Post Covid-19 approach in multispeciality hospitals
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Everyone is fear after this pandemic, to meet the doctor for consultations for various health problems. Some people fear contacting COVID on hospital premises. The people are facing a highly contagious virus and they cringe to visit a separate hospital or clinics like dental, eye problems, skin issues, or other major health conditions. But multispeciality hospitals are well equipped to combat the pandemic in an efficient way. They are well sanitised in all operational areas and monitoring all safety precautions.
Avoid traveling and getting virus-infected
In a family, there will be many health issues to the different age groups of people like children, elder people, and teenage people. So one cannot go to every individual clinic for their health problem. It will cost them high for their traveling charges and other expenses. While they were in sick one can't meet the doctor at one place and move to multiple locations for medical testing like ECG, X-ray, and Scan, etc. Risking of getting a virus from others by waiting in the crowd at the medical testing center.
Don't waste time, money, and health on separate specialty hospital
Also, one has to wait for long hours to give the blood test or other medical tests. And have to wait for the reports for weeks to get from the laboratory. After that, we have to consult the specialists about their health problems. These things not only waste their money and time, but also one's health. It will delay knowing about their disease at the right time So they couldn't get the diagnosis at the correct time.
Get everything from multispecialty hospital 
Know about your health problem at an earlier stage of the disease and get the right treatment at the correct time to lead a healthy life forever.
Multispecialty hospitals deal with basic medical, surgical, O&G, pediatrics, etc. patients and services of OPD, IPD, basic investigation like x-ray, ECG, USG, CT scan, MRI with secondary care or super secondary care services.
That's why people prefer Multi-Specialty Hospitals that have all the different branches of Medicine and surgery under one roof.
To elaborate with a few examples of Specialty :
General Medicine, General Surgery, Neuro physician, neurosurgeon, gastro physician, cardiologist, cardiothoracic surgeon, ENT, pulmonology, Opthalmology, rheumatology, orthopedic, gynecology and obstetric, pediatric, nephrologist, urologist, endocrinologist, plastic surgeon, dentist.
Devadoss Multispecialty Hospital based out of Madurai facilitates world-class standards in healthcare and offers diverse medical specialties, including Multi-Organ Transplantation, Gastroenterology, Emergency Care, etc.