What are the features of the on-demand logistics app?
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On-demand Logistics apps help a great deal in shipping and delivering of goods. 

The best on-demand logistics app in the market is Porter. A porter app has a user-friendly UI and updated features. Porter clone apps are widely used by businesses to develop a logistics app for their businesses. 

Let us look at the features that an on-demand logistics app has

User app 

  1. Registration
  2. View a wide range of trucks 
  3. Looking at fare estimates
  4. Booking a truck
  5. Scheduling a book to a date and time
  6. Easy payment options
  7. GPS-enabled Tracking 
  8. Push notification on updates 
  9. Booking history 
  10. Customer support and reviews 

Driver app

  1. Easy registration 
  2. Simple verification 
  3. Toggle active/inactive mode
  4. Logistics details 
  5. GPS enabled navigation 
  6. Dashboard
  7. Payment credited 
  8. Rides and invoice details 
  9. Push notifications on updates
  10. Support from admin 

Admin app

  1. Intuitive dashboard 
  2. Regulate pricing 
  3. Content management 
  4. Reports and user analytics 
  5. Push notifications to users
  6. Manage refunds 

A good on-demand logistics app should have all the above primary features. Indulge in porter clone app development to build a highly efficient on-demand logistics app with the mentioned features.

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