Optimize Your personnal management with Human Resource Software
Your human capital is the most important asset of the business
The success of any business depends on its staff, so it is essential that you know them well. The better you know your company's products and services, its work processes, and above all, what your employees are like, the better you can predict how a potential candidate will fit in. Employees are the greatest asset of a company, therefore, hiring the right staff is essential to help your business achieve its goals.
The stakes are high, since the cost of hiring, training and integrating the wrong staff, with the consequent dismissal and return to the beginning of the hiring process, can reach the company up to three times the salary of the first year for the put in question.
But it's not just a matter of saving money on human resources
Hiring the wrong person can disrupt productivity, affect the coexistence of a team, or even cause other valuable employees to leave. So what is the best way to minimize the chances of making a bad decision when hiring someone?
Your plan for success with HR software
Your ability to attract and retain the best employees will determine the future success of your company. But hiring talent is not merely about who has the highest salary, it is about offering each employee the training, environment and experience to ensure that they are happy, engaged and motivated.
It may sound simple, but it is not. In 2016, Hays Group conducted a study showing the levels of employee engagement around the world.
While 72% of US workers felt involved, the figures for the UK (65%), France (61%) and South Africa (68%) weren't so optimistic. Different indicators are used in other surveys.
Gallup, an American market research company, tracks employee engagement on a daily basis, and according to a 2016 report, only a third of American workers were committed to their work, a figure that has barely changed in more than one decade. With this data, the main conclusion we can obtain is that companies have to better understand how their best employees work (and develop). This task can be done with a suitable human resources management software. 
A staff management software for a smooth hiring process
In collaboration with your hiring managers, you should plan a smooth recruiting process for both internal and external positions. You should also ensure a thorough and thorough onboarding procedure and provide regular feedback on the work. Monitoring employee progress and providing necessary support will contribute to staff retention.

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