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QuickBooks Payroll has simplified the processing of payments for multiple business owners. But sometimes there are moments when the user while accessing the platform might face problems. So to fix them you can get in touch with the specialists available on QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number. They hold a vast pool of knowledge that when shared with you will be beneficial. Nonetheless, the software offers exceptional features and plans; let us have a look at them! 

QuickBooks Payroll Plan Features:

Below are some of the features that the accounting software offers to make your suits simple and quick. 

Payroll Updates - The software calculates accurate data according to the latest guidelines and norms of the federal and state government. It holds options like e-file and payroll tax forms as well.  

Create Paychecks - Form up paychecks via automatic calculations of tax. You can also get them printed and later share them with your workers. 

Direct Deposit for Employees -The payroll can be paid directly to your employees, it can be transferred to their savings or checking bank account. Keep in mind that you might be charged per-payroll and per-transaction transmission.

Direct Deposit for 1099 Contractors - It has the authority to send a direct deposit for 1099 to the independent contractors of the company. You might have to pay per-check fees. 

Federal Forms - The QB Desktop automatically fills up the W2 and 1099 and the rest federal forms through the QB Payroll Enhanced and Standard Payroll. Next, you get to print the forms with a single click and you can further mail them to the federal agencies as well. 

State Forms - The enhanced payroll takes all the responsibility of filling up your state tax forms. It helps you function according to the latest changes and regulations of your state. 

E-file and E-pay - This gives you the opportunity to share the forms electronically instead of getting them printed and then mailed. You get to set the mode of payment as well for the state and federal tax payments.   

Intuit Workers' Comp Payment Service - The users don’t have to hassle in pre-paying or estimating, the software automatically pays the workers through worker’s compensation payment service. There will be no scope of mistake in the whole payment processing. 

These features were enough to make you invest in the platform. Now, after talking about its features let’s move on to its plans:

QuickBooks Payroll Plan offers:

Desktop Version:

Enhanced – you can create the paychecks and initiate direct deposits. Also, get the opportunity to file the tax returns in accordance with the norms and rules of the government. Ascertain that you enter the appropriate information as one single mistake may lead to a huge error or miscalculation.    

Assisted – the firms that decide to get their payroll outsourced can access this plan. With the help of this plan you just need to enter all the information precisely so that everything is delivered properly.        

Online Version: 

Core - the customer gets the advantage of rationalizing the payroll and processing them further on time. It makes sure that your data stays away from any kind of mistake.    

Premium- it provides you access to impactful tools and techniques.
Elite- with this plan stay stress from the duty of direct deposits as Intuit will take the responsibility. 

Contact us For Guidance:

However, despite offering so many features and perks the software still displays errors for which you can contact our professionals. So for clearing your doubts give us a call on the QuickBooks payroll support phone number, and get the resolutions. Our technicians work round the clock so that no caller is left dissatisfied!