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Is there an Airbnb for boats?
Hello there!

1. The user and the host can log in and create a profile using their details. The admin of the app regulates all the data and user details in the app.

2. The host uploads information, details, pictures, and videos of the boat they would like to rent. The users can search for the kind of boat they want based on their preferences using the filter.

3. The users can request for the boat they want, and the host receives a notification on the same. The host can accept the request based on their availability.

4. Once the rent request is accepted, the user can pay in a multitude of ways and avail the boat. The appropriate commission is deducted and credited to the admin of the app, and the rest is availed by the host.

5. The users can sail safely using the high-end GPS features in the app. 

6. After availing of the service, the user can rate the services and the boat. This gives an idea for the other users to avail of the services from this Airbnb app. 

There are many app development companies that offer services for Airbnb for boats app development. Seek a company that offers high quality, customizable and white-labeled solutions in their Airbnb script. 

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Get a top notch Handyman service app like uber

What do handyman service apps have to offer?
1. Users can easily get a handyman within a matter of minutes to provide repair services for their household.
2. Users can also avail services to do minor electrical works, renovation works, plumbing work, etc. 
3. It is easier for the handyman to reach many customers, and they can also earn a good sum of money using this.
4. The handyman will have steady gigs because of the large user-base and more demand.
5. The app's admin can act as a facilitator in providing a base platform for the handyman and the customers to connect.

The features that should in instilled while carrying out Uber for handyman app development
1. Availability toggle where the handyman can update their availability. 
2. Easy search where the users can request for a handyman and the same is assigned quickly 
3. Geolocation service where the handyman can locate the user's place. 
4. Price estimate per services and also save the in-app payment integration system. 
5. A significant admin panel by which the processes of the app can be monitored.

After carrying out on-demand handyman service app development, see that your workers/ handyman provide quality service to the users, which is essential for the business. 

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Connect the tutors and students with a thirst to learn using Uber for tutors app

There is a notable quote which says, Teaching is one profession that creates all other professions.’ Teaching plays a huge and influential role in our lives. Online tutoring apps are paving the way for connecting the tutors and the students. On-demand 
tutor app development is carried out by many to bridge between tutors and the students. Like every other on-demand service that uber provides, Uber also provided Uber for tutor app clone script.

What are the features of an Uber for tutors app

Availability toggle for the tutors
Tutors can set the availability status on their app based on their available free time. They can turn off the availability status after they reach a sufficient number of students to provide services. Once they want to resume back, they can switch on their availability status.

Search for tutors using a search engine
The students/ parents can search for the tutor they want using the search engineer filters. They can specify what they want to learn, the location of the tutor, and much more.

Students can request service with a tutor using the app, This is notified to the tutors, and they accept the request. Once the request is accepted, the tutors and students get details of each other and schedule an appointment to discuss the class further.

The tutor set the pay per class, and the students who avail service can pay easily using the digital wallet. An amount of commission is generated to the admin of the app.

Students can also rate the classes they availed from the tutors, which enables other students to make informed decisions on taking up classes from the tutors.

There is no end to learning and enable curious students to take up classes using your Uber for tutors app.

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Develop a high functioning courier delivery app for your business
Courier delivery services help a great number of people in shipping services, and many businesses ship their products using courier services. It is one of the largest domains of service which has been availed by all of us. The global courier service market has reached a value of $541.6 billion as of 2019. It is expected to grow more and at the CAGR rate of 11%. On-demand courier service apps have made courier services easier. Traditional courier businesses and startups are concentrating on On-demand courier delivery app development for their business. An app like Uber for courier services helps a great deal in getting the courier services rendered to the users quickly.

How does the Uber for courier app work?

1. Users request courier delivery services in the app and provide information like the destination of the delivery, the parcel's weight, etc.

2. After which a delivery executive will be assigned for the job, all the contact information of the delivery executive is generated in the app that the users can use to contact the delivery executive.

3. The app also shows the cost estimate based on specifications like travel distance, availability of delivery personnel, weather conditions, etc. The user can pay off easily using the in-app wallet or using their preferred payment modes like UPI, credit, and debit card.

4. The delivery executive reaches the user's place and picks up the courier and delivers it off at the destination where the user wants it to be delivered.

5. Users will be notified once the courier is delivered at the destination, and the user can rate the courier services.

Makes sure that services like live tracking, in-app communication system, work history, review system, invoice details, and a few other add on features are integrated into the app while carrying out Uber for courier app development.

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Let your Uber for tow truck app aid the stranded people and their vehicles
All of us would have experienced a situation where either the petrol ran dry, or our vehicle got punctured, and we were stranded on the road. This situation would have caused a surge of panic and anxiety. Uber for roadside assistance app development comes as a messiah at this time for the users. Using this, the users can get help for their stranded vehicles.

How does uber for tow trucks work?

1. The users can create an account on the Uber for tow truck app; once they need assistance, they can view the type of trucks providing towing services on the front page.
2. They can choose the truck based on the stranded vehicle and its size and moved forward to provide information like the location and click on the ''Next'' button to avail the services
3. This request is notified to the truck driver, and they can contact the user using the in-app call options and reach the user's  stranded location using the GPS feature.
4. The user can also track the truck using the GPS enabled feature of the app.
5. After availing of the services, the user will receive the invoice for the delivery with details like distance traveled, time-taken, base fare, distance fare, tax, and total cost.
6. The users can pay off the service provider quickly and also rate their services.

Indulge in on-demand truck app development to cater to the tow trucking service at a great time of need. On-demand service apps have enabled us to get many services in need quickly, and who would've imagined that we would get assistance when we're stranded.

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Launch a safe and secure Tripadvisor clone app of 2020
The COVID has gotten all of us locked down in our homes, but after everything resumes back to normal, the travels and tourism will witness a surge in the customers like never before. So it is expected that your business is soon going to reach horizons. Integrating a travel app for your business can be a great way to carry out such a process and manage your customers. It will also boost your business to reach and attract varieties of customers. In carrying out travel app development, opt to use the Tripadvisor clone app. The Tripadvisor has fetched a revenue of $156 crores, and it is undoubtedly the best.

How does an app like Tripadvisor help you in carrying out your business process

1. The admin gets a largely commendable panel and dashboard through which she/he can manage all the trip bookings taking place in the app.
2. The admin can manage the agents and the users in the app and has saved up data of their contact details and information.
3. The admin can manage content on the app, edit and review them. The admin can also update the on deals and packages users using the push notifications  
4. They can even advertise what they want in the ad column of the app, which boosts revenue. 
5. The user analytics reports received in the app lets the admin update the app as per the user demands.

Indulge in Tripadvisor clone app development with the best app developers in the market who will be on toes to provide services that are as per your business requirements. There is no doubt that your business will reach horizons with the Tripadvisor clone app and endure your will power in running a splendid travel business. 

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Entities to keep track of in developing a real estate app
A famous quote by Andrew Carnegie says, ‘Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.’ Real estate is such an affluent business, but running the business is hectic, and the involvement and activity that the business demands are abundant. Real estate apps can help carry out real estate businesses easily. They readily provide ways to reach customers and pitch their properties quickly. Let us look at a few entities to be aware of in developing a real estate app.

1. Develop a real estate app using the Trulia app clone script, which is readily available in the market. Trulia is the best real estate app and has high-end features; integrating a clone app can help you carry out real estate business processes with ease.

2. The Trulia clone app should be highly customizable and scalable, where the admin has access to upgradation of the app as per the requirements.

3. Property owners must be able to list the assets that they are willing to sell along with the pictures and videos of it. This should be accessible for the buyers, which they can search using filters like price and location.

4. Buyers, sellers, and agents must have access to contact each other through the in-app chat and calling features by which they can negotiate on the price and make a deal. 

5. Buyers can save the assets they like in the repository and access it when they want to buy. This feature gives the buyers to bookmark what they like while also searching for other best options.

6. The Trulia clone app should have features that help the customers to apply for loans and the property owners to mortgage their assets.

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Makemytrip Clone App Is An Upbeat Travel Booking App For Your Business
To travel is to live, and those who haven’t taken a chance at travelling haven’t lived. Many people are crazy about travelling and name themselves as wanderers. Few travel for peace, few travel for soul search, few travel to explore while much other travel for a cozy experience. Travelling from one place to another has existed within our system since the early times of man. As we evolved, we have learned to settle down in one place. Trees are bound to be in one place, and humans are not. While stating this, many have the question of the cost involved in traveling, that is where the travel booking apps come into play. Carrying out travel app development with a robust business model catering to the needs of all classes of people wanting to travel is a high scope of business. MakeMyTrip is the best travel booking app in the market. MakeMyTrip made a revenue of $486 million in the year 2019. MakeMyTrip clone script is popularly sought by many startups who want to build a travel booking app for their business.

How does the MakeMyTrip clone app benefit the business?


1. Users can plan their vacation/trips like booking flights, trains, hotel rooms, and much more in a single platform right from their homes.

2. The app’s holiday packages are upbeat and reduce the work of planning the holiday for the users.

3. Users can pay quickly from the comfort of sitting at their homes and needn’t wait long hours at the ticket booking counters.

4. Users can cancel their bookings effortlessly for valid reasons. They will be assured of an appropriate refund amount as well.

5. Users will be notified about new travel packages, offers, and promo discounts from time to time.

Travel Agency

1. It is an easier way of acquiring customers for travel agencies. The need for marketing their business separately is eliminated as the app itself broadcasts it to customers.

2. Agents can upload all the details of the booking, holiday packages, the price, and much more in the app, accessible to the customers. This avoids the tedious process of explaining every package deal to the customer in person.

3. Users can contact the agency if they like the package deals and move forward carrying out their booking process after getting their queries addressed. The agency can also contact the admin of the app for any questions and discrepancies.

4. All the booking history, payment, and invoice details are stored in the app. Agents can access all the details for their reference whenever they want.

5. Agency receives analytics based on user behavior and search analytics. Based on which, they can update packages and attract customers.

The MakeMyTrip clone app should have all the features mentioned above to help the users access the app seamlessly. Technical stack used in our MakeMyTrip like app development include jQuery, MySQL, Linux, Swift, Node js, Kotlin, Flutter, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud. AI-assisted features and add-ons can be integrated into the app to increase its efficiency. Travel booking apps have been earning good profits to the travel services and hospitality sectors. They also aid the customers in getting hassle-free services. Get your app developed from the best app developers in the market.

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Build a superlative wimdu clone app with a robust script
Renting a place for vacation and chilling can be carried out hassle-free and easily with vacation rental apps. In indulging in Vacation rental app development, the wimdu clone app is popularly sought and used by the entrepreneurs. Wimdu fetches a revenue of $60M and has a tactful user app, admin app, and host app integrated into its business. 

How does a wimdu clone app work
1.User logins and creates a profile. Likewise, the host logins and creates a profile. The admin monitors all the user data.
2. Hosts can upload pictures and videos of the vacation spot that they are willing to rent. 
Users can search for the vacation rental spot based on filters like location, price, etc.
3. They can request for the place, and the host can accept the request based on the availability. 
4. Users can pay in a multitude of ways and book the place.
5. After availing of the service, the users can rate their experience of availing the service.

Solutions that the wimdu clone app development company should offer 
1.Attractive UI and key features to be installed in the app. Extra add on features should also be instilled depending on the business requirements.
2. The wimdu clone script should be highly customizable and scalable. The admin should be able to own the entire source code. 
3. The wimdu clone app should be readily deployed on iOS and android platforms. 
The app should be complemented with a seamless website. 
4. There should be enough space for integrating a robust revenue model into the app through in-app advertisements and banners. 
5. The app development company should provide post-launch technical support throughout the run of the wimdu clone app. 

With more people willing to work hard and chill even harder, vacation rental apps are at the peak of their usage. Develop a good vacation rental app to witness a spur of profits.

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What are the best and cheapest car rental services?
Hi there!

Car rental services apps have made it easier to avail of private car services. Car rental software development needs an optimum amount of time and care for development. 

The best car rental service app should offer the following services.

Various model of cars

Users are provided with multiple models of vehicles from which they can choose to book the one they need. They can search using filter options based on the model of cars and price. 

Booking the car

Users can request for the vehicle they like. The drivers accept the request based on their availability. The user has the autonomy to cancel the booking if they want.

In-app contact options

The in-app chat and call options enable users and drivers to connect.

GPS enabled tracking

The GPS feature integrated into the app allows the driver to easily reach the user’s palace and destination. It will enable the user to track the driver as well. 


After the services are availed, the users can pay through a multitude of ways. The payment process is carried out securely. 

Rental history

The app saves the history of the rental services in both the customer and the driver’s app. All the ride and invoice details are kept for future references. 


Users can rate the services available. This helps in upgrading the facilities. 

There are many app development companies that offer car rental app development services. Appdupe is one such company that provides the best car rental booking software at a minimal price of $4999. Car rental services are gradually peaking in their usage, and it’s advisable to develop a car rental service app. 

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Building a boat rental app for pastime sailors
Many have the dream to travel on cruises. But many more people have the urge to sail a boat. These boat rental apps bring together passionate boat sailing enthusiasts and give them a platform to rent a boat. A boat rental app development will help fetch a good ROI because typically renting a boat and sailing it for a leisure pastime will be availed by an elite group of people. Airbnb is a top-notch boat rental app.

Features of the Airbnb for boat clone 

Registration and login
The users and the hosts or the renters of the boat can log in and create their profile. All their necessary contact information is saved in the app.

Boat listing 
The hosts can list the details of the boat they want to rent. The users can see through the list and apply filters to search for the kind of boat they want to rent as per the boat's price, size, and specifications. 

Request for the boat
Users can request for the boat that they like. After which the host will receive a notification. The host can accept the claim based on the availability. 

GPS feature
The sailors can use the GPS feature to locate the boat. They can also sail safely using the GPS enabled system in the boat. 

The app accepts payment in multiple ways and even various currencies to give the app a global reach. Most of the tourists visiting places would want to go on sailing, which would help them carry their payment with ease.

Ratings and review 
Later the users can rate the services and the boat they availed. This helps the admin update the app, depending on the ratings. 

To jump in into the boat rental business, use an Airbnb for boat clone app. The technical stack used in an Airbnb boat clone app is jQuery, Node js, My SQL, Linux, Kotlin, Swift, Flutter. Develop a feature-rich boat rental app using all the updated technology. 

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Launch a well planned and high-end vacation rental app
All of us need a Vacation from our usual grind. Vacation rental apps provide services where the users can rent for resorts, hotels, or any other vacation spot quickly. 
Vacation rental business are high profit yielding sectors where an elite group of people is willing to spend money to have a peaceful vacation. 

How does a vacation rental booking script help in carrying out the rental app development
1. Initially, the market is analyzed, and the app is curated to suit the target audience. 
2. The product design, like UI/UX of the app, will be decided based on the user-friendly analytics.
3. The app developed with the vacation rental script base is customized according to the admin’s preferences and requirements.
4. Before launching the app, the testing team carries out end-to-end testing of the app features and functionalities. Trials like regression testing, integration testing, speed testing, security testing, load testing, server testing are carried out. 
5. The app is launched on different platforms google play and app store without any discrepancies. The app development team should address any problem with starting the app. 

How does the vacation rental app work
1. Customers and the host login and create a profile using their mobile numbers or social media accounts. 
2.Host uploads the pictures, videos, and price of the vacation rental spot. 
3. Customers have access to looking through all of the vacation spots and books for the ones they would like to avail of.
4. The host receives a notification on the request and accepts it based on the availability of the spot.
5. Later the customer pays for the rent and avails the vacation spot for the days booked. They also give ratings and feedback on the vacation spot and services availed. 

There are quite a few firms that offer vacation rental software development. Look forward to developing your app in good hands at an established app development company with experienced and skilled app developers.

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Carry out all your real estate business process with the help of the Zillow clone app.
Real estate is an evergreen and influential business stream. The real estate market's revenue is expected to be USD 4,263.7 billion by 2025. The strenuous process of carrying out a real estate business can be quickly done with the help of a real estate clone app. If you're a real estate agent or own a real estate business, integrate an app into your system. Zillow clone app is a high-end real estate app with feature-rich UI. Using a Zillow clone app 

How does a Zillow clone app work in helping to carry out the business process?

Listing of Users and properties

Zillow clone app can contain innumerable data of users and properties which enable the admin to manage and keep account of the business details. 


Users and agents can register themselves easily and carry out their process of buying and selling with ease. In most cases, the agents are the admin of the app, so they needn't log in. 

Seller's listing 

Sellers can update their information and list the information on the property they want to sell. They can upload information on the property location, price, upload pictures, and videos. 

Map-based search

Users can search for a property they want to buy/ rent using the map-based search. The intact GPS feature helps them search for properties that are located in the preferable places. 

Buying and selling

If the buyer likes the property, they can contact the seller and agents via the app and can move forward about buying the property. 

Zillow like app development can help carry out real estate business processes with much ease in an organized way. This is an excellent opportunity for those who dread doing real estate business because of the hassling and roaming one has to do in traditional forms of running the business.

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Launch a good running trip planning app with the help of Tripadvisor clone app
Planning a trip needs proper attention, time, and energy. Travel apps have helped avail the travel services quickly with the help of the app's service database. It is a good idea to invest in travel app development. A travel app will help the users avail service at ease. They can browse through different services, books, and reserve transportations and hotel rooms easily. The travel packages and itineraries are given in the app will help have an organized and hassle-free trip. Tripadvisor is an excellent travel app, and TripAdvisor clone apps are being used by many travel agencies to carry out their business.

Features provided in the Tripadvisor clone app to carry out the business process

The useful dashboard has a birds-eye view and aids the admin in monitoring all the business processes from one platform.

Manage agents
Admin can manage the agent's details and keep an eye on the categories of services provided by them. Aspects like commission charges are also monitored.

Push notification
Updates, offers, announcements, and reminders are provided through in-app notifications, SMS, and emails.

Advertisement column of the app helps the service providers to advertise their service and products

The app can get better exposure by optimizing it.

Manage content
The app is highly scalable and can be updated along the run of the business. The content is managed as per the admin's preferences.

The Tripadvisor app clone development company should provide features that are top-notch, customizable UI, scalable solutions, AI-assisted features, and much more for the app. The app should also have an in-app chat and call options to carry out all the inter-communication between the admin, agents, and the customers.

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Developing a feature-rich travel booking app with the help of the MakeMyTrip clone app
Planning a vacation or a travel itinerary takes proper and adequate planning to be carried out. If it is not planned well, it is almost impossible to survive in a new place. Then consider a trip not well prepared; it is a trip spoiled. Travel booking apps do help avoid this hassle of planning a trip. They provide the necessary information to carry out all the booking processes. Travel packages offered in the app will help cater to all the travel needs. Travel booking app development is vital for your travel agency to flourish. An app like Makemytrip clone is an upright app that can be used for your business.

Features of a Makemytrip clone app :
The essential features integrated into the user app to carry out the app functioning are

Quick login
The users can log in easily using their email address, phone number or social media accounts.

Accessibility to multiple services
Users can search through a variety of available services. They can look for booking services for flights, trains, cabs, and hotel rooms.

The users can reserve the travel seats and hotel room based on their preferences and book them off.

Users can search through the services by applying filters like price range, dates, places,mode of transport, and much more.

Push Notifications
Users are notified about their reservation status and are also reminded about their travel.

Users can avail coupons and offers that the admin notifies from time to time

Review System
Users can rate the services they availed.The ratings will be taken into account to improve the app's functioning.

Help & Support
Users are provided an effective in-app chat option through which they can raise queries and concerns.

Wrap up

The above features are necessary to be integrated into carrying out a MakeMyTrip clone app development. In running an app, curate itineraries and services that will ease the user's traveling. Take the reviews into careful consideration, after which you will be able to update the app according to market conditions.

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Develop a featureful on-demand logistics app using Lynk clone
Running an on-demand movie service company has an enormous operation to take place and monitor within the business. Running a traditional moving service business sure needs an extra level of advertising and marketing to take place. Using an on-demand moving service app for your business helps you monitor your business quickly and fetch good reach among the users. 

Lynk clone app is the best logistics app that is being used by many on-demand moving service businesses. Integrating it into your business can help you save time and money wasted in carrying out the process of your business and advertising it. 
Few advances features that can be integrated into Lynk clone app development

1. Referral bonus
Customers can be rewarded with in-app credits and discounts if they refer to other customers. 

2.Voice control
Voice commands can be used in the app to navigate the app and carry out the booking processes.

3. Seamless communication 
The in-app chat options enable the customers, drivers, and the admin to contact each other with ease. 

4. CRM tools
The CRM tools let the admin manage and edit the content of the app. They can also control the operations of the app at best. 

The Lynk clone app should be suitable for deployment in both iOS and Android devices. This gives the app a unique outlook for your app. The Lynk app source code must be highly customizable and modifiable according to your business needs. The customers should be able to access the website of the business on PC and laptops. Thus prioritizing the customer’s comfortability in running the business. 

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Launching an exceptional operating logistics app for your business
Running an on-demand logistics app needs a lot of patience and conducive operations. A truck is the most preferred and frequently used service vehicle for moving goods and utilities from places to places. We sure do need a well running and carefully curated service vehicle to move our utilities from one place to another. In running a truck business that offers moving services, it is a profoundly wise idea to integrate a truck booking app into the system. This helps carry out the business processes and also gain customers with ease. Porter clone is a well efficient on-demand logistics app that can be introduced in your business.

Benefits of using a porter clone app

1. Fully customizable
The entrepreneur should have space for customizing the app according to her/his interests and likes. The app should have an attractive design, logo, and feature-rich experience to reach the customers.

2. Ready for launch
The porter clone app should be ready for launch with just a few necessary customizations. The app should suit all domains, like iOS and Android devices. The website should also be provided with the app for usage on PC and laptops.

3. Completely scalable
The app should have room for updating as the app, and the current market trend evolves. An app which keeps updating itself along with the customer’s needs will reach horizons

4. Safe payment
The payment processes carried out within the porter clone app should be secure and straightforward. The users should have a multitude of options to pay from.

5. Responsive software and complete support
The porter clone app should be user friendly, and the porter clone software should be highly responsive. The app developers should provide comprehensive support and technical assistance while developing the app throughout the app running of the app

A firm carrying out the porter clone app development should provide all the above essentials in the app and test the app for efficiency and resolve the glitches before deployment. A 
porter clone script can help carry out all logistic operations in a well-planned way.

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Featureful working of a boat rental app
Riding a boat is sure is a fantasy for a lot of people. But not everyone can afford a boat, but that doesn't mean one can't ride one. There is a famous quote by Paulo Coelho, which says, 'A boat is safe in the harbor. But this is not the purpose of the boat.' Although this quote is in metaphorical comparison with life, let us take it into literal consideration in this post. Not everyone who owns a boat rides it frequently, and hence, instead of keeping it idle at the harbor, they can rent it and fetch some money. There are many boat rental apps available. Airbnb is the best, and an Airbnb boats rental clone app can be used for boat rental app development of a business. It involves three people: the admin of the app, the user who wants to rent a boat, and the user who is willing to rent a boat. 

How does the Airbnb for boat clone app work?

The boat rental app works like any other rental service app. 
1)The user signs in and creates an account uploading all the required information. Meanwhile, the host who is willing to rent the boat creates a profile and updates all the boat's information and pictures. The admin manages and monitors all the processes within the app with a capable admin panel. 
2)The users can browse through the boats and book a boat that they find compatible for them. The host received a notification and accepted the request based on the availability. 
3)Using the GPS feature, the host can deduct the location of the boat. The users can sail the boat safely with the help of the GPS enabled geolocation.
4)Later the payment process is carried within the app where the admin gets an appropriate commission, and the rest is transferred to the host.
5)The users can later rate the convenience of using the boat by which the other users are intimated about the condition of the boat and whether to rent it. 

The boat and yacht rental app development can attract a lot of elite groups of people and is expected to fetch a good ROI in the business.

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How much would it cost to develop an app like MakeMyTrip?
Travelers and tourists widely seek online traveling apps because of the ease and comfortability it offers in getting the travel bookings done. If you’re a travel agency or planning to become one, it is essential to build a travel app for your business.

Makemytrip is the most successful travel booking app and has made a breakthrough profit of $118 million as of 2019.

The cost of developing a travel booking app from scratch costs a lot. The cost of developing an app like Makemytrip using MakeMyTrip clone script would cost much less.

The cost would vary somewhere around $5000 to $50000. The difference in the price depends on the key features of the apps. In developing a travel app for your business, make sure that it has the following features in the admin panel.

1) Manage profiles
The admin can manage and regulate the activities of the users, agents, and advertisers. They have the autonomy to grant and restrict permissions.

2) Content management of the app
The admin must be able to edit, remove or add content to update it with the market standards.

3) Push notifications
The admin can send custom updates to the customers through in-app notifications.

4) Analytics and reports
Updates data and analytics and reports of the performance of the app should be generated

5) Dashboard
The Admins gets an overall view on all the operation and processes taking place within the application.

6) SMS notification
The customers should also be notified about the offers and services offline through text messages.

7) Advertise
There should be a segment for effective advertising which aids in revenue generation.

There are many Makemytrip like app development companies that offer services for developing your app. Choose the company which offers good up to date features and user interface of the app at the best price.

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How to develop a real estate clone app?
Hi there!

Real estate is the top-notch business that will fetch a good turnover. Although the fortune return of the investment is widely spoken, no one talks about the hassle one has to undergo to sustain itself in the real estate market. The real estate market and the trend have changed a lot from what it was before the emergence of smartphones and mobile apps. A real estate clone app can help you reach success with smart work. In carrying out a successful real estate business, there are few essential parameters to keep in mind.

Ideate your business model

You need to develop a business model and be clear on what exactly you will cater to the buyers and sellers. Narrow down on the regions and locations; you will look for properties. Revise on the links you have with different property owners. Know where there is a massive demand for buying a property. Most importantly, decide on your revenue model and commission.

Develop a real estate clone app

A real estate clone app can be integrated into your business to reduce your work by half fold. A real estate app can help you carry out the process of linking the buyers with the sellers easily. Zillow is an efficient real estate app. Using a Zillow clone for your business can be a good idea. Look for the right firm which offers Zillow like app development services. A good Zillow clone app should have the following features.

1) Secure login by the buyers and sellers

2)The sellers can list details, prices, and pictures of the property.

3)The buyers can search for different features depending on the location and price.

4)The buyers can request to buy the property if they like it, and the sellers will receive a notification of the same and then can proceed further.

5)The admin of the app gets an appropriate payment once the property is bought, and all the process is settled.

Market your business app efficiently

Your business and the business app should be marketed efficiently. Most of the time, the app development company integrates effective strategies to market the app. Hold on to the right firm and get your real estate clone developed and marketed with ease.

Out of all the above, there is an essential strategy you need to keep in mind. That is patience. You need an abundance of patience in running, not just real estate business but any business.

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Develop a perfect vacation rental app with the help of Wimdu clone app
We all need a break from our day to day busy lives. 

Everybody craves a perfect vacation that, too, at the comfort of our privacy not being breached. A vacation rental app quenches such a need. 

Vacation rental app development is a wise idea to develop your vocational rental business. With the help of a vacation rental app like Wimdu, you can cater to millions of vacation seekers.  

How does a vacation rental app work?

1)The user and host logins in using their credentials.

2)The host lists the vacation place and gives details like pictures, price, address, and much more.

3)The user can search for the ideal vacation spot from the various places updated in the app. 

4)The users can book for a place if they like it. The host gets a booking request and approves the request for renting the place

5)The users can make their payment through digital transactions. An appropriate amount is deducted and transferred to the admin of the app and the rest to the host.

6)The users can also provide ratings and feedback about their vacation experience.

The Wimdu clone script works efficiently. Few app development companies offer Wimdu like app development services; it is essential to ensure that the app has the following features. 

1) Advanced search

 Users can search for their ideal location using the advanced filtering options.

 The users will be shown the best results based on their search and keywords.  

2) Social media login

The users and the host can log in directly using their social media accounts like    Facebook.

3) Ad integration

By placing ads on the website and app, the service providers can increase their income. The ads are promoted in such a way that it has maximum viewership.

4) Multi-language 

Infuse multiples languages to get a reach among the global audience. 

5) Pictures and videos 

Enables the host to add various photographs and videos of the vacation property.

6) Multi payment methods

The users can pay by multiple means like a credit card, debit card, or digital wallet.

7) Notifications

The Users will receive information and updates of their booking status, payment status, 

Offers and discounts through app notifications, email, and text messages. 

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How much time and money would it cost to develop a website similar to tripadvisor?
Developing an app like TripAdvisor is smart to take your tourism and travel business to another level. Although developing a new app needs a lot of capital investment and time. It also needs to undergo a strenuous process of beta testing and analytics before launching. Instead, using a TripAdvisor clone app for your travel app can be a good idea. Developing an app using a Tripadvisor clone would cost much less than developing a new app and preparing it in a jiffy. There are a lot of firms that offer a travel app development service. Care must be taken in choosing a company that provides the best Tripadvisor clone script. Appdupe is one such company that offers extensive benefits. 

The benefits of using their TripAdvisor clone app are

1. Highly customizable
The TripAdvisor clone script is 100% customizable, and the entrepreneur has the autonomy of customizing it according to the business needs. 

2. Cutting-edge technology
The latest technology is used to ensure that the app is future-proofed. 

3) Top-Notch quality 
The skilled and experienced developers help develop a high-quality TripAdvisor clone app that is stable, reliable, and the best in the market.

4)Safe and secure
The app is fortified with tight security protocols to ward off malicious activities. 

5)Faster deployment
The app is deployed in a jiffy and with high-end features like an original TripAdvisor app

6) Extensive technical support
After the launch of the app, comprehensive technical support is provided in the maintenance of the app by the company. 

Develop a cost-effective and smooth functioning app like TripAdvisor using the TripAdvisor clone script. 

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Developing an ingenious app for your car rental business
Cars are the most comfortable, luxurious, and preferred vehicle by many of us. Although cars are most preferred by many of us, not everybody has the luxury to afford a car, and the cost of maintaining the car goes without saying. A car rental software aids the customer in renting a car for a particular period. Thereby the customer gets exclusive access to the vehicle and can use it at their comfort. 

Different kinds of rental services that can be integrated into the car rental scripts are as follows.

Day booking 

The customers can book the car for a day and can access it. 

They can book it based on the nearby availability and location of the car. The booking gets terminated, and the customer can pay for the rental car service they availed 

Hourly booking

The customer can book the car for a specific period. The fare and a rental charge are calculated only for the hours that the customer requested for the vehicle. 

Outstation booking 

In this rental service, the customers can avail of the car for a couple of days and use it for going outstation. The customers can also rent the car for a couple of days within the locality by paying the nominal fee. 

Few key features included in the app are as follows,

Social Media Login

The users can easily log in using their phone number, mail id, or even social media accounts like Facebook.

Select Car Models

The users have a wide range of cars to select from. They can choose the car model they wish based on the location and availability. 

Toggle Driver Availability

This feature allows drivers to work at hours based on their availability. They can include their availability with the toggle option. 

Work History

Customers and drivers can check to keep track over the bookings and services

Secure payment

The customers can carry out a safe and secure digital payment process.

An app development company that provides car rental software development services should offer turnkey solutions, scalable products, powerful admin dashboards, white-labeled solutions, native mobile apps deployment, and cost-effective features.

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Integrating an app like vacation rental in the business to acquire high profits
  1. The host and the customer can login and create their profile. The app has a common platform for the customer and the host to find each other.
  2. The customer or the guest who wants to rent a vacation can search for the same in the app as per the location.
  3. The host or the renter can update the information of the property for rent, the pictures of the places, the price, and much more.
  4. The users can book the place if they like it. The host will be notified about it and can approve the booking based on their convenience.
  5. After the booking is approved, the customer can pay by different methods using a credit card, debit card, or UPI.
  6. An appropriate amount is deducted and transferred to the admin of the app, and the host avails the rest.
  7. The customer can give ratings and reviews on their experiences. This helps in upgrading the app, and also other customers can look for booking the vacation property based on the ratings.

In developing an app like a vacation rental, the script is vital and should be upto the mark.An app like vacation rental script should have features like :

1) Video integration
2) Smart search
3) Social media login
4) Multi-language support
5) Multi payment gateway
6) Unique home page experience
7) Property details
8) Time based booking
9) User-friendly dashboard
10) Seo-friendly website.

A vacation rental business that functions smoothly will fetch a good ROI for the admin and the host. It also gives an excellent relaxing time for the customers.

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A secured real estate app for your business
The early men lived a nomadic life. But even the first early men used to have temporary settlements according to the availability of resources. No matter where we go, whatever experiences we face, home is where the heart is. As humans, we have an inherent need for secureness attached in the form of immovable properties like house and property. 
Real-estate business aids us to build a base for our secureness and will always be a top-notch business. Real-estate businesses have always summoned high turnover. 
Real-estate businesses have the demand for creating an online presence since almost all companies have created one.
Advantages of developing a Trulia clone app for real estate business
1)Marketing the property to a large number of customers from a single platform with ease.
2)The customers can access the proprietor and the agents right from home. It avoids the pressure of traveling back and forth in buying a property.
3) Advantage of searching for properties in a particular location using the GPS feature.
4)The Trulia clone app has visibility of cost, area of the ground, and other information for the customers. It is beneficial for the agents as they can avoid the monotony of explaining the property to every customer
 5)Customers can take a 3D look at the nook and corner of the property from the comfort of being at home and also offer a surreal experience.

Key features of a Trulia clone app
1)The buyers and sellers can log in using their verified number or e-mail ID and create a profile. 
2) The proprietor can upload the pictures and other information about the property they want to sell.
3)The buyers can search for the property they wish to buy. After taking a look at the pictures and other information, the buyers can move forward in contacting the agent and the seller if they like the property
4)The portal also allows the buyers to apply for loans and the sellers to mortgage their property.
5)The users can also save details of properties they are interested in the app. They can get back to the repository later when they need it.

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Ask yourselves these questions before investing in a real estate clone app
The real estate market hasn’t been an exception to the revolution of smartphones and the internet. When people go online even for buying products, why shouldn’t they have the comfort of finding their places of shelter on the internet? The real estate market has seen a massive turnaround in its operation ever since the introduction of on-demand apps. Apps like Zillow, Trulia, etc., have registered their places in customers’ smartphones. 

How can you revolutionize the real estate industry through your app? 

This question may seem simple on paper, but it carries so much magnitude as to how your app must turn out. With people searching the internet for almost everything nowadays, a virtual platform connecting real estate agents with people in need of homes becomes a necessity. One significant advantage of having an app is that the business can reach out to a wider audience. 

What are the benefits of your real estate app? 

Apps like Zillow have already proved the comfort these apps offer to customers. Besides convenience, the real-estate clone app can make things easier and efficient throughout the system. For example, your app can act as a central database, providing vital information on properties, helping people to make informed decisions. 

How will your app reach out to the target audience? 

There is no point in developing the app until you find a way to propel it to the target audience. There are multiple ways to reach out to the target audience nowadays. Promoting the app on social media handles, conducting auctions to gain visibility, advertising campaigns, etc., are all ways to enhance your customer base. 

Wrapping up, 

Taking care of these parameters can prove pivotal to your platform’s success. Reach out to an app development company, tell them your specifications, and get the Zillow Clone app today! 

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Three Reasons to invest in a Dunzo Clone app development amid the COVID-19 pandemic
As a blessing in disguise, the Coronavirus outbreak situation is propelling the on-demand app sector. Although prevalent among people in the last decade, these apps are making a strong impression and have gained massive popularity following the lockdown norms. The fears of virus contractions and the sight of empty shelves in the stores have made people lookout for an alternative way to avail of services.
With grocery delivery apps scaling greater heights, there are various other platforms like telemedicine apps, video-conferencing apps, etc., gaining the limelight, as well. If you are an entrepreneur looking to venture into the flourishing on-demand app sector, developing a multi-service app like Dunzo should do the trick. In this blog, let’s look at why you should invest in a Dunzo clone app development.

‘Your chances of failure are very less’
By rolling out a multi-service app, you culminate more than 50 services in it. This way, even if a couple of services fail to create an impression, the remaining services can help you top the charts in terms of revenue. This luxury of eliminating the chances of failure is not possible with a single-service app.

‘You can increase customer satisfaction’
It is quite challenging for people to switch across different apps for multiple services. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s reliability towards on-demand apps has increased manifold. To enhance their comfort, it is crucial to provide multiple services with a single app. This way, customers can have complete control over their orders.

‘You can spend on your development cost wisely’
For those entrepreneurs who hesitate to pour in their entire investments into the on-demand app platform, this multi-service platform proves to be a safe, reliable, and affordable investment option. They can update the app frequently with those services that are surging from time to time. This way, they can assure their ROI more easily.

Summing up,

With the market for on-demand services growing more than ever, entrepreneurs who opt for multi-service apps tend to have a cutting-edge over competitors. App development companies are rolling out on demand service script that are entirely customizable according to your needs. Initiate your Dunzo Clone app development today!
Who are the best sports betting software providers in the world?
Ever since sports betting turned towards the online medium, several app development companies have rolled out their softwares to entrepreneurs. Even entrepreneurs worldwide are initiating their Bet365 like app development to enter this lucrative business sector. While it is highly impossible to pinpoint a particular company as the best, it is easier to identify the top-performing companies that provide the best sports betting softwares to business owners. Let’s glance at some of the companies here,

Appdupe: With more than ten years of experience in the app development field, the company is well-known for developing top-notch sports betting 
app like Bet365. Besides, Appdupe offers 100% customizations to entrepreneurs, thereby achieving their highest satisfaction. From a user-friendly design to a highly-functional sports betting software, the company offers a complete package to scale your business in the industry.

VerveLogic: The company is known for developing sports betting apps with the latest technologies. Although the company is popular among entrepreneurs, the company’s high budget becomes a matter of concern for some business owners.

INORU: The company offers scalable sports betting app development solutions to businesspersons. Although primarily focusing on gaming app development, the company has obtained reasonable success in the other app development streams, as well.

These are some of the best companies you can opt for developing your sports betting software. The process of identifying your best-suited company is not a difficult task. Specific parameters can help you narrow down your search to a considerable extent. They include,

  • The flexibility offered by the company is one of the major constraints. They must hear you out entirely and provide customizations according to your needs.
  • The budget offered by the company must match your predetermined budget.
  • The company must equip itself with the latest tech-stack, thereby offering highly scalable solutions.

Happy Reading! 
What are the features that shape up an Uber for Dog Walking Service app?
Ever since the advent of smartphones and on-demand apps, most of the traditional businesses are gradually losing their popularity. New businesses that focus on enhancing customer convenience occupy the center stage and help entrepreneurs reap revenues in their fields. People demanding comfort and entrepreneurs coming up with ideas has been the recent trend in almost every industry. Even the introduction of the Uber for Dog walking service app emphasized on the fact that people can reach out to dog walkers to walk their pets with just a few taps on their smartphones.

The development of a dog walking app involves building three separate entities. They include,

  • The dog owner app 
  • The dog walker app 
  • The admin panel 

On a broader note, developing an app involves integrating features and functionality into it. Let’s look at the features here,

Features of the Dog owner app: 

  • Registration - They can register either via mail IDs or phone numbers. 
  • In-app navigation - They can track dog walkers without any hassle. 
  • Multiple payment options - They can pay for the services through credit/debit cards, digital wallets, etc. 
  • Push notifications - They are updated from time to time on their bookings, offers, etc., through in-app notifications. 
  • In-app chat/call - They can reach out to dog walkers instantly either via call or chat. 
  • Ratings and reviews - They can rate and review the services offered by dog walkers. 

Features of the Dog walker app: 

  • Registration - They can register with the app by uploading valid documents. 
  • Availability toggle - They can switch between their working hours seamlessly with the aid of a toggle. 
  • Accept/reject requests - They can either confirm or turn down user requests based on their convenience. 
  • Earnings tab - They can view their weekly/monthly/yearly earnings through this feature. 

Features of the Admin panel: 

  • God’s eye view - The admin can monitor the entire app activity from a single place. 
  • Verify dog walkers - The admin can verify dog walkers based on the documents they upload. 
  • Manage customers - The admin can reach out to customers in case of disputes or queries. 
  • Process transactions - The admin can process dog walkers’ payments after the commission cut-down. 

Wrapping up, 
These are the essential features that shape up the multiple entities of the 
on-demand dog walking app to provide an enhanced user experience. Integrate these features in your online dog walking platform and launch your app instantly!
Gain instant positive reception with a Dunzo Clone App Development
With the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, people are inclining towards the digital medium for services. Right from grocery shopping to ordering medicines, they are dependent on smartphone applications. They prefer these on-demand apps because they offer reliable, affordable, and convenient solutions. However, people find it challenging to switch between multiple apps for different services. Maintaining control over multiple orders is complicated with separate apps.


This demanding situation has led to the rise of a multi-services app; wherein multiple services are provided under a common roof. Apps like Dunzo, Go-Jek, etc., have already established their multi-services apps. Are you an entrepreneur looking to develop your business in the on-demand app market? In such a case, you can initiate the Dunzo Clone app development to gain instant popularity among the masses. In this blog, let’s look at some of the reasons why you should launch your app amid the COVID-19 crisis.

‘The app provides enhanced comfort’ 
By offering multiple services from a single app, you let your users have complete control over the services they avail. They can book a taxi, order food, shop groceries, and many more on the platform. Besides, the app replaces several apps, occupying increased storage space in smartphones. As a result, your app prevents phone speed deterioration and enhances the quality of services gained by customers.

‘The app lets you widen the target audience’ 
Instead of narrowing your services to a specific audience, you can widen your customer base seamlessly with the multi-services app. This way, you enhance your chances of the app’s success. Moreover, even if one of your services fails to gain reception, the other services of the app will supplement it, boosting your customer retention.

‘The app provides revenue from multiple sources’ 
You needn’t worry about generating income with the app. With multiple services under your belt, you can yield revenue in the form of commissions and delivery charges. Besides, the app offers real-time analytics, letting you apply surge pricing as and when necessary. Moreover, the platform opens up a vast revenue-yielding market in the form of advertisements, as well.

Summing up,
The multi-services platform has multiple aspects that can ensure sustainability. It enhances user convenience, increases your customer base, and helps you gain revenue from numerous sources. Reach out to an app development company, demand the on-demand service script, and launch your app instantly.
What are the steps involved in developing a top-notch OYO Rooms like app?
It is quite evident that the Internet revolution has transformed the hotel booking industry, as well. People nowadays needn’t wait for long hours nor worry about the availability of rooms. With the digitization of the sector, people get to know almost everything with just a few taps on their smartphones. The success of apps like Airbnb, OYO Rooms, etc., has propelled entrepreneurs to invest in this flourishing on-demand app industry. 


Are you an entrepreneur planning to launch an OYO Rooms like app? In such a case, you need to know the overall process involved in transforming your needs into a top-notch hotel booking app. Let’s look at the steps involved in development here,

Ideation: Any business needs a businessperson’s visualization as to how the app should turn out and perform. In this phase, you need to identify those requirements that are required to develop the app. These include market needs, financial needs, and technical needs. In simpler terms, you need to know what the customers expect, identify the tech-stack, and pre-determine the budget beforehand.

Design: The next step is to design the framework of the app. To enhance customer engagements, make sure your hotel booking app is user-friendly and simple to use. The UI/UX of the app plays a crucial role in determining the app experience.

In this stage, you develop the front-end and back-end of the online platform. While integrating features and functionalities into the app constitute the front-end, creating and maintaining servers and databases form the back-end development.

Testing: To provide an app that is free from bugs and defects, the app must undergo rigorous testing procedures. This way, any glitches or errors in the platform can be rectified.

Launch: Based on your target audience’s popularity, you can either launch your app across Android or iOS or both.

What if there’s a way to bypass all these stages and launch your app instantly? With the advancements in technology, app development companies are rolling out clone app scripts. You can modify the hotel booking script that is available at economical prices, and launch your hotel booking app instantly!
Crucial Aspects To Consider During UrbanClap Clone App Development

Did you know that, according to the New York Times, the online on-demand home services market in the US is skyrocketing in growth with a CAGR of 49% by 2021? Digitization has become a trend in almost every industry nowadays. Not to mention the fact that on-demand apps offer enhanced user convenience. Any service that boosts people’s comfort is expected to stay and flourish for years to come.

Apps like UrbanClap, Housejoy, and many more have already ventured into this lucrative segment and are reaping the rewards with each passing day. Are you an entrepreneur looking to set foot into this industry by investing in an UrbanClap Clone app development? If so, ask yourselves this simple question, ‘Are you equipped with resources that can aid in developing a virtual platform connecting multiple service providers with people in need?’ If you can answer this question, you can initiate your app development instantly. If you cannot find answers, do not worry.

By the end of this blog, you’ll be confident enough to initiate your on-demand home services app development.

Identify your buyer persona — the sooner, the better

A buyer persona is the imaginary target audience who utilize your app for their services. It is crucial to identify your target audience before developing the home-services app. It solely depends on the entrepreneur to choose and focus the app towards a specific set of the audience. This step aids in visualizing the usage of the end-product, thereby making necessary modifications down the way.

Analyze the market — Study your competitors

After identifying your target audience, the next step is to research their expectations. For an app to sustain itself in the market for an increased timeframe, satisfying the customers becomes paramount. Now, let’s look at how well the market is faring.
  • The global online on-demand home services market forecasts growth of 32.14% by the end of 2020. (Source: Technavio)
  • The global market will grow by $1574.86 billion between 2020 and 2024. (Source: Technavio)
  • The online on-demand home services sector in the US is currently valued at $600 billion. (Source: New York Times)
  • UrbanClap, the most popular home-services app, witnessed a 150% increase in revenue in FY19 when compared to FY18. (Source: UrbanClap)

The facts don’t lie. You needn’t have second thoughts about investing in this highly revenue-yielding segment. Once you have identified the potential of the market, you need to scrutinize your competitors. Some of the top players include,
  • UrbanClap: With over 3 million monthly users, the Indian-based startup has made a mark for itself. The online platform has more than 200,000 service providers under its belt. It is one of the most popular apps among the audience and known for its timely and quality services.
  • Housejoy: One of the fastest-growing companies in the sector, the app is well-known for its robust business model. The app provides an option of re-work, allowing customers to avail of professional services if they are not content with the services.

Wrapping up,

With the market for online on-demand home services growing exponentially, there cannot be an ideal time than this to set foot into the market. Identifying the target audience and analyzing their demands constitute the primary step of app development. While developing the app, the utmost care must be given to designing the UI/UX as it resonates with the user experience. Incorporating lucrative features is essential to pull the audience.

Schedule a meeting with our experts at Appdupe, tell us your visions, and get them transformed into a top-notch UrbanClap clone app in the shortest time possible!

Outlook to kickstart your Uber for Laundry App Development
The modern way, later transformed as the world’s way, involves two main prospects; convenience and saving costs. If a service can surpass these two constraints, it will be acknowledged by the people and will become an integral part of people’s lives. Any example, for that matter, from flights to smartphones, all these services successfully replaced its predecessor and enhanced people’s convenience.


A decade back, people found it challenging to wait for cabs or accessing their favorite restaurants. Necessity is the mother of invention, isn’t it? There came the on-demand app evolution, wherein people got what they demanded at their doorsteps. For many years now, people do not have time to do their laundry. In this fast-paced world, they neither have the time to wait for long hours in front of laundry stores. This demand needs addressing, and this where entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas enter the picture. In this blog, let’s take a comprehensive overview of how to develop an Uber for laundry app.

The idea is quite simple. People request laundry services through their on-demand laundry apps. Laundromats will pick up the laundry from people’s doorsteps and return it within the estimated time.

‘Know the business models’ 

Before venturing into app development, you need to opt for a business model that suits your resources. Some of the common types include,

On-site model: This type of model works the best if you own an established laundry store in a particular locality. To increase customer satisfaction, you can roll out a smartphone application, where users can choose your services. You then assign delivery workers to pick up the laundry and deliver it back to their doorsteps. This model is straightforward, provided you have a delivery chain offering instant services.

Aggregator model:
 This cost-effective model works best for any entrepreneur who wishes to connect multiple laundry stores to people in need. In this model, it is your responsibility to have a delivery chain. By acting as a virtual platform, you generate revenue from several sources.

In-store model:
 This is a new model sprouting up across different regions. Here, people will self-deliver their clothes at a particular location. You then pick up these clothes, do the necessary washing, and return it to the same site. While this type of model incurs lesser work for delivery executives, the convenience of people is a matter of concern.

Wrapping up, 
Now that you have a comprehensive overview of the different business models, the stand-apart features, and the cost to develop an Uber for Laundry app, you can initiate your app development. With the increasing digitization of the world, you needn’t have second thoughts about investing in this sector. Get in touch with a well-reputed app company and establish your business entity among the masses!
Who provides better service, Housejoy or UrbanClap?
It is pointless to mention an on-demand app as the best without mentioning their pros and cons. Both these apps have made a mark for themselves in the industry. Being in the app development field for a couple of years, I see entrepreneurs reaching out to companies to initiate UrbanClap clone app development. The success of these apps has created a major trend among people who find it more convenient to avail of services. Now, let me share the pros and cons of both Housejoy and UrbanClap. It is upto the readers to decide their best-suited company.
Pros of Housejoy: 

  • The quality of the service offered by the company is good, owing to the fact that it verifies professionals before letting them offer their services. 
  • The app offers exclusive discounts and offers to users, thereby reducing the total price for the service. 

Cons of Housejoy: 

  • The service rates demanded by professionals are quite high. 
  • Although the app encompasses multiple service providers, some services like beauty, plumbing, etc., receive a negative reception among the audience. 
  • The delayed arrival of professionals is a matter of concern. 

Pros of UrbanClap: 

  • The online platform is known for its customer responsiveness. 
  • The pricing of services is quite low when compared to other service provider apps. 
  • The app is best suited for working professionals, making the process swift and efficient. 

Cons of UrbanClap: 

  • The platform’s relationship with service providers is a matter of concern. 
  • Service professionals fail to show up on several occasions, leading to the loss of reputability of the platform. 

It is clear from the above that both the online platforms have advantages and limitations of their own. If you have a group of service providers under your belt, you can create an app for yourself in this flourishing market. You can reach out to app development companies for the UrbanClap app clone. Switching to the online medium can help you earn significant revenue in a short time span.
Why is developing an on-demand dog walking app profitable?
Are you an entrepreneur looking to launch a unique smartphone application that is potentially beneficial and profitable? With the digitization gradually fitting into the shoes of the traditional means of services, the situation demands on-demand apps for almost every sector. 
Enhancing people’s convenience is a tedious task. But if you can crack that code, you can reap revenues in almost every sector. Let’s focus on the dog walking service industry. People in their busy schedules neither have the time nor the energy to walk their pets. They’ll inevitably need dog walkers who can do the task for them. What if you can establish a virtual platform connecting multiple dog walkers to people in need? Are you ready to launch an on-demand dog walking app?

Now, why invest in this smartphone application for dog walking?

The increasing demand
According to the data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over three-quarters of the US households account for more than 188 million pets. According to IBISWorld, the dog walking services industry has a market size of $1 billion. According to the American Pet Association, pet owners nearly spend $70 billion annually on pet-related goods and services. As a result, your dog-walking app can gain instant success among the audience.

The market is unexplored
The market for dog walking apps is relatively new. Hence, you can gain instant traction in your business, provided you offer a seamless and user-friendly platform. Being an unexplored market, you can easily satisfy your customers’ expectations, thereby scaling your app and registering a place in users’ smartphones.

When it comes to yielding revenue from the Uber for dog walking service app, you can do so from various sources.

  • By establishing a virtual platform, you connect dog walkers with customers. As a result, for every payment, you’ll receive your share as commission fees.
  • You can roll out the app’s premium version to users who pay you subscription charges on a monthly or yearly basis. This adds to your income source, as well.
  • By displaying third-party ads on your site, you can charge advertising fees from third-party brands for a fixed timeframe.
It is clear from the above that entrepreneurs needn’t have second thoughts about investing in this lucrative segment. Get in touch with an app development company and initiate your app development today!
Know the seamless workflow of the Uber for laundry service app
The advent of on-demand apps has revolutionized the laundry industry to a considerable extent. People, in their jam-packed schedules, don’t do laundry on their own nowadays. Besides, they find it challenging to wait for long hours to access laundry stores. These are the main reasons that fueled the success of Uber for laundry service apps. Apps like Rinse, Cleanly, and many more have already established their business entity in this flourishing market.

Are you a laundry owner looking to launch a laundry app in your locality? Are you an entrepreneur capable of connecting multiple laundry stores to people in need? This blog caters to the needs of those business owners who wish to set foot into the industry with an Uber for laundry app development.

Workflow plays a crucial role in determining the app’s sustainability. There is no point in integrating features if users cannot navigate through the app without any hassles. Let’s discuss the workflow of the on-demand laundry app here,

The workflow of users app:

Initially, users register with the app either by providing their mail IDs or through their social media handles.
Similarly, the laundromats register with the app by providing valid credentials and upload necessary documents for their proof of work.
After registering, they enable their location services. The app site displays the number of laundromats that are available to offer services in the vicinity.
Users can book instantly or schedule for later, once they have identified their desired laundromats.
The laundromats can accept/reject user requests based on their convenience.
After the booking confirmation, users get to track the delivery professional in real-time, who picks-up the laundry.
After the services are done, users are delivered their laundry. They can pay for their services via multiple payment options, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, etc.
The laundromats receive their payment after the commission cut-down by the admin.
Both users and laundromats get to share their experience in the form of ratings and reviews.

Bottom line,

An uninterrupted workflow can make all the difference to a laundry app, as it impacts the user experience significantly. Integrate this workflow to scale your 
Uber for laundry service app among your target audience.
Know the guidelines before initiating uber for plumber app development
An overflowing tap or a leaky faucet is apparent in almost every household. If needy actions aren’t taken, the entire house becomes messy within a short time span. In today’s scenario, people cannot find and access a plumber in person. They depend on the internet that provides instant search results without any hassles. As a result, don’t you think an on-demand plumber service app becomes a necessity?


Are you a plumber who wishes to elevate your business to the next level? Are you an entrepreneur who aims to develop a virtual platform that connects plumbers with people in need? This blog provides you quality insights on how to develop a top-notch plumber services app.

‘Focus on the customers’ 
It is the customers who decide the fate of any business. Hence, you must offer services keeping customer satisfaction in mind. Increasing customer reliability happens through a two-fold process; one, the app’s navigation, and two, the app’s features.

Your users should be able to seamlessly navigate through the app, finding what they intend in the shortest time possible. Hence, design a user-friendly yet intuitive app to reach out to the target audience.

Features play a crucial role in determining the sustainability of your app. Hence, providing unique features in your platform can act as significant selling points. Some of the cutting-edge features include,

  • In-app chat/call facility to establish communication between users and plumbers. 
  • Real-time tracking feature to get the live location of plumbers. 
  • Multiple payment options to let users pay for their services through the app. 
  • Scheduling options to avail of services instantly or on a future date. 

‘Service providers are your backbones’ 
Being an on-demand service app, plumbers are the backbones of your platform. Hence, there shouldn’t be any hindrance to offering services. By providing a separate app for service providers, you need to integrate certain key functionalities into it. They include,

  • Accept/reject user requests based on their convenience. 
  • Availability toggle to let them switch between their availability. 
  • In-app navigation to find users’ locations without any hassles. 

Wrapping up, 
In the modern world of the internet and smartphones, taking businesses online is the only way to sustain in the market. Initiating the Uber for plumber app development can prove beneficial and profitable for business owners, service providers, and users. Initiate your app development today!
Know the factors that determine the development cost of a Sports betting app like Bet365
The growth of the online betting industry has scaled greater heights ever since the advent of smartphones. People from anywhere across the world can place bets on live sporting events. From just an entertainment perspective, the industry has escalated to be a major revenue-earning sector, as well. Betting apps like Bet365, William Hill, etc., have gained a place in users’ smartphones within a short time span.

This success of Sports betting apps has propelled entrepreneurs to invest in this vastly-expanding industry. Besides, several app development companies are providing a helping hand to business owners in launching their sports betting app. However, you cannot quote a fixed price for developing the app, as it depends on several factors. In this blog, let’s discuss some vital factors that determine the development cost of a Sports betting app like Bet365. 


The complexity of the app: Your app design influences the user experience to a significant extent. While it is necessary to offer intuitive design, the app should be user-friendly, as well. The more complex your platform, the higher is the cost required for the development.

The features you integrate into your app:
 It is inevitably the features that attract the audience towards your sports betting app. Hence, it is vital that your app offers a perfect blend of essential and unique features. However, the more features you integrate into your app, the higher goes your app budget.

The platforms you launch the app: With the number of Android & iOS users growing in number, your app should be compatible across multiple platforms to enhance its visibility. It is advisable to consider cross-platform compatibility during your Bet365 like app development.

The team to develop the app: You need a well-equipped technical team to assist you with app development. The team generally comprises developers, project managers, quality analysts, etc. These experts demand charges based on hourly rates. The higher the time taken for app development, the greater is your app budget.

Wrapping up,
These are the critical factors that influence your app development cost to a considerable extent. Reach out to an app development company, tell them your app ideas, negotiate your budget, and initiate your Bet365 like app development today.
What is a good script for hotel booking?
Hello there!

Revolutions happen over the phone nowadays. With almost 4.5 billion people having access to smartphones, nearly every industry is turning towards the online medium. The hotel booking sector is no exception. People who found it challenging to wait in queues for long hours, book their rooms well in advance through hotel booking apps without any hassles. This has led several hotel booking apps to rise to the occasion. App development companies are offering clone app scripts to entrepreneurs who wish to establish their business in the sector. Now, there always exists confusion as to how to choose the best script for hotel booking. This is quite normal, owing to the fact that these scripts vary in their performance based on the owners’ perspective. However, specific criteria can help you identify your best-suited hotel booking script. 

  • Assess the budget: The primary thing to do before analyzing the script is to identify if it matches your predetermined budget. This can significantly narrow down your search to those scripts which are within your scope.
  • Look for unique features: Comparing and analyzing different scripts on various parameters must be your next step. One such important factor is the stand-apart features offered by the script. Identify those features that can attract the audience towards your hotel booking platform. 
  • Analyze the tech-stack: Upon looking for features, the next criteria includes analyzing the tech-stack offered by the scripts. Make sure the script is adhering to the latest market and technological trends.
  • Determine the company’s flexibility: The final parameter is to determine if the company is flexible enough to hear your specifications. An over-dominant app company can lead to the loss of your revenue to a considerable extent.

Ensure maximum safety with a school bus management software
Hello there! 

Safety has become paramount nowadays. Parents nowadays care for their children and expect the maximum protection of their wards. Managing school fleets has been a matter of concern for school officials, as well. This has led to the rise of school bus transportation software, wherein one can monitor the entire activity of multiple fleets from a single place. Besides, even parents get to track their children and get to know their exact time of arrival. Now, choosing the best school management software is a tedious task, as the market is dynamic. However, let me share with you specific signs that can narrow down your search and help you identify the best-suited software. 

  • Check for real-time updates: Seamless information flow is critical for the sustainability of any software. Hence, make sure the parents, school officials, and drivers can establish communication and share updates without any restriction. Besides, real-time navigation, this is a feature you must look out for. 
  • Efficient student logs: It is pointless for parents to track the school fleet if their ward does not commute in the first place. Hence, to offer transparency in the entire system, check for student logs in the software. This way, drivers can log the students’ pick up and drop off with just a few taps. 
  • Alter preferences: Make sure parents and school officials can make preferences whenever necessary. Besides, admins must have the option of rerouting fleets in case of emergency. This way, you ensure that the software is convenient and reliable in usage. 
  • Multi-lingual support: Parents from varied demographics access your software to verify their children’s safety. Hence, a multi-lingual support system can come in handy to enhance their reliability. 

When approaching companies for a school bus management app, check for softwares with these characteristics. With these functionalities, it becomes a cakewalk to identify your best-suited software. 

The perks of investing in a Dunzo clone app development
In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, people are gradually inclined towards online mediums to access services. This has led to the instant popularity of on-demand apps. Entrepreneurs are pouring in revenue into this high revenue-yielding sector. However, the potential market for multi-services apps is yet to be explored by business owners. If you are an entrepreneur trying to venture set foot into the industry, make sure you develop a multi-services app like Dunzo, Go-Jek, etc. In this blog, let’s take a look at the reason why investing in a Dunzo clone app development is beneficial and profitable for entrepreneurs. 

  • Enhanced people convenience: People needn’t navigate across apps for different services. They can enjoy multiple services through a single app, thereby controlling multiple orders and demands without any hassles. 
  • Reduced phone storage: People are finding it challenging to accommodate several apps in their smartphones. This not only leads to the loss of storage but also deteriorates the phone’s speed over time. Hence, your multi-services app, offering several services under one roof, can attract users towards the platform.
  • Widened customer base: Unlike other apps that narrow down to a specific set of the target audience, your multi-services app can be a one-stop destination to several users. For example, people who need taxi services and those who do grocery shopping coexist, leading to a massive customer base within no time. 
  • Increased chances of success: Of the thousands of apps introduced daily, only a handful of them are gaining their places in people’s smartphones. In this highly competitive on-demand market, you can boost your chances of success with a super app, offering multiple services on the go. Even if one service fails to perform well, people will still access your platform for other services. 

The market for on-demand apps is flourishing amid the Coronavirus pandemic. You can take on your rivals by storm with an all-in-one Dunzo clone app. Approach companies that can provide you a tailor-made on-demand service script and establish your business entity among the masses! 

Reasons to invest in a Uber for Plumber App development
Digitization is apparent in this modern era of smartphones. With several services turning towards the online medium, people are finding it challenging to locate and access plumbers for their household chores. They demand an on-demand plumber service app to access multiple plumbing professionals from a single place. In this blog, let’s discuss the reasons why plumbers should take their business online.
‘The demand for household services is everlasting’ 
Inevitably, every household in a locality needs a faucet fixed or a pipe unclogged. People in their jam-packed schedule cannot find plumbers instantly. Your on-demand app can be the virtual platform connecting plumbers to users in need. This way, your app increases customer engagements, plumbers get to enhance their business, and users’ demands are resolved.

‘Reaching out to a wider audience’ 
Instead of narrowing down your business prospects, you can significantly enlarge your profits with the aid of these on-demand apps. People, all across the locality, can access your services. What more to ask when you are engaged with work, earning revenue from multiple sources.

‘It paves the way for an additional source of income’ 
Besides your regular working hours, you can offer flexible services to your customers. With an on-demand app in hand, you can earn revenue through subscription models, advertisements, etc. Thus, by taking your business online, you add your income significantly.

‘Your app can be the first of its kind’ 
The market for plumbing services is fresh and unexplored by many entrepreneurs. Thus by developing an online platform, you can attract people more easily. You can be a pioneer for upcoming apps. By integrating top-notch features, your app can be a one-stop destination for people who need plumbing services.

Bottom line, 
On-demand apps are revolutionizing the way people access services. By providing services to users with just a few taps on their smartphones, you are providing them the utmost convenience and reliability. All the above-said reasons signify that the on demand Plumber App development can be beneficial as well as profitable.
What are the best sports betting apps out there?
The sports betting industry has been revolutionized with the advent of on-demand apps. People all across the world can place real-time bets on sporting events. Sports enthusiasts are experiencing a new level of entertainment by competing against global rivals. Nowadays, there are several apps in the market, offering the best-in-class experience to users. Let me share with some of the best apps in the market nowadays, 


  • Bet365: This app is, by far, the most unique and popular among people all across the world. The app offers live streaming of matches happening globally. Faster payments, user-friendly design, etc., add credibility to the app. The app has a separate fan base, and entrepreneurs are considering this app as a benchmark by trying to develop a bet365 like app.

  • 888Sport: The app is known for its offers and promotions provided to users. Simple design and thousands of events attract users towards the platform. The app offers multilingual support systems, multiple payment options, etc.

  • FanDuel: This app gained popularity by its daily and weekly contests provided to users. The app houses a wide range of matches happening in real-time. Unlike some sports betting apps, the app offers a chance to win real cash. The app was acquired by Paddy Power, another giant of the industry.
You can list several apps out here for their unique features. Now, what if you could combine the best features of all these apps in a single app? Yes, it is very much possible with the latest trend in the market, the clone apps. Several companies are offering sports betting app development, entirely customizable according to your needs. Hence, entertain people and gain revenue with a Bet365 clone app.
Get to know how an Urbanclap like app development can help you in Revenue generation?
Service providers are easier to access nowadays. People can reach out to professionals in no time with their smartphones. A multi-services marketplace can reach out to people more effectively. People demand household services like home cleaning, repair, electrical services, plumbing services, etc., from a single app. Apps like UrbanClap have engaged to a wider audience in no time. By 2019, UrbanClap saw its revenue rise by 309%. The app lists over 100,000 service providers to users. 

  • Get paid commissions through the app: A business owner connects multiple service providers with users in need. By acting a bridge between users and verified service providers, business owners receive a part of users’ payment as paid commissions. By offering multiple services, you can add to a steady flow of income in the form of paid commissions. 
  • Get revenue through featured listings: Users are generally attracted to the top listings displayed in the app. Those service providers who occupy these top listings are visible to more users. Hence, in order to feature at the top of the listings, service providers need to pay a certain amount of money. This can add to revenue generation, as well. 
  • Display third-party ads: A number of third-party vendors can be interested in displaying their advertisement banners in your app. By displaying their ads in your app, you can generate revenue. 

With these many ways of revenue generation, entrepreneurs can certainly capitalize on this growing market to boost their ROI. You can approach app development companies for Urbanclap clone script and venture into the market almost instantly! 

Is there a ready made script for a hotel reservation portal similar to booking.com?
The answer to this question is a big Yes. People have gradually inclined towards online platforms for hotel reservations, as they offer convenient, reliable, and affordable services with just a few taps on their smartphones. This instant success of platforms like booking.com, Airbnb, OYO rooms, etc., has pushed entrepreneurs to invest in a hotel booking platform. For avid entrepreneurs like you, app development companies have a unique strategy known as the clone app solution. Several companies are offering scripts for business owners to decide.

Once you get scripts from various companies, you need to compare and analyze them based on multiple characteristics to decide your best-suited hotel booking script. These characteristics include,

  • The stand-apart features: There are certain unique features offered by these scripts that can attract users towards your platform. You need to identify the script that provides the perfect blend of vital and distinguishing features.
  • The technology used for development: While approaching multiple companies, make sure they’re well-versed with the latest technological advancements. The script that houses the advanced market trends should be your obvious pick.

  • The app’s workflow: It is pointless to integrate features and functionalities if users cannot navigate through the app with ease. Hence, ask for a demo session to identify if the app offers a seamless workflow.

  • The budget involved: I needn’t mention this, but, the budget should still be your primary constraint. Please get to know the budget of the script before analyzing it. This significantly reduces your workload and narrows down your search for the best script.

By weighing different scripts on these characteristics, you can get a readymade script for your hotel booking in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Approach companies for OYO rooms clone script today.

Happy reading! 
Stand-apart features worth considering during Bet365 like app development
Online sports betting apps have become an integral part of sports enthusiasts’ life. Fans of multiple games demand an enhanced experience while watching their favorite sport. Instead of just watching the sport, these people can put their knowledge into action with these apps. This provides them a remarkable opportunity to get entertained and earn revenue simultaneously. The vastly-expanding market is attracting entrepreneurs to invest in a Sports betting app like Bet365. In this blog, let’s take a comprehensive look at the features that shape up the best-in-class Sports betting app.


  • In-app stream: By providing users with an opportunity to stream various sporting events, you can lure users into placing bets. This facility lets them formulate strategies and place bets more effectively. 
  • Betting guide: To attract new users towards the platform who do not have any betting experience before, this feature can come in handy. By educating users on various bets and how to place it, you can enjoy enticing rewards in gaining revenue and adding customers to your platform. 
  • Multiple wagers: Offer users with multiple wager options to select from. Some of the common wagers include single, multiple, head-to-head, full cover, handicap, etc. 
  • In-app chat: Conversations and arguments regarding different sporting events happening worldwide will promote users to place their bets on multiple events and compete with their friends and social community. Hence, providing an in-app chat function is a classic way to enhance your revenue. 
  • Multi-lingual support: Provide users an opportunity to access the app in the language of their preference. Satisfied customers will rely on your app to place bets, thereby escalating your customer engagements. Besides, this eliminates language as a barrier to use your platform. 

It is the unique features that attract users towards any app. By integrating these unique features during Bet365 like app development, you can considerably increase your chances of success among your target audience.
How much does it cost to develop an Urbanclap like App?
In this fast-paced world, people neither have the time nor have the patience to locate and access household service professionals. The advent of smartphones has made a drastic impact on people’s approach towards services. On-demand apps are acting as a one-stop destination for users. This increased popularity of on-demand platforms has made entrepreneurs invest in an Urbanclap clone app development. In this blog, let’s take a look at the budget to develop an app like Urbanclap.

Factors influencing the cost of an Urbanclap clone app:

Specific factors determine the budget of the on-demand app. They include,
  • The app launch platforms: The digital platforms you wish to launch the app significantly impacts the development cost. Usually, on-demand apps are launched across Android and iOS platforms.
  • The tech-stack used for development: The app must be developed according to the latest market trends to increase the chances of its success. Hence, the technology used to develop the app can impact the budget of the app.
  • The team to develop the app: It solely depends on the business owners to decide the team that develops the app. The team must include multiple members like android developers, iOS developers, project managers, QA engineers, Graphic designers, etc.
  • The UI/UX design: The interface of the app enhances the user experience to a considerable extent. Hence, designing a simple and intuitive UI/UX is key to increasing user reliability. Designing a top-notch app consumes a part of the budget, as well.
  • The features integrated into the app: If there is one major factor influencing the cost of the app, it is the features of the online platform. The app should house stand-apart features in it to attract users. A perfect blend of vital and unique features can help you gain a strong customer base.
Considering all these factors, it is clear that it takes anywhere around $15000 - $25000 for the Urbanclap like app development. However, if you wish to reduce your budget substantially, you can opt for clone apps offered by various app companies. These clone apps come with turnkey and whitelabel solutions, enabling you to customize and launch the app instantly into the market!
How can an On-demand plumber App development help you stay ahead of your competitors?
The world is experiencing the revolution of on-demand apps. Services are awaiting people’s orders nowadays. With just a few strokes, people have access to multiple services in their doorsteps. Gone are the days when people strolled down the street looking out for plumber services. Nowadays, with an Uber for Plumber service app, people can reach out to multiple plumbers across the town.

People are gradually beginning to incline on on-demand apps for services. In this blog, let’s discuss how a plumber service app can help you stay ahead in your market. Now, you can either own a separate plumbing service in your locality, or you can be an entrepreneur connecting multiple plumbers under one roof. Either way, app development is beneficial to almost every sector accessing the app.

Benefits of a plumber app:

  • Introduces you to a wider audience: Multiple users can have your app on their smartphones for services. This means that you have scaled your business to a wider audience.
  • Conserves customers’ time and energy: Any service beneficial to customers can sustain in the market in the long run. Your app can greatly conserve the time and energy of users.
  • Maintains your business: Your app can provide you insights on scheduled bookings, order history, location hotspots, etc., thereby allowing you to maintain and expand your business.
  • Access multiple professionals: From the users’ perspective, they have access to multiple specialized plumbers across the town. This lets them choose the best service of their choice.

With these many key benefits, the market for an on demand plumber app development is vastly expanding. So, get your plumber services app and enhance your business in the digital world!
How do I choose the best school bus tracking software?
Most of the schools nowadays are adopting school bus tracking software. This is because fleet management and tracking are made easy with these softwares. Instead of hiring supervisors who are constantly monitoring activities of the fleet through phone calls with drivers, the software can provide results in no time. 


This high popularity of these apps is mainly due to the easy accessibility of these softwares. Now, how does one choose the best school bus tracking software? Well, the answer to this question can vary from perspective. There are various factors that influence the decision for a school bus tracking software.

  • Stand-apart features: Check for stand-apart features in the software. These features must be unique and enhance the reliability of the software. For example, changing preferences is a feature that can let parents change their children’s drop-off. These features greatly help in choosing the best software.

  • Real-time updates: Now, this is a must-have functionality of tracking software. While most of the softwares provide in-app navigation, they don’t usually reflect well on multiple sites, including drivers, parents, officials, etc. The software must be worthy enough to provide real-time updates without any hassles. By real-time updates, drivers get to shortest optimized routes during transit, and parents get to know the estimated time of arrival of their children, etc.

  • Fleet maintenance: One of the popular misconceptions about the term fleet maintenance is that it is related to tracking of fleet alone. However, the term involves proper periodic maintenance of the fleet, as well. For a school bus, periodic maintenance is a high priority. Hence, the school bus software providing quality fleet maintenance insights can be considered the best.
            These factors can greatly assist you in choosing a school bus routing software for your needs.
Earn revenue by launching OYO Rooms like app
Launch your own hotel booking app that seamlessly connects your app users with hotel owners across several locations. For a robust application like OYO rooms, it is advised to go for OYO rooms clone apps that are advanced and pre-loaded with features. Such clone solutions help you develop your app in the quickest time possible and reach a broad segment of the audience due to its easy-to-use interface.

Why should you choose the OYO rooms clone?

  • The OYO rooms clone app solutions benefit the business owners operating in this segment to a great extent. Some of their significant advantages are:
  • The clone solutions are 100% customizable. You can replace the existing logo and name with the logo and name of your business, and you are the sole proprietor of the fully developed application.
  • The app is highly scalable, giving you the benefit of updating the app as per the changing expectations of your app users.
  • The hotel-booking app has comprehensive localization features adapting to the business environment of the location where you plan the launch of your application.
  • The app allows your customers to pay with various multiple payment options, ranging from credit/debit cards to e-wallets. Features, as such, make your users choose your business over your competitors.
  • The clone apps are free from bugs and other discrepancies, ensuring that you won’t face any error in the future.
  • The app is highly secure and reliable and keeps the data of hotel owners and users protected, earning their credibility towards your business.
  • The admin can handle all business activities taking place in the app through the single robust admin web panel.
What are you waiting for? Get your hotel-booking app developed with the best OYO clone in town and earn the benefits mentioned above. Remember, the on-demand industry is all about how fast you enter the market, so wait no longer and get in touch with the development company of your preference to get the clone app customized to suit your business needs.

How much would it cost to develop an app similar to OYO rooms?

According to a recent survey, around 65% of the hotel bookings are made online. It pretty much stresses the importance of building an on-demand app like OYO Rooms as a means to level up a hotel business. You can develop a hotel booking app for either one of the two reasons below.

1. Developing a hotel booking app to take your hotel business online if you own one.

2. Building an online platform to connect people looking for hotel services with hotel owners.

You could earn high profits from either of the business models. Once you decide the business model, it is time to get the app developed. One of the significant factors to consider in app development is the cost to build the app.

You can either go with building the app from scratch or customize a readily available oyo rooms clone script. While the former demands more money, the latter helps you save both money and time. It is suggested to go with the clone apps, so you do not have to spend large sums of money on developing the app.

Several elements influence the developmental cost. Those are:

  • Size of the development team
  • The time taken
  • Number of features integrated
  • Technology stack used
The cost varies from company to company, based on the above factors. If you wish to get exact costs for your app development, reach out to the company of your preference, discuss your needs with them, and get to know the costs.

Craft a successful vacation rental business with an advanced mobile application
The emergence of the on-demand sector has changed the way several businesses operated until now, and users are finding it extremely convenient to avail of any service with just a few taps on their smartphones. One such business that advanced in its operations after the advent of mobile apps is the vacation rental business. Service providers can post the details of the space that are ready to rent, and users can book the space of their preference with ease. Thus, the use of an on-demand app has made the lives of both parties simple.

Let’s have a look at how a mobile app will help you in running a successful vacation rental business.

Saves time for short-term property managers
People who wish to rent out their space just for a short period might not want to spend a lot of time researching how to go about it. For such people, your app is the go-to option. They can just list their property with the required details and chill out. 

Easy management of properties’ listed
You can easily manage the details of all properties listed on your app and verify them by reviewing their property details. It helps your vacation rental business to offer an enriched experience to your users.

Insights to help your business grow
The analytical tools integrated into the app gives you insights that help you make informed decisions on how to improve the service offered by your business. 

Wrapping up!

You would have recognized the importance of developing an on-demand app for your vacation rental business. If you think that the development of an app is going to cost you more money and resources, do not worry. Several app development companies offer Airbnb for business clone solutions to help companies who wish to develop the app at low costs in the shortest time. You can customize these readymade app solutions as per your business needs and launch the app for your vacation rental business for assured success.

Why is the multi services app the need of the moment during the COVID-19 chaos?
The world has come to a halt, and people are staying indoors to break the transmission chain of Coronavirus. In such a frightening moment, it is quite challenging for the general public to purchase essentials such as grocery, medicines, and other things from general stores. Thus, they are moving to online platforms to fulfill their demands. 

Though they shift to on-demand applications, they are still tired of switching between multiple applications to meet their each and every need. This is where multi-services apps like UrbanClap, Gojek, etc., come into play. They help people to a great extent in this dreadful situation and are gaining immense popularity in recent times.

Be it grocery delivery, medicine delivery, courier delivery, or online doctor consultation, everything can be dealt with a single mobile application. A robust app encompasses around 50+ services on average. Businesses can provide only the services they find convenient and disable other services using the toggle mode integrated into the app.

You can also join this lucrative sector by launching your own multi-services app. Steps involved in setting up an app business like UrbanClap.

  • Research the market and understand how your competitors are operating the business. It helps in coming with a USP for your own business.
  • Jot down the feature set. Features are the essential part of an on-demand app so take the utmost care in listing them.
  • Get into your app development. You can do it in two ways - build the app from scratch or customize the readily available app solution.
  • Once you develop a fully functional app, launch it on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.
  • After launching the app, market it, so it reaches your target market. You can use the referral program for the same.


You can connect with one such leading developer in town and get your app developed at relatively low costs.

Business models to consider for developing your Uber-like app for laundry
On-demand laundry apps are gaining traction among end-users as they find it convenient and time-saving. With just a few taps on their smartphones, they are now able to get their laundry done without the need to visit laundromats or take care of it themselves. They have to just key their location and date and time of pick up in the app. Their laundries will be collected, cleaned, dried, and ironed. Again, they will be delivered to the specified drop off location at the requested date and time.

You can also join this prospering sector to earn your own share of the revenue. Below are the business models of which you can choose the one that suits your needs for your app development to make profits from it.

Business Models of Uber for laundry app


Build an Uber-like app for laundry that acts as an online marketplace connecting people who seek laundry services with professional laundry service providers. Both users and service providers can join your app and connect seamlessly. You can choose to hire permanent employees for picking up and dropping off laundry or collaborate with freelance drivers for the same. In both cases, you will be handling the logistics part and rest are managed by the respective laundry business owners.

If you do not want to take the burden of managing a laundry store but wish to step in the laundry business, this is a great option to consider.


You can develop a Uber for laundry app specifically for your laundry service business. You can offer to pick up and drop laundry at the date and time of your users’ convenience. Offering such additional facilities captivate the attention of users, making them choose your business over your competitors.

It is a good idea for a business model when you own a laundry business but do not know ways to increase its reach among your target audience. 

Wrapping up

Choose one of the above two business models before you step into your Uber for laundry app development and scale up your business in the thriving on-demand industry.

Develop a service marketplace application like UrbanClap

Imagine taking care of household activities when you have a busy lifestyle or going to the salon when you have an important meeting. You will be frustrated, right? What if we say, you can accomplish everything with just a few taps. Surprising, isn’t it? You can avail of all the services, from housekeeping to salon services in a single platform, i.e., through a multi-service app like UrbanClap.

You can also set up such a multi-service business platform with the assistance of turnkey UrbanClap clone script available in the market if you wish to start one. Here’s how you can go about the set up of your on-demand multi-services app business.

  • Analyze the market and identify your target market.
  • Research your competitors and come up with a business idea that is unique from other businesses.
  • Arrive at the list of on-demand services to include in the app.
  • Jot down the features to integrate into the app as per the services offered.
  • Decide on the technology stack to use for the app development.
  • Reach out to the leading app development company in town for building your app.
  • Customize the readymade UrbanClap app solution to come up with an app at relatively low costs.
  • Test the app for bugs and other discrepancies to ensure it is error-free.
  • Launch the app on the app stores after completing the testing phase.

These are the steps involved in giving life to your dream business. If you do not know where to avail of these app development services, do not worry. We have got your back. Several app development companies offer UrbanClap clone scripts, along with options to personalize them. You can take the help of one such company in building your app.

The cost of an UrbanClap clone, along with customization services, starts from US$ 2,000. But the cost depends on several factors like the feature list involved, technology stack used, the time needed, and resources involved in the UrbanClap like app development. Also, the cost varies from one company to another.

For exact costs, it is advised to reach out to the company that you chose for the development of your multi-service app. The company you contact will provide you a free quote, along with an hour-wise breakdown.

Remember, an on-demand app is the base of your multi-services app business, so make sure it is advanced and feature-rich for the smooth operations of your business.

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  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses