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Inculcate these distinguishing features in your Netflix clone script

Multiple accounts: As per the subscription plan, users can set up many accounts. The premium subscription plan allows users to set upto five accounts. The more interesting feature is that each account can have separate names. This way, favorite lists, suggestions, history, notifications, etc., are as per individual users’ preferences. 

Parental control settings: Not all TV shows and movies are suitable for kids. While setting up the account, users can choose the account based on four maturity levels. In addition to that, they can regulate parental settings to not allow kids to switch to a different account.

Download movies and shows: When there is a reliable internet connection, users can download the shows. Netflix currently allows upto 100 shows or movies stored at a time and using cloud storage so users need not worry about the storage difficulties.

Netflix Roulette: It is one of the interesting aspects of Netflix; it gives a tv-like experience for the users. Users can select the genre, type, and select the spin button, and then random lists of shows and movies appear to users as per their selection. 

These are some of the exciting features that are not offered by other on-demand video streaming apps. Offer amazing users-experience with Appdupe’s Netflix clone script and win the hearts of customers instantly.
How to get more attention to the YouTube clone script?

Features for channel owners and viewers

Channel Dashboard: It has details related to the trending videos and shows. So channel owners can know the trends and upload trending content on the channel. The videos that performed well are along with viewerships. The overall channel viewership is also presented. 

Channel Analytics: Statistics related to the channel are part of this segment. The information related to analytics comprises of the following:
  • The average number of views per video
  • Total channel views and subscribers list
  • Total channel watch time (in hours)
  • Demographic information about your audience

Featured video: Channel creators can add featured videos for specific audiences like new subscribers and existing subscribers. For instance, there could be a channel introductory video for new subscribers and this video will appear as notifications for them.

Share: People can share their favorite content on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and WhatsApp. They can also decide on the point of video time to share it. 

Polls: Channel creators can schedule polls at specific intervals by using the cards. Based on their viewers’ choice, they can create more content in those areas. It can also act as an opinion poll to understand people’s mindset of the topic discussed.
Entrepreneurs can develop and launch a YouTube clone script with Appdupe’s assistance and succeed in their ventures.
Significant features to include in Dating app development

Registration: Users can signup by providing the basic details or also use social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Matching: Users can set filters according to their preferences based on factors like gender, location, age, etc. Relevant profiles are listed to the users. 

Private chat: When both users have swiped right, they can communicate via private chat. The messages are protected with end-to-end encryption, so the data stored are completely secure. 

Push Notifications: Users will receive notifications about likes, matches, and messages. During dating app development, developers can also include alerts for the latest features and app updates. It is an important way to retain customers to use the app. 

Security aspects: Users can report other fellow users in case of abuse or harassment. The admin will be immediately informed of this, and they can review it and take necessary actions. It is crucial to include privacy & safety features to gain users’ trust.

Users anonymity: The selection and details of users are protected. Third-parties and hackers cannot misuse this information. 

The usage of dating apps is increasing with each passing day. Build an app like Tinder and utilize the prospering market. Appdupe offers a full-fledged dating clone app with all the salient features offered by popular dating apps.
Why should companies use employee time attendance software?

Most of the corporates have shifted to ‘work from home’ amidst the Coronavirus outbreak. This naturally leads us to question how employers can keep track of employee working hours. There are many solutions available, but nothing can be as accurate as the face recognition attendance software. The software can be installed in both mobiles, tablets, and desktops. All that the employee needs is to scan their face, then automatically, attendance would be marked for them, simultaneously the timer would be turned on. 

Numerous benefits offered by attendance software
The employee time attendance has been built to suit both home working and office working environments. Here are the significant perks provided by both environments:

Home working environment 

  • With the attendance software, employers can keep track of their staff at all times. The day shift and night shift can also be regularly maintained through an employee time attendance system. 
  • On the other hand, it gives employees the time to work at their convenience. They can check for the projects and tasks scheduled to them and work on the given schedule. There are reminder features to set the time for each task. 
  • Productivity is enhanced through these effective tools. Some of the in-built features include time management records, leave maintenance, and many more. 

Office environment

  • The face mask has been made mandatory by governments worldwide. The attendance software will automatically detect a face mask during face scanning.
  • The camera integrated with the AI algorithm will verify if the social distancing guidelines are followed. The respective employees are sent alerts if they failed to do so.
  • Real-time reports are sent to the admins daily. They can check the reports panel through their secured admin panel.

Entrepreneurs can get the attendance software for business and integrate it seamlessly with the current working module. These softwares have everything required for a hassle-free launch.
Five Killer Features In A Meesho Clone App That Can Create An Instant Impact

As simple as it may sound, turning digital decides the fate of a business. With people depending on smartphones for almost every service, businesses either adapt to this trend or get gradually declined by customers. E-commerce has topped the charts when it comes to digitization. While apps like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., gain immense popularity, there exists a huge void when it comes to e-commerce reselling apps. 

  • In-app chat: Providing a streamlined communication flow between users and sellers can enhance engagement rates. 
  • Daily deals: User retention is a piece of cake with this daily deals feature. Users can check on offers and discounts every day and can make purchases instantly. 
  • Social sharing: Users can share products with their family and friends and ask for opinions. This way, even people who aren’t acquainted with the app get to know it. 
  • Multi-store checkout: The app can take user convenience to a whole new level by providing multi-store checkouts. Users can add products from multiple stores and seamlessly pay for them through multiple payment options. 
  • Product-related articles: The app can enhance user interaction rates by providing product-related articles. This way, users can make informed decisions after surfing the necessary information. 

Wrapping up, 
Implementing these features in a Meesho clone script can enable entrepreneurs to have a cutting-edge over their rivals. These features can bring about uniqueness, paving the way for the app’s success.
Brief Guide to build social media app like TikTok

Find your niche: Before proceeding with the actual app development process, it is important to decide on the niche for your app. For instance, not all age groups people extensively use social media apps, so when we focus on a particular section of users, we must decide on the right features to gain their attention. Once entrepreneurs decide on the area of focus, it is easier to build the app-based on it.

Platform: Then, it is time to decide on the development platform for your app, either Android or iOS. For a social media app like TikTok, it is better to develop the app on both platforms. 

Monetization model: The revenue stream must provide continuous revenue for your business, so choose accordingly. In-app purchases and advertising (embedded and banner) are some of the revenue streams to consider. 

Features: The right way to develop the app is to build the app with MVP features; later on, as per user preferences, you can add the features. Some of the basic features to consider include:

  • Signup/ login
  • Live streaming
  • Filters & stickers
  • Discovery
  • Like & comment
  • Subscribe
  • Stories
  • Chat options
Development process: There are two options to develop the app: to hire a team of developers or to get the ready-made app from reputed app development companies and customize it. Depending on your choice, the cost will vary. 

Social media apps are top-rated nowadays. It would provide an excellent start for beginners. Consult with experts at Appdupe and launch your app in a week.

Challenges faced during video-on-demand app development

Challenges faced by video streaming solution

  • Scalability: New users are continually part of the streaming services. The app must have scalable back-end support to cater to the needs of the increasing number of customers. There must also be facilities to stream content without any glitches. 
  • Security: There must be a reliable encryption algorithm to protect from misuse pertaining to users' data. Movies and shows or any other content require valid rights to be acquired before streaming, so make sure you have the relevant copyrights before streaming content in your video streaming app.
  • Search results: Though the app has all the movies and shows that users search, there must be a robust algorithm for retrieval. Unlike other apps, OTT applications have more parameters to filter the results, such as actors, genres, titles, etc. Train your search results with various examples, test it thoroughly, and fix the inaccurate results. 
  • Streaming quality: Today's technology has made it possible to stream content from anywhere in the world. Multiple CDN are compared and the best streaming quality network among them is relayed to the users. 

Must-have features of video streaming apps 

  • Users onboarding: They should be a simple sign in and sign up process. It should not take more than a few minutes to register.
  • Recommendation: The secret behind the success of OTT platforms like Netflix lies in offering the best content to users and providing recommendations based on individual presence. There must be an effective data analytics algorithm to offer suggestions based on the users' browsing history and watch history. 
  • Real-time analytics: These represent graphical data in terms of pie charts, graphs, etc., through which admin can get real-time analytics on users' behavior.

By partnering with Appdupe, you can offer users the best streaming experience via video streaming solution. Visit us to learn more about our clone app solutions.

Simple steps to be followed to build an effective Restaurant discovery app
Steps involved in building FoodDiscovery app

  • Research analysis: There is no point in targeting the app for the people who are not interested in the food rating app. Conduct a thorough market analysis and try to overcome the shortcomings faced by your competitors in your app. There aren’t any major competitors present in the market. So you can utilize your maximum strength and set a high benchmark for your app.
  • Design: The app should offer an exceptional browsing experience to the users. So they can navigate through the food discovery app swiftly without any hassles. For instance, there mustn’t be many features crammed together making it difficult for users to find the required feature.
  • Development: Most effective development methodology is agile development as both app development and testing take place simultaneously. The errors and software bugs can be resolved as and when thereby providing the first-class app for the stakeholders.
  • Deployment: The apps should be released in prominently used platforms, such as Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Customer difficulties should be promptly addressed by the testing and development team. This is one of the effective ways to ensure customer retention.
Entrepreneurs can get the scalable, white-labeled Restaurant discovery app from Appdupe and prompt initiate their online business. Connect with us to learn more about clone app solutions.

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    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses