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Introducing Intuitive ICO Dashboard Scripts from Blockchain Firm
ICOs have grown to become the new-age process of fundraising. Although ICOs offer global opportunities, easy accessibility, and fast-paced investments, they become quite tedious to keep track of. Thus organizations launching ICOs are in dire need of ICO Dashboard Scripts, each designed for a different purpose. This article lets us understand the variety of dashboard scripts available at the Blockchain Firm you can purchase and integrate into your ICO.

Types of Dashboard Scripts available at Blockchain Firm:

Blockchain Firm offers two types of dashboards,

  1. Investor Dashboard:
An Investor Dashboard is tailor-made for investors to gain a comprehensive overview of the ICO’s status. Investor dashboards allow instant token purchases, a clear asset portfolio, access to tokenomics charts, and easy integration of cards/bank accounts.  

These features are built-in to offer the most informative experience for the ICO investor. Reports on exchange rates, airdrop programs, and community building aid in the ICO’s investment opportunities. Investors can also access news and update feeds to stay up-to-date about the ICO’s affairs.

  1. Admin Dashboard

While Investor Dashboard retains the most valuable features and functions in an ICO Dashboard, an Admin Dashboard possesses all of them. They are specifically designed for the overall management of the launched ICO. Admin users can access features such as funding plans, permission management, logging/monitoring, community forums, KYC processes, and timeline management.

The Admin Dashboard allows its user to customize and personalize their ICO operations completely. They offer insight into the working and management of any/all ICO dashboard modules provided to all members. 

Benefits of Blockchain Firm ICO Dashboard Scripts:

  • Easy and Simple Integration: 
  • To integrate into your ICO for immediate deployment.
  • Packed with Features: 
  • A wide assortment of features built to aid your ICO Management.
  • In-built Plugins: 
  • Expert developers compiled the best plugins and APIs, so you don’t have to. 
  • Optimized Source-Code: 
  • The simplicity of code for performance enhancement to avoid programming complexities.
  • Intuitive User Interface: 
  • Creative layout to improve accessibility and user experience.
  • Elegant Design: 
  • Best in the market design set up to offer an eye-catching dashboard.
  • Multi-language Support: 
  • Offers a variety of different Dashboard languages for global support.
  • 24/7 Customer Care: 
  • Constant online support for customer queries and dashboard maintenance.

To End

Blockchain Firm is a pioneer in blockchain innovations, offering multi-faceted blockchain solutions. With over multiple years of experience in the ICO Launch Services domains, they have worked with tech giants to build exceptional ICOs to support their fundraising initiatives. Thus their experience translates to developing ICO Dashboards of superior security and cutting edge accessibility. Purchase your ICO Dashboard Scripts here!
BlockchainFirm - The Best IEO Development Company
IEO Launch Services have taken crowdfunding and fundraising initiatives by storm. Investors deem IEOs superior to ICOs as an established Crypto Exchange Platform backs them. An IEO’s chances of success improve when an exchange platform hosts them. In this article, let us take a closer look at BlockchainFirm, one of the best IEO Development Companies in the crypto market.

BlockchainFirm IEO Development:

BlockchainFirm offers IEO Development services for businesses and organizations at any stage of their completion. They offer personalization of the IEO Launch Services based on the requirements put forth by the company. They streamline the IEO Launch for any provision via their structured waterfall methodology.

Stages in IEO Launch Services:

White Paper:

The stepping stone for any IEO is the drafting of an informative and convincing White Paper. BlockchainFirm offers superior refinement and clarity in whitepaper development to drive investments into new blockchain innovations and projects.

Token Development:

Token development is the cornerstone of IEO launching as tokens are essential to establish a system of metrics and link utilities to them. Token development covers various aspects such as token functionality, purpose, and the number of tokens to be created. Blockchain Firm ensures the IEO’s success via expert token development services.

IEO Launch Marketing:

IEO Launch Marketing consists of the initial marketing activities that aid the IEO/ Token launch & the higher launch sales. Blockchain Firm offers effective real-time marketing strategies to guarantee maximum initial launch sales. IEO Launch Marketing services hosted by  Blockchain Firm include market analysis, social media coverage, bounty programs, and more.

IEO Post Launch Marketing:

IEO Post Launch Marketing is the term used to describe the IEO’s marketing activities after launch. They inform the credibility of the project and that the token launch has come to an end. Post-IEO Marketing increases the demand for the coin. Blockchain Firm offers the best post-launch marketing for IEOs via social media promotion, active forum engagement, and airdrops. 

Urge and Demand Creation:

Blockchain Firm guarantees the creation of a market for the IEO project and its respective token. The demand is created by listing the token in an exchange platform to transform it into a coin. Once a token acquires coin status, its utility is realized, and thus, demand is raised.

Blockchain Firm is a pioneer in the blockchain industry. Their teams of blockchain experts offer the most versatile and reliable IEO launch services. Their services are top-notch and provide end-to-end solutions/support from project ideation to its success as a recognized brand.
Best Organizations that offer IEO Development Services
IEO development services have seen a massive rise in recent years. They are considered a more secure method of crypto crowdfunding owing to their association with an Exchange platform. Further, IEOs possess better success rates in raising the determined capital in fundraising. Having mentioned the benefits of opting for an IEO over an ICO, here are some the best IEO hosting Exchange platform that offers the most reliable IEO Development Services.

Best Exchange Platforms that offer IEO Development Services:


Binance is the most popular exchange platform to exist in the world. They offer the best exchange services to their customer ranging from trading, storage, coin swap, market analysis, and so on. For fundraising purposes, Binance hosts an IEO Launchpad that allows startups to raise capital investment for their projects. They offer advisory services for IEO Development Users undergo a mandatory verification to confirm a user’s jurisdiction and use specific coins such as BNB to participate.


BlockchianFirm is one of the leading pioneers in the blockchain realm. They offer multi-dimensional blockchain solutions and services. Their IEO development services are considered one of the best owing to their personalized approach to IEO development and hosting. Their team of blockchain experts has launched multiple ICOs dashboards that have been key to the grand success of ICOs.


KuCoin is deemed as one of the most feasible platform to host an IEO on. KuCoin Spotlight offers one of the best exposure to investors. Their first launch with MultiVac, a blockchain scalability solution that promotes sharding technology was a grand success. The MultiVac IEO was sold out on the KuCoin Spotlight platform in about 7 seconds, making it one of the shortest IEO launch ever.


Crypterius is widely known for its motto, “You’ve got the tech. We’ll do the rest”.

They offer unique solutions that range from white paper drafting to performing legal reviews. They also offer community-building solutions to aspiring IEOs. The group is one of the early entrants in the IEO launching market with over a dozen high-profile project successes. Their portfolio includes SONM, Datarius, and TravelChain. Crypterius comes with strong technical expertise in everything crypto. Their services are offered in English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Japanese, and Russian.


IEO Development Services require a niche in blockchain technology and market understanding. With its core focus set on crowdfunding using cryptocurrencies and tokens, only organizations and teams with the most sound expertise in marketing can ensure an IEOs success. The above-mentioned organizations are well versed in achieving their client’s IEO goals.

A Beginner’s Guide to Initial Exchange Offerings
What is an IEO?

An Initial Exchange Offering is similar to that of an Initial Coin Offering, with a slight variation. An IEO is a crowdfunding initiative hosted by an exchange platform, that allows investors to purchase the new cryptocurrency launched by an organization to fund their project. The sale of the cryptocurrency is exclusive to the exchange and its registered members.

In simple terms, ICOs are open for public investments, while IEOs are exclusive to the exchange that hosts them.

Primary reasons why an IEO is better than an ICO:


ICOs are deemed risky and unreliable owing to the lack of regulation and governance over them. ICO investors are prone to the risk of owners participating in malicious activities or leaving investors exposed to other risks post-investment.

IEOs are often regulated and are authentic in their operations. As IEOs are identifiable and offer guarantees, they offer reliability and trust to the investors. Unlike ICOs, IEOs offer investors the ability to acquire other crypto assets on their platforms apart from the new cryptocurrency that is launched.

Guaranteed Token Sale:

ICOs often fail as they don’t achieve the required soft/hard cap. Such a failure is primarily due to the lack of token sales. Although other factors such as lack of exposure, poor marketing, and utility exist, they ultimately contribute to lesser sales than expected.

Exchanges ensure that the established soft cap or hard cap is achieved when an IEO is launched. IEOs are more likely to succeed as they are hosted in a platform that promotes coin/token sales. Investors anticipate and estimate the future value of the coin/token and purchase them immediately. IEOs gain massive exposure to crypto traders, who engage in coin purchases every day.


IEOs are basically ICOs with added layers of protection and a guaranteed metric for the token sale. These translate to the success of crowdfunding to begin the development of the project. IEOs are considered effective as they are hosted by exchange platforms that support the trade of cryptocurrencies directly. Approach the best IEO development company to kick start your blockchain venture.

How to launch an ICO - A Beginner's Guide to ICO Launch
If an entrepreneur comes up with a brilliant blockchain idea, the first thing that comes to mind is this question. How to launch an ICO for this idea? The simple question bears a rather complicated answer. So in this article, we have put together a beginner’s guide to ICO Launch.

Personal or Supported?

ICOs can be launched with the right teams and a clear plan. ICO Launches can be categorized into two. Personal Ventures and Supported Ventures. A personal venture requires the owner of the idea to perform all the ICO launching activities by themselves.

If one finds the above-mentioned processes and steps tedious, they can approach any ICO Development Company to support the realization of their idea. ICO Development Companies does the heavy lifting for you, at a reasonable price.

What do ICO Development Companies Offer?

They offer reliable ICO Development Services that contribute to the successful launch of an ICO. These services include the following:

Whitepaper Documentation:

The first step in the launch of an ICO is documenting the Idea behind the ICO into a whitepaper. A whitepaper is an official document that cites the purpose, vision, and mission of the ICO. This whitepaper will be drafted by the company on behalf of the owner.

Creation of Website/ Landing Page:

Every ICO must own a website with a landing page that is interactive and robust. These websites must offer clear information and attract customers to sign up and invest in the ICO.

ICO Marketing:

ICO Marketing is a mandatory process in order to gain visibility and spread awareness about the ICO to be launched. ICO Marketing includes promotion, bounty programs, airdrops, and advertisements. ICO marketing will be performed prior to and after the ICO Launch.

Bring Investors:

Without investors to invest in the ICO, the idea behind the ICO will never come to fruition. Investors of different levels of stature and influence are necessary to reach the established soft/hard cap. All the above-mentioned activities and services fall under 

Hosting Multiple Sale Rounds:

Once the ICO has been launched, multiple rounds of sale of the product, service, or coin are performed to bring in private and public investments. Sale rounds are typically categorized into Pre-Sale Round and General Sale Rounds.

Fundraising (Soft/Hard Cap):

Fundraising is done to raise enough capital to support the development of the ICO’s idea. Typically, a Soft Cap and Hard Cap is defined. Soft Cap is the minimum amount required to begin the development, wherein the Hard Cap is the recommended amount required to ensure excellent quality of development.

Design and Development of the Idea:

Once the required capital is raised, the design and development of the Idea are begun. While designing relates to the (frontend) look and feel of the product, development relates to the (backend) functionality of the product.


There also exist multiple platforms that host the public launch of an ICO. Now companies also offer ICO Launch Platform Development services to businesses that seek to host ICO Launches. With the growing need for support and launch of ICO, organizations have expanded their horizons on the kind of services they offer based on customer demands.
ICO Development Company
Implement an end-to-end solution from the best ICO development company that helps startup to elevate their capital for their business based on Blockchain. 


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    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses