What are the Features and Revenue Streams of Doctor Appointment Booking Apps?
On-Demand Doctor Booking App is an average appointment booking app but specially made for doctors and hospitals, which has turned out to be a modern way of offering health services to patients online. A Doctor booking app can provide A to Z medical services for patients that include doctor consultation, claim medicine delivery services, multi-specialty services,  health tips, medicine prescription, and everything online 24X7. 

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Here are several popularly used revenue streams for doctor appointment apps:

1. Commission-Based

The app provides the doctors a wide range of exposure and helps in getting more number of patients. So, they are asked to pay some percentage of the amount from their revenue to the app owners. The revenue generation depends on the number physicians and patients using the application. 

2. Paid Listing

Some of the doctors registering the application will get less number of patients for consultation, they can use this model for getting more users by paying for the listing services. This is why because, the paid listing appears on the top- of the search. This increases the chances of getting more patients. 

3. Advertisement Fee

This the best and mostly used model to generate high revenue using the application. Advertisements related to the healthcare sector are displayed in the doctor's appointment app.

Must-have Features in a Doctor Booking App 

1. Registration
2. Search for physicians
3. Push notification
4. Articles
5. Multiple Payment Gateway
6. Availability toggle
7. Accept/Reject requests
8. Digital prescriptions
9. Ratings and Reviews
10. God’s eye view
11. Report management
12. Advertisement management
Entrepreneurs can get into this exponential growth market and join hands with doctors hospitals and provide the best online medical consultation services. Hospitals and doctors can also offer effective treatment by getting a doctor booking script from the leading On Demand App Development Company Startupmart and launch a on-demand doctor booking app.