Why EOS Blockchain is well suitable one for DApp Development?
Blockchain is a vast growing technology which aid to adapt various sector in this fast-moving world. In the blockchain platform, there are different types and among them, EOS got a special place and became a trend in the market because of its unique traits. 
What is EOS?
EOS is one of the types of blockchain platforms and becoming trending in the blockchain industry as well as various fields because of its motive. That ultimate goal of this EOS blockchain is none other than to become a decentralized operating system that can assist various sectors which are relayed on decentralized application.
The main tempting part of this EOS blockchain is,
  •  Millions of transaction per second
  •  Cost-effective when coming to a transaction fee
What is more, than these advantages can benefit the industry people?

So, it becomes obvious to find the reason behind its popularity in the global blockchain market. 
EOS allows to a built smart contract on its platform which enhanced its advantage to the next stage in DApp developers' point of view.
Benefits of EOS Blockchain
The Benefits of EOS blockchain is outstanding while comparing it with other blockchain platforms like Ethereum and some are mentioned below,
  •  Scalability
  •  DApp
  •  Consensus Protocol
  •  Fast and Free Transaction
  •  ICO Friendly
  •  Low latency
  •  Easy upgrade and Bug recovery
  •  Self-sustaining
  •  Flexible
  •  Easily usable one for developers
  •  Parallel performance
  •  Governance
  •  Easy hard fork with fewer risk
How Does EOS work?
Here, is how EOS works. EOS is often compared with the Ethereum blockchain process because of the similarities but EOS is considered as better one because of its traits, mainly the transaction process timing and speed i.e., known as scalability.
EOS blockchain uses DPoS consensus mechanism which can avoid the famous hacks like DAO. 
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