Launching an Efficient Gojek Clone App for your On-Demand Multi-Services Business
After the massive success of GoJek in the market, many business persons had plans to launch a multi-service app like GoJek. Let's see the benefits of gojek clone app.

Benefits of launching a Gojek Clone app:

- Multiple services can be provided with the help of a single app. 
- Each service will have a separate landing page. 
- Managing and monitoring the services will be easy. 
- Analytics will be available in the app.
- Customers will prefer this app over installing multiple apps.

These are the benefits of gojek clone app. Now let us know about the reasons that help this application to generate high revenue.

Some of the Reasons which help the Companies to Earn Millions

Multiple revenue streams

As the app offers multi-services, it has numerous revenue streams. If one product or service is failing to make money, then there are other products & services which the Gojek Clone App have, that helps you to make money.

One-Stop Solution

People are not interested in installing multiple apps due to the storage and data limitation problem. They prefer to install a single app that offers a wide range of their desired services. This requirement makes your Gojek clone app exclusive.

If you have an idea of starting an on-demand multi-services business like gojek and you are about to build a Gojek clone App then these are the features that you should consider while building it. 

Top 10 features of a Gojek Clone app:

The clone app should have the following ten attributes in the app to provide the customer with an informative and user-friendly app. 

1. Social media login/sign up
2. Address list
3. Scheduled service requests
4. Supports multiple  languages
5. Keep a track
6. Various categories
7. Bill summary and confirmation
8. Modes of payment
9. Prices
10. Ratings and feedback


If you have a robust desire to start your own business and want to make high revenue, then you can go with Gojek clone app development. This astonishing app solution holds a positive impression in the service industry and offers reliable and effective services to its users. Startupmart is an on-demand app development company.