How Covid-19 has Made RPA Implementation and Deployment More Important than Ever
When they say that necessity is the mother of invention, they also mean that we adapt really quickly. And none other than the Covid-19 pandemic has proved it yet again. As businesses struggle to survive with an ever-shrinking physically available workforce, RPA implementation is something they are compelled to choose now. It is more challenging than ever to manage without a large workforce and still be able to fetch a respectable return on investment. 

The challenge has risen, though not only, but particularly for the healthcare sector. With an ever increasing pressure of sampling and testing; with faster moving stocks than ever; with the rider of using only the most essential workforce on ground, how is the healthcare sector managing the crisis? RPA vendors are helping around the healthcare and FMCG sectors do their best in the face of adversity, 

Let’s see how:

Stepping up with Rapid Testing Results:

As the number of cases are only on the rise, how does a healthcare provider cope up with thousands and millions tests a day? And how do they make sure that the results are accurate and are delivered quickly? 

Implementation of robotic process automation can ensure all this, along with a faster turnaround time each test which translates into massive time-saving, which in turn translates into life saving. 

Where on one hand, the traditional manual preparation of results may take hours and in some cases, days of wait for the results to arrive, automation can actually cut the wait time significantly. From a few minutes per human, to a few seconds per human. And that is a revolutionary thing that RPA vendors can enable for the healthcare sector. 

Quick Stocking, Delivery, and Restocking:

The sudden shortage of medication has been a matter of concern almost all across the globe during the viral crisis. The demand for certain drugs shot up suddenly, and it does from time to time as new drugs are being launched to fight the symptoms of the virus. And not just medical supplies, but also necessities have to be managed that way.   

And how have robotic process automation companies in India helped there? By making inventory management easy. When inventory is automated, it is a matter of seconds before the stock of inventory can be taken, orders placed, and consignments dispatched directly from manufacturers. And that could again be life-saving. 

Helping a Virtual Workforce

As the world continues to work on partial physical capacities, the necessity of a virtual workforce only increases by the day. How do you not goof up in onboarding and managing this virtual workforce when you have never worked virtually before? 

You choose a good RPA service provider in India and go ahead with automating onboarding, registering new equipment and software for a remote workforce, managing their workflows and submissions, etc. It can be done; it is being done now that the world order demands virtual. 

Better Customer Service:

Yes, when not enough humans are available with customer care units, implementation of RPA can help organizations reduce the ticket resolution time immensely. Pulling customer data, quicker routing of complaints, faster call triage, etc., all result in shorter call handling time, making the process more efficient even without ample work force. 

If you are struggling with a decreased physical workforce due to government regulations, we can help you automate and increase work efficiency. Should you want any sort of information or assistance on RPA implementation, simply get in touch with us.