How Did The Online Dating App Sector Evolve Over COVID-19?
  1. Coronavirus gave rise to many new trends in the online dating app world. One such trend is dating via video calls. Amid COVID-19 mess, tinder launched a video chat option to make online dating easier in lockdowns. As a control measure Tinder gave this big update. People can get to each other through video calls.
  2. Tinder established certain points in order to tackle security concerns that come among the users. They are:

    1. To avoid unwanted calls, the calls can be made only when the two people swipe right. 
    2. In video call feature, both the users need to switch on to the video icon, because video is not a default aspect. 
    3. The video calls can be disconnected at any time if one of the users feels unsafe.
    4. After the call, Tinder gets feedback about the call.
  3. This video chat option in Tinder is in the testing phase, and available only in a few countries like the US, Brazil, Australia, etc. 

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