Building a boat rental app for pastime sailors
Many have the dream to travel on cruises. But many more people have the urge to sail a boat. These boat rental apps bring together passionate boat sailing enthusiasts and give them a platform to rent a boat. A boat rental app development will help fetch a good ROI because typically renting a boat and sailing it for a leisure pastime will be availed by an elite group of people. Airbnb is a top-notch boat rental app.

Features of the Airbnb for boat clone 

Registration and login
The users and the hosts or the renters of the boat can log in and create their profile. All their necessary contact information is saved in the app.

Boat listing 
The hosts can list the details of the boat they want to rent. The users can see through the list and apply filters to search for the kind of boat they want to rent as per the boat's price, size, and specifications. 

Request for the boat
Users can request for the boat that they like. After which the host will receive a notification. The host can accept the claim based on the availability. 

GPS feature
The sailors can use the GPS feature to locate the boat. They can also sail safely using the GPS enabled system in the boat. 

The app accepts payment in multiple ways and even various currencies to give the app a global reach. Most of the tourists visiting places would want to go on sailing, which would help them carry their payment with ease.

Ratings and review 
Later the users can rate the services and the boat they availed. This helps the admin update the app, depending on the ratings. 

To jump in into the boat rental business, use an Airbnb for boat clone app. The technical stack used in an Airbnb boat clone app is jQuery, Node js, My SQL, Linux, Kotlin, Swift, Flutter. Develop a feature-rich boat rental app using all the updated technology. 

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