Reasons to implement an app and job portal in the company

There are companies that offer online services to the employee that, curiously, he hardly takes advantage  of  several reasons. Employees perform many tasks without using the computer, some travel and due to lack of time they do not go online to consult corporate information in the “heat” of the working day. Other times it happens that the portal is not multi- device and multi-platform , and when they access it, it does not offer them the necessary user experience on the device they have chosen at that time.

Less and less we use our PC outside of work, today we are replacing it with our smartphone or tablet and the user experience of the job portals on those devices does not encourage connection.

Many job portals are mere web accesses to human resources software without adaptations to use in mobility, or to mobile devices. They do not rank content according to the context of use, nor do they take advantage of key functions of mobile technology such as push notifications. To avoid these problems, it is advisable to choose to launch a multi-device and multi-platform job portal script  and app for companies .

The cross-platform property resolves the portal for the web, mobile web, and iOS and Android apps into a single solution.

Therefore, these characteristics make it possible to offer the same services and functions online to all employees regardless of the device they use to connect, be it their PC at home or at work, their tablet or their iOS or Android smartphone.

From the worker's point of view, having in hand and easy to use all the communication procedures of the workers with the company, it favors that they use the job portal app on a regular basis and above all it facilitates that the relevant information arrives at the right time. So,build an job portal script most effectively and save time. .
Some of the main advantages of successfully implementing an employee portal and app:
- Savings in time and costs in the administrative management of HR
- Reduction of paper and filing tasks, towards the paperless office
- Better internal and interdepartmental communication
- Fostering collaboration and participation in company policies
- Improves the work environment
- Team loyalty
What are the functionalities that add value in an employee portal and app ?
As an example, at vBote we have grouped them into different functional modules of our multi-platform and multi-device mobile application and portal solution for employees, which offers a desktop version, mobile web, and iOS and Android app.
The defined functional modules are the following:
- Corporate information. Here the company communicates general information to employees.
- Holidays and permits. It facilitates the management of permits, leave and vacations. Employees and their department heads interact through the portal
- Private documentation. This module makes available to employees their personal documents related to their relationship with the company (contracts, payroll, certificates ...) 
Training. The company shows its training offer and employees enroll in the courses with prior authorization from their department heads.
Approval of expenses. For the agile management of the expenses incurred by employees in their professional activity.
Communication between departments. Communication channels between employees and departments.
Management of the day. Management and control of hours worked and tasks performed.
Digitized signature. Signature of documents by the employee. 
- Reports. Activity and performance reports on the portal.