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Essential features in any UberEats Clone Script
Essential features in any UberEats Clone Script

The food ordering and delivery business is growing day by day. And it has been extending its reach all around the international market trends. Many food delivery apps UberEats, Postmates, Grubhub, etc are the right examples of how this concept has the best promising and foreseen future. Because people enjoy eating, and it’s going to be continued throughout their lifespan.
These food delivery apps eliminate the difficulties and fuss of the traditional dine-in methods. Rather than building an app right from scratch, using an UberEats clone will be the best choice. Are you that solopreneur, who is very much intended to launch a food delivery service and to attain a great thrust in your business? Then this article will briefly explain the must-have inclusive in your application.
Platform Independent 
The technical logic of the platform independence will surely extend your restaurant business to the people connected with different devices. Launching a good food ordering application is an easy task. But it must be supported by all the Android, iOS, and desktop systems. So, this must be chosen as the first feature in your checklist.
Different Panels
For any food ordering script, there must be three key panels – Users, Restaurants, and Delivery Partner. All the three partners must be provided with mutual communication points to connect one another if required. So, a well efficient UberEats clone script provides three different applications for the whole three different personalities in the process. 
This is one of the primary features of any food delivery business. Generally, the customers use all sorts of payment gateways on food delivery apps based on their convenience. So providing multiple payment gateways makes sure that the customers never bounce back because of not finding their comfort methods. So, your UberEats clone script must support multiple payment methods like Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, Wallets, and as well as Cash on Delivery.
Location Detection
Detecting the location automatically is an enhancement and important feature which can be highly used to check that the location opted for is deliverable or not. Manual turning on and off of this location feature is an add on.
However, the customers can very well place orders for their suitable acquaintances from some other town or places applied that the same food delivery service is available.
Live Tracking
After placing a successful order, users can be updated by each of the delivery processes. The live status of their order can be shown, thereby users can get an idea of the ETA of their order. The live tracking also provides an enhanced experience which even includes the details of the delivery personnel who are on the route with their order.
Notifications & Reviews
Push or pop up notifications are mainly for customer engagement and better communications. You keep your customers updated on various stuff such as new offers, coupons, ratings, reviews, order status, new add ons in the list, etc. To stay up in your market trends, don’t miss out on this tool.
In these modern days, nobody buys things from any of the sites without hitting its review space. Mainly when it comes to food, quality, and hygiene cannot be compromised. With the review option, you can highly utilize customer-generated content for your good. And good transparency is there for your overall operations. 
Bottom Line
Keeping good track of the above-mentioned things helps you to picture your business performance. Choosing the correct script will be a tedious task. Are you looking for the best UberEats clone? Then, Delaware is the best fit for your search algorithm. This UberEats clone script is open-source software. 
Delaware is a food app script and has widely accomplished admiration across the world. Delaware, Ubereats clone app script is easily available for iOS and Android users both. Visit Us to know more about our product. All the best for your way in this greatly profitable niche.

Features of ubereats clone
Admin panel

  • Database management: Manage every single information such as the data of registered clients, restaurants, number of delivery boys etc.
  •  Customer management: Allows the admin to check the buyer details, the number of orders, date and time of the order and amount of the orders.
  •  Restaurant management: Lets the admin add new restaurants or eliminate the old ones, manage and maintain a flexible guide through the platform.
  •  Offer management: Produce and deploy new deals, offers, discounts as well as permit the deals from the restaurant side.
  •  Revenue management: Manage all the payments such as payment received from the clients, given to the restaurants, delivery boys and the commission set for them.
  •  Feedback management: Allows the admin to manage and view the feedback received from the clients and the answers given by the restaurant and delivery boys.
  •  Notifications to registered user: Admin can manage SMS, Emails, App notifications for the clients, delivery boys and the restaurant owners.

Customer app

  • Quick onboarding: Allows the customers to get started with social login selection or through email registration.
  •  Search nearby restaurants: Search and find restaurants based on the type of locations, cuisines, timings, and any such particular thing.
  •  Browse the menu: Check various restaurant menus, their speciality and prices.
  •  Select your order: Choose the restaurant, select the order and place it.
  •  Check the cart: Add the selected item to the cart and then place the order.
  •  Push notifications: The information about new restaurants, new features or offers is brought into your server through the feature push notification.
  •  Secured payment mode: The customer should be provided with multiple payment selections such as Credit card, Debit card, Wallet, and other secure methods.
  •  Track your delivery boy: Track the time of your order delivery and the distance covered by the delivery boy in real-time.
  •  Track your order status: The delivery progress and status can be tracked through the food delivery app.
  •  Rate and review: The customer can rate and give feedback about the service of the food delivery app.
  •  Offers and promos: Offers several promos and discounts to customers to get benefited from.

Restaurant app

  • Profile creation: Create a profile to form a strong relationship with users through social media.
  •  Order alerts: Notification alerts to let the restaurant staff know that the user has placed the orders and make them prepare as soon as possible.
  •  Customize your menu: The customer can make any changes in the menu as per his choice through this feature.
  •  Order management: The restaurant can keep track of the number of orders received, delivered and the number of orders on the way.
  •  Payment management: Through this feature, the mode of payment made to the delivery boy is being managed.
  •  Customer details: Customer details are provided to the restaurant panel to confirm the order and get the location
  •  Track order history: The restaurant panel can track the completed and pending orders.
  •  Answer feedback: The restaurant owner can answer the reviews and feedback from the customers.
  •  Manage special offers: Allows the restaurant owner to provide offers, discounts and rewards to its customers through the on-demand food delivery app.

Driver app

  • Create a profile: Allows the driver to create his profile providing details like name, documents, contact details, and payment details.
  •  Receive order: The driver will get the order, contact details of the customer, location of the order and delivery through the food delivery app.
  •  Receive delivery location: The delivery location of the customer should be accessible to the driver through GPS to reach and deliver food on time.
  •  View order history: This feature allows the driver to view the number and type of orders he has accomplished.
  •  Receive multiple deliveries: The driver can get numerous orders at a single instance to save time and efforts in delivering the order.
  •  Notifications: The driver gets notified of the change in delivery location or the addition of new delivery through the app.

Technical aspects and research
Technical aspects of online food ordering software are important to consider when you intend to launch an online food delivery business as competitive as food delivery app. Depending on your budget, the location of your service and business requirements from the platform. Study clone script on the following aspects to choose the best platform for your food delivery business.
Platform compatibility
Technical aspects for platform compatibility decide the extent of your business to users with different devices. Owning a food delivery website is just not enough to run successful food delivery operations in 2019. The vendor must offer support for versions of web, Android and iOS apps.
Number of applications
Key partners in food ordering business are customers, restaurants and delivery personnel. All three partners must possess a touchpoint to connect with each other when required. Efficient food ordering software will provide three different applications for three different partners in the process.
Payment systems
Main feature aspect of food delivery business is the availability of secure and multiple payment options. Having multiple payment options ensure that users don't bounce back just because they didn't find a preferred payment method on your app.
Search filter options
Make sure the food ordering script supports advanced search filters that allow users to not just search for food or restaurant but also filter search results.
Live tracking
Automatic geolocation tracking is important to display food items from restaurants that are servable in a specific location.
Ratings and reviews
Letting users write reviews or rate food you would be utilizing user-generated content for the good of your business. Ultimately it will encourage more users to use your platform with more reviews came from fellow users.
What should you take into concern for building an app?

  • Decide your business model
  • Ensure user-friendly interface
  • Decide your budget
  • Framework to choose
  • What is your USP
  • Develop a customized website
  • Choose your demography
  • Plan your launch program

The estimated cost to develop UberEats like app
It is obvious for an entrepreneur to focus on ROI and to figure out the expected turnover and investment required. Let's find out the cost of building an on-demand app for food delivery business.
Influence of features
To develop an uber-like app you might go with the most viable features, advanced features or a blend of both basic and advanced features.
Influence of operating system
It purely depends upon the customer preference and target audience of the device to select the operating system. Therefore uber app development or Ios is surely a matter of customer preference.
Influence of technology
You need to figure out your app development needs. As you know building an uber like app requires using the latest tools and technologies.

How to build UberEats clone?

How to build UberEats clone?
Online food ordering business is growing rapidly and local food outlets are extending its reach to the international market. Food ordering apps such as UberEats, Seamless, GrubHub, Zomato, and JustEat are the best example of how this niche has a promising future. People love eating and they will continue doing throughout their lives. They build food delivery marketplace in minutes. These popular on-demand scripts can act as a base for creating your own food delivery app or website.
Why UberEats clone script?

  • Both cab and restaurant aggregators are on-demand service marketplace businesses which require instant action.
  • Both offer a way to track live location and status of requested service

Little research on some important aspects can guide you to select the best suited software for your food delivery business. Before comprehending aspects for research, let's first understand the process involved in building UberEats clone app.

  • Select food ordering clone script.
  • Customize the food ordering or delivery software as per your business requirements.
  • Customize the restaurant menu and services according to your brand.
  • Launch your food ordering website and app.


How does UberEats clone app work?

  • 1. Browse restaurants: Find available restaurants by scrolling through the feed. Get particular restaurants of your choice by applying specific filters such as cuisine, distance, open time and price.
  • 2. Choose your food: By selecting a restaurant, you will be able to browse through the list of menu items which are available for delivery. Just tap on the preferred item to add it to your cart.
  • 3. Get your order finalized: Once you have completed adding all the items to your cart, you can checkout your order. Then, you will see all applicable taxes, the booking fee and the estimated delivery time. Place your order confirming.
  • 4. Track the order progress: With UberEats app you can see the status of your order in real-time. You will be notified once the restaurant receives the order and begins to prepare your order. You can also see the delivery partner's status and monitor their progress all the way to your delivery.
  • 5. Get your order delivered: You will get a notification once your food arrives and you can collect your order from the delivery person.


The business model of UberEats

  • UberEats business model works as a three-sided marketplace that connects a driver, a restaurant owner, and a customer. Restaurants pay commission on the orders to UberEats and customers pay small delivery charges at times and cancellation fee. Drivers earn through making reliable deliveries on time.
  • You can also check out here how food ordering system works.



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    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses