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azar clone - Appkodes
Appkodes Randou, our ready to use Azar clone solution is pre-built with modern features and trendiest technologies such as discover and connect, high-quality video/voice chat, highly advanced filter option, scan QR code option, and many more. If you are one among those aspiring proprietors trying hard to build an astounding random video chat application, then you can definitely make use of this readymade and dynamically adaptable Azar clone solution. Also, if you want to include certain innovative features in the future based on your online video chat business requirements, it is also completely possible with Appkodes Randou. Reach greater heights in your random video chat business venture with our customizable Azar clone solution
Letgo clone script - Appkodes
Appkodes Joysale, a ready to use and reliable Letgo clone solution is pre-built with responsive design, innovative features and modern functionalities such as dynamic filter, product insights, instant chat, etc to arrive at an impressive online classified platform. This readymade solution can also be quickly customized based on your varying online classified business requirements. So, if you are really interested in starting and running your own lucrative online classified business, then you can surely make use of this remarkable Letgo clone solution. Therefore, get ready to attain success in your online classified business venture with Appkodes Joysale. 
Best Letgo Clone with advanced features - Appkodes

Appkodes Joysale, our phenomenal 
Letgo clone solution is built with attractive features, responsive design, and cutting-edge technologies to arrive at an impressive online classified platform. So, use our Letgo clone product and run a lucrative online classified business

Reliable uber clone for taxi business
Appkodes Cabso, our reliable Uber clone solution is built with modern features and state-of-the-art technologies to build an amazing online taxi booking platform. Our readymade online solution will suit diverse online ride-hailing business models as it can be quickly customized to include the required features and functionalities. So, if you want to plunge into the highly competitive online taxi booking business, you can definitely make use of our ready-to-use and adaptable Uber clone solution and attain success in your online taxi business venture.

Grab the surprising offers for unique clone script and boost your business growth
As a business person striving hard to succeed in the online business venture, you need to ponder several aspects before plunging into the online industry. It is essential to follow effective strategies in order to face cut-throat competition in the online industry. In that way, utilizing a readymade clone script will be the smart move to start your own online business within your budget. This is because developing an application or site from scratch will be really a tedious process as it involves a lot of effort and resources.

When you make use of an apt online solution, you can give life to your online business dreams easily and quickly. Also, you can reap the benefits and save money and resources as it will cost you less when compared to the development of the app from scratch. So, to say in a nutshell, clone scripts will be the perfect choice for startups, b2b companies, and for many other flourishing online businesses to develop stunning web platforms and applications. But, you must understand that all the online solutions that are available in the market cannot suit your online business model and cannot help you in reaching your entrepreneurial goals.

Therefore, it becomes important to pick the right online solution to materialize your online business dreams. There are some key factors that are needed to be considered before selecting the clone script. This includes

  • Responsive design
  • Customization factor
  • User experience
  • Speed and maintenance
But, where you can find a perfect clone solution with all the above-mentioned factors? You can get such impeccable online solutions at Appkodes. The team of experts has rich expertise in delivering top-notch clone solutions for the clientele. You can find phenomenal readymade clone scripts at Appkodes for multitudinous online business types such as

  • Ecommerce business
  • Online taxi business
  • Online rental business
  • Online classified business
  • Online communication business
  • Online auction business
  • Online dating business
  • Live streaming business
  • Online video chat business, and so on
So, whatever may be our online business model and concepts, you can an appropriate online solution. Understanding the business needs of entrepreneurs, Appkodes has now announced a smart offer sale with flat 30 % off and 2 free addons* for all readymade clone scripts. This big offer sale ends on June 30, so don’t miss this wonderful chance to get incredible clone script at best discount prices.

These ready to use and reliable clone scripts are pre-built with all significant features and functionalities that are required to launch full-featured online platforms. Do you want to incorporate some innovative features to meet the expectations of users on your online platform? These readily adaptable online solutions can be customized based on your business needs. To make you understand better, I will explain some remarkable Appkodes products with their unique inclusions.

Appkodes Joysale is a readymade Letgo clone solution that can help you in building an attention-grabbing online classified platform. It is developed rigorously with many astounding functions such as advanced filters, distinct listing option, internal messaging system, product insights, and many more. This scalable online solution will suit many online classified business models such as job classifieds, real estate classifieds, auto classifieds, etc

Appkodes Hiddy is ready to use Whatsapp clone solution that is built with state-of-the-art technologies and striking features to arrive at a robust instant messaging platform. This versatile solution will help you in building a feature-rich instant messaging platform for various online communication business needs. So, you can surely utilize this ideal solution to develop a team communication app for the internal communication process, to build a professional messaging app, to build a powerful messaging app to reinforce customer bond, etc. Also, it includes beneficial revenue-generating factors to run a lucrative online communication business.

I hope now you can understand why you can buy the clone solution for your online business. So, without any delay, get perfect clone scripts and attain success in your online business venture

Whatsapp clone with latest technology
Are you looking to build a full-featured Whatsapp clone to impress millions of users? Then, you can securely make use of Appkodes Hiddy, a ready-to-use and remarkable Whatsapp clone solution developed rigorously with trendiest techniques

Readymade clone script for online business
Are you looking for a reliable online solution to kick start a profitable online business right away? You can find impeccable clone script for multitudinous online business models at Appkodes. So, utilize our remarkable scripts that are developed meticulously with trending functions and turn your online business dreams into reality.

Utilize an impeccable Uber clone solution to stay competitive in the online taxi business
We all very well know that the online ride-hailing business is growing at a faster pace. It is mainly due to the immense increase in the number of users looking for transportation services on web platforms and from their smartphones. To plunge into the online ride-hailing business and to be successful in this flourishing industry, you need to have meticulous planning and felicitous online solution that can meet the current market demands. Only then, you can reach your entrepreneurial goals and taste success in the online taxi booking business.

In that way, using the Uber clone solution will be a smart move to build your own full-featured taxi application within your budget. Also, with the readymade online solution, you can include necessary features based on your taxi business needs and can launch your taxi app on multiple platforms quickly.

Knowing the amazing benefits of Uber clone solution, many business owners started using it in order to develop their taxi applications.

But, nowadays, a lot of online solutions are available and not all of them can satisfy your online taxi business requirements. If your taxi application is very similar to other taxi apps available in the market without any inclusion of innovative concepts, then you cannot impress many users with your taxi app.

This is because people these days expect a lot on the taxi application and prefer to use the online taxi platform with advanced features. So, it becomes essential to pick a right and unique online solution to succeed in your online ride-hailing business venture. A question will arise in your mind now.

How to choose a perfect Uber clone solution to run a lucrative online taxi booking business?

Here I have listed down some of the most significant factors to keep in mind before buying a Uber clone solution. So, have a quick look at it

The Uber clone solution must

- Support for the inclusion of multiple ride options such as auto, car, etc as the users will normally look for various types of rides in the taxi app

- Provide convenient and secure payment options for taxi app users. This will definitely boost the reliability of the online taxi booking platform

- Include features to show approximate fare details to the users before commencing the ride, to facilitate communication between the drivers and riders, and to provide better navigation details

- Incorporate schedule ride option that can allow users to schedule their trips as per their convenience

- Allow users to give their ratings and reviews after the completion of the ride. With these valuable reviews, further steps can be taken easily to enhance the online taxi service on the platform

- Support for including additional functionalities such as location sharing option, personalized trips, multiple drop-off points, outstation ride options, and so on. There is no doubt that these trending concepts will enrich the experience of users on the taxi booking platform

But, where can you get an apt Uber clone solution with all the above-mentioned beneficial features and modern functionalities to build an astounding taxi app?

You can find such a remarkable and unique online solution. Understanding the expectations of users on the online taxi booking platform, our phenomenal and ready to use Uber clone solution is developed with many incredible features and cutting-edge technologies.

Our versatile clone solution can also be readily customized to include required features and functions. So, whatever may be online taxi business requirements, our dynamically adaptable online solution will definitely suit your taxi business model. So, there is no doubt that our top-notch online solution will surely help you to face fierce competition in the online taxi booking business. Build a robust taxi application with our best-in-class online solution and get shine in your online ride-hailing business venture.

Letgo clone with advanced dynamic filter - Appkodes
Appkodes Joysale, our readymade and scalable Letgo clone script can be used to launch a robust online classified platform right away. Our versatile Letgo clone script can also be readily modified to suit your online classified business requirements

7+ Powerful stats you wish you’d know about dating apps!
What is the app which you readily check on your smartphone instantly after taking on your hand?

If you are an entrepreneur I guess most probably you may check your Linkedin feed and other social media feeds.

But in general, peoples aged between 18 – 40 which app intrigues them the most? Which app always keeps them on their toes?

I think you might have started guessing now!

And someone taking trends as breakfast may have some answers too.

You may or may not be right. I don’t like to leave you guessing and be unsure beyond this point.

And the answer is online dating apps.

Yes, it is.

I personally have never used a dating app and have never been interested. But reading about the stuff and upgrades on dating apps even I may soon join the fanbase of a popular dating app, which shall remain unnamed.

What is present in it to make the people fall for it and why peoples are so crazy about dating apps?

And if in a plan, Why it is the perfect time to develop a dating app business online?

Find all your answers below with some interesting stat back up.

In simple words, have you seen some trolls in the internet stating that the real problem is when you reveal about your crush and her name to your friends

Even this may be real. But the dating apps here has got the solution for this problem.

If you are interested in someone find them through the app and let know your interest directly to them. If it works to pass on to build a relationship and if it not then drop and just get a move on.

This is just a sneak peek what online dating is about basically. It has got much more pros especially targeting the millennials. But the app for finding the lovable ones or soulmates went well among them. This one line intro about the app is more than enough to make peoples go crazy and will garner a good number of users.

But, if one who is successful with some idea then will all others be only just watching? So many dating apps have evolved in a short span of time. And to differentiate with each other many brought different matchmaking ideas to spice up things on online dating space.

Matchmaking based on,

  • Location

  • Interest in music

  • Things commonly hate

  • Who have crossed paths

These are only a few and still are there are many more.

Then while I looked for the user count on dating it was nothing less than astonishing. As all do I too went with stats, it revealed in the U.S alone precisely there were 39.4 million peoples using online dating on 2017. And further, it says the number in users will gain strength and it will be 42.7 million in 2022.

Then I was really surprised at the growth rate of this business. And went onto look for it too.

I found it with a Technavio study revealing its Compound Annual Growth Rate as 5% a year until 2021. Isn’t it sounding some like an ideal idea for a business!

Fine, then a good number of users are present and also it is growing at a good rate. Then how much revenue this industry is making?

Again went with the stats where I found the user counts list and they had answers for that too. It revealed a detailed report. On the freemium model in 2018, 10% of users are already in a paid plan and 13% have shown interest to avail the paid plan in future.

With this 10% of paid users, the revenue generated on online dating business industry in the U.S market is $ 1,143m in 2018.

And with the annual growth rate of 4.8% – 5% the revenue is expected to take the rise and maybe as the U.S $ 1,447m in 2023.

So are you going to miss this chance?

This isn’t just as the light at the end of the tunnel. It is the chance beckoning for grab. If I am the one now planning to penetrate on online dating business industry and then I wouldn’t have left for taking a second thought.

Some considerable things before you get going in developing your dating business online,

Know your target age group and study completely about their preference for online dating space.

Know about your competitors. That is who are all targeting the same audience as you do on your business.

Bring something new to the game in matchmaking algorithm. As I said earlier though dating app idea was good the different matchmaking ways spiced up the things. So try something different than usuals.

In a plan to make it more fancier don’t feed your design with lots of graphics and contents. Just place what is only needed and be elegantly simple.

Ensure that your app can fulfill the user’s basic needs with features and then after go look out for some exclusive additions on that list.

Then finally think about the ways of monetization plans.

Here’s How to use video streaming app clone to gain huge profit

In a previous post, we saw about how live streaming apps is proving to be effective
for brands in their growth and for reach. Here we shall see about how to use
the video streaming app clone to gain huge profit.
Ads in between the live stream
If anyone channel of a user has got a huge number of followers and if their recent live
video was watched by a significantly great number of concurrent viewers. Then
you can seize it to make some good profit through it. 
You can collect the ads of interested brands and let it stream in between live videos.
And the fee collected for it can be shared with the video content creator.
If a video content creator is super awesome in creativity and keeps on churning out
some interesting video stuff. Then to encourage that particular creator the
viewers may donate some amount. 
It is widely followed on the pioneer video streaming apps as YouTube live, LiveU,
etc. And YouTube live on super chat deducts 30% as a commission from the
donation as the revenue. And so you too can introduce it and set up your level
of commission as you wish.
Pay Per View/Subscriptions
If in the case in your app your allowing a user to stream a month-long series. You can
commonly let all users watch it premiers for free and to continue watching it,
you can ask them for pay. So the users will be intrigued and more possibly they
will go for it.
And then the subscriptions. Have different subscription packages and lure users with
perks associated with it. You can provide perks like Chat and comment in
between live video, and ad-free videos, etc.
Affiliate deals
If your site has got a proven good number of visitors then the affiliate deals would
readily flow in. You can place the sponsor link in your site ad banner or
between/at end of any video. For every link click, you can charge some specific
amount from the advertiser. 
Google Adsense
If not only from videos you can make use of Google Adsense. On the website ad banners,
you can let users advertise their merchandise or any kinds of stuff/services
for some specific period at a specified cost. So this is the complete another
way for monetization which doesn’t come inside the video.
Final word
So for video content creators, it is providing the best platform for reach and
popularity. At the same time to make good cash too. So, create a reliable video
streaming platform with Appkodes Livza for video content creators and let them
earn to generate your revenue through all above-mentioned ways.
This video streaming app clone from Appkodes is the best solution on every aspect for
online live streaming. Now the ultimate package of this script is available at
30% off and that is only until 30th December. Visit the website to grab the
coupon code to avail this offer.

Why Classified clone script is the most trending thing now?
Think about to buy or sell a product the first thing that comes to people mind is an online
classifieds website
. Any online shopping website can do it. But why peoples
are relying on online classifieds?

The point is it provides an interactive buy and sell platform like a virtual marketplace.
Not only suggesting products from different sellers alike on all e-commerce websites. It
lets users explore the products from sellers those are in their neighbourhood.
Buyer and seller can interact with each other there and can also demand the offer.

Either a new or used product it can sell fast through the classified website. So users are getting a reliable platform to buy/sell used products and not always rely on something new.

These are some foremost advantages. Let's see some other which makes the classifieds clone script a most trending thing now.

According to user interest on online shopping. It is turning out to be the most reliable marketplace.

Then the second thing is users have got a lot more accessibility on shopping space. So it assures the best UX and which brings in good number of users.

Then the other thing is it has got many revenues generating opportunities. Bringing in good number of users and making the good profit is foremost on any business. A better enriched classified script can easy achieve both these.

Online shopping is not only meant for clothing, electronic goods, and accessories. Fast sell any stuff that fits under the terms and conditions listed in that country. So a Letgo clone script can be best molded for vertical platform. That is to offer only one kind of service/sell anyone product category. Or it can be a job search portal, or it can be cross-platform for listing and selling any kind of products.

A script as you like

Enticed with the pros associated with online classifieds? Then start your online classifieds business today with the Appkodes Joysale.
This Classified clone script can offer something beyond your expectation. Like on feature wise and also the UI design. If you are up with some different classifieds business
idea. It can be best  incorporated on this script with its easy customisation option.

For ROI, by default it has got Ad banners, sale commission, and ad promotion modules.
It's time to grab an offer
Appkodes crispy Christmas sale is live now! And so you can buy the ultimate package of Appkodes Joysale at 50% off and that is only until 30th December. Use the coupon code XMAS50 to grab this limited time offer.

Factors That Reveal Instant Chat App Have Tipped Over Social Media Apps
Peoples are transitioning towards the chat apps and private groups
than on social media platforms.
So read further down to know the factors that reveal chat apps
have started to dominate the social media world.
User count

The BI intelligence has revealed that messaging apps have got more
user counts than the four big social media apps.
Promotion and marketing

A big advantage of messaging apps is it has got far fewer features
than social apps. And those features keep everything simple and easy for users.
The frequency of messaging app usage per day makes that as another best space
for promotions and marketing. And also chat is getting upgraded each day and
recently it has got features to make payments, displaying short news and also
providing in-app purchases.
A big replacement

Presently Emails are a part of any business organization but
moving forward on fast competitive environment businesses are pushed to be
smarter. Chat can convey the voice instantly where the Emails can’t. So many
businesses are replacing Emails with the instant chat apps as the
inter-organization communication tool.  And also it has media, location,
document, contact sharing features makes this more lovable than a social
Personalized communication

As social media is a common platform for all, many are relying on
a private platform for communication exchange on any intended discussions and
chat apps have made for the same purpose. This will help a user to chat
directly with whom he wants. So on any discussion compared to the social media,
through a chat app user can get his answer very soon without any space for
confusion. And users can enjoy sharing their thoughts without the fear being

Not only  for chats 

Chat apps are not only meant for chatting it has also got audio
and video calling features that can provide communication with the personal
touch. Bringing people close to you better than ever without losing its

Most secured
One to one conversations or the group chats is more secured with
an end to end encryption. Messaging apps offer more security than social media
apps. Hope you are aware of the recent data breach and informational hacks on a
giant social media app. But have you ever heard about the information leak from
the messaging app?. Such is the security level on the messaging app.
Instant and asynchronous

When users type and hit enter the sent message instantly reflects
on the receiver screen. So it provides a seamless chat experience for the
The chats are saved on a cloud server. So if you leave a chat in
between and come back after any amount of time you can start from where you
left the thread until you intentionally delete it.
Adapt to the change

So the evolution of technology has brought this change and on
recent future, it’s only going get better than this. Messaging apps have
claimed its place in the social world within only within few years after it was
launched. And its future updates are only going to make it even smarter. So
seize this opportunity and build your own instant chat app for business today
with Appkodes Hiddy. Hiddy is not just identical to Whatsapp or any leading messaging apps. It has got some exclusive features like public and private channels to broadcast the content and mark anychat as favorite to place on top of the conversation.
On Christmas sale, the ultimate package of Hiddy is available at
30% - 50% off until 30th December. So, adapt to the change quickly with this
best readymade solution.

Check Out An Airbnb Cloned Space Rental Script At An Offer Price
Airbnb is a pioneer in the online vacation rental business. It is used by millions of peoples of all over the world. It acts as an intermediary platform between the hosts and the travelers. Hosts list their property and travelers find space for accommodation as per their likings. Airbnb is only the platform to connect them and will generate revenue from the commission for each booking from the hosts and the transaction fee from the guests.  The success of Airbnb has triggered many business visionaries to incline towards this business idea. And the readymade Airbnb clone space rental script is helping their business ideas come to live instantly.

So down here find, how to build your own vacation rental booking website like Airbnb?

So this is an easy and fast way, you no need to hassle about the design and the features you need on your rental booking website. Our script. Airfinch once launched it can get your business live on the web and native mobile apps. Also, it can be entirely customized to meet any requirements and any kind of online rental booking business.

Airbnb assures win-win situation for everyone involved in it. So the same can be assured with this Airfinch. As its features and design assure the best UX for hosts and guests with the platform to list and rent the accommodation space. And for the admin/owner, it assures for good revenue generation.

Why Airfinch?

Some easy management features make this script to stand out among all. So let’s see about that below

Manage bookings easily

This leading Airbnb Clone App lets you track your bookings then and there and so you can stay updated about availability and bookings. And also it allows you to manage your bookings and inquiries seamlessly with the streamlined process. Instant push notification ensures confirmation between guests and the hosts which reduces any confusion.

Share your location

Hosts can make list and pin it on the map. So guests can find it easily from anywhere looking on the map and can even look the amount of distance from their location.

Upload photos 

While listing the space for rent photos about the space speaks about it. So the guests can list their spaces with high-resolution images.


Reviews can build reliability over your app/website. So it has got a review section for guests to post their review on their experience of renting a space. And also it can be useful for guests to read reviews before selecting a space for rent.

Now available on offer price

Now to build your space rental booking website you can do it cost effectively. As ultimate packaage of our script with all above mentioned features and much more is available on offer price start from 1st -31st of December. So check out your business ideas by availing this script on 50% off in this limited time offer.

Buy A Readymade Tinder Clone App At An Offer Price Now!
Dating app and especially Tinder clone app have entirely changed the way people meet. If you are currently single and need a partner as your preferred all you need to do is just pull out your phone and dive into any dating app, swipe and swipe to find one. It's as simple as it has got.

In this internet crazy world, peoples have got the network connectivity on many smart devices they own. So online dating is accessible on both websites and apps. So down here let's see which platform has got more benefits.

Dating apps vs dating Websites

Accessibility factor

As we all know the mobile phone has become very essential in our daily life and so we carry it everywhere. So here apps edge over the website on the portability factor. And on mobile phones, the user interface will be very clear and easy.

Connect faster

Recent time the mobile usage is booming and dedicated mobile apps for every popular media have evolved. So the mobile dating app has evolved and only after that it got picked up. Because the integrated social media API on dating app has made the life easier for dating apps to known a user interest and preference from other social media account. So it can precisely suggest match close to the user likings, so the connectivity will happen faster.

Accurate info

Rather going for long info on the profile to impress the opposite gender on the dating apps it can get accurate info to show, which can be really helpful in between real quick swipers. So here the app edges over the website.

Fit in the right app

Dating website never targets a special niche. But apps do. If a user has got a rough or beardy look then they may opt for Bristlr and if a user wants to expand match search then they may opt for Tinder. So like this, it varies for every app.

Location optimized

And recently there are many location-based dating based dating apps that is being evolved. So it becomes real faster if anyone needs to find a date. A user can just on tap on the screen to view live suggestion just around them and can hook up with them.
So these are very few and still apps have got a lot more advantages. So if you are in plan to start a dating business opt for a readymade dating app.

Its offer time

Then if you are looking for a Tinder clone dating app then here is one best among the lot, Howzu. Howzu by default is packed with extraordinary features for online dating and has got an attractive design. This app is readily available on native ios and Android app. And in the month of December, you can find its Ultimate package at 30% off.

Claim To Become Next Tinder With Online Dating App Script
First among every other thing, why you should build a dating app?. Dating apps are never regretted nor completely abandoned by the users and so they bring huge profits. This is the solid reason and another thing is if you think dating apps are only to connect peoples based on their like mind in good things it is completely untrue. Many are exploring different ways to generate matches. Take an example, one among the leading dating app is generating matches for the same peoples who dislike a thing in common and other is generating matches based on interest in music, etc.

So select your own niche and come up with your own idea, make use of the online dating app script to effortlessly build your dating app in the way you prefer.

Features on a dating app

If you are either planning to build an app like Tinder or opting the way of Grindr. The central features on your dating app like match generating feature may vary according to your plan or preference. But the basic features remains the same, till and after making the matches. Those are 

Profile setup

Easily editable user profile to easily enroll the bio, profile image, sex, and preference.


Real-time notifications for activities like matches, messages, reminders.


Fun filled chat window with emoji and additionally video & audio calling could enhance the user experience.

Social media API

Enabling social media API could provide users with an easy way for login and also can collect some useful information from social media profile to suggest a match.

Opt your way for monetization

Almost every dating apps are garnering huge user base and so you too can. So plan your ways to monetize your app from the following options.

  • Ad banners - From the ad, banners to display on the chat window, on the footer of the app, and from the native ads.

  • Freemium - Provide free access to basic features and charge for the additional features.

  • Premium subscriptions - Charge a particular fee for specific period basis.

  • Premium stickers and emojis - Charge a fee to use fun filled stickers and emojis on the chat window.

Closing thought

So if you are looking for a breakthrough in the online dating business industry then make the best use of the online dating app script- Howzu. Even your app may become next Tinder. We will exalt your dreams and so you can get to see your plans live in just matter of time. So this could be a win-win situation for both on all cases.

Top Imperative Features You Must Have On Your Classifieds Ads Website
Features of an app can easily reveal what it has got in it for the users and so it adds value to the core process. With time the classifieds website have come a long way with
constant feature updates. So if you are struggling to find the right features set
with any classifieds script then go through below to know the top imperative
features you must have on your classifieds ads website.
So let us see the imperative features for users and for the admin of the site.

Essential features for the users are


  • Easy     ad posting form - A form to post the ad must be simple and easy with niche
         targetting columns and should be easy to submit.


  • Manual     search box - Search box is the major attribute of any classified website.
         So it should be clear and concise and should be placed at a premium space
         and location.


  • Location-based     search or Geolocation feature - Users will highly prefer to buy or sell in     or around their locality than traveling a distance. So divide the listings
         based on its locations,


  • Cross-platform     functionality - Website should be optimized to open on any internet     connected device that may be a smartphone or a tablet.


  • Search     engine optimized and friendly - Every ad posted should be automatically
         indexed by the google with its appropriate metadata.


  • Easy     contact lister/advertiser form - A form to exhibit interest in buying the
         product is the very important feature on any classified website.


  • Easy     profile setup and site navigation - Simple yet advanced functionalities on
         the UI should provide easy on eye navigation to the users on any
         requirement. And users should be able to set up their profile easily just
         by filling minimal or they can skip to setup later.


  • Thought     sharing - Enabled comment system will let the buyers communicate with
         sellers publicly.


Essential features for the admin are,


  • Dashboard     management - Should be able to collect all information from the dashboard.


  • Verification     system to reduce spam - Should have some effective verification system     through SMS or Email to detect the spam listings.


  • Multiple     payments - Should have got multiple payment gateway, especially if serving     globally.


  • Security     - Enabled security features for login history, IP blocking, Email
         blocking, Email copy protection, limit login attempts.


  • Timely     backups -  Option to schedule a backup or automatically backup data
         over a particular time period.


So if you are planning to start an online classifieds business but couldn’t find the right set of features for your website then conserve your time by opting for a readymade classifieds ads script- Joysale. This script has got all requisite features which are listed above and even many advanced features on it. So avail it today and get your business live
right away and also you can customize it any time as per your need.
Appkodes’ crispy Christmas sale is live now!. So if you are looking to start your online classified business then you can do it right away with our Classifieds clone script -
Joysale. And until 31st December the ultimate package of this script is
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Reasons It Is Worth To Invest In A Live Streaming Script

Evolving technology has brought great evolution in the way of communication. In present, you no more need to stay glued to television to watch your favorite programs and events.All you require is a handy device enabled with the internet. And studies are
revealing that online video watching is increasing rapidly with each passing
year and peoples loving to watch videos than read to know.
So let's see why live streaming is effective for businesses?

Compared to broadcasting an ad of any business on television network it is cost effective on video streaming app. Many leading platforms like Facebook and Youtube are letting
users stream videos for free. So all a business need is a smart device with a
stable internet connection and high-quality camera to promote their

Thought sharing


Attain quick reach
On every digital marketing campaign, social media takes a center stage. Because it can guarantee an instant reach and good exposure. Take Facebook, a video gains more reach not only to your audience but also beyond your primary audience to people who have
similar interests.
Where all live streaming can be efficiently used?

For marketing
Yes, surely this app is a huge boon for marketing. Thorough which a brand can build trust with transparency in their every process by posting frequent videos. So peoples
prefer to buy from brands that they trust. So the business can showcase their
values and can build trust to increase sales.

Customer support

Using the live video streaming for the customer support could make life easy for the customer and will increase the brand reliability for purchase. Also, brands can leverage
video content app to walkthrough users on unboxing, demonstrations and fixing
any issues.

Product unveiling and company updates

With so many active users on the social video streaming app, it becomes easy for companies to unveil their products there and garner the best reach. Can also intrigue users for future announcements and can provide premium access to them through links.

Behind the scenes and live events

The other two major things this app is looked out for is to live stream any events or moments to  their friends' network just in few taps and to watch and enjoy the behind the
scenes content.

End thought

So this app is proving to be beneficial on various aspects and so many are hugely relying on it. So build one on your own today with Livza a video streaming clone script, that
could even become a future best, hugely reliable platform for all
above-mentioned purpose. So it is worth to invest in a live streaming script.

Huge offer is coming your way on live streaming clone script cometh 1st of December. Grab the ultimate package of Appkodes’ Livza a seamless live streaming and endless broadcasting native IOS and android app on an expected offer price. Visit website for more details.

5 Ways To Best Leverage Instant Chat Apps For Business
The online instant chat apps are evidently becoming the reliable mode for communication. The leading and well-versed player in this industry now Facebooks’ Whatsapp has got billions of users all over the world. And on daily basis, it is recording for millions of media sharing among the users.

And in some parts of the world, this app is accounting for more usage count than other social media giants like Facebook, Twitter. Thanks mainly to its personal touch assuring connections.

So down here, let us see about the 5 ways to best leverage instant chat apps for your business.

1. Internal team communication

If you build a special tool for your internal communication and let your employees use, It may go well with them or may not at times. But building a chat app like whats app for inter-organizational communication will surely go well because all will be already using it and so it doesn’t require any tutorials. 

So it will be fast and fun. For every individual team, you can form a group and can share messages instantly rather opting to do it with email.

 2.  Customer communication

To boost sales on your business you can best use the business chat app and follow your connections rather than making a call. It provides them with a personal touch. This is a proven way to approach your customers and numbers say you have got a 40% chance to convert that lead into a sale when you ping them on their chat.

3.  Customer support

The wide reach of the instant messaging app could come handy in providing customer support through it. This app could provide an easy way for customers to directly reach on any of their queries rather opting to make a call for customer support.

 4. Marketing and Promotion

The messenger apps don’t have any limit on texts messages nor sharing media files. So it is considered to be the one best tool for marketing and promotions. But rather focussing on new prospects it can be best helpful in firmly holding the existing customers.

5.  Other possible ways 

The chat apps can also be useful for the food ordering business, where a restaurant can make a business profile on it and can receive orders from there. 

Could come handy in personalized consultation services. Rather visiting in person it can be entirely carried out here.

End thought

So messenger apps are not only hugely beneficial for personalized chats. The all above factors sum up the pros associated with the instant chat app for business. So why hesitate?. Make your own online chat app in just matter of time with Hiddy and leverage its benefits for your business.

How to use uber clone script to create a reputable taxi business?
A right solution that a cab business owner has got to withstand in the market after the Uber advent is the introduction of Uber clone scripts.

Many taxi owners have started their own online business using Uber clone scripts. The cloned apps come with robust features to simplify the booking and routing process. It also leads taxi business owners to earn more likewise the industry players. There are almost hundreds of Uber clones available in the market currently. A lucrative Uber clone app must be simple with robust features like downlo
adable apps for customers and drivers, simplified online booking, GPS - enabled real-time tracking, crisp payment portals, fare calculator, emergency alerts, and more.

Days ago it would be a nightmare for cab businesses to withstand their niche. The traditional way of booking over a call or getting taxi’s on the streets by waving hands does not work in the online business world. There come the Uber-like app scripts with which the small-to-medium taxi business owners or even the start-ups can earn the profit.

Ways to choose the best Uber clone script

White labelled solutions for both customer & driver app
Compelling booking user interface
Secured payment portal
Exact ride fare estimator
Promotion modules for users
Referral option for drivers
Customer & driver feedback option and much more.
Besides, it should also be customizable to fit your business requirements. As businesses are emerging every day, it becomes necessary for you to not just find unique ways to monetize but also provide a great user experience among your competitors.

Choosing a best Uber clone is not just enough to gain a reputation among the top-  in the industry. You’ve put some benefitable efforts in marketing and outreaching your product. This will help you gain more loyal and notable customers that’ll make your business thrive.

Ways to use Uber clone script to create a reputable taxi business

“The best kind of marketing does not feel like marketing”
- Tom Fishburne, Founder & CEO Marketing Studio
Your Uber-like app connects directly to the customers, why not use this time to promote your business in a friendly way.

Interacting directly with customers can yield a lot of trust in your business.
Give them your business card and convey them you operate online during any part of the day.
Provide them promo codes for frequent riders.
Offer them special discounts and cash back for referring a friend.
Send them vouchers or gift cards while they book a group ride.
Encourage them to share your business with their family & friends circle.
Write them to thank you notes after every safe ride.
Spoil your riders with seamless cashbacks for long rides.
Offer your drivers with special vouchers on re-fuel stations.
Give your drivers an exclusive discount on taking more rides a day.
Provide them gift cards for special occasion shopping.
Send your loyal drivers' personalized notes and a hike appreciating their efforts.
Ask your drivers to suggest more affordable ways while using your service.

These are some ideas for making your taxi business reputable using an Uber clone script to your customers and drivers.

Did you find them creative and doable? Are they different enough to get traction?

Comment below your views about these hacks.

5 Best Business ideas With Live Streaming Apps
Have you ever tried live stream? Have you ever felt any moment worth and thrived to
share with your lovable one? When you are about to meet the old group of
buddies isn’t it worth sharing their expressions on their face to your friend's
network to cherish for lifetime?. The present live streaming script has got
covered up all these needs at best. 

But this post reveals the best possible ways to generate revenue from the live streaming
You may have an outstanding idea for your live streaming business and also might have
shaped a model for your business plan. So here are five ways in which you can
make good money on ur live streaming business.


If you are a regular youtube user then you might have seen direct ads rolling out as
any usual video. These ads are the unwelcomed guest to any video on any user
device. With the kind of traffic, Youtube posses each day it is an easy way for
brands to get reach from there. 
So if your site has got good traffic each day in and day out then brands would be
interested to advertise on videos in your site.

     2. Donations

Don't think only about earning for yourself. Help for some social cause with some donations. This doesn't mean that you are ought to donate some huge money for any social cause. All you have to do is integrating a donation feature on your site, just
like a virtual jar. This will reflect your values among the peoples and will
indirectly market your brand and also might result in bringing more number of
users. But you to imply this only when you have got some healthy number in
And the real money is here, when a user follows any broadcaster then users are
requested to donate some money and get rewards something like bonus points.
Then that broadcaster returns those as real money for the premium subscribers
to the owner.

    3. Sponsors

And the other way for income is sponsored ads. The brands directly advertising may be
one of the ways but the other good way is to sponsor the ad in other most
watched videos. And you can act as a middleman here and can collect the costs
per clicks and share it with the broadcaster.

  4. Exclusive video previews

Discover the sources for your extra income. If any big, leading franchise store is
getting opened on your city then ask them to make a video of their presence in
your city and promote them, promote about some food spots with sponsors, and
provide some video snippets and previews about your city.

 5. Premium chat window

Do you know! Leading live streaming app, Youtube is soon planning to launch a super
chat. Through those users who broadcast can chat with viewers and the most
valuable chat conversation which hypes about the video can be bought by the
broadcaster to be pinned on top of the video. This could give a virtual
recognition to the user and commission to the youtube through the commission

Closing point

Apps like Periscope, Youtube, Twitch. etc are rocking the online world and making good
money through these five effective ways. So rack up live streaming business
right away using the periscope clone app - 
livza, the best
readymade script in the market for live streaming business. This readymade app
has got all requisite features to assure the best UX. So avail this script,
choose money making modules and integrate all your ideas and start your
business right away.

Ways By Which Dating Apps Are Ruining Your Dating
The mindset among the peoples especially among the millennials is that we do everything online right from banking to shopping then why don’t do dating?. So it’s nothing surprising that they have become more used to the dating apps even have accepted it wholeheartedly all with its negative combined with its positives.

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But many are saying actually online dating is ruining the dating, So let's see about how this online dating has polluted the traditional dating?

  1. Too many choices

            The Online world is vast and its access is global. Though dating apps have got the boundaries in search for the right match. Think about the vast pool of singles and exploring them through the swipes. What the users will end up doing is swipes, swipe and swipe unlimitedly to find the potential suitors.  The main disadvantage is the users on won't dig deep on a liked profile when they have more options to come.

      2.   Misinterpret someone

Someone could be a great match ones profile and he would have come across the profile too, but wouldn’t have liked her. It would be mainly because of the description she gave about her on her profile. He might have misinterpreted reading that one or two line description and have passed by, thereby missing the potential match.

     3.  Leads to fear of commitment culture

With too many options to choose from added with the fear of missing out, the app users will get a fear of getting committed because of missing out on all the other guys. 

Comparing to the traditional dating where we get to see someone in the workplace, around friends circle or family and will get too interested to date them.

But when you get more options on a dating site the users will look out for some options and will be kept on swiping.

    4.  Conversing will be different on the online

On online dating as being discussed a user might get a more potential match, once matched both users can start the conversation over the chats. Due to too many matches, one might not be able to reply to all with the same curiosity. It will be dehumanizing for one among the match who may have got only one match in a long time.

   5.  Categorizes your nature

On dating apps while setting up the profile all users will need to set the preference, it is good for to get right match suggestions. But what happens is, when users enter their preference machine takes that into account and counts that user under some category. So this completely writes off about the users and will categorize the user.

End thought

So online dating has got many more factors like this but all are due to mainly uncompromised users. If every user starts to get compromised with what they got then online dating is a good platform for everyone to find like-minded users and potential match. So play smart and play safely in this vast online world. Because you are the one getting personally involved in it.

How A Workplace Chat App Can Keep Your Team In Sync?
Communication is the key aspect of any organization. Be it a
low-level knowledge transfer or a message circulated from the management
authority it should reach the right personals then and there. It requires some
common communication medium. 

Emails are meant to do that work, but recently it is rendered to
be ineffective due to the many concerns over it. Then what could keep your
workplace and working personals in sync when a common information needed to be
distributed. According to the recent development, the sound answer could be the
online chat apps.
Yes, what other than a chat app can do that so efficiently?. Who
doesn’t have a  smartphone now? But all carry computers? No. Though emails
are compact in mobile too it fails in the speed of media sharing aspects and
falls back in some exclusive features compared to the chat apps.
So let's see how a business chat app can keep your team in sync?.


Comparing to email Business chat apps have an efficient way of
directing information inside the team. The team may comprise any number of
members but all will be instantly notified without any time difference. And
none escape saying that I didn't receive a mail or check the mail. 
So with this, each one will be notified about all information
shared then and there. And so the workflow will be good and so the

Topics and projects

In a business messaging app threads can be built around the topics
and projects. This leads to a whole different way of self-organization among
the employees. So it doesn't symbolize the personal accomplishments rather it
is about getting the projects done together.

Start where you left off

This apps allows you just to go through conversation effortlessly
and start from where you left off. And can send and receive message regardless
of all being on online and active. No more lost information and conversation
and even when you re-open the app on the other device you can find all your
conversations there.

Find what you need

On the instant, chat apps employees will need to request for a
document from a colleague to send it and moreover, it won't be saved. If needed
again want to request and get it over again. But on business messenger, all the
employees shared documents and conversations will be stored in a context. So if
needed later it can be easily retrieved by finding exactly what anyone needs
from a conversation or the document.

Rich content and voice and video call

A messaging app as a communication tool within an organization
lets the employees to interactively and if needed spontaneously take those
interactions to audio or video call. So this will come in handy and time
efficient solutions many queries effectively.

Get one for you now

So business messaging mobile app has got many serious things that
can effectively boost your productivity and has got the real potential to save
time, and more importantly, it can keep your team in great sync at all time.
But anyway choosing the right communication tool plays a major
role in how efficient it is. So make your business ready to best acclimatize
these changes, inform and educate your employees. Then buy the best messaging
app clone script - 
for your business chats. It is ideal to Whatsapp and also has got some
exclusive features on it. So avail it today and implement it on your business
and tread your successful path.

How to create a PHP classified website in 10 steps ?– Appkodes Joysale
A classified website is a
place where people can buy & sell their used or new items using a specific
location and category. Website of this kinds drives lots of traffic, and
attract many visitors. Craigslist claimed it has 60 million unique visitors in
the USA alone. Having smart monetization moves can turn your ordinary
classified website into a profitable business. 
Today we are going to learn
about how to create a PHP classified website in 10 easy steps. The most
efficient and quick way is to opt for a ready-made PHP classified script that
is already done for you and comes along with great customization. 

Why choose a ready-made PHP
classified script for your online buy & sell marketplace?

Because an entrepreneur
does not necessarily need to be a coder. These platforms are great while
getting started and are cost & time efficient. All you have to do is
explain your requirements and the way you want your classified website to look
That’s it. 
These platforms always have
qualified developers and experienced designers who can turn all your
visualizations to real products. Once your website has passed their testing and
quality process you’ll have access to your administration panel. This is where
you can manage all your users account seamlessly. You might have heard about
craigslist clone, Gumtree clone and Joysale. 
They are professional
service providers of classified ads portal providing solutions for many
industries over a decade.
While there are many
alternative ways for your online business, we wanted to discuss building a PHP
classified website using Joysale.
Joysale is a reliable PHP
classified website having been chosen by many business owners. 

Things that make Joysale
the best option for your classified business

All of Joysale’s solutions provide
value for your time. They have got keen designers working dedicatedly for your
project once commenced. This means you’ll have a chance to interact with
developers in real-time to share your ideas and thoughts without any
restrictions. All of their products have a high ranking in Google right away.
This will stimulate your revenue without spending too much on advertisements.
Another advantage you get
from Joysale is your website’s loading speed. You won’t need to worry about the
bouncing ratio of the website cause this PHP classified website is built over a
native robust platform. Also, Joysale comes with all device compatible feature.

Your end product will be
customised according to the niche you want to serve and you can sure about its
robust UI professional design.
And last but not least! 
There’s no risk you’ll
spend your money in vain if you choose this PHP classifieds website builder!
Now let’s dive into the
second way of building your classified portal.

Create a PHP classified
website in 10 steps

Step 1:
Always use and rely on an advanced & personalized search option

Step 2:
Try to integrate advanced listing option

Step 3:
Clear & crisp ad listing page

Step 4:
Add navigatable buttons

Step 5:
Highlight featured ads

Step 6:
Write a consumable advertiser profile

Step 7:
Opt a confusion less ad submission form

Step 8:
Optimise your blog page for search engine traffic purpose

Step 9:
Straightforward contact form

10: Include video listings for better reach

Joysale is a fully
responsive PHP classified website which is responsive automatically. With its
help, you can provide an equally comfortable experience for both desktop and
mobile users.
It’s up to your choice on
how you build your classified website. You can start from scratch or use this
ready-made PHP classified website. It comes along with all do-have features
already built-in for your business. 
They include an advanced,
location-based search with personalized filters, simplified ad submission form,
appealing advertiser profile and more. All you have to do is list your ideas
and convey your views to their development team. 
That’s it. 
Happy listings!

B2B Taxi App For Fleet Owners To Track And Evaluate Their Drivers More Efficiently
Taxi booking business is recently the one good way to make huge money online. So many aspiring entrepreneurs are jumping into this business makes even more competitive. This ideas has brought more benefits to the end users and have given able support to the drivers with frequent ride offers for reliable revenue generation.

And with the better taxi management system, anyone can easily start this business and can effectively manage it with ease.

Fleet owner benefits

Some drivers may be the sole owners of their car and some might be the acting drivers for the fleet owner. So those fleet owner will try to maximize his earning option and will enroll his cars availability on all taxi booking system. For example both on OLA, UBER, etc. 

So this lets that owner receive ride offers from both users of OLA and UBER. Taxi app which provides the ride offer will be accepted and will notify the driver who is near to that location.

So this way the availability of cars is shared among the leading players in a city as the demand is high on most times of the day.

Efficient management

Through this system, the fleet owner can manage the location of the car in real-time on a single tap. So when any user books the cab for a ride the owner can efficiently allocate the offer to the nearest driver so both user and drivers get mutually benefited.

Safety management

Real-time tracking has got other benefits too. At times with recent activities, there is a risk involved in late night taxi booking. So the real-time vehicle tracking on the taxi management system will be really helpful in building the credibility.

Share booking

Recently share rides have caught the huge attention of all online taxi hailers. They can just tap on pool ride and can avail the share rides with riders on their route. So for this, every end user might book from the different area at the different time. So the car owner can efficiently manage his resources to cover up all the cab booked users with the available resources at a short span of time.

End thought

So this app will be a huge boon for entrepreneurs who are managing huge fleet (cars) and also for one who already owns a taxi booking business. If you don't have your own then build it today with our readymade taxi booking app builder- Cabso. It has got every attribute to set up your successful taxi booking app.

5 Best Classified Marketplace For Buying/Selling Crafts/Handmade Goods
Recently, homemade products or handcrafted goods have turned from a part-time/side business into the full-fledged business. The top players in the online classifieds business industry are the best market to sell those products, for ones who are making those.

So let's see about 5 best marketplaces for buying and selling crafts and handmade goods.

Today's development in technology has brought plethora of softwares which aids this purpose. But in all those below mentioned are the proven best classifieds ads software which is best suited on all cases of online buy and sell business.


The old and most reliable online marketplace for any kind of goods trades is Ebay. This website is one among the global favorite for even used product selling or crafts and handmade goods. Though it is the very old site still reckoned as on best marketplace app is purely because of its exclusive idea.

eBay was different from the word go, other classifieds site when launched were like make the list with the price and buy it on mentioned price. But eBay had other ideas, where it introduced itself as an auction website and let its users communicate with each other to negotiate with price.


Etsy has got the reason in its tagline to claim a spot in this list. It quotes, ‘if its handcrafted, vintage, custom or unique then It’s on Etsy.

This is another one probably the best marketplace to sell or buy the handmade crafts/goods online. Its freemium business model with less commission deduction on sales and a wide range of categories makes this website to stand out in the competition for the best.


Artfire is the marketplace which unites the global craft makers and interested buyers with its unified, interactive classifieds platform. And this website is considered to be the rising start in the alternative to eBay. It is almost free to use on all costs, but if you feel that you want to expand your store in this site then you have to pay for more space.

Craft is Art

The craft is Art is the complete website for selling the handmade, art, vintage, and supplies. It is one best stop to know about the wide range of handmade items categorized from accessories, bath, etc to woodworks. Its no cost listing and instant payments are making peoples fast incline towards this website.


Are you surprised to see this name in this list? But the reality is, Amazon has got a subsite working entirely for selling the handicraft products. Though it has got some high listing fees compared to other leading sites the readymade in flowing traffic on day to day basis, which is essential for quick selling is marking this as one of the best.

Build your own classifieds platform today

So above mentioned are just a few among the best in this industry still there are many. They all are hugely successful because of the prevailing demands. On today online classifieds business is considered as one among the best business to earn good online. So leverage a readily available online classifieds ads software - Joysale and start your online classifieds business right away.
Should I Buy or Rent? A Conservative Guide to Travellers
Travelling is full of cool decisions. From choosing a destination, booking transports, food and amenities are only a fraction of what you have planned. The most important question that keeps you pre-occupied is “Should I buy or rent?”. 

Each person will have to face a different situation based on their income, location, future plans and many other factors. And that is why we are writing a conservative guide to travellers, filled with information to make a smart decision for your next move.

Are vacation rentals right for you?

Most people think of beach houses or a rowing boat when they hear about vacation rentals. But these are just a part of this vast industry. You can rent an apartment in Paris, a villa in Tuscany, a brownstone in Brooklyn, a villa in Bali, a penthouse in Sydney or a treehouse in Puerto Rico. Whatever lodging you’re interested in, no matter how exotic, chances are you can rent it.

Benefits of renting:

  1. Reduced maintenance responsibilities
  2. Generally affordable and cost efficient
  3. No need to worry about market trends
  4. Flexibility in usage 
  5. Reduces your baggage
  6. Easy to get along with locals
  7. Travelling will be easier and comfortable
  8. Save more

Disadvantages of rentals:

  1. No equity is earned, none lost either
  2. Leased only for a period
  3. Annual rent increase outpacing inflation
  4. Fewer tax benefits 

How buying better than renting?

If you plan to stay at a single location for decades, buying a home or other vacation equipment can be the best option. Buying involves a much larger commitment than renting. 

Things you’ll enjoy after buying a property:

  1. control over your property
  2. Equity is earned over a period
  3. Freedom to expand or modify your property
  4. Emotinal satisfaction about owing
  5. Fixed mortgage spent in loan
  6. Tax benefits
  7. Savings in long-term
  8. control over your property

Disadvantages of buying:

  1. Not very flexible
  2. High upfront costs
  3. Uncontrollable expenses
  4. Maintenance costs
  5. There are no guarantees home values will go up

If you’re looking for flexibility and predictability, renting is the one for you. There are many times when renting is the best option for a person. For others, it is not an ideal plan in case if you are planning to invest in a property. 

Seem like a lot to consider? 

Remember that renting is an ideal way to buy time if you’re not sure. Leases typically run for a fixed period of months or a year. And you can use that time to decide if owning is right for you. If you’re leaning towards renting, we’re here to help you find the best vacation home rental in your desired location. 

Check on our Airfinch page to find the ideal place to start your next business move.

What to sell online? Strategies to find best products in 2019.
One of the biggest struggle online store business owners face is finding or picking the right products for their online store that sells. Coming with great products is admittedly tricky. Finding a selling product people want can leave even the most online shop owners stuck in analysis paralysis. It often feels like everything you could possibly sell is already being sold. And those products market competition!

Fortunately, there are many opportunities by which you can find the right product for you, and this is the proof that new products can be launched successfully at any time. To ease your efforts, we’ve put together a cute list of practical ways to find products to sell in your online store.

Finding products to daily frustrations

Solving your customers' pain points or daily life problems is always an ever-fresh yet effective idea to invent your product. It is worth paying close attention whenever you come across common frustrations with an existing queue of products. Being keenly aware of the daily problems and small annoyances you come across in your customer's everyday life could be just what you need to come up with your next profitable product idea.

Selling products your customers are passionate about

When people are passionate about their hobby’s or interests, they’re likely to invest or pay a little extra for the product they want. Their willingness-to-pay opens door to a great queue of products in the market. This at the same time creates a greater sense of loyalty and boosts engagement with your brand. As enthusiastic customers are generally more involved in the industry and get more value out of the products they purchase.

Sell products that impressed you

Have you been working into some sort of niche? If you have a skill or a set of experiences that make you unique than any of your coworkers? Turning your expertise into your own online business is a smart way to enter the market with a head up that isn't easy for others to duplicate or copy. While there are many risks in choosing a product based on your own interests, it certainly doesn’t have to be a recipe for trash. Using your know-how to create and position a unique product also can be extremely profitable.

Take chances with seasonal trends

Recognizing a trend early enough can be a notable win for a new business. It allows you to carve out a place in the industry and establish yourself as a leader before others have a chance to. It’s no secret that organic traffic from search engines is an important marketing channel. There is a wealth of insight you can rely upon customer reviews. Are there are any trends or interesting chunks of feedback you can use as inspiration to develop your next product? Pay some attention to shortcomings and complaints that are being shared. If you’re not sure of the industry or product category to explore, consider a specific group and focus on brands and products that those individuals depend.

Choosing the right product or product category can be instrumental to your online store’s success. The products you are about to choose will shape your entire business, from marketing to shipping, to pricing, to further product development. Hopefully, these ideas will get the wheels moving and help lead you to a product people want to buy and that you’re equally excited to sell.

Eminent Classifieds Ads Posting Software With Exclusive Features

Classifieds ads have become the best medium to rightly connect the thriving seller and the
interested buyers. So this is fast becoming the best e-commerce site for online
shopping. In near future, the huge number of peoples might rely heavily on this
site for online purchase. So be prepared to earn big by building your
classifieds ads portal using the best classifieds ads posting software.
Eminent software with exclusive features
Online Classifieds is the only online business which has got the multiple revenue generation options.
Which can efficiently generate the revenue through the,

  • Commission based system
  • Ad  and urgent promotions
  • Ad banners

Through these you can generate a good amount of revenue but only when you have got some exclusive features on your app. 
Usually, all classifieds app will have features for instant buy and sell and for all it supporting processes. So when you are starting new on online classifieds industry you will need some exclusive things on your app to announce your presence and to make
them turn as users of your app. There is no point in having the same features
as other apps and seeking for attention. So these following features might help
your cause,
Instant live chat with image and location sharing -
Instant chat option on the classifieds app is effectively connecting any seller
and buyer. But the addition of the image and location sharing option to it
makes things even simpler for both the kind of users.
Multi-language and currency - When an app can speak the native language and display the costs on native currency value then it could easily gain the attention.
Exchange to buy - Another intriguing feature and this may not
be available on all readily available script. When any buyers feel he may not
afford the cost of any listed product to buy then he can contact that seller
and can request to swap the products of equal worth to buy that product.
Chat block option and chat templates - Chat option is mighty
effective but it can associate some hassles too if used inappropriately. So
adding a chat block option might help to overcome that and the addition chat
templates will speed up the conversation.
Final thought 
Set up your classifieds ads portal using one of our best selling readymade classifieds ads posting software- Joysale. It has got all the above-mentioned revenue-generating features and the essential cum exclusive features on it. It can also be endlessly customized for any kind of classifieds portal like automobile, jobs, services, etc, which you like to set

Integrate Your Live Streaming Business Idea With Periscope Clone Script

The idea behind the development of periscope is “ you should be able to see what you read or hear”.When you are surfing on twitter and coming across something intriguing then if you are able to watch that to know what’s really happening there through a live
video then that could really make things interesting. People in this generation
are loving this kind of stuff.
What is different in periscope?
Though Youtube is a leading video streaming website and app all around the world it is a passive amedium. But Periscope is an active medium where they have enabled the users to comment, hit likes in the form of hearts all in real time.
The notable features on the Periscope are unlimited like and the push notifications.
When a broadcaster is broadcasting some video the viewers can hit heart as many time as they like. Then the notifications, this helps a user to know about any live stream initiated by any one of his follower/ following user or to tune into any live streaming.
Livza- a Periscope clone script
Livza is the best periscope clone script available on the market which has got the features very identical to the periscope. So to help you integrate your own ideas and to stand out among the similar crowd it has also got the customization option. With which you can add
or remove any modules, change its looks and can make to work as your wish.
Live streaming apps are not only a crowd puller but it has also got multiple ways to generate good revenue,
  • Subscription-based      live streaming

Provide access or link to only premium users those who have subscribed for paid subscriptions.

  • Ad  banners

Whenever there is a huge traffic then advertising any products there will get instant reach. So users for any product promotion will surely make use of the ad banners.

  • Pay   Per View

While live broadcasting any high demand event on your app, you can enable the pay per view option for it. 
End thought
Livza by default has got everything in it to help your ideas of setting up the live streaming
business. So avail it today, mold it as per your wish and view your business live on attractive native ios and android platforms in just matter of time.

Things To Consider While You Choose Readymade Multi Vendor Marketplace App
The e-commerce business has fast evolved to become a reliable revenue-generating online business for many. But the point is all are not guaranteed for success due to the skyrocketing expectations of the customers. A brand with an optimized app with all user expecting features are only being successful. So when you are planning to instantly start your online shopping business you might opt for a readymade multi-vendor marketplace app, that is the best way too. But when you go for it you have to consider these things,

Multi-vendor system - Multi-store e-commerce websites are captivating the attention of the users and easily garnering the huge number of users in no time. So consider a script that has got the multi-vendor system on it with effective supporting features for it.

Design - You may have many intriguing and even advanced features on your app. But when it is not aligned rightly, it may not seek the user attention. Design of the website and app plays a major role, so you have to mainly take this into the consideration.

Features - Then the features, your app should have got the advanced features which should rightly meet the user expectation and should make the process easier for the users. So consider adding all right & worthy features and the recent addition of social features is spicing up the online shopping experience.

The business model with revenue generation features - The heart of any business, the business model/plan. You might have your own plan for your business. So select the script that has got the business model as close as to your plan with the right and reliable revenue-generating features.

Customization - A script might have a good design and features and if you think adding something to it will surely hit your idea. So it should have got the customization option for flexibility to roll out your business as per your wish.

Available platforms - Finally, a script readily available on a bug-free website and native mobile apps could help you launch your business in all platforms right away.  So select a script that is readily available on all platforms with attractive design and the features for the best UX.

End thought

So all the above considerations can be rightly met by the readymade multi-vendor ecommerce PHP script- Fantacy. It has got all the requisite and advanced features for the best UX. Also, it has got the explicit business plan/model with revenue generation features like,

  • Commission based system - Commission from sellers on each sale.
  • Ad banners - Promotion of products on Ad banners.

Then it has got the add-ons and customization option to mold it as per your wish. Finally, it is readily available on the website and native mobile apps to launch your business right away effectively on all platforms.

How Rental Property Website Builder Can Help Your Rental Business Idea?
Peoples are exploring some way or another to earn money. One among that is leaving their home/apartment for rent to make money in their time of vacation. So through which these peoples will let know others that they are leaving their space for rent?. And when the same peoples leave to another city for vacation and if they are seeking a rental house to be like staying in their own home, from where they can easily know about the availability?. One solution can solve these two queries that are the best rental booking website.

You may be well aware of all these. So we shall straightly dive into how a rental property website builder- Airfinch can help your ideas of setting up rental booking business?

Tested business model
Availing a readymade script has got many advantages one among that is, it will have the tested business model. To state clearly, it will have the model of any one prevailing successful brand in the industry. So it reduces the risk of failing in your business.

Feature list

You might have planned for your business but at times may end up focussing too much on revenue-generating factors and will struggle for features that could provide the best UX. This builder will readily have the features that will guarantee the good time for users. And so you can stay focused on ways to enhance your business not revolve much around the required features.

Design attributes

If you have found the right kind of features that you need in your app, then the design plays a major role. So you have to design a website that will please the users and which makes the process easy for the users with features in the right place. So with this builder, you will get a template which has got the attractive design with explicit features at the right place.


All are required things are available by default but you might have some different plans for your business. You may feel good to have some modules and might think to replace some with your ideas. Your thoughts and idea can be efficiently implemented with the easy customization option.

Airfinch can be the best solution for the idea of starting an online rental booking business. This book rental website can effectively fit into any rental business you prefer to do. So avail it which is readily available on the attractively designed website and native mobile apps and start your business right away.

How to build a robust classified ad portal in less than an hour?

Do you know it is now easier than ever to build an online classified portal?
You don’t have to learn to code or make some heavy investments or anything like that to
get your classified ad posting software to go live.
Have no doubts, we have bought you the most systematized guide on how to build a robust classified ad portal less than an hour. And we have included cost-effective
solutions that help you not only to develop a classified website also on how to
manage and maintain it.
Step 1:Get a business-relevant web address 
Many small business owners tend to ignore this step. They’re all so carried away by
industry jargon and opt for a totally irrelevant domain name. If you want your
online classified portal to thrive try not to ignore this step. Before deciding
your domain follow some guidelines for your niche, like
1.     A simple name that relates your brand and easy to remember
2.     If it is luckily a keyword circulated inside your niche, then go for it
3.     Handpicked domain extension  
Takeaway tip- .com extensions are well like in classified industry. Try to avoid your
country name in your extension, which restricts your business spread.
Step 2: Find an optimized hosting provider
Subscribe to a server space in the internet world with a professional hosting provider.
Your hosting provider has to adaptable, advanced, and supportive for your
business. Guidelines for choosing a hosting provider includes,
1.     24/7 support assistance in all languages
2.     Wallet-friendly plans
3.     Matchless uptime
4.     Dedicated servers for hosting
Step 3: Discover a pre-eminent platform for your classified ad portal software
Discovering a full-fledged-classified portal builder can time consuming with thousands of
choices available over the internet to confuse you. Speaking about the quality
you have to be very cautious before investing your hard-earned money. You need
to locate for a personalized solution providing company in place of hiring
freelancers or during outsourcing your business portal. 
Step 4: Claim a personalized solution
Only these types of software will allow you to be flexible and give you complete
control over your ad posting portal.  Another convincing factor is, they’re 
readymade classified websites with catchy and advanced features. Which means all you need to do is start making changes suitable for your business. You can always set-up your design
requirements and customize your classified website the way you want without any
Step 5: How to maintain your classified ad portal?
Your classified ad portal requires some extra care. Which you can automate with a
hell lot of tools & techniques. You should start maintaining and monitoring
your ad software as soon as it goes live. So be prepared with any choices you
make for managing your portal.  You can follow pick some relevant platforms and advertise your business. If your business is based on local directories, just advertise locally.  To maintain consistency and proficiency of your classified ad portal, take good
care of it by monitoring, the 
1.     Data being uploaded
2.     Members activity
3.     Quality of the content posted to your site. (Avoid plagiarism)
You can make more money using your classified ad portal with
some brilliant techniques. (More on this topic soon)
To get you started you can always invest in a portal that automates
most of its maintaining process
 and so monitors users activity. 
Now you know that building your a robust classified ad portal in less than an hour is
true, right?
Then what makes you wait!
Follow our simple guidelines and go live in less than 30 minutes.
All the best for your classified business :)

5 great ways to use live streaming to grow your business

Have you ever thought of telling your brand’s story using live streaming?
Real-time content drives your audience crazy and builds more trust than any other form of media - report.
It seems a wise move to live stream but most importantly try to plan your content before
you go live. Live streaming is being one among a rapidly growing audience
capturing mode in the past few years. Grab this highly engaging social form of
attraction with 6 great ways to grow your business.
#1. Show your customers how their product or service is crafted
behind scenes. Don’t restrict your customers in your reception, instead tour
them your whole workplace. Show them what you do, what your employees do. Show
your brand’s faces, communicate with them, share them your joy of finding
solutions for your customers. 
The biggest advancement for your business is finding strangers and building
relationships that create trust, you’ll then drive revenue from the trust
you’ve earned. Once a month, go live and engage your customers.
#2. Host a Q&A You might
have been in the industry for like decades, what if your new clients find you
inaccessible. You could have an FAQ, do you know how effective it is answering
your client’s current problems? 
Don’t worry, pick some of the questions widely asked by your customers and make a
record of it. Host a Q&A session and make announcements in all possible
ways your customers are available. Now address their needs, this makes them
feel heard and close to your brand. You’ll also receive a real-time response,
which is the most credible resource for the customer.
#4. Share breaking and current news:
Heard about social CEO’s?  If not, time to learn. Asking your CEO to share your
companies big step using live streaming can generate impacting results
comparing with a tailor made a press release. Don’t pressure your top notch
instead request them to share some quick bites your company is working on. 
#5.Organize interviews 
Live streaming creates engagement on a different level which many of your online
posts fails, and moreover, you’ll able to study your audience behavior within
moments on being live. Live streaming fans love authenticity and if you’re able
to do this for them, you’ll win hearts and create many brand advocates. 
Live streaming is not just social media trend to be ignored by businesses. This is a
way to cherish your online relationship with your customers, grab this chance
and never let go of it.

Bridge the gap between your customers and you on a deeper and more personal level
using live streaming. 
Get in touch with people who will provide solutions for you :)

22 Must have Legal documents required to start an online dating business
1.    Have a certificate of incorporation
2.    Get a business license
3.    Matchmaking brand certificate
4.    Tax identification number
5.    Business plan
6.    Contract documents (If any)
7.    NDA (Non-disclosure agreement)
8.    Employee handbook
9.    The operating agreement for LLC
10.  Insurance policy
11.  Online terms of usage certificate
12.  Online privacy policy
13.  Users information privacy policy 
14.  Company bylaws
15.  Employee agreements (Job offer letters)
16.  MOU (Memorandum of understanding)
17.  Franchise or trademark license (Optional)
18.  Certificate of occupancy (In case of renting a building)
19.  Age verification
20.  Promotional liability
21.  Copyrights protection
22.  Indecency or Free Speech Concerns

Have you ever thought of building an online dating website for
Or feel like we have missed anything in the above list, please
comment below or talk with our experts for further advancements in the topic.

10 Convincing Reasons Why Vacation Rental Business is Beneficial
After experiencing vacation rentals ( From best vendors) many business owners ignore the idea of online booking rooms from hotels. Because vacation renting business comes handy and is cost-effective. There are many astonishing benefits from vacation rentals, to get a deeper insight we have hand-picked 7 convincing factor’s that’ll get inspire your inner travel nomad.

Reason 1. You can own a dual purpose property.
Reason 2. Generate income with your existing resource.
Reason 3. You can sell your property for a higher profit without any brokerage.
Reason 4. You can enjoy tax deductions.
Reason 5. Risk-free investment that speculates popularity and new customers.
Reason 6. You can learn more about travel trends and real estate business.
Reason 7. They’re easy to manage & maintain.
Reason 8. Able to make new customers and rent multiple times within a year.
Reason 9. You don’t have spend more time and money for your vacation rental business.
Reason 10. They are more flexible and gives you more breaks than any other business model. 

Start your vacation rental business today and enjoy significant perks during peak seasons. 

Book your free consultation!

The Best Selling And Success Assuring Classified Script On Market

Classifieds business while it was on offline, it generated good revenue for the newspaper publishers and is partially being active now. Then after moving to online, it became a
popular business opportunity for many thriving entrepreneurs. And what’s
fascinating though technologies have got highly evolved over the years the
classifieds business also caught up to it and is living for another age. 
Online classifieds
The increase in usage of internet has brought the idea for turning classifieds into online. The result, it boomed, the brand's ones who started have become giants and some of their
followers are the leading players now. So if you are interested in this business you too can do it instantly using the Letgo clone app.
Online classifieds made the buying and selling easier and it is best connecting the interested buyers and sellers. The main thing is, it is an e-commerce app but not limited for selling new product only, through it users can post their used/new products for
sale and also can advertise about their any services. 
Recent developments
Peoples are upgrading to the recent technologies effortlessly and are expecting the same for still some easy way on any app they are using. So it is important to stay updated with the recent technologies and trends in use. In simple words you should be able to
leverage the technology and provide the peoples something new every time and
which should make their process easy.
So coming to the online classifieds, yet there are so many features which help in easy buy and sell the recent development can push for the sale and guarantees more profit. So you can generate good revenue in your business.
Those are,

  • Accept      & Deny Offers/Give away- There is a feature for make an offer for
         buyers to request an offer to the sellers. But this accept/deny button the
         seller chat window can help the seller to the deny or accept the offer in
         a single click.


  • Exchange      to buy- This is an exclusive feature only available on the high rated
         script. Which enables the sellers and buyers to swap the products.


  • Instant      chat system with live location and image share option- Sellers can share
         the exact/current condition of his selling product on image sharing and
         buyers can let know the seller about their location with the location
         sharing option.


  • Chat     block and chat templates- Which helps users to stay away from their
         annoying users and for efficient chat respectively.

Best selling script on the market
Joysale is the most advanced classifieds script on the market which has got all the essential cum advanced features on its UI. It has got multi-language feature through you can change its language according to the country you target. So avail this best selling script on the market which is readily available on the web and native apps, customize it to your wish and start your online classifieds business right away to earn your profit from the commission, ad, and promotions.

Explicit Tinder Clone Script With The User Friendly Features

UI with User-friendly features

After the users feel assured for their data security then they will take a straight look at the features list. So it is a foregone conclusion that kind of features decide the success of any online business and its foremost in online dating business. 

A social app for finding the right match will require the features like,

Easy login with existing social media (Facebook) account. This can also account for match suggestion from the mutual friends.

Profile setup- add personal information, upload pictures, partner preference setup, contacts lists.

This is the setup process and then the real process begins here the major features will come into play.

Location-based search- Users can limit the distance or can draw a boundary from where they like to seek their match.

Unlimited right swipes- Swipes on Tinder was taken well by people i.e Mutual right swipes is a match and swipe left to view next profile from match suggestions. So users should be provided with the unlimited right swipes to show how much they like that person on that profile.

Ban or rewind last swipe- Some users may unknowingly swipe right to anyone profile so they can revert it back with rewind last swipe. 

Instant chat with images- On a match, both users should be able to connect with one another on a chat window and that can have the image share option on mutual interest.

Audio and video chat- Apart from text chat it should also have the audio and video chat to enhance the interaction.

Delete chat history/Unfriend option- Chat window should be self-destructible and should have unfriend option to help users stay away from any of their annoying dates.
So these are the features which can really guarantee the users with the best UX.

Readily available dating script

Howzu is the readily available tinder clone script which has got all the above-mentioned features and also has the customization option. So you can mold this script available on native mobile apps as per your wish and start your business right away.

As it is a clone of Tinder, it generates revenue from the,

Premium account subscriptions- Users subscribing to the premium version.

Ad banners- Users can make use of Ad banners and can promote their products commercially with the permission of admin.

Promote Yourself And Claim For Popularity Using The Live Video Streaming App
A leading Live video streaming app- Periscope has captivated some healthy millions of users within four months of its release. It wasn’t a surprise because it was like peoples
were waiting for this one app for years. 
Like Periscope there also many leading video content apps prevail on the market all with a good amount of user base.
What makes users fall for live streaming apps?
Let's see about what is present in this app for the user likings, and let’s move with some instances  Take an instance, when someone is planning to buy a car but he/she doesn’t have time to visit the showroom to know about any car in detail. So there users can take their mobile phones get into this app and search for any review/specs video for that car.
And so the peoples can get the first information for anything through this app.
So this app educates well.
On another instance, someone needs a help in fixing a laptop which was disassembled. Then he/she may search for the appropriate videos and can fix it in minutes. So the explainer videos come handy here. So it lets people explain their expertise.
And the final instance, When someone is feeling bored or having an off day without any work. Then this app has got space for some entertaining videos too. So they can watch those and can have a good time. So it entertains too.
So using Livza, users can label them as the best entertainers/educators/explainers.
Features list 
So to assist in all these it requires some eminent features. Those are,

  • Live      streaming and broadcasting- Helps users in persistent live streaming on HD
         quality and unlimited broadcast to the followers.
  • Live     feed- To view the latest uploaded and trending videos and which videos
         have got more view counts and likes.
  • My     profile- To set up interest and boost the popularity.
  • Search     and follow- if you like posts of any one user. Just search and follow them
         to view all their uploads.

Other than this, users can easy signup and login using this existing Facebook or Google account and can also know about all users followers activity with user
activity/notification feature.
Start your live streaming business today
So avail our readymade live video streaming app script - Livza and list your requirements for molding it as per your wish with customization option. We will get it done perfectly and so can you can view your business live on the native mobile apps in a matter of time.

Avail a Readymade Script When you Think to Build an App Like Tinder

Appkodes dating platform

Howzu a look-alike of Tinder on looks and features can effortlessly attract and enrapture the users. Dating apps are said to have a huge user base and with features on this readymade dating script you too can easily captivate the huge number of users and earn big from it.

When Tinder came for use, it had no contenders on online dating space. Then Tinder has exhibited that there is a huge market for online dating business and so many followed it with their own dating apps.

But all didn’t procure success on this business mainly due to the lack of intriguing features on their app. 

Howzu has got all the requisite features on an attractive UI, which can lure users and maximize your profits.

Enrapturing features on Howzu

The features on Howzu are,

  • Easy signup and login with existing facebook account.
  • Setup your profile the way you wish and with filter functionalities filter to limit the distance, age, gender for the match suggestions.
  • With both users swipe right on each other profile then there will be a match, and they can instantly chat with their match user through the instant chat window.
  • Users can endlessly right swipe any profile for providing unlimited likes.
  • To induce fun factor on chatting it has got keyboard emojis and with auto spell feature user can efficiently reply for texts without any mistakes.
  • To maintain privacy it has got the unfriend and self-destructible chat history feature.
  • Beyond text chatting, to provide users the best time with their match it has got the video and audio chat feature.

Money making modules

Tinder is generating revenue from two subscription plans, and Howzu has got the same with,

  • Premium account subscriptions- You can make users subscribe to your premium plan and can make huge money from it.

  • Ad banners- This is an additional revenue generation module present on this script to maximize your profit. Where users can promote any of their products on Ad banners commercially with the permission of admin.

Note- The feature module and the money making modules can be endlessly customized based on your preference with the easy customization option.

End thought

So when you think to build an app like Tinder, a readymade script especially Appkodes Howzu can relieve from huge investments on your business and consumes less time to launch your business. So with Howzu you can view your business live on native ios and Android apps in minutes and in turn it generates good revenue in quick time.

Open Source Shopping Cart Software Leads to Great Profit Business
E-commerce websites are effortlessly captivating the users and consistently will have a good user base. It is making the sellers set up their virtual store on any one of the successful e-commerce websites to earn big. With users preferring the luxury for shopping from their own place and sellers preferring to earn more, multi-vendor e-commerce websites have become a great mediating platform for both these communities. Own that mediating platform effortlessly using Appkodes open source shopping cart software.

Features on UI

This readily available software from Appkodes has the wide range of features for the user likings. Start from login to categories, customized search and add to cart, and for payments, it is easy for the end users to with all the default features present on it.

Multi-vendor system, exclusive space for describing the product in detail, subscribe to know about their latest launch and listing, a dashboard to instantly know about all useful info. Makes this the best platform for the sellers.

Customizable script

Though, Appkodes script is enriched with all requisite features according to the demands of the user. But every entrepreneur will be identical to each other ideas. So each may have some different ideas and so this script lets them express that with the customization option. 

So this script is easily customizable on,

  • Themes- This script by default have a mesmerizing theme, but it can also be at best on your own taste.
  • Modules- Features are developed on modules, on the waterfall method. So any feature modules like commission based revenue generation model can be replaced with your idea,  without affecting other functionalities.
  • Payment gateway- PAYPAL is accepted worldwide and so by default, this script has got that as a payment gateway. Any payment gateway can be integrated as per your wish.
  • Integration- The inserted modules as on your wish can be easily added or removed or customized on any required time.

Added with it, this script has also got an Add-on,

  • Seller App Add-on- This can help each seller with useful info like sales, profit, inventory and much more just with an app on their mobiles. So sellers need not rely much on the website every time to know about that infos.

  • Revenue generation features

This script has got two efficient revenue generation features,

  • Seller basis commission- From each sale, admin can deduct a percentage of commission according to the price and then can send money to the respective seller.

  • Ad banners- Sellers can promote their products commercially on the ad banners with the permission of admin.

Final thought

Appkodes’s open source shopping cart software- Fantacy is the best readily available solutions for the ideas of instantly starting an ecommerce business. Fantacy is readily available on three packages all at very affordable costs. So choose one according to your need and view your business live in minutes.

Fancy Clone Script To Effortlessly Build A User Loving Ecommerce Website
Best platform for trade

E-commerce websites are the best option for buyers because they can get to see multiple options from multiple brands and different sellers all at a single place. So it efficiently saves the users time and efforts and money. The reason sellers love the e-commerce websites is it has a readymade traffic, on online shopping website their brand will easily reach their target audience. So with instant reach and readymade traffic they can earn easily by setting up a virtual store.

For all these, it requires a right kind of features to support the needs of both users. All is preemptively present on the our online marketplace script.

Script with all requisite features

Essential features to satisfy the user buyers are,

  • Advanced filter option
  • Multiple payment options
  • Invite and credits
  • Follow seller
  • Group gifts and gift cards 

Features for seller satisfaction are,

  • Multi-vendor system
  • Product details
  • Merchant dashboard

A seller will be more focused on his earnings. Sellers can earn more only when the buyers get attracted and interested towards their products for buying. The features for buyers satisfaction indirectly help the sellers. So the e-commerce website is providing the adequate space for the sellers and more importance for the buyers. That is rightly done on Appkodes script for e-commerce business.

Revenue generation features of Appkodes script

If more sales take place respective sellers can earn more easily. Admin can earn through 

  • Seller basis commission- Sellers are taking part in your system and using your creative platform to earn handsomely. For every sale, admin can deduct his commission according to the price and then can send money to the seller.

  • Ad banners- This script is also integrated with Google Adsense,  Which is another easy way to make more money. Ad banners will let sellers promote their products commercially with the permission of admin.

Final thought

Appkodes’s Fancy clone script- Fantacy is the preemptively, well-equipped solution for the ideas of starting an ecommerce business. UI of Fantacy is not only apt for the default features present on it. It also can intake your own ideas and provide looks and work as per your wish with easy customization option. By availing Fantacy in no time you can view your business go live on the web, ios, and Android platforms. 

Instupituous Readymade Video Streaming Clone Script With Native Mobile Apps

Appkodes live streaming app
The mobile phones integrated with the high-quality cameras are the boon for this live streaming app. Because when a user finds anything intriguing and feels to share it with
his friends on the social network, he may be helped by a good live streaming
app. If the videos aren’t of good quality on output then users at watching end
will lose the excitement. There this quality of the camera and the video player
in the live streaming apps helps.
So whatever may be the quality of the captured video, the player on the appkodes script delivers it at an HD quality on another important aspect is it live stream persistently
without any technical flaws.
When the live stream option is present then the users will surely expect for a live broadcasting option too. And that is too present in this script which enables users to
endlessly broadcast the videos to their followers. Combined with that, it has a
comment system, useful in garnering viewers opinions.
The live streaming apps
are not only for live streaming and broadcasting but also to watch the trending
online videos. On live feed, users can get to see all these videos.
Each user will different
interests, tastes, and likings. So they can set up their profile with all
those, that will boost their popularity and can garner them more followers.
This script has my profile set up features, to help users on those aspects.
Users may like any one particular channel or broadcaster and will like to watch all their videos whenever posted. And for it, this script has got has search and follow feature
which enables them to search for their favorite broadcasters and channels and
follow them.
If users need to create a new account for entering the app, they may get hassled for remembering the  asswords and all those things. So to make things simple and easy this script has got a social media login feature, which helps users to log in using their
social media account.
End thought with a right solution
Appkodes live streaming clone script- Livza has all the above-mentioned features readily available on anattractive UI. And it can generate revenues in multiple ways like Pay per
views, Ad banners, Subscription based live streaming. Livza with its
attractive design and well-rounded bug-free and secured features can easily
captivate the huge number of users in no time and can bring you good revenues.
So if you are in need to start your live streaming business instantly, share
your thoughts and ideas with us and we will get it done all those in the way
you prefer with Livza.

Book Spaces For Rent In Minutes Using Space Rental Script
Rental bookings and rental offerings have become easier with the online rental booking apps. It is helping users to plan better and spend their time efficiently. And for rental proprietors, it is helping them with reliable revenue option. So both traveling and rental listing communities have fast gelled to the rental booking apps. Even individual hotels are eyeing to increase their profits by taking part in the online rental booking system. So the demand for it is high even though the Giants are at their best. So grab this opportunity and to make it your own using Appkodes space rental script and instantly start your online rental booking business.

Make listing and booking in minutes

Airfinch script has a smooth model for this rental booking business. And have all the right features on the attractively designed UI, which helps the users to swiftly list or book the rental spaces.

It has also got many user aiding features like,

  • The rental owner can mention the option to avail his space for rent, either instantly or by request.

  • Users can rate and review the service according to their experience, that may be helpful for other rental booking users on that hotel. Positive reviews will boost the business.

  • The user can save their preferred location for travel on their wishlist o user defined wishlist. And admin can suggest users with attractive locations for vacation on admin defined wishlist.

  • Advanced search/filter for users to custom search according to their needs.

  • Map and location-based search for users to search manually for rentals in a specific location or as they move on the map.

  • Multiple currency/ Currency conversion, for transactions in different foreign countries and list the space by mentioning the rent on native currency value.

  • Have a reliable, secure PAYPAL payment gateway, transaction history for all the payments made, and set up the cancellation policies as per your rule for the bookings.

  • Guest and host reservation provides the hosts the complete authority to approve, and reject the guest bookings.

  • Instant push notifications for the offers, booking approval, payments, and confirmations.

  • Easy login for users with their existing social media account and invite friends on their social network.

  • User verification through Email or phone to authenticate the users from the fraudulent.

Final thoughts

Appkodes space rental script readily has a good business model with all above-mentioned features. Airfinch can efficiently generate the revenue through the commission set up and also it can be easily customized in the way you prefer and helps in maximizing your profits. It is readily available on three packages each with different scale of perks at very affordable costs. So avail it to view your online rental booking business live in minutes.

Readymade Letgo Clone App With the Advanced Features
Reasons to opt for Appkodes Letgo clone
Appkodes is one of the best e-commerce business solution provider. And have the best readymade products for all e-commerce business. Joysale script for online classifieds
business readily comes with all requisite features also added with the most
recent, user liking features. As this business has multiple revenue generation
options, many online entrepreneurs are keenly vying for their opportunity.
Among all those to guarantee an attractive and unique app on looks and works as
you wish, it has got an easy customization option. 
Also, this script is available on three packages as per your requirements all at affordable costs. On purchase, you can enjoy many perks like extended support and updates as
mentioned in each package.
Best UX guaranteeing features
On Appkodes script, start from login, listing, purchasing until payments it is all easy with the right kind of bug-free features present on its attractive UI. Usually on every e-commerce app for buying and selling it would have features for product listing and will have n number of categories for it. And for buyers search it will have customized
search filters and will multiple payment options for payments. These are all the basic requirements and are rightly and effectively present on this script.
Added to that, it has got features like, 

  • Make     an offer- Buyers to request offers from sellers.
  • Accept     and deny offers/ Give away- Sellers can accept/decline buyers requested
         offers on a click. Sellers can intrigue buyers by listing the products
         without mentioning its price to give it away with the purchase of their
         other product.
  • Exchange     to buy- Product swapping between buyers and sellers instead of payments.
  • Instant     chat system with image and location share- Buyers can directly contact
         sellers on instant chat window and clear their queries, also it has got
         image and location sharing options.

Added with these, it has also got features like,

  • Chat    block/Chat templates
  • Advanced     search filter
  • Supports     multi-language as you wish
  • Multiple     currencies
  • Social     Activities( Social media login, share, and comment)
  • Product     details
  • User     verifications.

Revenue generation features
Appkodes script generates revenue through three efficient revenue generation modules,

  • Seller     basis commission- Commission from each sale.
  • Ad     and urgent promotions- User product promotions on Ad and Urgent basis.
  • Ad     banners- User product promotion on Ad banners.

Final Thoughts
On availing Appkodes Letgo Clone App- Joysale you are assured with reliable revenue generation and its features can surely captivate the huge number of users. So avail Joysale and get your business live on the web, native ios, and Android platforms in minutes.

Reasons Entrepreneurs Preferring Multi Vendor Marketplace App

Meeting user demands

#Fashion and #Trend is evolving from time to time and these #tags aren’t going to go down for sure anytime later too. So any online business may go down at times, but e-commerce websites selling trendy fashion accessories have a bright future. 

Other online businesses, for example, we shall take a taxi booking business, rental booking business are also are on demand, but only when users need it more. That’s not the case with online shopping websites if a user finds his needs or a great deal on his needful product on the move he will surely pounce on it. So other online business may have demand according to the needs and interests of users. But the only online business which has huge demand at all times is the online e-commerce business.

Multi-vendor marketplace preference

Let’s assume an instance where you are planning to shop on online and surfing to find the best app for it. Then on finding a good one with its looks, you are logging in to see what’s there in that for you. But there you could only see the products of the site owner i.e products from a single brand/single vendor.  I guess you will be utterly disappointed and instantly you will make your mind to look at another app. 

The same applies to the modern users, they are preferring lots of varieties and options to view and compare before purchase. And so users are preferring the multi-vendor apps.

An app which enables multiple individual vendors to sell their products gave sellers on the physical market an easy way to increase their sales and so profit by setting up their virtual store online.

So buyers are preferring options and multiple interested individual vendors are greed to take part in the system. So a right platform to connect these both could make a successful online business. Multi-vendor marketplace app is that right solution for it and so entrepreneurs are preferring it.

Reliable revenue generation options

Users of e-commerce apps have made it as a habit to shop online for all their needs and if they are need of anything they have made their mind to check it out on online shopping sites.  Using multi-vendor marketplace app entrepreneurs can easily generate revenue through,

Every individual vendor taking part in the system is using a creative platform to list and sell his products. So the owner/admin of the website can deduct the commission from every product sale and then can send money to the seller.

Promotions play a major role in seller product reach among the target audience. Website with ad banners, sellers can make full use of it to garner instant reach. And for sellers who are using ad banners on the website admin can charge a particular amount for it.


So if you have ideas to start a multi vendor ecommerce business Appkodes have the best solution for it with their multi-vendor marketplace app. Fantacy by default has got all requisite features on an attractive UI to provide best UX. So with the fast-growing trend for online shopping setup your online business in minutes and earn handsomely using Fantacy.

Trade Product Globally Using Online Classifieds App
The trade which means buying/selling the products. A certain doubt may arise here the word trade either denotes trade for new products or for the used products. In this case, what can be the ideal solution than an online classifieds app, which lets the users sell either new products/refurbished products. Down here we shall see about, to do this business globally what all you will need for it.

Right platform with attractive UI

An online classifieds business on a right platform with all user preferring features may guarantee the entrepreneurs for capturing the local market. But to stake a claim globally it requires much more.

Here Appkodes’s 
Online Classifieds script could come in handy, with all requisite features on its attractive designed UI to support the global classifieds business ideas.

Global classifieds app requisite features

The process of listing or purchasing a product is a little longer, so an app for it requires little more feature than any other online business apps. Users should be compromised on every aspect like quality, price, much more to buy a product. So it requires quality features to help user-sellers to attract buyers and compromise on every aspect.

• So basically a buy/sell app will require features like,
Sellers may not be available online at all times to describe the products to the buyer. A feature to post brief product detail for sellers can help buyers to easily understand about nook and corner about the listed product.

On entering the app for purchase, buyers will be excited to look for their needful product but instead, if the screen displays all products mixedly their excitement for purchase will go down. So for that, it is better to have an advanced search filter feature, which helps buyers to directly land on their needful category/products.

All internet users are very much used to follow and invites, so having an option of social media login, follow preferred sellers, and invite friends on the social network will surely lure users.

Buyers will prefer purchasing the products from the sellers having the tag of a trusted seller. So having a user verification feature will help both sellers and buyers.

Above are some of the basic requisite features.

• Requisite features for global classifieds business are,

Worldwide the requirements will be the same, two main things which differ are the native language and the currency.

Multiple languages- Script having multiple languages to help users to go international or specific country. Also having a translate option will help the users viewing from the different countries.

Currency management- Selecting the currency according to the target location will be liked by the users, So it is better to leave to admin to choose the currencies for listings.

• The recently evolved advanced useful features are,

When sellers and buyers can interact directly with each other, then it will be comfortable for them to share more info. So having an instant chat system will surely help. Also on it having an image and location sharing options will benefit both sides.

On the classifieds app script, user buyers at times may not be able to afford the price to buy their needed product. So they can make use of make an offer feature to request an offer at price to the seller.

Sellers may feel ok with the offer requested by the buyers or may not, so having an accept and deny offers on a single click will greatly help.

If buyers have the product of equal worth to the seller product, then a buyer can swap it to buy using the exchange to buy feature.

So these are all the basic, global and advanced features on an app for online classified business.

Online business with multiple revenue generation options

This is the only online business which can efficiently generate revenue through multiple ways like,

• Commission from the seller earnings
• Promotional activities for product selling
• Also, when it is integrated with Google Adsense it can generate good revenue.

Final thought

Appkodes online classifieds app- Joysale by default have all above mentioned basic, global, advanced features on its attractive UI. So avail Joysale, instantly view your online classifieds business go live on the web, ios, and Android apps.

Best Dating App Script To Build An Effective Match Finding Platform

Clone of Tinder app

A recent study revealed that approximately a user on Tinder app- a leading dating app, is spending 90 min of his time each day on that app. So it won’t be surprising to see the further increase in numbers in the upcoming days. To keep the users hooked up to the app up to 90 mins on each day, Tinder has many intriguing features on it. If you too could provide those features on your dating added with some of your ideas, then there is a great chance for your app to become a leader in the industry.

Appkodes clone script for online dating business provides you that opportunity with the functionality and features as same as present on the Tinder app. Also, it provides space for adding your own ideas to maximize your profits and reach with the easy customization option.

Script with all adequate features

This script from Appkodes have all requisite features by default to guarantee user the best UX. The noteworthy and distinct features of this script are,

When a user gets a match as per his preference, he would like to no more waste his time and will plan how to efficiently spend time with what he got.

To help with that aspect it has got features like,

  • Instant chat with images
  • Video and audio chat
  • Keyboard emojis and auto spell.

For hassle-free login and profile set up, it has got features like,

  • Social media API
  • Partner Preference
  • Location-based search
  • Filter functionalities
  • Info about recent visitors to their profile and profiles they viewed.

When Tinder was introduced its center attractive feature was swiping, this script has also got unlimited swipes features for likes and dislikes.

Revenue generation features

This script has two efficient revenue generation features,

  • Premium account subscription- Making users subscribe to the premium version of your app, you can generate huge revenue based on the tenure of subscription.

  • Ad banners- Integrated Google Adsense provides another easy way to generate good revenue. This enables users to promote their products commercially on the website’s ad banners with the permission of admin.

End thought

Howzu by Appkodes is the best dating app clone and readily available solution for instantly starting an online dating business. It has got everything right from guaranteeing the users with the best UX to the reliable revenue generation features. So avail Howzu which is readily available on native ios and Android apps, easily amass users and earn handsomely.

Try One Of the Best Multi Vendor To Earn Easy through Online Shopping Script
Online shopping websites are making shopping easy, cost and time effective for its users. Ever since the multi-vendor e-commerce websites came to the fore, the number of users are getting increased with each passing day. Attracting and reach among target users is the main task of any online business. Opting Appkodes multi-vendor script to set up your online business with multi-vendor e-commerce site can provide good reach, effortlessly attract the huge number of users and so can generate handsome revenue.

Appkodes multi-vendor script

Users will have many demands. On the physical market, they will opt for a supermarket to purchase all their needed products. When it comes to online for multiple product purchases at a single place as they do at the supermarket, their choice would be to opt for a multi-vendor online shopping website.

User demand fulfilling online shopping multi-vendor website can be effectively yet effortlessly built using Appkodes online marketplace script.

User demand meeting script

Users can be attracted through an attractive UI design but users will stick to the website if only that has good and useful features to help in their process of listing/purchasing.

So for both kind of users (sellers and buyers), this script has got many aiding features to easily help with their needs. Some of those features are,

  • Multi-vendor system- It has got the multi-vendor system so users, admin, and vendors will enjoy individual benefits. Also, it helps users on easy search and also deals of the day can be posted here to lure users for purchase.

  • Product details- Products listed can be briefly described here. And buyers can like, comment share with their friends who might be interested to buy it.

  • Multiple payment options- Buyers can pay their debts through COD/Paypal/Braintree method or directly through bank transactions.

  • Follow seller- Buyers can follow any seller or any preferred brand and can know about their recent posts/new product launch.

  • Merchant dashboard- Every individual seller is provided a dashboard to easily manage their sales, profit, inventory and to view much more useful information.

These are some of many good features present on the Appkodes script for e-commerce business. Added with it this script has also got many good features on its UI to guarantee best UX.

Revenue generation features

  • Seller basis commission- For every sale made on the website, the admin will collect the payment from the buyer and will deduct his commission then can send the money to the respective sellers.

  • Ad banners- Integrated Google AdSense, which lets users promote their product on the Ad banners and admin can charge them a specific cost for it.

All these are user and revenue generating features present on Appkodes script. Also, this script has the customization option to best fit all your demands.

Final thought

Appkodes multi-vendor script- Fantacy is the best and readily available solution for the ideas of e-commerce business. Fantacy and view your business go live in minutes on the web, native ios and android apps.

Build A Creative Rental Booking App Using Property Rental Script
Pre-booking a rental space for accommodation or a rental service will let vacationers/ travelers to effectively use their time of vacation. So the frequent travelers are preferring the best rental booking apps to list a space for rent or to avail to space for rent. Which means users can be either a rental seeker or a rental owner. So this app is helping its users to make money and also on finding best rental spaces or services on their preferred destination. With the increase in the number of travelers exponentially it is wise to start an online rental booking business, which has guaranteed revenue generation model. Building your creative and user attractive rental booking app is easy with Appkodes readily available rental script.

A pre-equipped script for rental booking business

The quality and purpose of any online app are justified by the kind of features present on its UI. Appkodes readily available script for online rental booking business is pre-equipped with all requisite features which you may think as needful to setup your online rental business. 

This rental script from Appkodes is not only suitable for the online house rentals but also for any kind of online rental business you prefer to do.

Best script to help rental seekers and listers

On online rental accommodation bookings, Rental owners on their time of vacation will list their home for rent to the vacationers on their city. The same is for the travelers they will list their home for rent on their vacation and will prefer to book a home for rent on their place of vacation. These needs can be efficiently met by Appkodes’s script and it has the right features for it to guarantee the best UX.

Easily customizable script

Appkodes have forecasted the needs for this business and have placed many useful features on the script. Many online entrepreneurs may coincidently plan as same as you. So for the identical needs, to help you stay out among the similar crowd it has got an easy customization option on multiple facets like,

  • Themes- By default, it has got an attractive UI but according to your preference it can be changed.
  • Modules- Modules like commission set up for revenue generation can be easily removed or added with it your new ideas can be implemented to maximize your revenue generation
  • Payment gateway- This script by default have Paypal as payment for payments but it can be changed as per your wish.
  • Integrations- Integration modules can be added or removed as per your wish on any needed time.

Final thought

Appkodes’s property rental script-Airfinch is the best readily available solution on market to instantly turn ideas for rental booking business into profitable action. So avail Airfinch to view your business go live instantly on the web, ios, Android apps.

Online Vacation Rental Script Is All You Need For Rental Booking Business
Online rental booking system emerged to help the community of frequent travellers and vacationers to find the best rental spaces and services to avail on their place of vacation.

On early days there were only few travellers but now peoples are loving to travel frequently irrespective to usual vacation time. So the demand for rental bookings prevails all along the year. And so by starting an online rental booking business will meet the demands and can generate good revenue. That can be easily done with online vacation rental script.

Demands of users

Rental booking apps have two kind of users, one is the rental seekers and the other is rental owners. Both will have different set of demands. Fulfilling all their demands with right kind of features can assure you a successful business.

Rental seekers will lookout for best rental space to accommodate other than hotels, other best rental services offered on their place of vacation, on the rental booking app. 

Rental owners will look to use the rental booking app as a platform to make some money by leaving their belongings/unused spaces for rent.

Script with default features

Appkodes’s script for rental booking business have all features defaultly on its attractively designed UI to meet the demands on both ends.
The features on this script are,

  • Instant/request booking
  • Reviews/Ratings
  • Wishlist
  • Advanced Search Filter
  • Map and Location based search
  • Multiple currency/Currency conversion
  • Payment gateway/Transaction history/Cancellation policies
  • Guest/Host reservations
  • Verified Users
  • Social login/Messages/Invite friends
  • Notifications.

These are all the features present to help users and make their process smooth and easy on both rental listings and bookings. And these are all the most essential features to provide best UX. if you have any better ideas that can also be easily implemented on this script, as preemptively it comes with space for customization to mold it as per your wish.

For example, defaultly this script has commission setup module to efficiently generate the revenue from this business. If you have any other ideas to generate revenue it can also be easily implemented on it.

Final thoughts

So for the ideas of starting a rental booking business Appkodes’s online rental booking script- Airfinch is the best solution for it. Because you don’t need to hassle for what all you will require to satisfy the users, by default this script has all features to guarantee the best UX. All you want to do is just share your requirements with us, we at Appkodes with our script will fulfill all your demands and in minutes you can view your rental booking business go live on web, ios and android platforms.

Best Multi Vendor B2B Ecommerce Marketplace For Ecommerce business
There are many marketplace apps prevail on market. An user frequently purchasing products on online may come up with many names as his preferred brands or stores. The demands of users is the reason behind the rapid rise in the number of ecommerce marketplace apps. Users are preferring a shopping app where they could get more options than an online shopping app with less number of options. So developing a multi vendor online store can surely attract users and so can generate more revenue. Here is an easy way for it as Appkodes readily have a multi vendor B2B ecommerce marketplace app on all platforms to help your cause.

Experts on Ecommerce solution

Appkodes is experts on ecommerce solutions. If you have ideas for ecommerce business our solution can turn it into a profitable action.

Our script have the advantages like,

  • Defaultly contains all requisite features on its attractive UI to help you instantly start your ecommerce business.

Some of many good defaultly present features are,

  • Multi Vendor System- Easy to use app for all multiple individual vendors, admin and customers and also have much more on it to mean multi vendor.

  • Advanced Search Filter- This feature is to help customers to directly land on their preferred products and on their preferred price, size, color, etc.

  • Multiple payment option- It has got multiple options like PAYPAL, COD, credit/debit card payments, straight to bank account transactions, Braintree to receive payments from customers.

  • Follow sellers- Customers can follow any of their preferred sellers and can easily know about their activities, newly posted products on their live feed.

  • Merchant dashboard- Every individual seller on app will be provided with a dashboard. On it they can easily know about their inventory, orders, profits and much more useful informations.

And there are much more like this present on this script.

  • Defaultly present features are good enough to help your ideas but if you have any other ideas then it can also be implemented effectively on it, as it has customization option.

Customization can be done on

  • Themes- Based on your requirements we can provide you the matching theme and UI.

  • Modules- In order to maximize your profits we can add/remove any modules like commission based revenue module.

  • Payment gateway- Defaultly we provide PAYPAL as a payment gateway, but also we can implement any payment gateway as per your choice.

  • Integrations- Integration modules can be added/removed on any needed times.

  • Also we have seller app addon- To provide every individual sellers an app to manage their sales and much more just on mobile app, dont need to rely much on  website.

  • Efficient revenue generation features to help you generate more revenue

It has got two ways to generate revenue for you,

  • Seller basis commission- Commission from each sales made on your website.

  • Ad banners- Promoting seller products on ad banners of the website for particular cost.

End thought

So with peoples fast moving towards the digitalised era, shopping on online will become a habit. So make up yourself for this wonderful opportunity to generate good revenue with Appkodes’s Multi Vendor B2B Ecommerce Marketplace- Fantacy app. Fantacy is readily available on a secure and bug free Web, ios and Android platform to help you full fledgedly start your ecommerce business.

Safe And Effective B2B Ecommerce Marketplace Script For Online Business
Usually every online websites have a significant number of users on it, on that list ecommerce websites have became a miscellaneous one for online community. Multi vendor Ecommerce websites are nothing less than a virtual shopping mall, where an user on it can view/search and buy products of his need from multiple vendors. More importantly it is letting its users to discover their needs with many advanced options just on their mobile screen, without any physical efforts. Though many online business prevails, ecommerce business is on forefront due to the fact that it is a best solution for smart way of shopping. When users are turning smart, which itself brings the opportunity for online business. Appkodes’s B2B ecommerce marketplace script is the best solution to match your ideas equal to the success of giants in the ecommerce industry.

Identical Script

Every ecommerce website is unique on its looks and its features. But the tagline of every ecommerce business is to provide best UX in the world of online shopping. So every entrepreneurs are striving hard and looking for features that will assure best UX. On that way there are many script available on market and that may have many fascinating features on it. But when it matters most, on real time it may let you down.

So you will need a script that has features which is tested on real time, to assure you a best platform for business. And Appkodes script have many fascinating features on its best designed UI, all tested on real time to provide you that assurity.

We have a solution but you may have different ideas to implement on your business, so our script is enabled with the customization option to meet all your demands.

Customization options

It is unworth to build an ecommerce website that has same looks as prevailing apps on the market. So we help you to stand out among the crowd, with proactively in built attractive features and also have customization options on,

  • Add ons- Every individual seller can be provided with an app to manage sales, profit and inventory, instead of looking upon website every time.
  • Themes- Defaultly has got best theme on it’s UI, but also can be changed as per your wish.
  • Modules- Modules like search filter or any, can be added or removed as per your need.
  • Payment gateway- By default it has got seller basis commission and Ad banner feature to generate the revenue. If you have any  other idea for revenue generation then it can be implemented.
  • Integrations-  Integration modules can be customized, added/removed as per your wish and also on any needed time.

Final thought

So Appkodes’s B2B ecommerce marketplace script- Fantacy is proving its worth with its many amazing features, attractively designed UI, assured powerful performance. And now it's time to prove your weight by availing this worthy script that is readily available on web, ios and android platform.

Best Recognition Assuring Ecommerce Marketplace Software

Multi vendor platform

To provide a lot of variety/options, an ecommerce website should have a multi vendor feature on it. An ecommerce website supporting multi vendor feature, can accommodate products from multiple individual vendors in a single platform. With it the users will get to see many options in search of their need, all at a single place. The main advantage of a multi vendor ecommerce website is, it won’t provide a hint for buyers that they are looking products from multiple vendors on a single page.

Ecommerce website with best price/offers

Internet users are getting gelled well with the ecommerce websites which are providing them the assured products on best/offer prices. To provide an offer on ecommerce website, admin of the website will only have to decide on it. Admin can provide coupons for discount on dashboard, which will be provided for every individual seller. And then it is upto the seller to use it effectively, to increase his sales. This coupons offered by admin on dashboard will not only benefit sellers, it also benefits the buyers. Because buyers are the ones who are availing the products on offer price.

Appkodes’s readily available ecommerce script

Both the above mentioned features are rightly met by the Appkodes’s ecommerce marketplace platform. Also, Appkodes’s script for ecommerce business is readily available with all the requisite features to instantly start your online business. 

This script for ecommerce business by Appkodes can also be easily customized on,

  • Themes
  • Modules
  • Payment gateway
  • Integrations
  • And also have a seller app addon

To best alter it as per your wish.

Revenue generation methods

  • Seller basis commission

The main revenue generation of ecommerce business is from the commission gained through sales made on the website. Admin can collect payment from the buyers for purchase, can deduct his commission and then can send money to the seller.

  • AD banners

Another efficient way for generating revenue from the ecommerce business is through the ad banners. Admin can help sellers to promote their products on Ad banners of the website for a particular time, at a specific cost.

Both these ideal revenue generation features are defaultly present on the Appkodes’s script.

Final thoughts

An ecommerce marketplace software- Fantacy by Appkodes is readily available with web, native ios and android apps, so it assures you for an instant reach and the best recognition for your brand in the market. So implant your ideas for ecommerce business on this script and you are guaranteed with good returns. 

Instantly Start Your Ecommerce Business With Social Ecommerce Script
Social media sites have engrossed its target audience and engaging and adding users on all possible ways. Now with the rapid development of technology internet users are adhering to the concept of IOT ( Internet Of Things). This has brought the huge success for Ecommerce sites, where a user on it can easily order and buy his needful products through online. So an e-commerce website combined with social features can guarantee you a successful online business.

Developing an e-commerce site is an art in itself because it requires various domain considerations for best reach and for a long run in the industry of e-commerce business. But you can feel lucky for what you got on your eyesight right now because Appkodes have a readily available solution for it with a social e-commerce script- Fantacy.

Reason you should choose Fantacy

  • Fantacy app is readily available with a web, native ios and android apps to best reach your target audience.
  • Fantacy app is available at an affordable cost. So it gives you a planned model for investment in your business.
  • Fantacy app has additional customization options on themes, modules, payment gateway, add-on and integrations to provide you the best look and features as per your wish.
  • Fantacy app has an attractive UI and features by default integrated on it for best UX.
  • Fantacy is also integrated with social features of share, comment, invite and earn credits.
  • Features on Fantacy are placed easily on the eye for users in the process of listing and ordering of the products.
  • This script is well resistible to unwanted attacks and so it can provide you a secure and break free platform for your business.
Process flow for users on Fantacy

  • Process flow for users on Fantacy
  • Fantacy is a marketplace app, the first process is both users (sellers and buyers) have to register on it to take part in the system.
  • Then only after admin approval, every individual seller product will be listed on the website.
  • Buyer can explore their needs on the website with the sea of features to help them.
  • Buyers can place orders once they find a product, that best fits their need.
  • Admin of the site will receive the order and directs the seller to ship the products to the buyer.
  • Once the product is received by the buyer, he will pay for it and that will be received by the admin.
  • Then admin will deduct his commission for sale and will send money to the seller.
  • Admin of the site is responsible for payment collection and will manage refund requests arisen from the buyer side and admin can manage the overall operations, a number of users on the website.
Revenue generation with Fantacy

Fantacy can generate revenue for you on a couple of ways

  • Seller basis commission – Through commission on each sale made on your website.
  • AD banners- Through the promotion of any seller product on ad banners of your website for a specific time at a particular cost.
Ideal solution for your ideas

Our social e-commerce script– Fantacy will be the best step forward for your ideas about starting an e-commerce business. Fantacy app can guarantee you a long journey with good recognition and great success in the industry of e-commerce business.

Build a Best Selling E-commerce Website With Multi Vendor Script
Peoples preferring more to purchase online rather doing it on the physical market. So this has made entrepreneurs think about building their own e-commerce site. International e-commerce brand is like becoming a local store for its users because it is serving its users at best on their needs and on time. So starting an e-commerce business can surely grab the attention of peoples on your local market and can turn them into your users.

So if you are with ideas for starting an e-commerce business, Appkodes have a readily available solution for it with a multi-vendor script- Fantacy.

Significance of “multi vendor” e-commerce website

A physical market will have many stores to lookup for peoples and there too some stores may have many different brands in a single place. But it exhausts time and energy.

Building a multi vendorecommerce script can help multiple vendors to set up their virtual store online. So with it, you can provide your users with the same experience of shopping on the physical market, importantly saving their time, cost and energy.

Shopping on a physical market sometimes makes peoples fall through crowds and stand on long queues to get their products billed and delivered. There are no complications like this on the ecommerce website, also a user on it won't get a hint he is viewing products from multi-vendors just sliding down the page.

On physical market, peoples love to go for purchase where they could get too see more options and avail a best from it. The same is for the e-commerce site too, if you could provide more options on your website, then you can garner more users and can generate more revenue.

Appkodes’s multi-vendor script- Fantacy can best fit on all your all needs for starting a multi vendor marketplace ecommerce business.

Advantages of owning Fantacy app for your Ecommerce business

  • Fantacy has got the best UI with all essential features required for an e-commerce business default placed on it.

  • Fantacy can also be easily customized as per your wish on

·         Themes
·         Modules
·         Payment gateway
·         Integrations

  • And also Fantacy can provide your every seller's an individual app to manage their sales, inventory, and profit.

  • Fantacy, a script for the e-commerce business is available on three packages, all on affordable costs.

  • Fantacy is not only available on the web, it is also readily available with native ios and android app to gain you an instant reach among your target audience

Final thought

The profit from e-commerce business revolves around how best your website helps your users on it. Fantacy with its well-rounded features added with its attractive design and powerful performance provides a win-win situation for all involved in it. This script from Appkodes is well resistive to unwanted attacks and a very secured one for e-commerce business.

This multi-vendor script from Appkodes can generate revenue for you from

  • Seller basis commission- Revenue from fixed or percentage wise commission from each sale made on your website.

  • Ad banners- Revenue from promoting any seller product on Ad banner of the website for a particular period of time.
Requisite Features For Success With Ecommerce Marketplace Software
Precisely, a decade ago Ecommerce sites were budding its leaves and stamping its roots, fast forward a decade from there Ecommerce websites has created a huge impact and taken its own place in the industry of online business. Building an own Ecommerce site was considered as a giant task, but it has become so easy with an ecommerce marketplace software.

This software by default will have all essential things to support your ideas and will help you start your ecommerce business on a right way. You may get all doubts in your mind regarding the business model, features and revenue generation methods of prevailing software. But softwares for ecommerce business available in the market are the tested ones for business model and will have a reliable revenue generation methods.

Just by clicking here, you can get relief from clutching your head with ideas for starting an ecommerce business.

Finally, now you will be sparing your thoughts on features you will be requiring in your ecommerce business app. By default you will get some good and very essential features required for your business on this software, and also it provides you a chance to show your uniqueness of your brand in the market with easy customization option.

Here i will review some features that you will need in your app for Ecommerce business:

Multi vendor system

Ecommerce marketplace with single vendor may look dull and will not be attracting more users. So that in turn will impact on your revenue generation. So starting an ecommerce business will multi vendor system would be a wise idea.

A multi vendor system can provide many good options to users and will help multiple individual vendors. With multiple options to look upon and choose from, this will definitely increase sales on your site and can generate more revenue for you.

Product details

Providing a space for detailed description about products added with good space for banner images can help your sellers in bettering their sales and this could bring more shopping orders.

End users will like to know about the detailed features and how that product will really help them in their need, in that case providing good space for products description with banner images will surely help your seller and end users. 

Advanced filter option

Make the process of online shopping easy with an advanced filter option, this will help your end users to reach products exactly they need in a specified cost, color, size, etc.

This option can help your end users to compare products of multiple vendors and buy it on a best price. So with this you can provide a good experience for your end users on your website.

Multiple payment option

Providing an option for end users to pay for purchases in different ways will increase reliability for shopping on your website. 

Those multiple payment options can be by PAYPAL, COD, Braintree payment.

Follow seller

This will  help your buyers to follow a particular seller/brand products.

This option can notify your end users about any recent additions or launch of products from their interested brands/sellers. With this you can provide user a regular update about new products from their favorite sellers/brands.

Group gifts and gift cards

This feature can provide your end users to send a gift to their loved ones and also enables to pay for gifts on sharing basis.

Invite and credits

This features enables your users to invite their friends in social network to use this site and upon successful invite, user will be credited with some offers or cash in the wallet.

This can directly increase your user base and in turn will increase sales on your website.

Merchant dashboard

This feature enables you to provide a window for each vendors to manage their sales, profit, inventory and view many useful informations easily.

Online shopping is at best when it provides good offers/discounts on price of products, in dashboard you can provide sellers a coupon option to provide offers on their products as per their wish.

Ecommerce script from Appkodes

Fantacy is an Ecommerce marketplace software by Appkodes, which can help you start your ecommerce business instantly. Fantacy app is readily available in all platforms (web, ios, android) to help you get better reach among your target audience.

Fantacy app has all the features which is mentioned above and also can be easily customized to inlay your own ideas on the app.

Fantacy app can generate good revenues for you through seller basis commission and AD banners.

Final thoughts

Peoples are hardly finding time for shopping in their busy day to day schedule. If they could get a online marketplace that can meet all their need then they will surely grab that with both hands and can turn into loyal users. In online shopping, users are adhering only to the website where they could get more options, so starting an ecommerce business with ecommerce marketplace software- Fantacy will be an ideal solution.

Online Taxi Booking Software Helps You To Instantly Start Your Online Business
Online taxi booking is greatly connecting and benefitting users on both ends. So many entrepreneurs are craving to start an online taxi booking business. This business idea has swiftly transformed into a successful one with good and reliable revenue generation option. So in your quest for immediately starting an online taxi booking business, you can avail the readily available online taxi booking software.

Why taxi bookings apps are most preferred by its users?

As said before taxi booking apps provide a win-win situation for all involved in it.

  • For end users, it is providing a hassle-free local commutation just by booking their rides through online.
  • For drivers, they no more need to demand guests to take a ride in their taxi.
  • For admin, it provides a stress-free business with reliable revenue generation.

Ideal solution for online taxi booking business

Appkodes have the ideal solution for your ideas of online taxi booking business. Cabso app by Appkodes, which is a readily available online taxi booking software can enable you to start your taxi booking business instantly. Cabso app has a clear business model and all requisite features on UI to make your brand a recognized and a successful one in the industry.

Cabso and its pre-emptive features for success

Cabso default have all requisite features to make your brand as one reliable option for taxi booking on your city. 

Cabso can help your users with features like,

Book rides according to your plans

Cabso app helps its users either to book rides instantly with the ride now feature or can reserve a ride with ride later feature.

Avail rides at their doorstep

The end users who are looking to book rides can avail a ride with doorstep pickup and drop at an exact location with easy set up a pickup and drop location. 

No bargain on prices 

Cabso has the feature of fare estimator to let know its user the exact price for a ride for, before confirmation for booking. And once the ride is successfully completed, it will raise the bill for the exact amount to be paid to the driver on the app.

Pay on a convenient way

Cabso have the multiple payment options for its end users to make their fare payments. Payments can be made through cash, credit, wallet and payment gateway.

Be informed about all actions on your ride booking

Cabso will notify your users on confirmed ride bookings and notifies that particular driver. Also lets that particular end user to know their status of booking with instant notifications.

Know your ride history and avail secure rides

Cabso has the feature of ride history to let its end users know about their previous availed rides. Cabso app also provides secured rides for its end user with the feature of OTP verification with a driver.

Earn credits from invites

Cabso enables end users to easily log in with their social account and invites their friends on social network. An end user can earn credit points, which can be used for a discount of price on future rides upon every successful referral.
Easy submission of documents

Drivers can easily login to the app and have the document submission feature within the app to easily submit their documents for verification.

Location experts

Cabso can make your drivers a location experts with the feature of live navigation, to help with their ride pick-ups.

Know your ride history and earnings

Every driver will take part in the online taxi booking app aiming to get frequent rides and more earnings. Driver users on Cabso can easily view their rides history and their earnings from it on the earning reports/ride history feature.

Final thoughts

Appkodes’s online taxi booking software- Cabso is readily available with a secure and bug-free web, native ios and android apps. Cabso is crafted on Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node.js ( MEAN stack technology) to provide you a lightning fast and reliable website for your business. Cabso is an ideal solution for your business idea, so avail Cabso now to view your ideas live.

How Multi Vendor Shopping Cart Could Help Your Ecommerce Business Ideas
The idea of multi vendor shopping cart has given aspiring entrepreneurs a fresh air to breathe easy in the world of ecommerce business. This idea handsomely overtook the single ecommerce shopping website with its best ideation. 
What is attractive in this for entrepreneurs?
Single Ecommerce website in its name itself it suggests that is for a single vendor ecommerce business, in which an admin can post and sell only his/single vendor multiple products on the website. 

Where in multi vendor ecommerce website, multiple individual vendors can take part in the system as a third parties to list their products and sell it on the website, admin of the
website can just acts as a store keeper and stay happy with an assured revenue
from it.
Be unique on business
Just with any design for business with multi vendor shopping site cannot sustain longer in the industry. So you have to hardly think about setting the base right,  what all you have
to put inside as features for your website in ecommerce business, that could
provide satisfying and good experience for your users.
This idea of ecommerce business is open for all thriving entrepreneurs, so you ought to be unique to stand out among the similar ecommerce crowd.
Readily available script from Appkodes
Appkodes can provide you the best way in your ideas for ecommerce business with a readily available multi vendor app. Fantacy is a multi vendor shopping cart
by Appkodes, with its default features and its option of easy customization can help you in the aspect of providing you an identity and recognition in the similar crowd.
Cushion of Multi vendor marketplace
Single marketplace for wide range of products
Multi vendor ecommerce app is a single marketplace, where its end users can find any product of their all need at a single place. On looks, it won’t provide a hint for its end users as they are viewing listings and purchasing from multiple vendors. For
customers, just it will looks as multiple products available in the store for purchase.
High traffic and assured profit
Multi vendor website creates a common platform for multiple individual vendors to sell their products online. Usually a this kind of websites will have huge number of users
craving for more options on it. This drives the each an individual vendors to
take part in the system of multi vendor ecommerce site. 
When you could provide more options for shopping on your website, that will hold your end users and also will entice more new users. This in turn boosts the sales on the website
and assures you more profit.
Exact search for need
In a marketplace where wide range of products are available that could create a chaos in the mind of users. To overcome it usually has a feature to help users end up with their
exact need with pinpoint search option of color, brand, size, etc.
Affordable cost
Multi vendor marketplace can provide space for aspiring sellers to sell their products on online at just an affordable monthly/yearly payment to admin.
All under one roof
If benefits both users in the process, like benefitting the end users with multiple options for purchase with deals and best price and benefitting sellers with good platform
to boost their sales.
Fantacy app for your Ecommerce business ideas
Fantacy app has all the above mentioned characteristics and can perfectly fit in all your needs of ecommerce business. Fantacy can help you start your ecommerce business immediately with its readily available app (web, native ios and android) on all platforms.

  • Has good business model.
  • Supports multi vendor system.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Has eye catching UI.
  • Rugged script, not prone to bugs and issues.

Fantacy app can be easily customized for
  • Seller app addon
  • Integrations
  • Payment gateway
  • Themes
  • Modules.

Revenue from Fantacy
Fantacy app can generate revenue in a couple of ways

  • Seller basis commission- Commission on each sales from the sellers.
  • AD banners- Promotion of sellers products at specific cost for particular
    time on Ad banners.

Both sellers and buyers loving the platform of multi vendor shopping cart that is meeting all their needs. So set your ideas straight for your ecommerce business and we at Appkodes can help you implement all your ideas in our readily available app and make you as an successful entrepreneur.

Way To Get Started With Your Own Online Marketplace Script
Your ideas with clone script
Developing an Online marketplace script from scratch may take a lump sum from your pocket. So for your ideas of starting an E-commerce business website can be hugely helped by a clone script. Clone script will help you reduce your investment, saves
your time and it is a risk-free way because it is a tested model for business.
Choose a right script
There are many clone script developers available in the market, but surf the world of internet to avail the best one which rightly suits your ideas. Without any doubt, Appkodes
can provide you the best solution for business. Appkodes provides the best
clone script in the market for the success of entrepreneurs at a very affordable cost.
Reason to go with a script from Appkodes for E-commerce business
Appkodes is the company that provides the best solution in the world of E-commerce business.
The script for E-commerce business from Appkodes has features like
Multi-vendor system: It enables you to set up a multi-vendor
e-commerce site
, where any number of sellers can register and sell through
your site.
Product details: Provides your sellers space to detailly explain
about the product and in turn helps buyers to choose products to purchase
Advanced search/ filter option: Helps users to land exactly
at products and at prices of products they prefer.
Multiple payment options: Helps users to pay
their debts for purchase through various payment options like PAYPAL, COD,
Credit cards, directly from a bank account and through a wallet.
Follow seller: Users can follow any brand or seller and can get
a notification upon launch of any new products/updates from that seller.
Social login, invite and credits: users can easily log in
with their social media account and can also invite their friends to the
website through invite option. Upon every successful invite that particular
user will get some rewards.
Merchant dashboard: Every individual seller is provided with a
dashboard. Through dashboard, sellers can easily view their orders, total
revenue, products they listed and much more.
So these are the features of the script from Appkodes to help in your E-commerce business. And also this script has space for future extension for business and can be
customized to meet every need for business.
Fantacy is an online marketplace script by Appkodes, which has well-built structure and features for the online E-commerce business. And now it is now just matter of time with Fantacy, to see your business go live.

Uber Clone App For Online Taxi Booking Business

Online taxi booking business is on the rise ever since its inception in the industry. The leading players in the taxi booking business are swiftly exploring all new ways of capturing more customers and increasing their profit, but still, the doors are wide open in the world of taxi booking business. The huge demand for it has made entrepreneurs search for a perfect uber clone app to start their own taxi booking business.

Clone apps in the market

Evolvement of clone apps has immensely helped the thriving entrepreneurs to start their online business immediately. Developers are at their best in finding a successful business and cloning that business model to provide entrepreneurs a readily available solution for a reliable business.

Right clone app to start your taxi booking business

Uber is one of the leading players in the industry of taxi booking business. So a clone of Uber app can provide an ideal wheel to your ideas of starting a taxi booking script business. Many may have a solution for your ideas, but you are liable for your option. So choosing a right clone app developer in the market will end you on the side of success.

Cabso by Appkodes

Cabso is a best Uber clone app available in the market to provide you good wheels in your long journey in the industry of taxi booking business. Cabso app by default have the best features and also it can accommodate all your ideas of your business. Cabso app with its easy go process and its attractive look and performance can help you gain a recognition for your brand among all your competitors and in the industry.

Business model of Cabso

  • Both, drivers and users have to register with Cabso for an initial user sign in process.
  • Drivers have to submit their docs to admin for approval to take part in the process of ride bookings.
  • Users can find a cab/taxi to book for their ride.
  • Then book a ride on a preferred automotive with pining/entering pickup and drop location.
  • Upon successful ride completion, admin can receive the fare for ride, from the end user.
  • Then admin will deduct his commission and will send money to the taxi driver/owner.

Features of Cabso

By default, Cabso app has many features to benefit your both end users and drivers. Cabso app can also be customized easily to remove/add features required for your business.

Features for End users

  • Ride Now/Ride Later.
  • Wallet Option.
  • Multiple Payment Option.
  • Instant Notification/Reviews.
  • Ride History/Verified Users.
  • Social login/Invite.
  • SOS/Emergency Contact.
  • Auto Location/Fare Estimation.

Features for Drivers

  • Live Navigation.
  • Earning reports/Ride History.
  • Document submission.
  • SOS/Emergency Contact.

Final thoughts

If you are thriving to start an online taxi booking business, there is no best readily available solution than Cabso app in the market. Cabso app is readily available in web, ios and android platforms to help you start your business in full flow. To note, Cabso app is developed in an unconventional way with MEAN stack technology- Mongo DB and express JS and completely with Javascript. Which makes this work in lightning speed and a reliable and efficient one for business.

What You Can Do With Your Multi Vendor Script to Gain More Profit
Multi-vendor scriptenables the participation of different individual vendors in a common platformto sell their products. You can provide that platform for setting up your own multi-vendor E-commerce site and can generate good revenue from there. First, you have to be clear in what all ways you can bring users to your site. Revenue can be generated only by sellers selling their products through your sites and buyers showing interest to buy it through your site. So first you have to concentrate on features that
your users would look upon your site. Retaining users in your website mainly
depend upon what kinds of features are there on your website to help their
purpose. So by having a quality and purposeful features you can hold your users
on your site. And upon earning a reliability among users you can generate more
revenues from your business.
Fulfill the requirement of users
A satisfied user could generate you more revenue. So fill your website with features to satisfy your users.
Features that will help your user buyers:
  • Social login: Provide your users an easy way to login to your site with logging
      in with their social media account.

  • Advanced filter option: Help your users in your website to reach the kind of products exactly they need.
  • Follow seller: if a user is interested to buy any particular seller then they can
     follow the product and updates of that particular seller.

  • Invites and credits: Users can invite their friends in social media circle and can
     earn credits for successful invites on their wallets. 
  • Group gifts and gift cards: Users can share and pay among them for gifts and can
     send gift products with a gift card.
  • Multiple payment options: Provide your users with multiple payment options like
     COD, pay through their credit card or receive straight from their bank account.

 Features that will help your user sellers:
  • Multi-vendor:  where any number of sellers can sell on your website.
  • Product details: You provide your sellers a space with banners for an image to
     describe their products in detail.
  • Merchant dashboard: Provide every seller on your site with an individual dashboard where they can easily view their products listed to sell, total revenues for them, new orders and much more useful quick information.
  • Multi-language: Support your sellers to target different buyers. 
  • Seller app: Provide every seller on your website with an app to easily manage
         their sales without always looking upon a website.
    With all these features you can attract the sellers and buyers to your website. Which in turn increases the sales on your website and so you can generate more revenue.
Way this script generates revenue for you
This script generates revenue for you in couple of ways
  • Seller basis commission: You can earn revenue from fixed or percentage wise
         commission from sales made through your site. You can fix the commission
         amount with the seller or based on the price of sale you can deduct the
         percentage wise commission from the seller. 
  • Ad banners: Revenue by providing a space for ad. You can help your sellers to
         boost their sales by providing them a banner space to promote their
         products for a specific time at particular cost.
Final thought:
Appkodes has a readily available app named Fantacy- multi-vendor script with all above-mentioned benefits and features to turn your just ideas into a real profitable business. Fantacy can be easily customized upon your any additional requirements for business.

How To Build An App Like Uber - Best Solution For Your Search Query

Impact of Uber in industry
For your query, first, I want to let you know how Uber made an impact in the industry and they will provide a best possible solution.
When this company was started on 2009 in the name of Ubercab, its founder Garrett Camp planned to provide the black car services at an affordable price in sharing basis. This idea then turned into success and he joined by some greats developed their
business and then changed their name to Uber in the year 2011. Initially, they
faced more complexity in their business, but came up with a best possible
solution for each issue and added new features in their Uber app to counter
those issues. They created a most reliable way of public transport added with
safe and on time service, lowest available price for rides in 633 cities worldwide.
Uber its brand name reached well among their target audience and so with that
they started food delivery service in the name of Uber Eats and much more
services having the base brand name as Uber. Uber is till now finding new
possible options to expand their business.
So with this, it is evident that Uber has scalped the topmost place in the industry with their well-oiled services. This would have surely made you think about starting an online business with own app that is same as Uber. With owning an application like Uber you
can help users in your online community to avail a reliable, safe, on time, lowest price rides in the city
Solution to your query
Cabso app by Appkodes is a readily available solution in your search for how to build an app like Uber. Cabso app in every way a match to match app for Uber. Cabso app is developed with MEAN stack technology. So it provides you a lightning speed, reliable and
efficient app for business. Cabso is designed with a mind to satisfy both your
users and drivers in the app. This way Cabso app generates you revenue from the
percentage wise or fixed commission from each ride. As Uber having much
business from its root, you too can customize the Cabso app based on your any/every need for business. 

Successful Business Opportunity With Online Vacation Rental Script
For that, you have to

Feed with best possible solutions
Feed your script with best and affordable options for the seekers. Purpose of this script is to help the vacationers to find themselves a best affordable space for rent and in that way
helping the rental owners to earn money. The main purpose of your script should
be, to provide the best alternative for rent other than hotels. 
Own the best script to inlay all your ideas of business
Exactly, you should select a right script that embeds all your ideas and resulting in good revenue generation. Here an online vacation rental script by Appkodes can favor your aspirations. This script can help your thoughts on creating an excellent marketplace for online rental booking. And also this script helps to create a very much user-friendly website. It makes the process easy for both rental owners( listing the spaces) and vacationers/ travelers ( booking). 
This script from Appkodes has an
eye-catching UI, best features and an easy to access a website to make your
business app a best among your competitors. This script is receptive to your
ideas and with easy customization option can make changes accordingly to suit
your business. With all your ideas implemented, this script can create your own
website for business and go live in just two days.
Benefits of this script
It helps you to gain an advantage over your competitors with its readily available native ios and android app added with quick launch option.

 This script helps in launching your business website at an affordable cost.

 This script is a secure and bug-free one. So you no need to worry about the break-in performance of a business.

 And this script has many ways to generate revenues for you. Like revenue from listing fee- for listing the properties for a particular time, advertisement banners,commission from payments made by users in booking the space for rent, and can also implement your own ideas for revenue generation. 

Airfinch is the online vacation rental script from Appkodes, with this you can bring all your ideas for online vacation rental booking business into reality as per your wish. Make use of this best script to soon see your name in the list of successful entrepreneurs.

Visit More:-
If You Have an Idea to Buy Online Marketplace Script then this is for you
Online marketplace
script is a trading platform you provide for the sellers and buyers to exhibit
and explore the products. Marketplace is a common platform for any seller who
likes to sell his products online. Any number of sellers that is multiple merchants
can sell their products on your site. Same time you can provide options for
your user buyers to buy any products by exploring it on their choice and
compare it for price and quality from multiple vendors.
With your online marketplace script, you can favor your users like
  • Flexibility to buy all products in a single marketplace.
  • Provide users with the social shopping experience.
  • Reduces their stress and time consumption.
  • Updates about new brand and products in the market.
  • Easily find and buy what they exactly need.
  • Multiple payments options to pay their debts.


  • Can make use of this platform to easily reach buyers.
  • They are assured with a marketplace to easily sell their products.
  • Buyers sharing the seller’s product in social media will provide them free
  • Every seller is provided with an individual dashboard to manage their sales,
    inventory, and profit.
  • Multi language options.

Understand the business model of online marketplace script
  • Both buyers and sellers have to register with the website.
  • Sellers can post their product for sale after getting approval from the admin.
  • Buyers can search products from the list posted by sellers as per their wish.
  • If interested to buy any product buyer will place an order.
  • Seller will receive the order of product and will ship the product requested by
  • Upon successful shipment of product, the admin will receive the payment from
      buyer, will deduct his commission for sale and then sends money to seller.

Appkodes brings your ideas into reality
Fantacy an online marketplace script by Appkodes, will be a perfect choice for your idea of doing a business with Ecommerce website. Fantacy is a well-rounded Ecommerce script
with all requisite features to bring more revenue to you. Fantacy app can be
customized endlessly to meet your every need. Fantacy marketplace script comes with a readily available native iOs and Android app. 
Customization can be done in
Seller App Add-On: Individual sellers on the website can efficiently manage their products, orders, and messages with an easy app rather than relying on a website every time.
Themes: Theme of mobile applications can be customized to match your needs.
Modules integration: We follow waterfall method in developing an app. So we can easily remove or add modules to your requirements without affecting the other functions of the app.
Payment methods: Can change the payment gateway which you prefer. As default, we provide PAYPAL as a payment gateway.
Revenue generation methods in Fantacy
Seller basis commission: Admin can earn from fixed or percentage wise
commision from each sale made on the site.
Google Adsense: revenue generation by providing an Ad banner
for sellers to promote their products for a particular time at specific costs.
With shopping in online having benefits for all involved in it, the users will keep on increasing per day. So this provides you the assured opportunity to earn from your Ecommerce site provided if you could provide right shape for your ideas with a
perfect solution like Fantacy. 

Reason and a Solution to do Business with Best Video Streaming Clone Script
In this world, majority of peoples are money minded and they tend to run
for the money on demand, on all days. In this way, they miss the fun,
relaxation and they don’t give themselves any leisure time until they are
successful. To know what’s going on around them they are left with only one
option that is their mobile phones.    

You may think why it should be a video streaming app
       As said before they only have little time, they will try their best to
make it a worthy one to spend. Which can be the better option than a video
streaming app. Video streaming may help your users to relax by watching some
favorite on demand online videos and if they wish they can live stream or
broadcast any event or moment which they think as worth to watch. You can
provide them the option of sharing and commenting on the videos. 
Videos are the best way of expressing the ideas. A video expresses long
contents in a short span of time. So to deal with the time constraints video
streaming app will be the right choice. So what, more peoples are preferring to
watch videos rather than reading long contents. For this reason, many users are
preferring video streaming application.
If some users of your video streaming app are business persons then they
can easily market their products and reach their target audience. So this app
helps your users with both fun and commercial purpose.
With this app providing a good and worthy time for its users, so many
are preferring to use this kind of app. You can start your business with your
own best video streaming clone script to serve all the above-mentioned purpose.
If you could do that with all attractive features in your app then you can generate handsome revenue in this business.
Business solution by Appkodes
      Business with a live streaming app is not anew idea. Many enterprises like Periscope, Netflix, Hulu, Etc are beingsuccessful with this idea. So it boils down to the way with which you start your business. By choosing a right product to meet all your ideas you may well end up on the side of success.
  Livza is the live streaming appby Appkodes, helps to bring all your ideas of business with live streaming app into reality. Livza has all the requisite features in it to support all above mentioned purpose and also it can be easily customized to the new ideas which
you would like to implement in your business.
   Main consideration in starting a business is in which way you can return back your investment and earn more. Livza provides you multiple ways to generate revenue, that is by
Ø  Pay Per View.
Ø  Ad Banners.
Ø  Subscription based live streaming.

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Flourish With Online Food Ordering System
Online food ordering system has gone down well among all internet users. Because this helps them to taste best recipes of restaurants at their own place. So this has reduced their concern for feeding themselves when they are left with no options. Online food ordering business is not a very new idea in the industry but with advancements in features and easier options, it is attracting more users to this website. The increased number of users will increase sales and will bring more revenue to the admin.

Why users prefer online food ordering system:

End users:

Online food ordering services meet the basic needs of every human i.e to address their hunger for foods. By making the foods available all the time around them why won’t users will make use of that service. Once in a while if they have no time for preparing foods or being bored of cooking foods then on those times they rely mostly on online food ordering apps.order So end users are ready to search a likely food ordering app to order their foods online. Which helps to taste foods at a preferred time without standing in long lines and if available, at an offer price.

Restaurant owners:

Online food ordering system not only aids the end user but also provides striving restaurant owners an opportunity to increase their sales. With this website a restaurant owner can plan how to attract more customers to his restaurant by exhibiting his menu in online, restaurant owners get an easily reachable source/medium for ordering the foods, will get an assured market where they can make their sales, easily manage menu and inventory, have efficient order conversion rate, with social sharing options can get free marketing for restaurant. With all these benefits the restaurant owners will also look to join an online food ordering app.

SmartEat by Appkodes

Launch your very own online food ordering system with SmartEat by Appkodes. SmartEat provides the win-win situation for all involved in it.

How SmartEat helps sellers(restaurant owners), buyers and admin

  • Multiple sellers and buyers both have to register in the and log in to the SmartEat app.
  • Multiple sellers can list their menus after getting approval from admin.
  • Buyers can search the restaurant and order foods with easy menu add up and ordering options.
  • Buyers can pay for their orders with multiple payment options like COD, PAYPAL.
  • Admin will receive the payments, deduct his commission and the send money to the seller.
  • Admin will manage users, orders, cancellation of orders and decide cities where a restaurant can offer their services.

SmartEat comes with a native iOs and Android app which helps you to start your business instantly with better reach. SmartEat is developed with CodeIgniter V2.2.0 framework written in PHP and database is MySQL provides you an attractive design, powerful performance, secure and a bug free script. With CodeIgniter V2.2.0 being a powerful open source SmartEat can be customized endlessly based up on your every need.

Commute and Earn From Rides with Your Own Taxi Booking App

What they both provided their users is taxi booking through a mobile application. They straightly announced their arrival with a mobile app for taxi booking. Which excited the users and made to go for it. They withheld all their users with providing extraordinary features in their app for good experience in taking a ride from their smartphones.

By taking the route of mobile apps for their business they have established their brand name in the store. This way they easily reached all users and drivers. They provided the hassle free way of commutation for all their users without any bargaining and too much waiting time.

So how about you grabbing an opening here with this taxing booking business. Cabso a taxing booking app from Appkodes helps you to start successful on demand taxi booking business.

Enhanced for your user-passengers

Users have to register with their app. Then they can opt a car/preferred automotive to take their rides. They can either book their rides instantly/request for booking in advance. They can track their ride vehicle in the map and its approximate time to pick up them at their place. Users are also provided with OTP for ride verification and contact number of driver. They can book their rides after knowing the fare with fare estimation option. Once they reach the destination they can provide reviews and feedbacks for the rides. Users are provided with option to pay their fare for rides either by cash or through wallet. 

App with benefits for drivers

Driver owning a vehicle for rent was struggling to meet the passengers willing to take his service rent. This was overcome by a taxi booking app. Where any driver can register and submit their documents for review to admin. Upon successful review of admin that particular driver can take part in the system of taxi booking app. Drivers can earn good with this application and they no need to go hunt for passengers to ride in their vehicles. Drivers will get their bookings notification in their registered account and can easily track their passenger place to pick them up.

So you too could start a business with Cabso to earn by serving an essential purpose.

Cabso has all the prerequisite features individually for both your users and drivers. Cabso is completely developed with MEAN stack technology that is crafted with Javascript with this providing you lightning fast speed, efficiency and reliability. Cabso helps you reach quick  with a readily available native iOs and Android app. Cabso helps you to earn from fixed or percentage wise commision from rides.


Reason to prefer Multi-vendor marketplace script and know it’s business model
In this fast-movingworld, almost every people are concerned about only two things. One is to savemoney and the other is to save time. If they could do both in the same place
then why won’t they prefer sticking there? The successful 
online multi-vendor marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba where anyone can sell or buy products will save
people's time in shopping for their every need and provides products value for
money. Both concerns of peoples are met here with great satisfaction. You too
can provide solutions for their concerns, with the setup of your own multi-vendor marketplace.

Fantacy is a multi-vendor marketplace script by appkodes for the entrepreneurs to set up their own multi-vendor e-commerce site to buy and sell products.
You can bring multiple vendors fitting the theme of your site to sell different products. You can be a link between buyer and seller, can manage all vendors on the site and their
product sales.
Business model and how it works
Each vendor has to individually register and login to the site. Once the vendor registers and gets logged into the site, he can set up an own store in the site to display his
products, can create own albums, display collections of trendy stuff. Each vendor can display their products for sale only after getting approval from the
Buyers have to register individually and login to the site. Buyers can explore cool and trendy stuff from their favorite companies and brands. Buy any products on interests from any sellers. And have multiple payment options to pay for their purchases.
Admin of the site can manage the number of sellers on the site and will act as a link between seller and buyer for payment transactions. Admin manages buyer order refund and cancellation policies. Admin receives payment from buyers and deducts his
commission amount in that sale and sends the money to the seller.
Features that support the Fantacy business model
Fantacy has the features that would best suit the business model for an online marketplace application. The features of an E-commerce application should be friendly for buyers and sellers. Based on that only buyers and sellers will get attracted towards the application. Providing multiple options to buy from increases the sales on the site.
Multi-vendor system: Multiple vendors can sell their products on the
Product details: Wide range of details about the products.
Advanced filter options: Search for exactly what they need.
Multiple payment options: Make payments for purchase in different ways( COD, credit card, Braintree, PAYPAL) they prefer.
Follow seller: Follow particular seller and his products.
Group gifts and gift cards: Share among friends to pay for gifts and send gift cards.
Invites and credits: Invite friends to use this app and earn credits upon successful invites.
Merchant dashboard: Every vendor is provided with his own dashboard to manage the sales, to add products and to manage his inventory.
And also Fantacy is an open source Ecommerce script, so it is easily customizable to fulfill your every
Be successful with our product
The increase in trend of online purchasing and more peoples preferring to go online for their every need has created a huge pop in the usage of online E-commerce sites. And so setting up your own Ecommerce site with Fantacy- multi-vendor marketplace script gives you assured successful business in the online E-commerce platform.

8 Advantages of Having an Online Travel Website
An Online Booking System encourages travel management organizations to give their customers and their sub-agents with an online solution for their travel needs. It gets effectiveness and helps both the organization and the corporate working with the agency to diminish costs as far as time and cash. The following are 8 key advantages of having your own particular online travel portal.

Increased Exposure

Increased Exposure and reach of your business crosswise over worldwide Travel market. Having your own Online Travel portal makes a brand character and in this manner driving appointments from over the world. A good travel portal went with a well-executed digital strategy leads to increase in sales figures.

Automated Booking processes

Automated Booking process lessens human endeavors required to attend customer request. Travel portals get data from central servers which have conceded them the predetermined authorization and furnish users with the least expensive charges and the ideal service. Travelers can without much of a stretch look for flights, hotels, Cars, Cruise, holiday packages and book them online. Booking a ticket or canceling a ticket turns out to be exceptionally simple. 

Get Paid quicker

With an online booking system, you can expect customers to prepay for rentals. This gives cash into your pocket quicker and helps ensure that upon the arrival of the occasion you don't need to worry about payment   giving you and your customers more opportunity to have a fabulous time. 

Easily Up-offer Add-ons 

You can simply include more guides, offer more options, or extend your hours to develop your business, however, those take work. By adding extra perks to your users, you can undoubtedly include additional income for your business. Fun additional items like photos or memorabilia, you can incorporate choices to these things in your online booking checkout. Customers can find out about all that you offer and exploit package pricing.

Get Valuable Insights about your business 

An online booking system furnishes you with a dashboard of analytics that assistance you develop your business. Rapidly decide your most relevant sellers, the most asked for schedule openings, or even the most well known additional items by utilizing an online booking system with hearty bits of knowledge. Exploit recognizing what your customer needs most  saving you time and money on offerings that don't enable your business to develop. 

Increase Customer base 

Increase Customer base and faithfulness by offering products straightforwardly to users at best price. Understand the customer's expectation to buy, it isn't just important to gather and break down user’s information yet in addition to gather clients' private info. Know who your clients are, what is their booking pattern. Run proper campaigns to keep them faithful to your brand. 

Pull in more customers

Pull in more customers by exhibiting and featuring product info, for example, photographs, highlights, facilities, reviews, rating and contact information. Take a stab at giving 'first buy' offers. A great many people don't over and again go on trips within a short time so that the "loyal impact" of such discounts (as they regularly soon expire) is generally constrained. Make a niche for your Website and offer reasonable offers and all the more significantly set up and associates with your customers in accordance with your brand values and quality. 

It's anything but difficult to look at what people say in regards to them 

While numerous customary travel operators don't have a site, online travel service makes the awesome presence on the Internet, since it is from where individuals discover them and choose whether to put trust or not. It's more than simple to perceive how the past visitors say in regards to an online travel business. 

So, these are the few advantages of having an online travel portal for your travel agency or travel services. Appkodes provides you an exciting online travel booking portal for your services with a huge offer. Might be a bit of shock. But it’s true Appkodes provides an amazing offer of 50% discount on its Airfinch product - Online Travel booking script on the occasion of its 6th Anniversary. Grab your script and begin your online venture of travel booking with Appkodes.


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  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses