Build your online food delivery platform like Ubereats | Foodesoft
Foodesoft - Foodesoft is a food ordering platform helps the customers to order their favourite menu from their favourite restaurants. Customers can find multiple restaurants by near their area and order food by cash on delivery or online payment. We have developed the application with many features and cool user interface. 

Ubereats clone platform. 

A complete food ordering and delivery solution comes with full source code at one time cost. We offer the customization support and free installation support in the client server. Upload the apps in to app store as well.

Application has following features.

* Brand Name with Website.

* Restaurant App.

Food Ordering Apps.

* Delivery Apps.

* Instant Notifications.

* Online Payment.

* Multi-Languages & Multi-Currencies. 

Would you like to setup your online food delivery business? Foodesoft is the right platform to start your business with. We have a team of skilled developers will deliver you the platform in short period of time. It supports multiple currencies and languages.