What are the attributes that make an app a PWA?
There are some distinguished attributes that make an app a Progressive Web App. Mentioned below are some main progressive web apps features.

1.  Progressive

A progressive web app should be irrespective of operating systems and devices. With a single code base, it runs anywhere, any OS, and on any device. Progressive enhancement is a major factor that takes PWAs ahead of traditional apps. 

2.  Responsive

PWAs UI should fit any screen size. They look and feels like native apps and offers functionalities and gives flawless experience across all the devices

A PWAs UI must fit any form factor and screen size. A progressive web app looks good regardless of the device,  has a near-native look and feel, and offers a seamless experience across all devices. 

3.  Offline Support

The PWA lets the service workers run even offline 

4.  Re-engageable

PWA uses push notifications to remind the users to engage more with the app.

5.  Installable

To make it readily accessible, the progressive web app can be installed on the home screen of the device.

6.  Linkable

Progressive Web Apps are easy to share, non-installable, and zero friction.   

Progressive Web Apps are the best of both worlds. They are parallel to native mobile apps that are able to run offline, send push notifications, etc. PWAs can be fastly developed, easily deployed, and easy to maintain.  Likewise, It allows the users to effortlessly access all the features of a native app. We Startupmart - An On-Demand App Development Company has never failed in getting updated with new and upcoming mobile app technologies to upgrade our skills and business growth.