Why should companies use employee time attendance software?

Most of the corporates have shifted to ‘work from home’ amidst the Coronavirus outbreak. This naturally leads us to question how employers can keep track of employee working hours. There are many solutions available, but nothing can be as accurate as the face recognition attendance software. The software can be installed in both mobiles, tablets, and desktops. All that the employee needs is to scan their face, then automatically, attendance would be marked for them, simultaneously the timer would be turned on. 

Numerous benefits offered by attendance software
The employee time attendance has been built to suit both home working and office working environments. Here are the significant perks provided by both environments:

Home working environment 

  • With the attendance software, employers can keep track of their staff at all times. The day shift and night shift can also be regularly maintained through an employee time attendance system. 
  • On the other hand, it gives employees the time to work at their convenience. They can check for the projects and tasks scheduled to them and work on the given schedule. There are reminder features to set the time for each task. 
  • Productivity is enhanced through these effective tools. Some of the in-built features include time management records, leave maintenance, and many more. 

Office environment

  • The face mask has been made mandatory by governments worldwide. The attendance software will automatically detect a face mask during face scanning.
  • The camera integrated with the AI algorithm will verify if the social distancing guidelines are followed. The respective employees are sent alerts if they failed to do so.
  • Real-time reports are sent to the admins daily. They can check the reports panel through their secured admin panel.

Entrepreneurs can get the attendance software for business and integrate it seamlessly with the current working module. These softwares have everything required for a hassle-free launch.