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Advantage of job portal script to recruiting and selecting employees

Recruiting candidates is easier than ever with job portal script. Whether it is for the future hire to work for a client, a delegation ... or for the human resources department itself, our cloud-based recruiting and selection software is made to meet the changing needs of the recruiting world. And that is why we invite you to know some characteristics of our tool in this short article.
HRHub has been designed to simplify your recruiting and hiring processes, saving you valuable time when choosing the right candidates. To build an job portal script done by strengthening collaboration within the HR team. For this reason, our tool has the tasks of each recruiter incorporated so that everyone can know the progress of their efforts in real time.

Powerful flexibility

Every company is different, so we configure the platform specifically to address the key recruiting points by tailoring it to your business and industry, while providing a simple user interface that is easy to use.
Companies start counting on the candidate's experience the moment they sign up for one of their job offers. And we help them turn these profiles into active candidates, keeping them committed to the company through messages with real-time responses, automated scheduling of their journey through the process, and reminders of how the process is progressing in every moment
Automated engagement

Companies start counting on the candidate's experience the moment they sign up. And now you can activate more passive candidates, by keeping them committed to your company by monitoring their application with real-time notifications, automated scheduling and reminders, and all from our job portal script recruitment and selection process management platform.
This also increases the attraction of candidates, since you can expand the scope of your current vacancies through the Multiposting option that our tool also incorporates. Through this functionality, you can publish on all the channels that you have linked to your account with the same click.

Explore all the possibilities of job portal script

Improve the candidate experience
Fine-tune your hiring processes with personalization and automated communication
Large-scale data analysis
Take advantage of that real-time data to make strategic decisions and thus turn candidates into workers.
Do it also in a way that enhances your employer brand, using technology to deal with those employees who are not part of your company yet.
All of these measures will help you transform the way you recruit!
Explore our recruiting software

HRHub was designed to simplify your hiring process and save you valuable time on the chores of choosing the right candidates, managing your  job portal pool, and strengthening your team collaboration. Turn your recruitment and HR management into your competitive advantages with the best recruitment and selection process management system (ATS) on the market.

Easy to use solution
We provide a complete ATS solution to facilitate the work of your HRHub software. This is something we do through the powerful functionalities that integrate the management of all your processes and dissemination spaces in a single tool. Job portal script is also governed by artificial intelligence, the integration of the employment portal of your corporate page and other means of dissemination that your company uses.

System based on artificial intelligence

No one could memorize everything about your candidates. But with HRHub' settings and features, you will always know who could be the perfect candidate for the positions you are hiring for. We provide you with tools that allow you to keep track of all the data related to candidates and vacant positions, taking advantage of this information to facilitate your hiring process.

Customize and link your job page

Employer branding has never been as important as it is today. Since with a few clicks, you can create or link your employment page, showing the vacancies you have at all times.

Management of employee onboarding

We help companies in their management of the incorporation of employees (Onboarding) with our module designed for this purpose. This has saved our clients time, since we have been able to automate manual procedures, making them one more phase of the hiring process, with the facilities that this entails for the team involved.

Solution that integrates cutting-edge technology

We provide you with a Candidate Tracking System (ATS) to facilitate your work, by automating many of the steps that involve the participation of a recruitment technician. Well, through these automations driven by artificial intelligence and with the integration of the employment portals of the companies, we manage to improve the response to the candidates, even guiding them in their registration or search process or filling in their professional profiles . We do this through the Chatbot functionality, or automatic responses to candidates.
Recruiting candidates is easier than ever with job portal script. Whether you work for a recruiting agency or in a human resources department, our cloud-based software is designed for you.

Reasons to implement an app and job portal in the company

There are companies that offer online services to the employee that, curiously, he hardly takes advantage  of  several reasons. Employees perform many tasks without using the computer, some travel and due to lack of time they do not go online to consult corporate information in the “heat” of the working day. Other times it happens that the portal is not multi- device and multi-platform , and when they access it, it does not offer them the necessary user experience on the device they have chosen at that time.

Less and less we use our PC outside of work, today we are replacing it with our smartphone or tablet and the user experience of the job portals on those devices does not encourage connection.

Many job portals are mere web accesses to human resources software without adaptations to use in mobility, or to mobile devices. They do not rank content according to the context of use, nor do they take advantage of key functions of mobile technology such as push notifications. To avoid these problems, it is advisable to choose to launch a multi-device and multi-platform job portal script  and app for companies .

The cross-platform property resolves the portal for the web, mobile web, and iOS and Android apps into a single solution.

Therefore, these characteristics make it possible to offer the same services and functions online to all employees regardless of the device they use to connect, be it their PC at home or at work, their tablet or their iOS or Android smartphone.

From the worker's point of view, having in hand and easy to use all the communication procedures of the workers with the company, it favors that they use the job portal app on a regular basis and above all it facilitates that the relevant information arrives at the right time. So,build an job portal script most effectively and save time. .
Some of the main advantages of successfully implementing an employee portal and app:
- Savings in time and costs in the administrative management of HR
- Reduction of paper and filing tasks, towards the paperless office
- Better internal and interdepartmental communication
- Fostering collaboration and participation in company policies
- Improves the work environment
- Team loyalty
What are the functionalities that add value in an employee portal and app ?
As an example, at vBote we have grouped them into different functional modules of our multi-platform and multi-device mobile application and portal solution for employees, which offers a desktop version, mobile web, and iOS and Android app.
The defined functional modules are the following:
- Corporate information. Here the company communicates general information to employees.
- Holidays and permits. It facilitates the management of permits, leave and vacations. Employees and their department heads interact through the portal
- Private documentation. This module makes available to employees their personal documents related to their relationship with the company (contracts, payroll, certificates ...) 
Training. The company shows its training offer and employees enroll in the courses with prior authorization from their department heads.
Approval of expenses. For the agile management of the expenses incurred by employees in their professional activity.
Communication between departments. Communication channels between employees and departments.
Management of the day. Management and control of hours worked and tasks performed.
Digitized signature. Signature of documents by the employee. 
- Reports. Activity and performance reports on the portal.

What is the Human Resource portal?
The way of communicating within organizations has evolved enormously in recent years. Since more and more companies have tools that favor interconnection between their members, this evolution is here to stay.
Large companies have already implemented internal communication systems between employees. This new way of understanding company communication and the flow of information has given rise to human resources departments developing decentralization processes. 

One of the most prominent exponents of this decentralization of activities is reflected in the so-called Human Resource portal . It is an internal environment in the organization to which all its workers access and where all kinds of information related to the management of people in the company can be accessed . This environment can be considered as a self-service for the employee , since within this space it is possible that workers can consult their payroll, control their entry and exit times, download and view information related to the company and human resources, etc.

The Human Resource portal is a natural evolution of the intranet concept , which has ended up becoming a true manager for the people who work in an organization. For the administration of Human Resources within a company, having this portal supposes an important support in their tasks and a discharge of work that is assumed directly by the worker himself.

Information offered by an Human Resource portal:

  • Administrative information : the administrative documentation of human resources management, such as payroll, social security documentation, models to be completed by the worker for the Treasury.
  • Monitoring and control of the worker : keeping track of the record of hours worked by each employee in the organization can be done through the employee portal. Both the Human Resources area and the worker himself can access this environment to consult the worker's time record, the hours of entry and exit, days off work, holidays.
  • Communication : allows communication directly to the workers any notification or information that is necessary. Employees can access these communications and be aware of everything that is transmitted.
  • Access to training : the training proposal for workers according to professional profiles can be consulted, and it is even possible that this environment has a tele-training platform where workers can access the training available to them.
  • Leisure environment : activities such as sporting events, parties, celebrations, competitions, etc., are some of the activities that can be organized or informed in this environment.
  • Corporate information : that relating to corporate documentation and models. Email templates, Word document templates for contests, etc. can be available in this environment and thus facilitate the daily work in the organization
  • Build an job portal software: This human resource software is involved with the recruitment process like video conferencing,post their vacancies,our application status and etc.

Advantages of the Human Resource portal:

  • It allows the worker to have a better knowledge about the organization.
  • Generates a sense of belonging to a community.
  • Time spent on bureaucratic aspects is minimized.
  • The relationship between the company and the workers can improve considerably.
  • An important benefit is the improvement in internal communication.
  • Continuous updating of information.
  • Optimization of the time spent by the members of the human resources department.
  • Involvement of workers in the company.
  • Greater homogeneity in the information.

Many companies have already started developing specific software to offer HR departments of small and medium-sized companies an employee portal environment already configured with the main needs for their workers.

Optimize Your personnal management with Human Resource Software
Your human capital is the most important asset of the business
The success of any business depends on its staff, so it is essential that you know them well. The better you know your company's products and services, its work processes, and above all, what your employees are like, the better you can predict how a potential candidate will fit in. Employees are the greatest asset of a company, therefore, hiring the right staff is essential to help your business achieve its goals.
The stakes are high, since the cost of hiring, training and integrating the wrong staff, with the consequent dismissal and return to the beginning of the hiring process, can reach the company up to three times the salary of the first year for the put in question.
But it's not just a matter of saving money on human resources
Hiring the wrong person can disrupt productivity, affect the coexistence of a team, or even cause other valuable employees to leave. So what is the best way to minimize the chances of making a bad decision when hiring someone?
Your plan for success with HR software
Your ability to attract and retain the best employees will determine the future success of your company. But hiring talent is not merely about who has the highest salary, it is about offering each employee the training, environment and experience to ensure that they are happy, engaged and motivated.
It may sound simple, but it is not. In 2016, Hays Group conducted a study showing the levels of employee engagement around the world.
While 72% of US workers felt involved, the figures for the UK (65%), France (61%) and South Africa (68%) weren't so optimistic. Different indicators are used in other surveys.
Gallup, an American market research company, tracks employee engagement on a daily basis, and according to a 2016 report, only a third of American workers were committed to their work, a figure that has barely changed in more than one decade. With this data, the main conclusion we can obtain is that companies have to better understand how their best employees work (and develop). This task can be done with a suitable human resources management software. 
A staff management software for a smooth hiring process
In collaboration with your hiring managers, you should plan a smooth recruiting process for both internal and external positions. You should also ensure a thorough and thorough onboarding procedure and provide regular feedback on the work. Monitoring employee progress and providing necessary support will contribute to staff retention.

What role does an ERP have in HR?
Today all the professionals of a company talk about the importance of using an ERP, in any department or area of ​​the company itself.
Most workers, initially, when they hear the word ERP are unaware of its meaning and purpose.
In this article we are going to focus on the use and explanation of an ERP in the Human Resources area.
To begin with, we could define what an ERP is. In English the acronyms mean “Enterprise Resource Planning”, which in Spanish means “Business Resource Planning”. They are information management systems that help many of the business practices, along with the operational and productive aspects of a company, to be automated. It is a software architecture that makes it easier for companies to interrelate all the information between all the functions of a company.

Currently an ERP is a fundamental presence for a company to create and manage a business strategy , having as objectives access to information, optimize business processes, eliminate unnecessary data and operations, and have the possibility of sharing information between the components of the organization.
To optimize the efficiency and competitiveness of companies, and in their areas, new technologies are essential.
Focusing on the HR Area, its main function is to attract, motivate and train the staff of a company. Most companies usually reward the most efficient workers with an incentive; But today the employee needs to be recognized for the effort invested in an organization, which is why he claims to feel motivated.

In this sense, if a company, within the HR Department, installs an ERP business management system, it will be able to accurately measure the level of efficiency and effectiveness of all workers, clearly indicating performance progress; Therefore, the Director of the Area will be able to access real data to carry out a correct personnel policy. Companies that have opted to invest in these types of solutions, appreciate a very important improvement in the effectiveness of their employees.

For an implementation of an ERP in HR to take effect, there must be an involvement on the part of the staff and a commitment to build the job portal software. It is not always positive due to the fact that it is difficult to change the way of working. Initially it gives the feeling of more work, recoil and control; If one is involved in the project, in the medium term, agility in internal and external processes is achieved, together with the achievement of the set objectives.
The use of ERP allows a competitive leap to differentiate itself from the rest, and innovate in processes.
For a good management of HR, it is necessary to implement an ERP in accordance with the management of personnel, training, selection, compensation and benefits, human talent, the employee portal, expatriates (7P), among other main functions of HR.
In short, to manage the HR of a large company, do we need an ERP adjusted to the needs to promote people management?


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  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses