Dispatching a staple conveyance instacart clone app and displaying its work process
Though we live in a digitally-driven and fast-paced environment, the existing CoronaVirus, Covid-19, stopped the major online delivery businesses to avoid getting infected. Therefore, keeping the above criteria in mind, we will develop an On-demand instacart clone, ensuring hygienic, safe, and speedy delivery.

No matter how serious the outbreak goes and how many people are drawn to their homes', People are always dependent on delivery services to get their groceries delivered at their doorstep. This is feasible with one tap by developing an app like Instacart for grocery delivery. 

Even during times like this, people will need to get their food and other grocery items from the market. This is where your on-demand grocery delivery app script comes into play and helps your customers get their daily needs when orders are placed.

This is the right time for the most ambitious and budding entrepreneurs to get into this grocery industry, considering the high profitability.

The basic workflow of using an Instacart app is,

  • Log in/ Register in the app by downloading it.
  • The app enables users to view all nearby grocery stores/shops.
  • Select your needed items and add them to the cart.
  • Place an order choosing from the three options. They are Self Pickup, Usual delivery, and Usual one with contactless delivery.
If Self Pickup,
The users can view the accepted order status, and the customer should go to the respective store and pick the order by themselves.

If Usual Delivery,
After the customer sees the accepted order status, the delivery driver is assigned & picks the order to track the delivery driver live on a map.
Then, the delivery person arrives at a customer's location and hands groceries to them in hand.

If Contactless delivery,
The delivery driver puts groceries at the customer's doorstep and sends photos of placed items as proof of delivery.

In a nutshell, the delivery app like Instacart majorly helps businesses to reach an audience worldwide irrespective of any situation.

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