What is the Human Resource portal?
The way of communicating within organizations has evolved enormously in recent years. Since more and more companies have tools that favor interconnection between their members, this evolution is here to stay.
Large companies have already implemented internal communication systems between employees. This new way of understanding company communication and the flow of information has given rise to human resources departments developing decentralization processes. 

One of the most prominent exponents of this decentralization of activities is reflected in the so-called Human Resource portal . It is an internal environment in the organization to which all its workers access and where all kinds of information related to the management of people in the company can be accessed . This environment can be considered as a self-service for the employee , since within this space it is possible that workers can consult their payroll, control their entry and exit times, download and view information related to the company and human resources, etc.

The Human Resource portal is a natural evolution of the intranet concept , which has ended up becoming a true manager for the people who work in an organization. For the administration of Human Resources within a company, having this portal supposes an important support in their tasks and a discharge of work that is assumed directly by the worker himself.

Information offered by an Human Resource portal:

  • Administrative information : the administrative documentation of human resources management, such as payroll, social security documentation, models to be completed by the worker for the Treasury.
  • Monitoring and control of the worker : keeping track of the record of hours worked by each employee in the organization can be done through the employee portal. Both the Human Resources area and the worker himself can access this environment to consult the worker's time record, the hours of entry and exit, days off work, holidays.
  • Communication : allows communication directly to the workers any notification or information that is necessary. Employees can access these communications and be aware of everything that is transmitted.
  • Access to training : the training proposal for workers according to professional profiles can be consulted, and it is even possible that this environment has a tele-training platform where workers can access the training available to them.
  • Leisure environment : activities such as sporting events, parties, celebrations, competitions, etc., are some of the activities that can be organized or informed in this environment.
  • Corporate information : that relating to corporate documentation and models. Email templates, Word document templates for contests, etc. can be available in this environment and thus facilitate the daily work in the organization
  • Build an job portal software: This human resource software is involved with the recruitment process like video conferencing,post their vacancies,our application status and etc.

Advantages of the Human Resource portal:

  • It allows the worker to have a better knowledge about the organization.
  • Generates a sense of belonging to a community.
  • Time spent on bureaucratic aspects is minimized.
  • The relationship between the company and the workers can improve considerably.
  • An important benefit is the improvement in internal communication.
  • Continuous updating of information.
  • Optimization of the time spent by the members of the human resources department.
  • Involvement of workers in the company.
  • Greater homogeneity in the information.

Many companies have already started developing specific software to offer HR departments of small and medium-sized companies an employee portal environment already configured with the main needs for their workers.