The Difficulty of English to German Captioning Services
Despite its humble Germanic origins, English captions and subtitles are very
hard to translate into German. First of all, cultural contexts matter - to
elaborate on this argument, let us cite an example. German comedy is very
different from English comedy - German comedy is based on wordplay which in
itself lends problems during translation. Incorrect use of German grammar is
also another form of humor commonly employed. As you can see, for a comedy film
to remain comedic in German - or for that matter any films to stay true to its
roots - contexts and translations have to be carefully crafted.

The Length of German Translation is Longer:

Usually, German translations are 30% longer than the original English text.
This additional length can result in the compromise of one of the four
qualities of a good caption - on-screen placement (the other three being
accuracy, synchronicity, and completeness). German translation of subtitles
requires a shortening of the garrulous amount of textual information contained
in the captions to captions that retain the reading speed.

The Difficulty faced by German to English Captioning Services

Providing English captions for German content can be an equally difficult ordeal as the
other way round. Specifically, where closed captions for the hard of hearing
are concerned, there can be a large amount of syntactical and technical
conditions to fulfill to render a caption in English. In addition to working
with guidelines, English speech contains a huge number of fillers, slang words,
colloquial, and double meanings and captioners need to make workable, logical
judgments as to what to contain and what to overlook.
Despite these difficulties in translating captions from English into German
(or vice versa), one has to not lose sight of the goal - obtaining captions in
their correct form. The FCC has mentioned four criteria that help to delineate
a good caption - Accuracy, Synchronicity, Onscreen placements, and

The German Video Captioning Services is Here To Help

  • Accuracy -These mandates for accuracy can be fulfilled
         exclusively with German Transcription Services. Accuracy of captioning
         services is listed in services website - usually in the high 90s. Bes sure
         to look out for work samples and user ratings such that perfection in
         captioning is achieved. 
  • Professional transcribers - Captioning delivered
         by human captioners is precise in the range of 98-99%. Also, German native
         experts ensure that cultural contexts, colloquial, and jargon are matched
         to the original content. 
  • Cost - Captioning, however, can come in as a luxurious
         affliction. Needless cost incurring captioning services can take a hefty
         hit on the management of the expenses. However, online German captioning
         services offer a “sweet spot” between the costs and accuracy of the
         captions such that you can plan the expenses meticulously.

The Necessity of German Captioning

German is a business language. It is also a sophisticated and diplomatic
language (those are very specific adjectives we use to describe the German
language). There are approximately 100 million German speakers worldwide, and
German is an official language of 6 countries. It is in solace to this
propagating relevance of German we find the German captioning services to hold
special significance in the present day and age.