To build a chat SDK or buy from a third-party?

In most of the cases, many companies go for a third-party SDK. There are a number of factors influences companies in terms of money, time, value, quality to opt third party chat API. A recent survey suggests that conversational features impact 89% of today’s online business, so it is important to integrate good chat component into your business Whether it is based on Android, iOS or web.

The reason those push companies to opt ready-made component:

Time/money: Developing a good chat component consumes lots of time and money. This should not be good practices when building enterprise-level software. In the case of running a start-up, building an own chat component is time-consuming and a big warning sign.

: If you want to build quality chat SDK on your own, you need to test and spend of development more. It takes a solid duration may be in years (no surprise) to reach and beat the quality of the market professional. When they do poor development and frameworks, it may lead to a worse final product.

: When you buy a third-party service, you get the support along with it. You can contact the developer of the component Whenever you want to troubleshoot your problem raises then and there. If you develop it on your own, you have to manage and rectify the problem which results in a huge process and time-consuming.

Fortunately, there are many chat solutions available in market with its own pros and cons. You have to decide which one is suitable for your business and the requirements. When choosing the best solution among them, you need to remember the following points:

: every solution has its own kind of features. The thing is to decide which one suits you. There are tons of features have come to develop your business. Be wise with it.

: When utilizing the chat SDK, you are licensing the component. This says whether you use free or for pay. Many solutions are available for free and they price you for extra features. Make sure what’s your need before go for it.

: you customizing the component little bit or more for your business. flexibility ensures easy access, control, and customizing the solution with respect to your requirements. A locked component won’t favor the flexibility. Choose a flexible one that favour you the best.


I would recommend checking out the PIKchat SDK. It’s an immediate messaging answer (SDK & API) for your enterprise, internet site and alertness to engage your users efficaciously and correctly to scale the effect. This provides you the customizable instant messaging with which you can increase the user engagement and service to increase conversion.

Underneath are the attributes of PIKChat:

chat & messaging end to give up messaging revel in so that you don’t have to search for an alternate choice.

complete manipulate access and completely control your PIKChat system to earn the trust of your clients.

multimedia sharing provides your customers the strength to document and proportion audios, videos, documents, and gifs.

safety & compliance the chat facts is ensured excessive protection with AES256 and SSL/TLS encryption.

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