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Benefits of Creating ERC20 token
Before we are going into a topic, let's we can have a overlook....
Cryptocurrency is basically a virtual coin which has some value like other physical currency but the only difference is, it can handled virtually. And token development is held from the existing blockchain platforms, all the cryptocurrency are stored safely in the cryptocurrency wallet with the help of private key.  
This blog worth your time because it's info is given by leading token development service provider in the crypto industry.
What is ERC20 Token?
Basically ERC20 tokens are created from the ethereum platform which is one of the famous one and also got a special place in the market and placed next to Bitcoin. By keeping base as ethereum blockchain, numerous ethereum token standards are developed  and among them, ERC20 token usage hit the peak because of its vast usage and familiarity. 
This ERC20 token is like other tokens and also well suitable one for the development of DApp which is now widely in usage. ERC20 tokens are used in various platform and also for different purposes. 
Why ERC20 Token is preferred than others?
In this sub topic, we can start have a outlook about it's preference and its right whole advantages of ERC20 is covered by this upcoming sub heading of the blog. Now, while there are numerous ethereum token standards are available out there. But ERC20 token standard is stand out among all them and highly recommended plus preferred for the usage, that is because of these upcoming benefits,
  • Cost effective 
  • Easy creation/ easy coding
  • Create in less time 
  • Easy usage 
  • Secured with smart contract 
  • Deployed with wallet
  • Automatic Transaction
  • Quick fund raising 
There are much more perk to ERC20 token. They can be discussed further below.
ERC20 Creation Process
Since, this topic is about the benefit of creating ERC20 token, and the very tempting part towards the prefer of ERC20 token is, it is cost effective and easy to create.
Now, let's we can also get through some basics of creation of your own ERC20 token. The very basic thing to keep in mind and to choose while creating erc20 token is,
Token's Name
Token's Symbol
Token's Decimal Place
No. of Tokens in circulation
ERC20 Token step by step creation Procedure
Step-1: After confirming the basic need, like the traits said before.
Step-2: Then start to develop the Code.
Step-3: Test the code and also generate smart contract for the token.
Step-4: Custom the token if it is needed.
Step-5: Verify source code.
Step-6: Deploy it & use it.
Thus, these are some basics overview of creation of ERC20 token.
ERC20 Token Advantage in Business Field
There are much more benefits to ERC20 token usage among the industry, some are listed below,
  • High index profit
  • Grab end-user attention by providing 
  • Easy exchange 
  • Universal transaction
  • Can protect your token wallet by private key
  • Used in ICO platforms too
  • Secured transaction
  • Interacts with other currencies
  • Makes asset interchangeable
Create Your Own ERC20 Token
Therefore, create your own ERC20 token with the leading token development company like Developcoins who provide a complete guide about ERC20 token development to their clients from the start to through out the process and also provide supports even after launching the token like updating or customizing or exchange or so on.
                                                Create Your Own ERC20 Token!!
Where ERC20 tokens are used & how is it beneficial than other ethereum standards?

Well, let's just first recall about ERC20 token.

What is ERC20?

ERC20 is a token which is created from the ethereum blockchain platform. From ethereum numerous standard tokens are generated like,








And much more. But among all these ERC20 token stand out and the reason is written below.

Benefits of ERC20

In other name, let’s we can have look out about its speciality, that will give a clear cut idea why it is stand out from others.

  • Transaction - speed, effective, globalized.
  • Creation - Extremely easy to create.
  • Interaction - Reduce the complexity of token interaction.
  • Contract - Risk of the contract breaking is low.
  • Liquidity - Increased token liquidity.
  • Revenue - High revenue because of wide usage & familiarity.

How does it benefit the crypto & non-crypto users?

Thus, after knowing it benefits everyone will be eager to create your own token. And non-crypto users can also create token for their personal use or for their business purpose to attain profits like,

  • High index profit
  • Grab end-user attention by providing
  • Easy exchange
  • Universal transaction
  • Can protect your token wallet by private key

Thus, develop your own token with the supreme token development company who provides full support throughout the process from analyzing, creation to launching in the market. And to reduce your search time, here is one of the leading etherum token development service providers, Developcoins.

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Cryptocurrency new peak & it's role in business field
What is cryptocurrency?
For starters, here is the basic definition that is cryptocurrency is nothing but a virtual coin which has some value like physical currencies and because of it's safe feature of virtuality numerous people started to use it.
Reason for its new peak:
After the launch of the very first cryptocurrency in the market, it's usage begin to grow widely and it also started to step foot in numerous industries. Moreover, now the reach of it's new peak reason is,
  • Fraud reduction
  • Speedy transaction
  • Global transaction
  • Less transaction fees
  • Crypto Wallets are well protected by private key
  • And much more
Cryptocurrency in Business Field
Because of it is wide usage of cryptocurrency, it stepped foot in different fields and made a mild stone in it. Among that one of the popular industry is business field, where now cryptocurrency usage are making a new record because of the raised need of updated technology in this fast moving digital world. 
Cryptocurrency Development
To develop such crypto for yourself or for any other purpose approach Developcoins, which is the top-notch cryptocurrency development company who offers the best cryptocurrency development services all over the globe for all domain at affordable cost.
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How Smart Contract makes Gambling into secured one?
Gambling is a well-known industry from the old era to the current generation of the digital world. The basic concept of gambling is, it is held with the hope to achieve the desired result. In various industries, this gambling is used in different ways like betting, gambling machine, lotteries, casino, scratchcards, and much more. Gambling is a game and based on the person it can be fun or serious.
The very big disadvantage of gambling is cheating and fraud activities which leads to loss of asset plus results in much more con deeds.
To overcome gambling drawbacks, smart contracts can be signed before starting the gambling. This smart contract can be signed between two peoples or among the group of people. The terms and conditions in the contract can be generated by the involved parties wish. So, once the gambling is held successfully then the money or asset is automatically transferred to another person based on the terms and conditions in the contract.
Because of the smart contract irreversible and unbreakable features, the gambling is held securely and safely for the players. So, finally, this is how the smart contract is an aid to overcome gambling disadvantages.
After knowing about the safe side of gambling, many peoples planned to have a smart contract and to reduce your hunting for the smart contract development company, here is the famous smart contract development solution provider who offers the best smart contract development services for various industry, which is none other than Developcoins. 
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How to write upgradable smart contract in vyper?
This fast-moving world consist of various sectors and people and the highly revolving and dominating one among them is business. The keyword to enhance the business and to remain stable in the market is ‘trust’.
This trust can be built by smart contracts and it can be coded using various languages based on the blockchain used. And here, we are going to the lookout about the Vyper language, which is grabbing the attention of the industry people. This vyper language is used when a smart contract is created from the Ethereum blockchain platform.
Before entering into the topic, we can brush out about vyper…
What is Vyper?
Basically vyper is a python derived programming language, which is now widely used in developing the Ethereum based smart contract and run in Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). But, it does not completely inherit python features and its ulterior motive is a mind-blowing and tempting one for both the developers and users. That is, it claims to simple, easily understandable and it strikes much more tempting claims 
Benefits of Vyper in Smart Contract
As said before, it claims and motives are one of the reasons, why vyper are used in developing Ethereum based smart contract instead of solidity. Those advantages are listed below,
  •  Simplicity
  •  Security
  •  Readability
  •  Auditability
  •  Simplified process
  •  More transparency
  •  Bug-Free
These rewards are enough to show why vyper grabbed attention in the industry market, to develop smart contract.
How Vyper Differs From Other Programming Language?
Vyper is often compared with other programming languages mainly with solidity and python because of its traits and codes but vyper has its own identity, which makes it stand out from python. They are,
  •  No Modifiers
  •  No Class inheritance
  •  No operator overloading
  •  No function overloading
  •  No inline assembly
  •  No infinite length loops
  •  No recursive calling
  •  No binary fixed points
These are some of the technical features of vyper language and different from other language like OOPS, Python as well as Solidity.
Process of Developing and Deploying Vyper Smart Contract
Lets we can see the technical process of vyper in smart contract development. Here, is the rough layout of how the smart contract is created in vyper,
  •  Analyze the requirement
  •  Develop the code
  •  Compiling
  •  Deploying
This is the general layout of generating vyper smart contract and to know much more, click here ---> Vyper in Smart Contract.
Why EOS Blockchain is well suitable one for DApp Development?
Blockchain is a vast growing technology which aid to adapt various sector in this fast-moving world. In the blockchain platform, there are different types and among them, EOS got a special place and became a trend in the market because of its unique traits. 
What is EOS?
EOS is one of the types of blockchain platforms and becoming trending in the blockchain industry as well as various fields because of its motive. That ultimate goal of this EOS blockchain is none other than to become a decentralized operating system that can assist various sectors which are relayed on decentralized application.
The main tempting part of this EOS blockchain is,
  •  Millions of transaction per second
  •  Cost-effective when coming to a transaction fee
What is more, than these advantages can benefit the industry people?

So, it becomes obvious to find the reason behind its popularity in the global blockchain market. 
EOS allows to a built smart contract on its platform which enhanced its advantage to the next stage in DApp developers' point of view.
Benefits of EOS Blockchain
The Benefits of EOS blockchain is outstanding while comparing it with other blockchain platforms like Ethereum and some are mentioned below,
  •  Scalability
  •  DApp
  •  Consensus Protocol
  •  Fast and Free Transaction
  •  ICO Friendly
  •  Low latency
  •  Easy upgrade and Bug recovery
  •  Self-sustaining
  •  Flexible
  •  Easily usable one for developers
  •  Parallel performance
  •  Governance
  •  Easy hard fork with fewer risk
How Does EOS work?
Here, is how EOS works. EOS is often compared with the Ethereum blockchain process because of the similarities but EOS is considered as better one because of its traits, mainly the transaction process timing and speed i.e., known as scalability.
EOS blockchain uses DPoS consensus mechanism which can avoid the famous hacks like DAO. 
Now, lets we can see an organization provides the outstanding EOS development services in the market.
Now, we can see an organization that offers a high-end EOS blockchain development services in the industry market. Developcoins is a predominant cryptocurrency development company which provide striking blockchain development services with the aid of a team of industry experts who has vast knowledge and handset of skills to face all sort of industry downs and ups. 
The most important thing to note about Developcoins is, we provide complete end-to-end blockchain solutions and all types of services related to the EOS Blockchain platform.
What is smart contract?
Smart Contract is digitalized contract which is signed between the two parties to built the trust and to get assured amount from one other. This smart contract can be signed for any reason and more than two persons without the need of any witness. This is smart contract and its ultimate motive.
Smart Contracts can be developed by Best Smart Contract Development Company like Developcoins which aid to enhance smart contract security feature.
Benefits of Smart Contract 
Before getting the smart contract services, acknowledging smart contract benefits will be wise choice and some of them are mentioned below,
· Data Secured
· Trustworthy
· Automated Monitoring
· Irreversible
· Reduce middleman cost
· No hacking
· No Paperwork
· Accuracy
· Speed
· Automatic
· Efficient
· Transparency
· Storage & backup
· Clear communication
Smart Contract in Business World
Smart Contract are widely used in business world to enhance and upgrade the business effectively to next level. Smart contract ensure the trust between the partners as well as along the customers by automatic transaction features. This predominant feature made the smart contract usage wide and made to face the peak. 
Smart Contract Development made business people to face the profit to index along uplifting the business to next stage and made sure to gain customers trust.
Create such smart contract for your business at Developcoins who also gives smart contract audit services for already existing smart contract. Developcoins provides smart contract audit services across the globe.
Smart Contract Security Audit Services
Benefits of Smart Contract Security Audit 
Smart contract security audit is done to enhance and enhance the following traits,
  •  Security
  •  Upgrade
  •  Bugfix
  •  Safety
  •  High speed
  •  Globalized transaction
  •  And what not
This cherished smart contract development service is used in diverse industries like hospitality, start-up, education, agriculture, real-estate and so on.
Developcoins is the top-tier smart contract development company which provides ideal auditing services all over the globe by their uniqueness. 
To know much more and to get a reputed end smart contract audit services, explore below!!!
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Why Ethereum Became Trend and Token Grabbed a Huge Attention Among Start-ups?
This fast-moving world, demands the usage of techs and cash. Money which became an unavoidable thing because of its need plus this currency too upgraded and started to replace by digital currency which is widely known as cryptocurrency.  
The crypto motive is to save and secure the assets in a digitalized format. Cryptocurrency are broadly used in two ways as crypto coins and crypto tokens. Anyway, both are created from different blockchain based on the need. Crypto coin and token usage are reached peak among crypto users. Well, token grabbed a huge attention from the business peeps because of its affordable and easy development methodology.
Tokens are developed easily because token development is held by existing blockchain which made to reduce the cost. After, bitcoin ethereum became the next one to it in the market because of its beneficial traits. Thus made ethereum to get an everlasting place which made ethereum token also to become trend.
What is Token?
In the Cryptocurrency industry, the famous and trending word is ‘Token’. The token is nothing but digital asset like others but it has it own differences from others. Most often the crypto newbies are confused about crypto coin and token. Even when both are used for financial transaction purposes, it usage is varied.
Well, the coin can be used at anywhere for any purposes, where it has authorize to use but when it is coming to token it is varied. Token can be used based on the creation moto, for example, if it is built for entertainment industry then it cannot be used in hospital industry.
Token Creation
The Token Creation Services is explained here, well, the tokens can be created on the existing Blockchain itself, it does not need a new blockchain like crypto coin creation. This made the token as cost effective one, which leads to huge usage and demanding thing among the entrepreneurs. The most preferred Token is ERC20 token which is developed based on Ethereum Blockchain. 
Token Development Process
Nowadays, most of the people start to higher a Reputed Blockchain Development Company, which aid to Create a everlasting Crypto Token in the global market. That is because it save money and precious time but to the enormous Token Development Company in the field, it became difficult to find the trustworthy one. 
Benefits For Start-ups by Tokens
l Quick fund raise 
l Easy transaction
l Safe & secure
l Speedy
l Provide authority over the asset
l And what not?
Why Ethereum Token Grabbed Attention?
Why etherum token grabbed people attention in the market while there are numerous tokens are available?
The answer to this question is ethereum traits. While comparing to others, ethereum traits are very beneficial and ethereum token development is also a easy one. Ethereum token creation is held from already existing ethereum blockchain, which is it's native. This blockchain also supports smart contract development services to enhance the strength.
When each token like EOS, Stellar, Tron, Tezos, minter, waves has its own advantage in the same way ethereum also has its own rewards. Ethereum Token has its own specialty by having various standards like,
Tempted to create a token for your business?
Here is the Top graded Cryptocurrency Development Company who provides complete end-to-end token development service in an astonishing way by using their unique methodology. Which is none other than Developcoins, who has more than 5+ years of industry experience in the industry. They also provide their evergreen services for smart contract development, whitepaper writing services across the globe.
Why should I choose Ethereum Blockchain for Token Development?
In the blockchain world, there are numerous blockchain platforms are available and still developing for various purposes. That is because blockchain provides safe and secure transaction as well as by offering some beneficial traits like,
l Decentralization
l Speed transaction
l Transparency
l Safety & security
Among diverse blockchain types, ethereum got a top reach by crypto users after bitcoin and the reason for that is their tempting traits.
Why Ethereum Blockchain is Widely used for Token Development?
Why etherum blockchain grabbed people attention in the market to create tokens while there are numerous tokens are available?
The answer to this question is ethereum traits. While comparing to others, ethereum traits are very beneficial and ethereum token development is also an easy one. Ethereum token creation is held from an already existing ethereum blockchain, which is its native. This blockchain also supports smart contract development services to enhance strength.
When each blockchain platforms like EOS, Stellar, Tron, Tezos, minter, waves has its own advantage in the same way ethereum also have its own rewards.
Ethereum Token has its own speciality by having various standards like,
Tempted to Create Token For Your Business?
Here is the Top graded Cryptocurrency Development Company who provide complete end-to-end token development service in astonishing way by using their unique methodology. Which is none other than Developcoins, who has more than 5+ years of industry experience in the industry. They also provide their evergreen services for smart contract development, whitepaper writing services across the globe.
EOS Smart Contract Development
Why smart contract is needed? And why EOS blockchain in preferred to develop smart contract? What is the benefit of creating smart contract in EOS blockchain platform?
To all these question, this blog will provide the answer. This blog consist of EOS blockchain platform details briefly as well as about smart contract and it is benefits. It will be helpful for crypto and smart contract users, mainly who are playing entrepreneurs role. 
Lets we can lookout the ans…
Table of the Content
* What is EOS?
* What is Smart Contract?
* Smart Contract in EOS Platform
* How to Create Smart Contract in EOS Platform?
* Benefits of EOS Smart Contract
* How to choose the Best EOS Smart Contract Development Company?
* Why Developcoins?
What is EOS?
EOSIO is one of the blockchain platform which is introduced by private company on June 2018. This EOSIO blockchain platform is now currently using 1.8.1 version. The main motive of EOS is to become decentralize operating system and support Dapp. EOS uses delegate proof-of-stack (DPOS) consensus mechanism to validate the blockchain. The EOS grabbed everyone attention towards itself and reached a peak in market as ethereum. This happen because of its two following tempting EOS traits, they are,
* Cut out the transaction fees
* Millions of transaction per second
What is Smart Contract?
Smart Contract is an trending concept and got a evergreen place in business world that is because of its index profit offering features. 
Here, is the list of 11 smart contract development platform 2020
Smart Contract is nothing but a virtual contract which is signed between the two parties without need of any third part or witness. This smart contract is created to enhance the trust between the strangers and ensure the claim amount by drawing some terms and conditions among them. 
When the terms and conditions are satisfied the claim amount will be transferred automatically from one person account to other one as assured in contract. This is the alluring point of the smart contract. Numerous Smart Contract Development Services are available in market whose services are used by Top 10 industries which utilizes smart contract development.
Further Read: Smart Contract Audit Services
Smart Contract in EOS Platform
Smart Contract Development is itself a beneficial thing and when creating it on EOS blockchain platform will only enhance the smart contract positive side and benefits like security, safety, assurity and so on. When smart contract is generated in ethereum platform, it can only manage to provide 15-20 transactions per second while in EOS can offer more than that. 
EOS ultimate aim is support the industrial scale decentralized applications and it handles the smart contract completely in different angle while comparing to other blockchain platform does. EOS users can own the resources in exchange of their stake, so it resemble that when a person won 100/1000th stake then they have 100/1000th  ownership. 
When coming to smart contract, EOS uses WebAssembly (WASM) so it also the developers to code in their convenient language and can compile into a bytecode to run on a browser.
How to Create Smart Contract in EOS Platform?
Smart Contract is created in effective EOS blockchain platform by following the below steps,
l Create EOS smart contract
l Compile smart contract
l Create Account
l Connect it with EOS Wallet
l Deploy the EOS smart contract
l Execute EOS smart contract
l Launch the smart contract
These are the steps followed to create a effective smart contract in EOS blockchain platform to enhance its advantage.
Benefits of EOS Smart Contract
The benefits of creating smart contract in EOS platform is listed below,
l Flexibility
l Traceable
l Speed
l Governance
l Transparent
l Efficient
l Irreversible
l Free transaction
l And so on
These things makes EOS smart contract to become trend and leads to demand its services in the market to face peak profit as well as it gives easy way to gain the brand name by gaining trust among partners and customers. 
Developing smart contract is for beneficial traits in business world and generating it in EOS platform just enhanced its advantage. Create such wonderful EOS Smart Contract with well industry experienced organization, Developcoins who provide solutions for all start-ups as well as enterprises in a unique way across the global market.
How to Choose the Best EOS Smart Contract Development Company?
To Develop such beneficial smart contract in EOS blockchain platform it is blind rule to choose the Best industry expert organization which provide services for all start-ups and also for enterprises. The well experienced Smart Contract Development Company can provide the astonishing a to z services related to smart contract in the global market.  
Why Developcoins?
Developcoins is the Predominant Smart Contract Development Company which develop the smart contract in all blockchain platforms as well as provide complete end-to-end smart contract development services both in off-shore and on-shore. Developcoins is one the best blockchain development company which has well experience in the industry to provide all services related to crypto field, smart contract and whitepaper.
Plan to develop smart contract by collaborating with end-to-end service provider?

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    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses
  • John Marshal
    Writer, founder, passionate entrepreneur + I'm on a mission to build businesses