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Importance of Case Management Software
Are you managing a team of people, selling a product, or providing a service, you deal with complaints, and those complaints can take many forms? Depending on the severity of your complaint, they can require detailed investigation and tracking. In those instances, you cross the line from standard complaint management into full-blown case management.

Why case management software is needed?

Each & every day, there’s a huge volume of case-related data that are generated by companies. It’s very easy to miss key pieces of information or incorrectly organize and store data. A case management software system is designed to store all your data in one location that is logically segmented and easily accessible. You’ll spend very little time looking for critical information as tasks, lists, notes, descriptions, and deadlines are unified and not fragmented.

Certain businesses like healthcare institutions, municipalities, educational systems, financial services companies, restaurants, and retailers also have to consider how failing to properly track their cases could not only damage their reputation but create liability due to compromised compliance or even personal endangerment.

As a responsible entrepreneur, you need to make sure you have a detailed case management system in place. This is especially critical if you serve external customers and your reputation or compliance, in part, relies on making customers happy or keeping them safe.

Below are the main advantages of case management software:

1.Highly Increased productivity

Enhanced productivity results in higher profits. When you invest in a case management program, you’re investing in the future. Since the software streamlines a variety of functions, it frees up valuable time you can dedicate to marketing and client retention to improve your company’s bottom line.

A case management system helps with client retention by boosting customer satisfaction. It ensures that all your clients have a great experience every time by updating communications, reminding you of tasks, and ensuring you meet deadlines. Nothing falls through the cracks.

2.Perfect Centralization system

You may have worked tirelessly to create a case management system that works perfectly for your company. But what happens when you hire new personnel or when a crucial employee is away on vacation? Does everything fall apart? Case management system software centralizes all data, allowing users to retrieve and upload information from a single source. This maximizes efficiency.

The best case management systems are simple enough to allow people to use them effectively. They come with top-notch training and customer support for quick learning and implementation.

3.Extreme Flexibility

Case management software must be extremely flexible. It should be nimble and quickly adapt to new processes. For example, if you are an estate planning lawyer, you might decide to practice a new area like social security disability. The software you use should adjust seamlessly by simply adding in a few new fields or creating a few new workflow steps.

In addition, case management software should give you the freedom to organize cases based on your criteria, not the default criteria it comes with. It should be customizable and adapt to your changing needs.

4.Cases can be completed from anywhere, anytime

Thanks to cloud-based case management software, you have the freedom to work outside the office. This is a feature you’ll love if your job involves a lot of traveling. Server-based systems are becoming obsolete as businesses move to the cloud.

Whether for business continuity plans or for help in managing a globally dispersed workforce, all of the essential information you need is available at any time.

5.Data Security

When all your files are safe, you have peace of mind. Superior case management system software keeps all your files safe and performs data backup automatically and regularly, saving you the hassle of having to do it manually. Server-based case management software can become inaccessible or crash because of a simple thing like a power outage.

The Final Solution

Some companies and organizations operate without a case management program because of the flawed belief that the cost is prohibitive. But this is far from the truth. Cloud-based case management software can be very affordable and reduce overall expenses. You will be able to increase your client base, work more efficiently, and make more money. Averiware case management software makes sure that you stay in control all the time.

Perks of Cloud ERP Integration for Ecommerce Business
In our busy world, however, it is tricky to manage an online ecommerce store with increasing competition and stress. Nowadays retailers have an innovative solution to resolve this issue by Cloud ERP software integration.

In this article, we have shared relevant aspects related to ecommerce Cloud ERP Software integration for your future business growth.

The Need for Cloud ERP Integration for ecommerce

Often, businesses don’t wish to alter their business process or invest cost and hence overlook the need for Cloud ERP integration for their business. They don’t realize and notice the positive influence of Cloud ERP integration on their enterprise.

For example, when you integrate your Cloud ERP system with your sales stream, it will provide you with some information. You can obtain the order, shipping, customer, and inventory information with ease.

Integrating with the system allows a secure and smooth transfer of essential data, along with discarding duplicate data and the manual hassle of entering data into the system.

Keeping a constant check on different business streams manually can be a painful task. It can consume several resources and the outcome is not up to the mark. Other alternatives require human intervention, which can cause delays or errors in the process and have an adverse effect on your revenue.

The following solutions can help you avoid such predictable errors:

  • Incorrect shipping address
  • Miscalculated inventory levels
  • Incomplete and misspelled product information
  • Skipping Cloud ERP ecommerce integration for your business can leave you unexposed to several business opportunities and poor customer experience.
Perks of Cloud ERP Integration for Your Ecommerce Enterprise

1.Diminishing Operational Expenses

Cloud ERP integration offers you updated and fresh information about your customers. You get the instant & latest information on Available Inventory, Order Status, Shipment details, and many more details. The automated data is error-free, so your team spends less time re-working on it. This way, you will save ample resources and costs involved in it.

2.Reduced Human Intervention

By integrating Cloud ERP for ecommerce, you can restrict human intervention in the process of payment, shipping, order management, and customers’ information. The system also updates and shares product details for improved inventory management.

Integration is the key to eliminating unwanted, excess, repetitive data from your database. It helps you to run ecommerce business with minimum errors, reduced data redundancy, and human intervention.

3.Improved Customer Satisfaction

Ecommerce business revolves around customers. Your customers will be keener to associate with you if you provide them Quality products, Purchase Experience, Order Cycle, Timely Delivery, Post-Sales-Service. The system can provide you add-on customer information that can help you understand your customers closely.

With improved customer service, your business can efficiently retain customers, and they are less likely to wander off to other portals for better services or products.

4.Accurate Financial Reports

Reports offer you a concise overview of the occurrences of a particular department. For instance, financial reports produced via ERP giveaway a clear picture of your business finances.

They can guide you to invest wisely and in the right resources and highlight areas that are lucrative to invest. Such reports can help make current and future decisions smartly and rapidly.

Your finance team doesn’t have to spend hours to generate trial balance, cash flow information, and P/L statements.

The Cloud ERP system can guide you in the right direction and regain command of your business, helping you stand on your feet again and help attain your desired targets. It can help trace future business opportunities and chase them right on time.

With Averiware Cloud ERP integration you can unleash future business opportunities for your ecommerce enterprise. And this way, you can prepare your workforce and business for upcoming prospects.

Major Benefits of Modern ERP Software Solution
In these recent days, the combination of business and technology brought a new era in which businesses expanded and grew at a dazzling speed. The rapid growth of businesses worldwide created a need for strong and automated solutions that can match the speed of expansion and make its management easier and more efficient.

Modern ERP software automates every internal process, speeds up operations, and provides a holistic view of the business to the management. Most importantly, it removes the dependency of the business on individuals and makes every aspect easier to manage and track. Following are the major factors in Modern ERP software that helps every business.

1.Seamless Automation
A Modern ERP software removes the need for manual work and automates all processes. This saves man-hours and brings more accuracy. Manual data feeding not only requires more time but also has the disadvantage of not being 100% accurate, regardless of how much it’s scrutinized. A Modern ERP software has built-in modules that can read and exchange data, removing the disadvantage of inaccuracy.

2.More Data Security
The more people involved; the less secure data becomes. For businesses, it’s essential that data remains not only accessible at all times, but is also secure from unauthorized access. This is nearly impossible if data is stored and accessed manually.

In Modern ERP software, users can be assigned roles. The same file with several layers can be accessed by anyone depending on what kind of access they have been granted. This will mean ease in accessibility without compromising security

3.Reduce Data Duplication
Data duplication is one of the most annoying problems faced by business establishments. If attempted to solve manually, it can end up in either loss of data or furthermore duplication. Data duplication slows down decision-making processes and results in wastage of man-hours as well as other resources.

A Modern ERP software as mentioned above is integrated with all the departments of an establishment. Whatever information is stored from whichever department, it gets recorded in one central database. In other words, even while recording information, there is no duplication as it’s stored in one place.

4.Fast in operations
It’s very important that the internal processes and their operational speed matches with business growth. If it doesn’t match, the business will suffer a fatal slowdown. In a completely non-automated and manual set up, the only way to do this is by increasing the number of employees, which will naturally result in more cost and may not even give the desired results.

In an automated setup, a modern ERP software can be delegated with many major tasks, ending the need to recruit more personnel and also guaranteeing accuracy. This way, the internal processes will match business growth in speed and ensure more smoothness.

5.Increase Customer Engagement
Whether you own a flower shop or a supermarket, customer relationship management is a very crucial branch of every business. Converting leads into customers and ensuring that existing customers stay loyal is the key to the growth of the business.

A Modern ERP software comes equipped with a strong CRM solution. Through the CRM solution, you can organize the whole database of customer contacts in a way that eases operations. CRMs automate a lot of repetitive tasks and maintain profiles of each customer, depending on which stage of the lifecycle they are. They also ensure that follow-ups are done on time and to the right person, avoiding duplication and delay.

Now the importance of automation through a Modern ERP is now accepted universally. With a huge number of ERP solution providers out there, Averiware provides an affordable & high secured Modern ERP software migration service. Book a free software demo!

How Averiware Cloud ERP Modules are the best suit for SMEs?
Averiware is working hard to help the numerous organizations & enterprises around the globe that has been compelled to make exceptional moves in the manner they lead the everyday business. We are hearing and seeing from enterprises who are presently fighting with the truth, that most of their employees are maintaining the business process from home.

We’d prefer to offer some vision into how Averiware Cloud Services and our special Cloud ERP Software Modules are supporting various industrial businesses to guarantee they can keep on driving the wide-ranging business revenue.

How We Work Together & Our Responsibility

Our dedicated teams are focused on working with organizations around the globe to address their necessities in this unusual time and help them with taking advantage of our services and applications. So, they can keep up profitability in this unstable situation. Since our customers depend on our cloud environment to deal with expanded workloads, for sample, our team is scaling up the digital space in our public cloud for clients.

We are likewise offering direction from our industrial specialists on the best way to keep up a similar degree of efficiency with information escalated ventures. Also, we are giving access to our broad system of environment accomplices. Our cloud services give genuinely necessary flexibility and security to customers who need to prevail in this difficult period. Our accomplished experts are additionally helping our clients rapidly recuperate and get back on the way to the development and achievement of their businesses.

Industries We Help to Grow & Achieve Their Business Goals










All the above industries are evolving in these difficult times, but we will continue to evaluate ways we can ease the burdens of our clients are facing. So, they can focus on driving their business growth & revenue.

Increase Operational Efficiency With SCM Cloud ERP Software
Cloud ERP plays a vital role in the Supply chain industry in combating inefficiency; reducing waste & ensuring that workers are better able to direct their efforts. The integration of both systems may pose some unique challenges. It is in your company’s best interest to ensure that you and your staff fully understand the role of Cloud ERP within the SCM process. Below are the assured benefits of the Cloud ERP system to SCM.

5 Things that Cloud ERP improves in Supply Chain Management

1.Faster Decision Making: Cloud ERP supply chain management systems give you the opportunity to act on the information you receive much faster. For instance, if you know that sales numbers for a particular product are declining, you can discontinue the product. That move saves you money because you’re no longer investing in a product that won’t earn you money.

2.Risk Management: Let’s say that your primary supplier can’t meet your demand for an order. The Cloud ERP supply chain system will tell you immediately, and then it will send the purchase orders to the alternate supplier of your choice.

3.Effective Inventory Process: Cloud ERP solution in SCM improves the accuracy of demand forecasting and ensures that the cost of inventory is minimized in case of a large-batch production process. A lean inventory is essential to address the just-in-time production methods to reduce the cost of production and keep the supply chain flexible.

4.Automation & Accessibility: Because Cloud ERP supply chain systems are integrated with other business functions, processes are automated. There’s far less human intervention, thus reducing the level of errors significantly. The modern business world is also increasingly on-the-go, and quite often, your decision-makers need to access all kinds of information when they’re away from their desk.

5.Finance & Accounting Control: At the end of the day, Cloud ERP Supply Chain Management Software is all about giving you more control over your business operations. The best Cloud ERP SCM software doesn’t just limit itself to covering your finances and inventory. With a fully-integrated ERP platform, you can even use your data to provide additional customer insight to your sales team and manage partner-focused marketing processes. This software allows your entire team to see the big picture for more efficient decision-making.

Cloud ERP can also be executed for corporate functions like human resources, finance, and accounting. ERP allows easy access to reliable integrated information, whereas its biggest problem is its integration process. In short, ERP is a system that helps commercial areas like finance, logistics, sales, production, distribution, and others that are inter-related to each other.

Be Smart & Select a Riskless integration Cloud ERP system

Many Cloud ERP system that is not a right fit tends to weigh down the entire organization. So, the wrong selection of an ERP package can compromise security and audit requirements and have a hampering effect on employee morale. Choose, Averiware all-in-one ERP solution has an inbuilt CRM & accounting feature for Supply chain management system that helps to maintain a centralized database for all your customer information. Averiware ERP provides you a 360-degree view of your prospects. You can view and track the prospect’s past activities and interactions with your sales team.

Go ahead and use Averiware Cloud ERP Supply Chain Management Software to take your business to the next level.

Choose the Right Cloud Migration Services to Improve business revenue
If you take money out of the equation, would you move?

Is the cost of switching out of your accounting / or ERP software solution stopping you? Or is it the years of data that you don’t want to lose the main factor?

We understand that these are two reasons organizations stay with their existing solution. Migrations of you past data is time consuming and expensive, there is also a wealth of historic information and it is easier to stay with the existing solution than to lose years of information.

In an effort to help our future customers, Averiware will help migrate their data at no cost, (FREE!!!) However because this is a big effort we need to make sure we understand what your expectations are and make sure we can migrate the data.

Below is a list of the steps we will take and requirements / limitation on our offer.

- The Organization should have at least 5 user licenses

- Our Free Migration is limited to 3 years of financial data. * We can provide a quoted of additional years.

- The customer must sign up for a 6 month commitment.

- The billing will start form sign up date and data will be fully migrated in 30-60 days.

- A contact from the Organization will need to be available to address any questions or calcifications related to the data being migrated.

- We need to be able to access the data base to pull the information or be provided CSV files with the data to be migrated.

- We need to have an online demo and consultation to review Averiware discuss your business and so we could find make sure would be a fit for you.

Several people have asked me why would you do this….And have asked if I’m crazy. (I think a little crazy is ok), or are we desperate? Well the real reason we want to do this is to identify customers that may be a good fit for Averiware and remove some of the obstacles or barriers in the way for them moving into Averiware.

As I always say to organizations looking at moving to Averiware if you do not have any reason to move out of your current ERP / Accounting system don’t and defiantly don’t call us. We are not trying to convince people that Averiware is better than their existing solution. We know that for business that have identified several pain points we can be a good fit. By reducing the cost of migrating business into Averiware we hope to reduce on.

If you feel you may be a fit send me a note and we can help see if Averiware may work for you.

Best cloud ERP software solutions for small business
There were days when ERP solutions were meant only for fortune 500 companies. But those days are gone long back. Now, there is a stiff competition among the ERP solution providers to offer tailored solutions, especially to this niche sector of small and medium business enterprises.

This is the perfect time for the small and businesses to take the advantage of the Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, to grow and strengthen their enterprises.

However, as there is heavy competition in the ERP market, the chances of getting carried away or being misled are more. Hence it is necessary for the small and medium enterprises to get well educated, before considering their options for ERP solutions, which can really meet their business needs.

Right from knowing how Small Business ERP differs from traditional ERP and what are the varied features and advantages offered by small business ERP, the SMBs must know all the details to make informed and right decision.

Small business ERP is the term used for describing lightweight business management software solution, which is designed and developed to meet the needs of small businesses.

The small and medium sized companies looking towards updating their financial, sales, human resources, customer relationship management, and procurement applications can now find all the solutions that they are looking for, in Small Business ERP offerings.

Averiware is an innovative software development company, possesses years of experience and expertise in offering smart ERP solutions, especially designed and developed for SMBs. The Averiware solution helps the small and medium size enterprises to achieve optimal productivity and efficiency at an affordable cost.

It offers a bunch of niche solutions like SaaS accounting software, SaaS for distribution tools or SaaS for order management to meet the individual and unique needs of every organization. The company also offers Cloud ERP, which is both affordable and technologically advanced. All these solutions can also be customized as per the individual needs.

The best part of Averiware ERP Solutions is that, one would not have to struggle with server issues or other technical aspects. One can manage his small business SaaS ERP or Cloud ERP from anywhere in the world, as he would just need an Internet connection to log on. It’s as simple as that.


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    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses