Build a superlative wimdu clone app with a robust script
Renting a place for vacation and chilling can be carried out hassle-free and easily with vacation rental apps. In indulging in Vacation rental app development, the wimdu clone app is popularly sought and used by the entrepreneurs. Wimdu fetches a revenue of $60M and has a tactful user app, admin app, and host app integrated into its business. 

How does a wimdu clone app work
1.User logins and creates a profile. Likewise, the host logins and creates a profile. The admin monitors all the user data.
2. Hosts can upload pictures and videos of the vacation spot that they are willing to rent. 
Users can search for the vacation rental spot based on filters like location, price, etc.
3. They can request for the place, and the host can accept the request based on the availability. 
4. Users can pay in a multitude of ways and book the place.
5. After availing of the service, the users can rate their experience of availing the service.

Solutions that the wimdu clone app development company should offer 
1.Attractive UI and key features to be installed in the app. Extra add on features should also be instilled depending on the business requirements.
2. The wimdu clone script should be highly customizable and scalable. The admin should be able to own the entire source code. 
3. The wimdu clone app should be readily deployed on iOS and android platforms. 
The app should be complemented with a seamless website. 
4. There should be enough space for integrating a robust revenue model into the app through in-app advertisements and banners. 
5. The app development company should provide post-launch technical support throughout the run of the wimdu clone app. 

With more people willing to work hard and chill even harder, vacation rental apps are at the peak of their usage. Develop a good vacation rental app to witness a spur of profits.

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