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Our online food ordering app like UberEats is a ready-made solution that allows you to join the lucrative food delivery segment in a jiffy. A pragmatic food delivery app that addresses all demands of the users, increasing the customer experience.

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Enhance learning with virtual udemy clone script
Habit of learning never actually leaves us. Some find time to keep themselves updated and they never really stop. Some spend time to find their area of interest to learn. All the more, there is information piling up. Either in the form of teachers or the internet, the knowledge can be accessed. To speed up with the growing information one needs a quick answer. Books being an evergreen source of knowledge, is a slow medium of gathering information. To obtain an idea instantly, people have started to depend on the internet. The Internet offering a wide range of information still does not offer an appropriate structure and sequenced learning. 

What is udemy?
A digital solution in the form of an app that covers all possible courses to make learning easy and affordable. Offering a wide variety of planned courses that starts from education to hobbies. Users meet their tutors on this platform who design an easy and understandable syllabus with study materials that help in easy reference e-learning. Upon course completion the users are awarded a certificate or even offered a placement via a reliable 3rd party interview in respect with their courses.

Why now is the right time to invest in Udemy clone app development?

Situation of the current world!

Owing to the covid-19 circumstances, the student community is a future prospect of any country in the world. A befitting solution that can keep any learner instill confidence in his future intact is the development of app like Udemy. Since schools and universities are still shut in most places, people looking to engage themselves in a self-worthy time can benefit using the udemy clone app even in times of tribulations. Free learners having ample time and looking to sharpen or learn a skill can make use of e-learning app like udemy.

A market that back an incredible growth for udemy clone script

Quoting a remedy for the above mentioned dark hours is the solution. Udemy clone app development is the need of the hour answer for users looking to ambitiously improve a lagging interest. By a thorough research conducted even before the on-going pandemic shocked with incredible stats stating the mammoth e-learning platform will pool in a staggering $350 billion revenue by 2025 and in the aftermath will increase the percentage of annual income immensely in no time. The e-learning market offers enormous potential to build and grow a business by helping build bridges for the children of our future.

It's a right choice without any doubt

Offering more than what the traditional education provides is the satisfaction that comforts the people. Some unique option that stands out are
  • Learning at a comfortable pace
  • 150,00 courses on-demand courses are offered
  • Enroll for multiple courses at once
  • Affordable
  • Lifetime access
  • Complete course recorded and handed in full
  • One time payment and no extra costs
  • certificates

WHY Udemy clone is a winning concept

Aiding the users to study well-packed organised courses at their preference and having comprehensive features that help them with easy access to/within any courses can help them use their time educatively. Providing the best courses with expert tutors who can communicate at any time can initiate an interest to learn more.

Unique benefits that comes with the udemy app are

  • Enrollment free access: 
With udemy clone app there is free and complete access to the app and courses. 
  • Course alert
The user can set a general reminder and time alert to help them complete any applied course as prefered 
  • tutor dashboard 
Tutor dashboard enables features like white board, screen sharing, and video recording
  • Interactive design
          The users are free to call upon assistance regarding and app feature or         
          Usage or enquire about the courses and rates  
  • Study offline
After enrolling for a course the user is allowed to download the entire course to their phone in a  preferable video quality
  • Search category
A wide range of course category is displayed for a clear understanding of the customer 
  • Become a tutor 
When a user wants to teach can enroll via this option after providing personnel credentials and the preferred line of teaching.

Breaking down the workflow of udemy clone app
Registering - 

Users can either fill the required personnel detail or sign in through social media accounts.
Browsing courses- 

User can search and find the desired course by searching

Course enrollment- 

After choosing the course, the user can enroll by adding the course to the cartlist.


By paying, the entire course is accessible to the user with learning panel features and more options


After completion of the course or between the course the user can review and rate the course for suggestions and improvements.

The revenue flow through udemy clone app


When a subscribed user wants an article, videos, newsletters from the free courses provided there is a fee charged for this service.

One of the most common ways to earn revenue is via ads. Displaying ads in the ad banner of the app as per the cost-per-click generates a huge income.


The user and the tutor are charged a commission fee when the user enrolls for any particular course. 

Premium courses:

Charging suge fee for courses that are on high demand can be of premium access for the user 

Wrapping up

Inculcating the learning habit is essential and offering users the expert courses helps in improving their knowledge and all of the other complex operations we make with ease. Providing the best experience for the user with top courses and the tutor with teaching as business is the priority. With the best and latest updates our udemy clone apps can meet the criteria as we read above. The knowledge is power mindset is well built with learning and learning only.

UberEats Clone’s newly-advanced features for your delivery business
If you inspect to know the number of successful businesses in the on-demand industry, you will definitely come across the food delivery service. The revenue that this business generates is expanding, and even many reports have revealed that the growth is high futuristically. As of now, the demand and requirements are higher than expected, which certainly made new entrepreneurs and investors get into the development. 

If you are not aware of the food delivery development but in a great need to start one, this blog will help you know about the basics of the app. However, the competition is high; you still have enough space to fill in the industry. You just have to incorporate the best features with an easily controllable system to achieve success in a short span. 

Choosing an UberEats clone will be beneficial when looking to select the best business model. The company has some unique set of features to help their delivery partners excel. Some of the features that UberEats clone have are listed below,

Top Features of the app solution:

Easy registration:

The driver and the user can easily log in and register by entering the required details like email, phone number, and other information. The admin will thoroughly verify all details through a thorough screening process. You can also provide easy registration via social media profiles.


This feature helps the driver to reach the rider's location on the estimated time. Moreover, it helps the driver to view the routes without traffic and other barricades, enabling him/her to reach without taking any wrong ways. The heat map is also incorporated into the app to show the demandable location in order to help increasing their salary.

Online & Offline Mode:

The online and offline mode option aids the driver to display their availability option. Doing this can prevent unnecessary cancellation of the rides and develops the service quality.

Track Your Earnings:

Drivers can easily view his earning details through the app. This report will be automatically updated so that he/she can keep a record of his earnings.

Tipping Option:

The tipping option integrated into the driver app will aid him/her to earn more from the service. This acts as the motivation for the driver to produce quality service to their end-customers.

Trips & Pickup:

This feature helps the driver to learn more about the trip acceptance, trips completed, total fare, etc. Through this, both the user and the driver can gain enough info about the ride service. 


This feature allows the user to know about the trip details in the movement, i.e., in real-time. This can help people wait patiently during their waiting time, thereby increasing the performance of the service.

 Rating System:

Both the user and the driver can rate their experience about the quality of service received and given. This can help the drivers to increase their performance as well as bookings. 

On the whole, the app will be easy to use and reliable and can help your business scale in a short period. If you want to lead a successful business, you need to approach a developing partner like Uberlikeapp. They give you the best UberEats clone ap with required business necessities. Contact them today.

Reinvent the experience of grocery shopping with an Instacart clone app
A few taps and swipes on the smartphones will enable customers to get groceries delivered to their doorsteps. The sudden upsurge in user engagement and revenue is due to the convenience and comfort offered by these apps. This article throws light on the market prospects and a few critical aspects in developing an Instacart clone app. 

Here are some of the reasons why people prefer on-demand grocery delivery apps over the traditional method



Convenience and comfort are the selling points of these apps as they will be able to place an order from anywhere and anytime. With the integration of technological tools like GPS, they can get things delivered to their doorstep seamlessly.

Flexible delivery:

People need not have to worry about the delivery part as the Instacart clone app provides flexible delivery options for the customers. With this feature, customers need not have to worry about the delivery being made in their absence and can reschedule it according to their convenience. 

How to decide on the target audience:

Satisfying the user requirements should be the ultimate goal of any business to sustain in the market irrespective of the niche. In order to stay one step ahead of your competitors, research your target audience, and integrate user-centric features into your app. Here are the primary stakeholders in this business; optimize your platform to meet their requirements.
  • Customers - One who orders groceries for their daily needs.
  • Sellers - They are store owners who sell products to customers
  • Delivery executive - Picks up the package from supermarkets and delivers it to the customers’ location.

How important is the unique value proposition:

The unique value proposition is the exclusive offerings that make your app stand apart from the competition. Here are some areas where you can establish your unique selling proposition in the mainstream market with a robust Instacart clone script.

Delivery services:

People will always love customization options as it helps them to have control over the application. Provide your customers with multiple delivery options to choose from to enhance their overall experience with the platform.

Flexible cancellation policy:

Devise a flexible cancellation policy for your platform to improve the usability of your app in real-world scenarios. Ensure that your customers are well informed about the procedure.

In a nutshell:

With a sudden surge in the number of grocery delivery orders placed by customers, you will have numerous business opportunities. Join hands with a professional Instacart clone app development company to place your strong foot into this lucrative market. 

How to get started in the profitable on-demand food delivery sector

On-demand food delivery apps come to the rescue when our stomach starts grumbling. The convenience of getting favorite food delivered to the doorstep with a few taps and swipes on their smartphones are loved by the millennial generation. It is a highly profitable marketplace and does not show any signs of depletion. The demand for convenient food stays high and so the number of service providers keeps increasing. If you are an entrepreneur with similar plans, this article is for you. 

A step-by-step guide to building an app like UberEats clone app:

Step :1 


Research is the key element that is often overlooked by most entrepreneurs and if you directly jump into the app development process, you are set on a dark road amid a jungle. Look for the trending things in the on-demand food delivery industry as it will help to withstand the competition and cope with the ever-changing customer demands. As technological advancements keep arriving in the market, adapting to it will be a perfect move in your business. Look for ways to integrate your services in IoT devices and they are on a high demand in the market. You may also consider alternative and smart ways to deliver food and differentiate yourself from the competition. 
Although you are relatively new to the business, you must learn in and out of the market. Find your target audience and work on optimizing your app to cater to their needs. Knowing your target audience will help you to make critical decisions and devise innovative strategies. Moving on, the next step is to decide on the business model for your app like UberEats. There are two popular business models in the market.

Order-only model:

This model is entirely based on commission fees as you will receive 20-30% of the order value as your fee. You will carry out the order-only part and need not have to worry about the delivery part. The food will be delivered by third-party service providers and they will be responsible for it. 

Order and delivery model:

If you choose this model, you will be responsible for managing the orders entirely. In return, you can charge 10-30% of the order value as a commission fee and your customers need not have to worry about cooking and delivery. This is the most popular model in the market and has gained a tremendous number of service providers. 

Step: 2

Choosing the features that should go into your app

Admin panel

Resource management

The admin team will get a comprehensive panel of features that lets them manage the overall business operations. They can also monitor food delivery operations and will have to rectify failed payments and analyze user feedback.

Offers and discounts:

Customers will love offers and discounts every time. This feature will help the admin team to send exclusive offers and discounts for the users from time-to-time. 


Notifications are a great way to keep users informed about the offers, discounts, and other important updates from the app. The users will get notified via SMS, Emails, and in-app notifications. 

Dispute management:

No matter how well you design your application, there will always be some glitch. The dispute management system will help to manage any disputes that might arise between users, restaurants, and delivery executives.

Customer side app


The customers should register their profile before starting to use the services on the platform. You can integrate social media plugins as it lets users to directly login with their Google or Facebook account. 

Search filters

Users should be able to search for their favorite dish or restaurants by enabling the search filters.

Push notifications

Customers should be able to make payments from the app via credit/debit cards, in-app wallet, PayPal, net banking, etc. 

Real-time tracking

One of the trend-setting features in on-demand service apps is real-time tracking. It lets customers track their orders in real-time.

Rate and review

The users can rate and review their experience after the commencement of every order.

Driver side app


The delivery executives should create their profile in order to start working on the app. They will be asked to submit their identity proof for verification.

Accept/Reject requests

The drivers can choose to accept or reject the food delivery task and will not be questioned.

Push notifications

The drivers will be immediately notified of any changes in the current order or upcoming request.

Step: 3

Get into the technical aspects

API for search and menu

Application programming interface or popularly known as API is nothing but a set of protocols that lets apps communicate with one another. In UberEats clone script, the food delivery API will seamlessly manage the delivery fleet, assign orders, and integrate data from other modules. 

Payment integration

The online payment gateway is a must-have feature on your on-demand food delivery app. People have started to prefer online payment methods for their safety and convenience.

In a nutshell:

Learn how to start brand campaigns, social media marketing, and email marketing from the pioneers of the industry. Devise an innovative marketing strategy to promote your UberEats clone app. Get in touch with a professional app development company with an experienced team to provide a perfect solution. Build a robust app like Uber and take control of the on-demand food delivery sector. 


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    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses