Vital ingredients to develop a revenue-generating Uber for marijuana delivery app
For the past few years, the on-demand market statistics state that there has been a perceptible increase in the usage of medical marijuana in several countries since its legalization. This is mainly due to the large number of medical benefits that marijuana offers. Hence, it resulted in the launch of the cannabis delivery business in the market. Legalized weed vendors and the business owners together hired a team of delivery agents to effectively deliver weed to the people in the country via an Uber for marijuana delivery app. Apparently, it was a huge success in the market. People purchased marijuana after consulting doctors through the app. This app helped the business owners, users, delivery executives, and the vendors in the following ways:

Business owners:
  • They set up a profitable business in the market in a short period of time. 
  • Owners were also able to generate higher revenues. 
  • On successfully establishing their brand, they expanded their geographic reach. 

  • Users were able to purchase weed without any hesitation.
  • With a single tap, it was delivered at their doorstep, saving them the travel expense. 
  • It was cost-efficient as offers and discounts were included in the app. 

Delivery executives:
  • Delivery agents had a regular and fixed source of income. 
  • Work hours were flexible.

Weed vendors:
  • They were able to sell weed on a regular basis. 
  • People started buying all types of weed available in the store after proper doctor consultation. 
  • Their outlet was also well-established in the market. 

3 key takeaways to be known before marijuana delivery app development:
Before developing the cannabis delivery app, any business owner must understand these three key factors in order to build an optimized app and a profit-yielding business. 

Gather all knowledge about cannabis:
This is an important phase that will help you frame a better requirement set. You need to know everything about marijuana before you step into this business. When all information is displayed within the app, people will not have the need to look up on the Internet about the different types of marijuana along with their benefits, composition, and more. They will lean towards your app for all details related to cannabis. You can also obtain help from medical professionals to better understand its medicinal benefits. 

Partner up with legalized weed vendors:
Prior to developing an app, you have to meet all the legalized weed sellers in the country and talk to them about remunerative partnerships. After you have collaborated with the vendors, they will sell marijuana through your delivery platform regularly. Another important phase is to team up with dispensaries or doctors so that they can provide medical consultation to the users via the app. These partnerships can be set up on a commission basis. Therefore, it will be a mutually advantageous platform. 

Stay updated with the latest information on marijuana:
You should know all the information about the new types of marijuana, new laws and regulations, and more. This will highly benefit the users, and they will buy the most suitable marijuana they need. 

Vital features to be included in the Uber for marijuana app:
There are a few attributes that should be available in the app to make it optimized and easy to operate. They are mentioned below:

User login and verification:
Users should be allowed to log in to the app using their contact details such as phone numbers or email IDs. Social media account login is also available. 

Find products easily:
Customers will be able to find any type of weed easily using the various filters available in the app. They can also input the desired quantity in the respective section. 

Integrated secure payment gateways:
You can include any number of trusted payment gateways to your app using which the customers can pay quickly. 

Live tracking:
With this facility, the delivery executives and the users can view each other’s live location and contact details. This feature will enable them to stay in contact with effortlessly. 

Doctor consultation: 
Users can avail paid doctor consultations via the app. Licensed practitioners are approved after a strong screening process. 

Push notifications, text messages, and email notifications are sent to the users to notify them about their order updates and other offers. 

Reviews and ratings:
There is a separate review section in the app where users can specify their suggestions or concerns. They can also rate the delivery executive and the vendor after a successful delivery. 

Chat and call facility:
An in-app call and chat facility that will help the users and delivery executives to get in touch with the support team if they have any queries. 

With the help of these key ingredients and features, you can build an efficient and optimized Uber for marijuana app. Hire the developers who excel in marijuana delivery app development to develop an app in a short span of time.