How to fix QuickBooks Error 6144 and 301?
How to fix QuickBooks Error 6144 and 301?

QuickBooks is that the most versatile financial management
software designed by Intuit. It possesses myriad features that are highly
advantageous for its clients. a number of its features are generation of
invoice, employee’s payroll, reports, tax filing, and far more. But it's been
recognized that several users encounter a frequent error code that's – QuickBooks
Error Code 6144
. This error is usually encountered while the user tries to
open the corporate file. This error doesn’t let the user to perform any task
through the most or other systems.

Important Points to

Before you start with the method and also with exploring the
varied other facts, there are certain points that you simply can’t afford to
miss. Here are few belongings you got to remember before you start the

It recommended to practice all the steps on the
host (server) system except the last step
make sure that all the systems are properly
shutdown including host & other
Turn-off the system security software

Causes of QuickBooks
error code 6144

There are certain causes to Error code 6144, a couple of of
which are listed below:

just in case the installation of the software is
corrupted or incorrect
Or, the program files associated with QuickBooks
accounting software are corrupted thanks to any quite Trojan attack.
just in case the corporate files associated with
QuickBooks are deleted mistakenly
Any quite network issue also can be a legitimate
reason behind the occurrence of this type of error.

Symptoms of
QuickBooks error code 6144

The signs and symptoms of QuickBooks error 6144 are as

just in case the code itself displays on the
QuickBooks Error Code 6144 - Screenshot
Or if the active program window crashes with
QuickBooks error 6144
The windows run sluggishly
The system freezes periodically
Windows has been pack up to stop damage to the

How to Troubleshoot
the QuickBooks Error 6144?

Follow the steps by step manual process to repair the
QuickBooks Error Code 6144 as shown below: –

Step 1: Start the
QuickBooks Service Option

The very initiative is, within the QuickBooks,
attend the “Start” icon and click on on the “Services” tab.
then , within the “Services” list, click on the
“QBCFMonitoringservice” icon.
Later, verify that the services started and are
setup within the ‘Automatic Mode’.
Start Services in QuickBooks - Screenshot
If it’s not, then verify the “Radio” button and
hit onto the “Apply” tab further “OK” icon.

Step 2: Alter the
Account Type

Tap onto the “Start” icon on the keyboard.
attend the “Control Panel” tab and choose the
“User Account” icon.
Click on the “Add/Remove User Account” tab.
Then, click onto the “QBDserviceuser23” icon and
modify the account type as per the need by verifying “Administrator User” icon.
Change the Alter the Account Type - Screenshot

Step 3: Create the
Folders in C Drive

QuickBooks user alleged to create new folder with the name
of QB. Afterward, choose “Read/Write” options for all the created folders.
Following folders are got to be created on the Drive C:

Create the Folders in C Drive - Screenshot
Add System
Add User
Endow Read/Write permission for the whole
folders. Later, click on the “Share” icon to share all the whole folders to all
or any the systems.

Step 4: Copy the
corporate enter New Folder “QB”

It has been observed that files corrupted thanks
to the file size. Thus, it's unable to open on the QuickBooks.
Copy company enter new folder - Screenshot Image
within the system ‘C Drive’, navigate to the
“Users” option =>“Public” icon =>“Public Documents” tab =>“Intuit”
icon =>“QuickBooks” icon =>“Company Files” tab. Here, you'll see the
default location of the corporate files.
Later, copy & paste the QB enter the new
folder named as “QB”. confirm that you simply don't cut – paste the QB Company
enter the folder because it may cause corruption.

Step 5: Setup the
Inbound & Outbound Firewall Rules

within the “Firewall” tab, select the “Windows
Firewall” option.
within the “Advanced Settings” tab, attend the
“Inbound Rules” icon =>“New Rule” icon =>“Port” icon. Lastly, click on
the “Next” icon.
Configure firewall-screenshot
These are the port numbers for various versions:
Setup the Inbound & Outbound Firewall Rules
- Screenshot

Step 6: Run
QuickBooks database server manager

attend the “Programs” list, click on the
“QuickBooks” icon.
within the drop-down list, select the
‘QuickBooks Database Server Manager’ icon. Later, hit onto the “Add Folder”
within the system C Drive, search & add
QuickBooks folder. Later, minimize this tab.
QuickBooks Database Manager -Screenshot Image
Finally, click on the “Scan now” icon. this may
cause the scanning process of QuickBooks company file.

Step 7: Restore the
QuickBooks Company Files

On the server computer, open/access the
QuickBooks in multi-user mode.
Click on the “Open & Restore Company File”.
Restore from Backup (Step 1) - Screenshot
Select the QB Company file “Get Back to Business”.
Later, prefer to open/access the files within the Multi-user mode.
Confirm that the hosting enabled and attend the
“File”. Later, click on the “Utilities” icon.
Navigate Utilities Option - Screenshot
Click on the “Stop Hosting multi-user access”
option. Finally, the QB Company files are going to be accessible on the server
Stop Hosting Multi-User Access - Screenshot

Steps to resolve
QuickBooks error 6144 82

The steps to repair the QuickBooks error 6144 82
might differ a touch from the steps listed above.
The user is firstly required to press F2 in
QuickBooks desktop
then , move to the file information and also
find the situation of the corporate file
Now, open the situation
And also, find the .ND and .TLG files that have
an equivalent name because the company file
Now, rename the files by adding .OLD at the top
of every file extension
This might resolve the difficulty