Five Killer Features In A Meesho Clone App That Can Create An Instant Impact

As simple as it may sound, turning digital decides the fate of a business. With people depending on smartphones for almost every service, businesses either adapt to this trend or get gradually declined by customers. E-commerce has topped the charts when it comes to digitization. While apps like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., gain immense popularity, there exists a huge void when it comes to e-commerce reselling apps. 

The market is vast, but competition is less in this reselling segment. Apps like Meesho have created a trend among the audience. In this blog, let’s look at five unique features that can make a Meesho clone app surge in revenue and popularity. 

  • In-app chat: Providing a streamlined communication flow between users and sellers can enhance engagement rates. 
  • Daily deals: User retention is a piece of cake with this daily deals feature. Users can check on offers and discounts every day and can make purchases instantly. 
  • Social sharing: Users can share products with their family and friends and ask for opinions. This way, even people who aren’t acquainted with the app get to know it. 
  • Multi-store checkout: The app can take user convenience to a whole new level by providing multi-store checkouts. Users can add products from multiple stores and seamlessly pay for them through multiple payment options. 
  • Product-related articles: The app can enhance user interaction rates by providing product-related articles. This way, users can make informed decisions after surfing the necessary information. 

Wrapping up, 
Implementing these features in a Meesho clone script can enable entrepreneurs to have a cutting-edge over their rivals. These features can bring about uniqueness, paving the way for the app’s success.
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