How To Build An On-Demand Business App Like GoJek

In recent years, GoJek has attained enormous growth in the marketplace. It will trigger many business people to enter into the world of on-demand business application especially GoJek. Well, It’s a good start to kick start a on-demand business like GoJek.

How to build an on-demand business app like GoJek?

This was the major query arises in everyone’s mind. No worries. Let me give you a better solution,

White label solutions is the best key to build an on-demand app like GoJek. It saves your time in designing, developing, and launching your mobile application. Keep your eye wider and buy the best Gojek clone app from the right solution provider to stay ahead in the marketplace.

that offers android, ios mobile and web application developing services with high-end features and functionalities. Buy the 100% bug-free gojek clone application from macandro and earn huge revenue.


Gojek clone app has a feature in booking a two wheeler through Go-Ride or booking a car using Go-Car that ends up in removing stand-alone on-demand taxi booking apps. It is available both in Android and iOS platforms.


Go-Pay is the e-wallet in Gojek helps to make transactions by sending and receiving money via online as well as offline. This helps to save your database by replacing all your e-wallet apps like Gpay, Paytm etc.


It is Gojek’s instant and modern food delivery service. This helps to replace all on-demand food delivery apps in the name of “Go-Food”. It creates a main stream for many stationary food stores.


This resembles same like grocery app that helps to avail grocery shopping services through online mode to shop groceries benefit customers to aid service based on their demands without any difficulties.


In order to send documents and other data in online without any limits to the distance in a single delivery, GO-SEND acts as an on-demand courier service in Gojek.


This Gojek massage service booking guide users to schedule appointments in order to acquire an experts massaging at one’s own suitable timings and avail the exact treatment.


To export prescribed medicines or to encounter the difficulties in availing the exotic medicines from other countries, GO-MED resolves the issues in delivering you the medicines to the destination you are living in.


This feature helpful in claiming all the maintenance services like car washing and servicing, repairing at an immediate cause, etc.

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