment opportunities. Investors can also access news and update feeds to stay up-to-date about the ICO’s affairs.

  1. Admin Dashboard

While Investor Dashboard retains the most valuable features and functions in an ICO Dashboard, an Admin Dashboard possesses all of them. They are specifically designed for the overall management of the launched ICO. Admin users can access features such as funding plans, permission management, logging/monitoring, community forums, KYC processes, and timeline management.

The Admin Dashboard allows its user to customize and personalize their ICO operations completely. They offer insight into the working and management of any/all ICO dashboard modules provided to all members. 

Benefits of Blockchain Firm ICO Dashboard Scripts:

  • Easy and Simple Integration: 
  • To integrate into your ICO for immediate deployment.
  • Packed with Features: 
  • A wide assortment of features built to aid your ICO Management.
  • In-built Plugins: 
  • Expert developers compiled the best plugins and APIs, so you don’t have to. 
  • Optimized Source-Code: 
  • The simplicity of code for performance enhancement to avoid programming complexities.
  • Intuitive User Interface: 
  • Creative layout to improve accessibility and user experience.
  • Elegant Design: 
  • Best in the market design set up to offer an eye-catching dashboard.
  • Multi-language Support: 
  • Offers a variety of different Dashboard languages for global support.
  • 24/7 Customer Care: 
  • Constant online support for customer queries and dashboard maintenance.

To End

Blockchain Firm is a pioneer in blockchain innovations, offering multi-faceted blockchain solutions. With over multiple years of experience in the ICO Launch Services domains, they have worked with tech giants to build exceptional ICOs to support their fundraising initiatives. Thus their experience translates to developing ICO Dashboards of superior security and cutting edge accessibility. Purchase your ICO Dashboard Scripts here!
BlockchainFirm - The Best IEO Development Company
IEO Launch Services have taken crowdfunding and fundraising initiatives by storm. Investors deem IEOs superior to ICOs as an established Crypto Exchange Platform backs them. An IEO’s chances of success improve when an exchange platform hosts them. In this article, let us take a closer look at BlockchainFirm, one of the best IEO Development Companies in the crypto market.

BlockchainFirm IEO Development:

BlockchainFirm offers IEO Development services for businesses and organizations at any stage of their completion. They offer personalization of the IEO Launch Services based on the requirements put forth by the company. They streamline the IEO Launch for any provision via their structured waterfall methodology.

Stages in IEO Launch Services:

White Paper:

The stepping stone for any IEO is the drafting of an informative and convincing White Paper. BlockchainFirm offers superior refinement and clarity in whitepaper development to drive investments into new blockchain innovations and projects.

Token Development:

Token development is the cornerstone of IEO launching as tokens are essential to establish a system of metrics and link utilities to them. Token development covers various aspects such as token functionality, purpose, and the number of tokens to be created. Blockchain Firm ensures the IEO’s success via expert token development services.

IEO Launch Marketing:

IEO Launch Marketing consists of the initial marketing activities that aid the IEO/ Token launch & the higher launch sales. Blockchain Firm offers effective real-time marketing strategies to guarantee maximum initial launch sales. IEO Launch Marketing services hosted by  Blockchain Firm include market analysis, social media coverage, bounty programs, and more.

IEO Post Launch Marketing:

IEO Post Launch Marketing is the term used to describe the IEO’s marketing activities after launch. They inform the credibility of the project and that the token launch has come to an end. Post-IEO Marketing increases the demand for the coin. Blockchain Firm offers the best post-launch marketing for IEOs via social media promotion, active forum engagement, and airdrops. 

Urge and Demand Creation:

Blockchain Firm guarantees the creation of a market for the IEO project and its respective token. The demand is created by listing the token in an exchange platform to transform it into a coin. Once a token acquires coin status, its utility is realized, and thus, demand is raised.

Blockchain Firm is a pioneer in the blockchain industry. Their teams of blockchain experts offer the most versatile and reliable IEO launch services. Their services are top-notch and provide end-to-end solutions/support from project ideation to its success as a recognized brand.
Best Organizations that offer IEO Development Services
IEO development services have seen a massive rise in recent years. They are considered a more secure method of crypto crowdfunding owing to their association with an Exchange platform. Further, IEOs possess better success rates in raising the determined capital in fundraising. Having mentioned the benefits of opting for an IEO over an ICO, here are some the best IEO hosting Exchange platform that offers the most reliable IEO Development Services.

Best Exchange Platforms that offer IEO Development Services:


Binance is the most popular exchange platform to exist in the world. They offer the best exchange services to their customer ranging from trading, storage, coin swap, market analysis, and so on. For fundraising purposes, Binance hosts an IEO Launchpad that allows startups to raise capital investment for their projects. They offer advisory services for IEO Development Users undergo a mandatory verification to confirm a user’s jurisdiction and use specific coins such as BNB to participate.


BlockchianFirm is one of the leading pioneers in the blockchain realm. They offer multi-dimensional blockchain solutions and services. Their IEO development services are considered one of the best owing to their personalized approach to IEO development and hosting. Their team of blockchain experts has launched multiple ICOs dashboards that have been key to the grand success of ICOs.


KuCoin is deemed as one of the most feasible platform to host an IEO on. KuCoin Spotlight offers one of the best exposure to investors. Their first launch with MultiVac, a blockchain scalability solution that promotes sharding technology was a grand success. The MultiVac IEO was sold out on the KuCoin Spotlight platform in about 7 seconds, making it one of the shortest IEO launch ever.


Crypterius is widely known for its motto, “You’ve got the tech. We’ll do the rest”.

They offer unique solutions that range from white paper drafting to performing legal reviews. They also offer community-building solutions to aspiring IEOs. The group is one of the early entrants in the IEO launching market with over a dozen high-profile project successes. Their portfolio includes SONM, Datarius, and TravelChain. Crypterius comes with strong technical expertise in everything crypto. Their services are offered in English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Japanese, and Russian.


IEO Development Services require a niche in blockchain technology and market understanding. With its core focus set on crowdfunding using cryptocurrencies and tokens, only organizations and teams with the most sound expertise in marketing can ensure an IEOs success. The above-mentioned organizations are well versed in achieving their client’s IEO goals.

A Beginner’s Guide to Initial Exchange Offerings
What is an IEO?

An Initial Exchange Offering is similar to that of an Initial Coin Offering, with a slight variation. An IEO is a crowdfunding initiative hosted by an exchange platform, that allows investors to purchase the new cryptocurrency launched by an organization to fund their project. The sale of the cryptocurrency is exclusive to the exchange and its registered members.

In simple terms, ICOs are open for public investments, while IEOs are exclusive to the exchange that hosts them.

Primary reasons why an IEO is better than an ICO:


ICOs are deemed risky and unreliable owing to the lack of regulation and governance over them. ICO investors are prone to the risk of owners participating in malicious activities or leaving investors exposed to other risks post-investment.

IEOs are often regulated and are authentic in their operations. As IEOs are identifiable and offer guarantees, they offer reliability and trust to the investors. Unlike ICOs, IEOs offer investors the ability to acquire other crypto assets on their platforms apart from the new cryptocurrency that is launched.

Guaranteed Token Sale:

ICOs often fail as they don’t achieve the required soft/hard cap. Such a failure is primarily due to the lack of token sales. Although other factors such as lack of exposure, poor marketing, and utility exist, they ultimately contribute to lesser sales than expected.

Exchanges ensure that the established soft cap or hard cap is achieved when an IEO is launched. IEOs are more likely to succeed as they are hosted in a platform that promotes coin/token sales. Investors anticipate and estimate the future value of the coin/token and purchase them immediately. IEOs gain massive exposure to crypto traders, who engage in coin purchases every day.


IEOs are basically ICOs with added layers of protection and a guaranteed metric for the token sale. These translate to the success of crowdfunding to begin the development of the project. IEOs are considered effective as they are hosted by exchange platforms that support the trade of cryptocurrencies directly. Approach the best IEO development company to kick start your blockchain venture.

How to launch an ICO - A Beginner's Guide to ICO Launch
If an entrepreneur comes up with a brilliant blockchain idea, the first thing that comes to mind is this question. How to launch an ICO for this idea? The simple question bears a rather complicated answer. So in this article, we have put together a beginner’s guide to ICO Launch.

Personal or Supported?

ICOs can be launched with the right teams and a clear plan. ICO Launches can be categorized into two. Personal Ventures and Supported Ventures. A personal venture requires the owner of the idea to perform all the ICO launching activities by themselves.

If one finds the above-mentioned processes and steps tedious, they can approach any ICO Development Company to support the realization of their idea. ICO Development Companies does the heavy lifting for you, at a reasonable price.

What do ICO Development Companies Offer?

They offer reliable ICO Development Services that contribute to the successful launch of an ICO. These services include the following:

Whitepaper Documentation:

The first step in the launch of an ICO is documenting the Idea behind the ICO into a whitepaper. A whitepaper is an official document that cites the purpose, vision, and mission of the ICO. This whitepaper will be drafted by the company on behalf of the owner.

Creation of Website/ Landing Page:

Every ICO must own a website with a landing page that is interactive and robust. These websites must offer clear information and attract customers to sign up and invest in the ICO.

ICO Marketing:

ICO Marketing is a mandatory process in order to gain visibility and spread awareness about the ICO to be launched. ICO Marketing includes promotion, bounty programs, airdrops, and advertisements. ICO marketing will be performed prior to and after the ICO Launch.

Bring Investors:

Without investors to invest in the ICO, the idea behind the ICO will never come to fruition. Investors of different levels of stature and influence are necessary to reach the established soft/hard cap. All the above-mentioned activities and services fall under 

Hosting Multiple Sale Rounds:

Once the ICO has been launched, multiple rounds of sale of the product, service, or coin are performed to bring in private and public investments. Sale rounds are typically categorized into Pre-Sale Round and General Sale Rounds.

Fundraising (Soft/Hard Cap):

Fundraising is done to raise enough capital to support the development of the ICO’s idea. Typically, a Soft Cap and Hard Cap is defined. Soft Cap is the minimum amount required to begin the development, wherein the Hard Cap is the recommended amount required to ensure excellent quality of development.

Design and Development of the Idea:

Once the required capital is raised, the design and development of the Idea are begun. While designing relates to the (frontend) look and feel of the product, development relates to the (backend) functionality of the product.


There also exist multiple platforms that host the public launch of an ICO. Now companies also offer ICO Launch Platform Development services to businesses that seek to host ICO Launches. With the growing need for support and launch of ICO, organizations have expanded their horizons on the kind of services they offer based on customer demands.
ICO Development Company
Implement an end-to-end solution from the best ICO development company that helps startup to elevate their capital for their business based on Blockchain. 


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    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses