Propel An Efficacious Video-sharing App Like Tiktok For A Profitable Business

The pandemic situation has brought in some drastic changes. Both positive and negative. The positive part is for the entertainment industry, as people started to rely more on them. Next to Zoom in on the most downloaded apps list is the TikTok app. In over a month, millions of people have downloaded the video-sharing app like never before. All because of the entertainment is offered to the users, to be frank. 

And by looking at its success, many entrepreneurs have started following the success path by recreating the app, using TikTok Clone. And by guessing your presence here, you are one from that army, aren’t you? Well then, here’s all you got to do: get your hands on the clone solution that already contains all the needed basic features of TikTok. 

Wondering what it is? It’s the TikTok Clone script. With this, you can also monetize in the following ways:

In-app purchases: 
The viewers of the app purchase coins from the app that is donated to their influencers during the live show of an app. Once the live session ends, one-half of the collection goes to the influencers while the other half can be deducted by you with the app stores.

 This is a great way to generate revenue and the best way to make the app successful. You can earn from the advertisers per the following types:

  • Cost per click on the ad
  • Cost for every 1000 impressions of the ad
  • Cost per action, which you can make use of only when the user installs the app

These monetizing ways are proven to be the most effective models. Contact the best development company like Appdupe, who will help you not just in the development of the app but even after the launch. Since there are more apps making their way into the market, this is the right time for you to launch your own Tiktok clone script. Shall we join hands?