How blockchain is applied in schools?
Usage of Blockchain in Education:
Blockchain technology makes it easier for students to manage their data and decide what content they want to share and with whom. In addition, if a student has to manage an economic transaction, such as in the case of wanting to enroll in another school, he / she will need to pay the corresponding fees, and thanks to the Blockchain the process can be carried out safely. 
On the other hand, another of the applications that use Blockchain technology, allow for a new system for issuing and certifying official documents and qualifications. Thanks to this, you can ensure the accuracy of the assessments and qualifications a student gets. In this case, the technology applied by the system certifies the registration in a safe way and certifies the authenticity of the entire history of each student. Therefore, it is a tool that all teachers should know and, in addition, explain to their students as they will have to deliver all written work and exams through that platform. It will be important for them since they will also have to manage their academic record from that tool. 
Benefits of Blockchain technology in education

Currently, the use of this new technology consisting of block chains is rare and is still used in very specific cases. I tell you the benefits that Blockchain technology can offer you in education :
Universal Online certification:
The immutability and guarantee of veracity granted by the blockchain could lead to the creation of a new system for issuing and certifying both official documents and academic degrees.
Environmental Respect
Thanks to the Blockchain technology applied to education, it is possible to reduce a great use of paper, since everything is digitalized it contributes to the reduction of deforestation. We avoid printing large numbers of documents that are now scanned safely each student can access to consult whenever you want. 
Academic Records
Thanks to the immutability of the application, the possibility of safeguarding all reports and student work within the platform is increased. Blockchain offers a secure model for collecting grades, letters of recommendation, certificates, among others. This technology will be essential to avoid fraud.
Goodbye Plagiarism
Blockchain technology can be applied in education makes it inaccessible to modify any document without approval. It is possible that in a short time the plagiarism will remain outside our lives forever and be part of the past and not of the present or future.
Avoid identity Theft
All students will be their own managers. They themselves must control their data and they are the ones who decide what content to publish and who to share. Blockchain technology has the capacity to manage, share and protect digital content.  
Goodbye to physical Money
With Blockchain technology, payments can be made through 'tokens', thus eliminating the need to make currency exchanges between countries and in the case of exchange of students or students who are interested in a course in another country they could pay with' tokens'.