Business Models for Taxi Booking App Business
There are two business models in the on-demand taxi booking application. Let us discuss it in detail.

1. Individualized Taxi Booking App Solution

This solution is built for the existing taxi businesses that own a fleet of cars. What the owner has to do is get the customized app that is specially built for them and launch it on the app stores. By promoting their business and application they will get many new customers. This helps them build a huge user base. They can effortlessly manage their existing customers and get even more revenue by making new customers.

In this business model, the user nook their ride through this app, and the taxi owners should share the time, location, and price of the ride with the users. Then they have to make the taxi available for the passenger in a short time span.

2. Aggregator Taxi Booking App Solution

The aggregator model is similar to Uber and Ola. This model acts as the platform for the various taxi companies and personal taxis. The taxi owners need to simply register them under this app. In this model, the users need to install the app from the app sites and book their ride through the app itself. The user needs to enter their pickup location and destination. After this, the app calculates the time and cost of the ride and displays it. If it is convenient for them, the user can book their ride. Once the ride is complete the user can make their payment. 

Our AddOn Services We Offer

Outstation Ride Services:

An outstation ride service is a ride to another city/town away from the customer's city/town. Here the user needs to book the car by providing the details of the journey that includes the date, time, and pick-up and drop location. This feature comes with two options: a single trip, and a round trip.

Car Rental Services:

The car rental service is renting the car for some specified duration. For the rental rides, the driver books the car by giving all the ride details that include the date of rental, the pick-up-location, and the rental time.

Corporate Taxi Services:

Corporate cab service is nothing but, the admin creates a portal with the name of the company and adds the name of the company as like the users. The employees can make use of this service. The company pays for the service in postpaid or prepaid.

Carpooling Services:

In this service the customer books for a ride and requests a carpooling service. The number of people who can share the same ride depends on the number of seats in the taxi. Irrespective of the pick-up the user who wants s to travel on the same route can also send a request. Accepting and rejecting the request depends on the driver. If the pick-up location is irrelevant to the driver, he/she can reject it.  

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