How to get more attention to the YouTube clone script?

YouTube is a famous video sharing and streaming service used by people all over the world. YouTube business model relies on its vast range of streamers to produce quality content to the users. According to Hubspot Statistics, YouTube is the second largest global search engine and the biggest video platform. It has been able to achieve this massive fleet by offering amazing content for people. During YouTube clone app development, include the following features.

Features for channel owners and viewers

Channel Dashboard: It has details related to the trending videos and shows. So channel owners can know the trends and upload trending content on the channel. The videos that performed well are along with viewerships. The overall channel viewership is also presented. 

Channel Analytics: Statistics related to the channel are part of this segment. The information related to analytics comprises of the following:
  • The average number of views per video
  • Total channel views and subscribers list
  • Total channel watch time (in hours)
  • Demographic information about your audience

Featured video: Channel creators can add featured videos for specific audiences like new subscribers and existing subscribers. For instance, there could be a channel introductory video for new subscribers and this video will appear as notifications for them.

Share: People can share their favorite content on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and WhatsApp. They can also decide on the point of video time to share it. 

Polls: Channel creators can schedule polls at specific intervals by using the cards. Based on their viewers’ choice, they can create more content in those areas. It can also act as an opinion poll to understand people’s mindset of the topic discussed.
Entrepreneurs can develop and launch a YouTube clone script with Appdupe’s assistance and succeed in their ventures.